tagSci-Fi & FantasyBlazing Glory Ch. 02

Blazing Glory Ch. 02


This is a work of my own creation and, being so, is a parody of many races of fantasy that have been created over the past century. Any similarity of characters with real world is either coincidence or intended with implied differences (Example: If I wanted to write a story on say Jasmine of Disney because she's hot, the character will similar in appearance but different physically in ways as well as psychologically). Under no circumstances should anyone under 18, or 21 (under local government law), or any non-Adult read this! This work contains graphic violence and acts of pornography. Regardless of description (or me simply forgetting to state it in the story), none of the characters in my stories are intended to be under eighteen years of age.

With that disclaimer aside, sit back and enjoy the stories filled with sex and (gasp!) plot.

Feel free to send feedback to me.

Chapter 2 - Rapturous Song

Blaze's eyes opened up to stare upward at the wood ceiling. The bright light of the morning sun beamed through the open window with the air full of the happy chirping of birds. Damn birds were what woke him up! But that wasn't the only factor in his arousal from sleep. Something didn't feel right as he lay there. There was a pressure against his left side and on top of his chest. It was warm too! Raising his head, Blaze glanced down to see a woman there sleeping soundly with her head resting on his chest. Oddly enough, her arms seemed wrapped around him almost possessively. What the hell?

Then it all came rushing back to him. The bloody and violent meeting in the forest. The trip following her back to Aidan. He walked in on her taking a bath. The night together having the most intense sex he swore any mortal could only dream to have. She was a succubus. She was Kendra Tansanee. As he recalled the whole passionate experience, he was thankful to still be alive. He had never heard of a trustworthy demon, but he felt that he could trust her for some odd reason. His thoughts turned to what was next and it wasn't pleasant to think about. He was going to have to leave her. He had his adventure still waiting and she had her place here with Big Papa. She had settled here to survive. There was no way she would give that up to come along with him. For some odd reason, that very thought pained him. What the hell was wrong with him? Why did he want to be accompanied by a demon? Why did he care for a woman he barely knew? He sighed when he realized that he just did. Simple as that.

The rise of his chest as he sighed caused Kendra to stir. Blaze watched her awaken and rub her eyes before those breath-taking emeralds looked up to him. Soft vanilla-colored lips curved upwards as she smiled to him. Her slender brown hand reached up to brush some hair away from her eyes as she slowly rose to sit beside him.

"Well good morning, my young stallion," she said still smiling, "I trust you enjoyed our endeavor last night?"

He groaned as he sat up and laughed to her, "Simply 'enjoyed' would be the understatement of the Ages!"

That made her smile all the more as her hand on his leg slid up to his crotch and gave his cock a soft squeeze. "Good. It was wonderful for me too. There will be more from where that came from in the near future, Richard," She said with such a hungered look in her eyes that his cock jumped in her hand in agreement. She gave him a sly smile before leaning forward to kiss his cheek softly. "You can stay here as long as you wish to and fuck me as much as you want, Richard."

He suddenly felt uncomfortable, but it had to be brought up. "About that Kendra," he said slowly at first, "I..... can't stay here with you forever. Believe me, I would absolutely love to! But I'm on a personal quest to find adventure and besides, my mother would worry herself gray if I disappeared without ever returning."

Blaze swallowed as he finished speaking. As he had said those words, he had watched her small smile slowly fade away into nothingness. She now regarded him silently and coolly. He cursed himself for putting himself in a dangerous situation. He cursed himself more in fear of having hurt her. Kendra suddenly shook her head as she looked away silently. She finally spoke after a few uncomfortable seconds.

"You can do whatever you please, Blaze. I will do the same. However, I suggest you give yourself a little more time to think it over. We can talk more about this later, but I have some errands I need to attend to for the Frisky Mare," she said as she slid smoothly off the bed.

Landing lightly on her bare feet, Blaze couldn't help but find himself gazing dreamily as her naked body. Absolute perfection! He watched her dress herself into her leather clothing she had worn yesterday. Sliding her arm through the sleeve of her leather jacket, Kendra looked back to him thoughtfully. That small smile returned. She walked around the bed to him and leaned down to kiss him fully on the lips. From the lips, the shocking electricity spread through the rest of him. He kissed her soft lips in return. The kiss seemed to last a blissful eternity when, in actuality, it was just a few seconds before she broke it. Leaning back away from him, she hummed softly in satisfaction. Kendra gave him a wink before turning to leave.

He watched her close the door behind her as he touched his lip. Damn that woman could very persuasive!


Blaze sighed as he walked down the main market street of Aidan. His pack was full of supplies for his journey. The weight in his pack though contradicted the lightness of the money pouch at his hip. This city didn't sell cheap! Most of these supplies combined had cost him a few gold, some silver, and plenty of copper coins. If he was going to keep at this hero business, he'd better find something resulting in a big reward soon or he'd be a penniless, starving adventurer!

He stopped in front of a stand that sold a variety of fresh and dried fruits. His thoughts turned to Kendra again as it had many times already. It always led to the same result in his mind. He couldn't make up his damn mind! His dream of adventuring on one hand or the most beautiful woman in the entire world wanting him to stay. Giving up either was going to be extremely difficult no matter how you cut it. What the hell was he to do? Grumbling to himself, he handed some copper coins to the grinning merchant for some dried apricots and apple slices. He prayed silently to whatever good there was in the world that he could have both. A fool's hope, but hope nonetheless. Maybe he could ask her to come along. He knew she would have her reservations, but maybe he could still convince her. Hope grew more inside him as he thought about such.

Feeling much more cheerful, he handed a few more coins to the merchant before grabbing a fresh green apple. Humming to himself, he turned away from the stand to leave but stopped before he could take another step. Sitting against the wall of the alley right by the stand was an old man. The old man looked to be in pretty rough shape. He wore rags that looked like they might as well be a shredded potato sack. He was bone-thin with his shaggy white hair and beard filthy with dirt and soot. He just sat there as if he was simply waiting to die.

Frowning to himself, Blaze looked down to the apple he was about bite into. He shook his head and walked over to the old beggar.

"Hey, old man," he said kneeling before the beggar, "Here. Have this."

He gave the apple a small toss and was surprised by the old man snatching it right out of midair instantly. Weary blue eyes looked up to regard him silently before a tired smile crept up that wrinkly face.

"Bless you, young man," the old man said before taking a bite out of the apple. He leaned back and obviously relished the sweet taste of the apple. Swallowing that treasured nourishment, the beggar's smile grew more as he looked up to Blaze. "It's good to see there are good men in this world still. They say the ideals of chivalry and honor are long since dead. I laugh at that now for I see it burning in your eyes."

Those words took Blaze by surprise and he couldn't help but laugh a little. He shook his head. "I am honored that you think so, but I am not such a man truly. I have my own faults and dark side. I'm not so perfect as you make it seem."

"Ahh... A bit of humbleness as well?" the old man said with a knowing smile before glancing to the road, "I feel I need to repay you for your act of kindness, but I don't have much as you can see. Perhaps a bit of advice?"

Blaze simply nodded, not wanting to offend the old man by objecting. The beggar looked back to him, "These old ears hear much from passing travelers while I sit here. Lately, there seems to be a lot of talk about one thing in general. Stay away from the Sonel Sea. You look to be on a journey of sorts. So I tell you to stay away from the epidemic."

All the blood suddenly drained from his face as the old man's words sunk in. Sonel Sea? Kyros! His heart just about froze in his chest. Before panic could set in, he took a few deep breaths before he could speak again. "Do you know exactly what towns this plague has supposedly hit?"

The old man nodded in admission, "That I do. It's spreading northward along the coastline. I heard the latest to have come down with this plague is the fishing village of Kiran."

Blaze had to bite his lower lip hard as the panic almost completely seized him. Kiran was two towns south of his hometown! He wiped his brow from the cold sweat he had now. "Any other details about this, sir?"

"Actually, yes there is. This is the oddest thing I've heard about it. One man who had nearly entered a cursed village saw a strange sight. All the villagers lay about in the open streets dead as you would expect, but they were all naked as the day they were born! He also said he saw many bodies along the beach with more floating just offshore. The waters are forever blighted there as the waves were red with the blood of the dead."

All right, Blaze thought, PANIC! He could visualize the carnage of his home as the old man had described it in detail. He had to leave and now! He had to sprint home and warn everyone. Most importantly, he had to get his mother the hell away from there!

Quickly dipping his hand into his money pouch, Blaze pulled out five gold coins. He grabbed the old man's hand and pressed the coins it. "Thank you, sir. You have no idea what you've just done for me. This is not nearly enough to repay you for it, but I hope it helps you. Take care!"

With that, the young warrior was off in a flash as fast as his feet could carry him. The old man stared after him for some time before hopping to his feet like an energetic teen in his younger years. He wore a grim expression as a shadowed figure appeared behind him in the alleyway.

"Are you sure he is the one, my master?" the figure spoke softly.

The old man nodded before smiling broadly. "I am sure of it. True as he said that he has faults, but who doesn't? He's a good man at heart. He is the one prophecy foretold would be the key in the battle to come."

"I trust you, master, on this then. But is it wise to let him be in the company of such a dangerous demoness as the succubus? She could bring everything to ruin."

"No, she won't. You don't know that, while similar in some characteristics, she's different from the rest of her kind," he said.

The figure sighed softly as if having trouble understanding how such a thing could be. "And what of this trouble along the coast? Should we have guided him down that path?"

The old man laughed and turned to the shadowy figure with a confident smile, "You worry too much. Sure enough there is danger down that path. He'll face more in the time to come. It's out of our hands for now anyway. This 'epidemic' does concern me though. Innocent people are dying. The air is being filled with fear. This has to be her doing."

The shadowy figure nodded in agreement with the frowning man. That frown quickly disappeared to be replaced by that hearty smile again. "Let's go home for now, shall we?" Both figures stepped into the darkness of the buildings to disappear with no one to know any better.

By this time, Blaze was already moving up the stairs in front of the Frisky Mare two steps at a time. He remembered that Kendra told him that she would be running around today. So he didn't bother to run inside and bolt into her room. It was more than likely empty. Instead, he stopped next to the familiar bouncer next to the door.

"Has Kendra arrived back here yet?" he asked while gasping for breath.

"Nah she hasn't," the man said before looking at him suspiciously, "Why? Is something seriously wrong?"

He silently cursed to himself. He really had been hoping she'd be there still. "Yes, but not with her. There's this epidemic spreading up along the coast towards my hometown. I have to go there quickly to warn and help everyone there. That means I have to leave Aidan today."

The bouncer looked him over with an understanding gaze, "You're a braver man than I am. No way would I go anywhere near a plague-infected village."

"Can you give Kendra a message for me then?" Blaze asked. When the bouncer nodded, "Great! I really appreciate it. Please tell her what's going on and the danger to my home. Also tell her I will try to return when I can." She was going to be pissed at him for sure. He could see it now. Walking into her room with open arms and smile an instant before he's whipped into a bloodstain on the opposite wall. Though he feared that would be how she would react, he doubted she'd be like that for some reason.

"Got it. You be careful out there. May the mighty Stavros watch over you and your home."

He nodded in thanks for the blessing in invocation of one of the most powerful gods. Saying such could only be given with honest feelings behind it. Grasping the big man's hand, he shook it, "May the mighty Stavros watch over you and your home as well. Later!" Hurrying down the steps, Blaze set out for the west gate of Aidan and the road home. Although, he couldn't help but wring his wrist with a pained grimace. Damn bouncer was strong as hell!


Kendra frowned darkly as she left the Frisky Mare. He left! She had gotten the message alright and understood his plight. He could have waited for her to come back though. Ironically enough, she had come back not too long after. The bouncer had informed her as soon as she reached the door. She was shocked at first with the news that Richard was gone already. Shock turned to anger quickly until she learned the details of this supposed plague. That cooled her temper down some but not entirely.

A small part of her worried that this was just some elaborate excuse just to get away from her. Apparently that hot kiss hadn't been enough to convince him if that was the case. She supposed she would have to tie him up and fuck him silly. She would send his male mind soaring to the heavens above with pleasure if that is what it took to convince him staying with her was a good thing. Kendra sighed as she mulled these thoughts over while walking to the city gates.

The bouncer had told her Blaze took off towards the southwest. He also said the warrior was moving as if the hounds of the Abyss were biting at his heels. It was going to take some time to catch up with Blaze if that was true. She had stepped inside quickly to retrieve her beloved long red whip and to tell Big Papa she was going on a small trip for the next few days. Big Papa had seemed concerned about the suddenness of this news, but he didn't pry into why thankfully.

Kendra came out of her thoughts as she realized she was now outside the massive gates to the city. In fact, she was standing in the very spot in the forest where she had met the young man for the first time. She smiled and spread her wings. With a jump into the air and flap of her wings, she glided towards the southwest. Her green eyes scanned the well-trodden road as she followed it. It turned out that she was right. It was taking some time to find him and she was getting frustrated at that. The man knew how to travel fast when given purpose! She remained strong in her resolve to find him. A nice little bonus of this trip was terrifying travelers below with the sight of a woman flying with bat-like wings. Their little screams from below amused her.

After what seemed to be a few hours a flying, she saw a figure in the distance that was the first she had seen traveling away from Aidan. As she closed in, she chuckled to herself that it was the figure of a man jogging steadily. Her man! Agile like a hawk, she folded her wings in and dove towards her prey. At the last moment, her wings fanned out to slow the rapid decent as she pulled out of the dive. Amid the swirling dust, she landed right behind the man. Richard had stopped and was looking around in confusion. He turned around and she couldn't help but smirk at the expression on his face. Surprised he was until she saw mixing emotions of both joy and fear. She glared at him as she uncoiled her whip.

"Whoa! Kendra wait! I can explain!" he yelled with his hands raised.

She smirked darkly to him and lashed out with her whip at him. The hard leather wrapped about his neck tightly before he could speak another word. Kendra yanked him in one forceful pull until he stood right in front of her. She gazed coolly into his eyes for a moment before she chuckled softly to herself.

"How could you, dear Richard. You left without even giving me a goodbye kiss" she growled to him before she kissed the shocked warrior full on the lips. She moaned into his mouth before she pulled away. Uncoiling the whip from his neck, she gave him a teasing wink. "Had you really scared there didn't I?"

Blaze rubbed his neck with his hand now that he could breathe easier. He shook his head, "Honestly.... Yeah, I was scared out of my mind!"

She simply smiled. She then gasped in surprise when his arms seized her and pulled her in for a deep passionate kiss of his own. She groaned softly as her soft vanilla lips eagerly returned the kiss with a few teasing nibbles on his lower lip. Ultimately the breathless succubus had to push him away. "Now what was that for?" she asked with a satisfied smile.

Blaze just grinned. "So you came out here to drag me back to Aidan?"

"Of course not. I'm coming with you. Life was getting a bit dull in Aidan. I loved the dancing of course, but tagging along with you sounds like fun," she said with a wry grin.

Blaze could only shake his head as the succubus folded her wings from sight and was now just a woman walking along beside him home.


In a land far west of the newfound couple, glowing red eyes like those of a hellhound watched them from afar. Across the large inlet of the Sonel Sea before once again seeing land that was Solomon. It belonged to those wretched elves. Across that land until the indomitable peaks of the Great Boaz Wall rose in their massive wall protecting the rest of the world from what lay beyond. That would be the vast expanse of smelly bogs, swamps, and dead deserts. Only the hardiest could survive these cruel environments and so the cruel did. Barak was the land in which all evil mortal races existed and waged war with each other. Further north, the single race of barbarian humans inhabited the rocky deserts with an iron fist. They too were held back from fertile lands by the great mountains. And finally, farther west to the greatest extent of the known world, volcanic ash and lava ruled the land of Nealon. Her land. Koas watched the beautiful chaos of the volcanoes from her temple. Chaos and utter destruction! How she loved it!

Turning her gaze back from the only light source in the dark room, she gazed back to the orb. She was concerned that they were heading toward the seaside village. This could ruin her plans and also end up with her toys of amusement ending up dead sooner than she wanted. Her thoughts turned to her agent in the area. Perhaps there could be some fun while these two still lived. She had better warn her agent of them though.

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