tagSci-Fi & FantasyBlazing Glory Ch. 04

Blazing Glory Ch. 04


This is a work of my own creation and, being so, is a parody of many races of fantasy that have been created over the past century. Any similarity of characters with real world is either coincidence or intended with implied differences (Example: If I wanted to write a story on say Jasmine of Disney because she's hot, the character will similar in appearance but different physically in ways as well as psychologically). Under no circumstances should anyone under 18, or 21 (under local government law), or any non-Adult read this! This work contains graphic violence and acts of pornography. Regardless of description (or me simply forgetting to state it in the story), none of the characters in my stories are intended to be under eighteen years of age.

With that disclaimer aside, sit back and enjoy the stories filled with sex and (gasp!) plot.

Feel free to send feedback to me.

Chapter 4 - The Lonely Guardian

In the northeastern reaches of the land called Quinlan, a small campfire lit the darkness just off the beaten dirt road. Very little sound was heard except the usual night life one would expect. Crickets chirped away and owls hooted softly. In the dark woods, away from the quiet forest path, were three figures surrounding the flickering flames.

The fire lit Kendra's exquisite beauty enchantingly as she sat in front of it. But the warm glow upon her skin didn't match the coldness in those brilliant green eyes. Her icy glare stared over the fire to be matched by an equally frigid pair of golden eyes. The furry catwoman, Nadine, sat there silently, her tail swaying side to side and the fur along her back standing out threateningly. If fire could freeze instantly, it would have a long time ago with the bitter jealousy between the staring females.

"We should have left you to rot in that cage," Kendra finally muttered.

Nadine's ears perked as she heard that loud and clear. She hissed softly, "But Blaze wouldn't! You're just jealous that he wants me now instead of you."

"Shut up, furball!" Kendra screamed as she leaped up to her feet in fury.

The catwoman stood and shook her fist at Kendra. "Why? Don't want to hear the truth! That Blaze doesn't want a bitch from hell?"

Kendra clenched her fists tightly as she trembled visibly. A part of her wanted to kill this lycan right now in the most bloody fashion. But Nadine had helped her find Richard. She had brought Richard back to her when it seemed Aurora had stolen him from her forever. Yet Nadine had to go and screw her lover when she wasn't there! Especially after Kendra freed her from that cage. How dare she! Her green eyes glanced to her side to where Blaze lay. He'd been out cold for almost a whole day still from the clobbering both she and Nadine gave him. It served him right! Share? Not a chance! He was hers and hers alone!

Nadine sighed as she visibly relaxed. Her furry hand rested upon her hip as she gazed silently at the fuming demoness. "Look Kendra. Let me tell you once more. I didn't know you and him were lovers." When Kendra nodded tightly at that, Nadine continued, "I had to sleep with him to break the spell. He would have been lost to us if I hadn't!"

The succubus growled and raised her fist in anger, "You didn't have to! I would have been there shortly. I would have made him remember and given him an experience he would never forget."

Nadine raised her hands up, palms open defensively against the verbal assault. "How was I supposed to know you would survive whatever was coming to attack us? For all I knew, you were dead!"

"You may have a point there. But that doesn't change the fact that you still want to keep him for yourself," she hissed in response.

The catwoman frowned as she went silent. Kendra smirked triumphantly as she scored with that sharp barb into the furry woman. Nadine stayed quiet as she looked to be thinking deeply on that last comment over and over again. Biting her lower lip, she looked back up to Kendra, "You just don't understand. It's hard to explain."

"No. Please tell, Nadine! I can't wait to hear this," laughed the succubus as she sat down.

Nadine sniffed at the mocking laughter angrily as she sat down too. "In the lycan culture, we adamantly adhere to the belief of abstinence as we grow up. We stay virgins until we find our mutual mate and love. Once our virginity is taken, a sacred bond is formed between the two. In a way, it's almost like the human's 'marriage' except without all the ceremony. The two lovers then become life-long partners."

Nadine looked to Kendra to see if her point was being understood so far, but continued when the leather-wearing beauty stayed silent. "You have to understand that I've been waiting for the right male. So many lycan men courted and worshiped me as I matured physically. I was even beginning to think of a certain lycan guy fondly. But then this all happened with my capture. He took my virginity, Kendra. The bond between him and I was formed. Even more, I grew fond of him as I thought about him and the time we had talked together. He was so kind, understanding, noble and good looking. I'm in love with him."

Anger nearly boiled over Kendra. She managed to hold back from lashing out at Nadine. Her own intense feelings for her lover burned hotly inside as she thought the catwoman's words over. Remembering her first impression of the young warrior and their first passionate night together in bed, Kendra could easily understand how Nadine could fall so quickly for him.

"Though I really hate to admit it, I understand how you feel," Kendra sighed. She ran her slender hand through her long vanilla hair with mixed emotions. Her green gaze studied her rival in love with her exotic furry beauty that would drive any man of race wild with lust. Then the idea popped into her head. Those lush soft vanilla-colored lips slowly drew up into a confident smirk. She knew there was one thing for sure she was superior at than Nadine.

"How about I make a proposition then?"

Nadine blinked and looked unsure as she saw Kendra's sudden appearance of confidence. She then nodded that she was listening.

Kendra smiled wickedly. "A contest to see who will be his true lover. The winner will be Blaze's love for the rest of his life."

"And the loser?" asked the frowning lycan.

"Can continue with Blaze and the winner as a close friend. This 'friend' can even fuck him from time to time as long as she doesn't try to steal him away for herself alone."

Nadine stared at her in complete shock, "You'd be willing to share him whether you win or lose?"

"I am. Either way you look at it, we both get to stay with him and get some sweet loving from him at night. Just that one of us will be the one to marry, bond or whatever with him down the road. Are you not willing to share, Nadine?"

To Kendra's delight, the catwoman shook her head, "No. I can share. But what will the challenge be?"

Kendra smirked as she knew there was no way she could lose! "A contest of sexual domination between you and me. The first to give in to the other loses." The succubus licked her lips sensually as she gazed over the naked catwoman's voluptuous figure. She watched Nadine bite her lower lip in her usual cute way as she thought this over. She saw the catwoman's eyes look over her body and the forbidden hunger growing within them.

Nadine nodded with a feral grin, "Alright then. I agree!"

With suddenness that even caught the succubus off guard, the catwoman sprung right over the flames of the fire to tackle Kendra into the grassy forest ground. Feeling the air leave her lungs, the succubus could only lay there in shock for those brief seconds before she felt something pleasantly soft against her lips. Opening her eyes, she saw the furry woman kissing her hungrily. Her heart pounded as she felt Nadine's lush body press firmly against hers. Damn she was quick! Not about to let the catwoman gain dominance so quickly, she grunted as she used her demon strength to throw the catwoman up and over her head.

Nadine gave a startled yelp of shock as she sailed through the air. Kendra quickly rolled up to her knees and turned around to witness the agile lycan twist in the air to land on her feet easily. "You couldn't wait for me to undress?" Kendra said with a smirk. She was impressed with Nadine's aerial display. Damn cats always landing on their feet! Smirking as the lust inside her grew hotly, she moved her slender shoulders about to yank off her leather jacket and toss it aside. The catwoman leapt into the air towards her once again, but she was ready this time. Catching Nadine in mid-air, Kendra swung her around and slammed the lycan down onto her back.

Seeing her opportunity, the succubus straddled the lycan beneath her and ground her hips passionately against the soft fur. Her hand seized Nadine's large furry tits and squeezed them. They were so soft but firm! She couldn't help but go crazy with lust as those fur covered breasts excited her greatly for reasons she didn't understand. Nadine moaned softly as her firm tits were groped aggressively by the demoness. Her nipples poked up out of her fur visibly now as the pleasure coursing through her made her pussy moisten arousingly.

"Oh you like that don't you?" Kendra laughed.

Nadine whimpered softly and closed her eyes, "Oh damn you!"

Kendra pulled on the taut nipples in response to that, making Nadine's tits stretch upwards beautifully, The lycan screamed with both pain and pleasure before she felt her nipples released. Her tits came back down and bounced about slightly as her hard red buds stood out. Kendra laughed again as she watched the lycan squirm helplessly beneath her as she held her breath to hold back more moans of pleasure. She could see the burning shame as the blissful pleasure was growing inside the catwoman.

Her laughter was cut off abruptly when she felt strong hands seize her large breasts. Kendra had to now try and hold back a groan herself as her firm jugs were squeezed and fondled through the leather vest. The lycan's own furry fingers snuck in between the laces to caress the cleavage between the heaving orbs. She damn near lost it as her hardening nipples poked out against the leather for anyone to see. Nadine already had as she played with the sensitive buds and making Kendra's own cunt slicken with her arousal. Before she could even respond, the catwoman had made quick work of the laces to her vest.

Without the tight cords holding the vest firmly, her hot brown tits sprung free as the vest dropped away. Pale nipples stood out prominently in the cool evening air as Nadine hungrily stared at the most perfect pair of breasts she'd ever seen. She couldn't resist! Her hands groped the beautiful firm breasts like crazy. Both women panted heavily as they grew more excited while playing with each others tits.

This stalemate continued on for the next few moments as both women writhed in each others hands, their sensitive jugs sending shocks of pleasure ripping through them both. Kendra felt a crack in her confidence as she struggled to regain dominance. She knew she should be getting aroused from this, but not this hot! Nadine sat up and ran her tongue all over the mountainous flesh of her boobs. The succubus screamed in ecstasy straight upwards into the night air. Damn her to the Abyss! The lycan had a secret weapon in her tongue! She had no idea it would be slightly rough like that.

She felt the burning pleasure growing inside her cunt as her sensitive melon-sized breasts were licked all over. Then, just as the thought entered her mind with dread, that very thing happened. Nadine's tongue slid slowly over her hard pale nipple in a long lick. Feeling that against her most sensitive part, Kendra's scream filled the air for miles around as she almost came right there! Her cunt wet her thighs now with their juices flowing in excitement. She was losing!

Nadine smiled and purred softly to her female lover. The demoness was pressing her tits eagerly forward into her mouth as she licked the hard nubs with repeated flicks of her pink weapon. With a small push, Nadine got the demoness onto her back on the ground. The momentary absence of the licking of her breasts distracted Kendra just long enough to do what she did. Her strong hands seized the tight leather pants the succubus wore before tugging them fully off to make her fully naked and vulnerable. She watched Kendra's reaction now with a smile. The gorgeous demon's green eyes flew wide open as her mouth opened in a silent scream when Nadine ran her tongue up the smooth crack of Kendra's wet pussy mound.

She felt as if lightning had struck her and stayed within her cunt with the hot burning pleasure as Nadine licked up her pussy juices. Her silent scream finally found its voice to pierce the air with its ear shattering pitch! Kendra could not stop screaming as her legs trembled with the waves of rapturous ecstasy rolling back and forth through her without ceasing. She felt that agile tongue flick around the wet entrance to her cunt. When Nadine's tongue delved inside her hot twat to rub against the sensitive flesh, she thought she would die right there from the explosion of pleasure. Kendra wailed as she thrashed about before arching her back upwards, pushing those big heaving tits away from her towards the sky.

The catwoman went for the kill quickly just as she did in battles. Never let your opponent have a moment to regain control! Her pink trump card darted for Kendra's excited clit. She licked the extremely delicate bump repeatedly with unmerciful quickness! Kendra swore her heart nearly stopped beating as the explosion that ripped through her now made the last explosion of pleasure seem like a small puff of smoke in comparison. Arching her breasts even higher, she shrieked at the top of her lungs as she roared to her fiery orgasm in mere seconds!

She felt Nadine purr softly in pleasure as she lapped up the nectar flowing freely out of her pussy now. With a thump, Kendra dropped back down to the ground and realized how her Richard could like Nadine so much. Nadine's tongue on his cock must drive him fucking nuts too! All the more reason to not lose him! Still holding the fire of resistance within her to win, Kendra fought out of the blissful haze. She seized the lycan female's shoulders firmly and rolled her over. Nadine yelped in surprise as she found her furry ass on her back in a flash. Kendra moved just as swiftly as Nadine had. She now lay between the catwoman's legs gazing at the furry pussy mound aching to be touched. With a savage demonic hunger to drink the sexy lycan's essence, she dived forward.

"No no noooooooOOOOOOH!!!" Nadine cried before moaning in the middle of her protests.

Kendra simply smiled with inward satisfaction as her own tongue now returned the assault in kind on the catwoman's highly aroused cunt. This pussycat had one hot pussy! She groaned as she licked up the flowing creamy goodness from the purring kitty. She tasted so good that Kendra wanted more and more of it! The demon's tongue attacked the wet folds savagely with a desperate hunger that drove Nadine wild. The catwoman mewed and purred nonstop as she squirmed about in pleasure.

Nadine's eyes bolted wide open when she felt two fingers slide smoothly up into her tight quim. The damn succubus was now pressing forward with her domination to lick her clit with teasing flicks as she drove those fingers in and out of her.

"Oh gods yessss! Meeeeooooowwwr! More! Faster....... harder..... pleeeeeeaaaassseee!" the lycan begged with a low moan as she thrust her wet mound against those intruding fingers. A knowing smile was her only response as those fingers complied with her request. The dark night air in the quiet woods were soon filled with meowing and purring and the unmistakable sound of wet squishes rapidly one after another. When the wet sounds stopped, her pleading voice sounded once again, "What are you doing?! Please don't stop! Fuck me with your fingers and tongue, Kendra!"

Her green eyes looked up between those heaving fur covered mounds with bright red nipples poking skyward to Nadine's desperate gaze. The poor furry had no idea what was coming next. With her fingers in that wet pussy as far as they would go, she curled them upwards from inside. Right away she felt it and smirked as she rubbed Nadine's g-spot with the tips of her fingers as she sucked on the budding clit. Much to her own satisfaction, Nadine's high pitched scream of ecstasy filled the air just as loudly as she had screamed herself before. The combining stimulation of both areas brought Nadine into a crushing climax. She screamed nonstop as she came over and over again as Kendra drank in the sweet cum with relish. Her cum coated the succubus's fingers and tongue hotly.

Kendra licked the cum from her lush vanilla colored lips as she brushed her bright hair away from her eyes. She would have to take Nadine on more often. Her cum tasted so wickedly good! She heard a pleased purr from Nadine before she heard the defiant growl. Clawed hands grabbed her head and shoved her up and backwards onto her ass. The catwoman's strength never ceased to amaze her as she sat there with wide astonished eyes and spread legs. With a triumphant cry, Nadine moved quickly to twine her legs together with her opponent's with her wet sex rubbing up against Kendra's hot cunt.

Both women stared each other down. They both knew this was the final dash for dominance. They were both exhausted from the earth-shattering orgasms they had experienced. Nadine panted softly with the exertion as Kendra's mind-blowing body was covered with sweat and shined erotically in the moonlight. Respect for each other in their eyes was obvious, but the determination to win Blaze even more prominent. Both let out low sultry groans of sexual bliss as they began to rub their pussies together.

Their big tits swayed in unison as they humped at each other frantically for minutes that seemed like an eternity. Gasps and moans were the only exchange between them as they grew closer towards cumming once again. Kendra growled as she lewdly ground her hips back and forth rapidly in the effort to drive Nadine over the edge. The friction against her own clit made her burn with the aching desire to just let go to the torrential current of blissful climax. Soon both women forgot all about the damn contest. They only wanted to cum! Kendra grasped her tits firmly and pinched her nipples with a pleasured cry. Nadine purred and pushed her breasts upwards enough to where she could lick the firm nipples frantically.

One of them had to give in and one finally did. The beautiful female voice filled the air with a passionate defeated scream proclaiming intense orgasm of submission. The furry woman frozen in ecstasy against Kendra before Nadine trembled in her fluid release. Knowing she had won the contest that had been so close, Kendra relaxed and let herself go. With a low sultry moan, she came shortly after Nadine. The cum from her pussy flowed out to mingle with the cum pouring out of the lycan's pussy. They both then embraced each other of their own will and kissed each other lovingly. Both had a newfound respect in the other and liked each other enough to be willing to share their male lover.

In the night sky, a figure hovered above the passionately kissing females as if it had been witness to the entire sexual contest. Out of the northeast, a similar dark figure flew up to the watchful one. They both stayed there as if words were being exchanged before they flew quickly back towards the northeast.


A great distance away from the two female lovers, the waters flowed and splashed brightly in the moonlight. The massive fountain poured waters from five great spouts. Each symbolized the world's races of light in its own fashions. The southern spout held the stone figures of a man and woman both holding a jar in which the water poured out of in symbolization of humankind's dominance of the southern lands in the world. The northern figure was that of a fair elf with its arrow set in the bow to fire. The water poured out of that very arrow tip that aimed to the dark night sky. The elves ruled the forested lands of the north with grace and dignity.

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