Blazing Glory Ch. 09


No sooner had he done so than the object was ripped from his hands swiftly. Blaze gasped and fell out of the chair in his surprise. He'd been so intent on the object that he hadn't noticed anyone enter the room. Glancing up, he saw Marissa standing above him holding the object with a small smirk.

"You should be more careful, young man. Ever hear of curiosity killing the catwoman?" she chided with a chuckle.

"I'm sorry," he apologized as he got to his feet. In the dim light of the room, her hair looked a lighter blonde and Marissa had switched to wearing a bandanna across her forehead. "It's just that I've never seen such an object before."

Her cat ears twitched slightly as amusement grew on her facial features while regarding him, "No I suppose you haven't have you? Suffice to say any more curious and you would have ended up with another hole in your head... of the bad variety. Savvy?"

Blaze blinked before his jaw dropped open in dismay and horror with the realization. That thing!? That small object would have killed him!? How could that be? Marissa laughed at his amusing expression before moving to the drawer and placing it back where it had come from. She came back and placed a small root she had retrieved into his open mouth. Her finger closed his jaw with the click of his teeth as she grinned.

"Now chew that since I believe that's what you were looking for," she chuckled as she walked back to the desk to open a drawer on the right and pulled out a glass container filled with a dark liquid.

Blaze watched the pirate uncork the top and take a swig of the liquid as he began chewing. He coughed as he nearly gagged at how bitter the root was as she strode over to him, grinning mischievously. She handed him the bottle in which he quickly raised to his lips to drink from. His eyes grew big as the harsh liquid burned down his throat.

"Nothing like a bit of rum to wash down some gillyroot I always say," she chuckled as she observed his expression.

Blaze coughed as he lowered the bottle swiftly and wiped his lips with his sleeve. Harsh as it was, it did help rinse the bitter root taste out of his mouth. He could already feel the beginning of his stomach settling. Handing the bottle back to her, he nodded and smiled.

"Thank you, Marissa."

"Wrong..." she chided amusingly before taking a long draught.

"What?" the confused warrior blinked.

"Name's Clarissa there matey," she laughed as she eyed him up and down. "And my sis was right. You are a handsome devil."

Blaze blinked at her, not really sure he believed what he was hearing. She, meanwhile, grinned knowingly as she leaned back against the desk with her shapely rear resting on the edge. He looked at her more closely, seeing now that it wasn't the lighting. Her hair was truly more blonde in color. But she still looked the very same woman!

"Captain Red, are you trying to pull one over on me?" he asked suspiciously with a wary grin.

"Captain Red that I am," she laughed before taking another drink. Some liquid escaped those soft lips to run down her slender neck and beneath the cover of her brown shirt. Hadn't she been wearing a white shirt moments ago on deck?

"But no I am not. The name is Clarissa," she finished after swallowing the liquor.

But how was this? This wasn't right? What was wrong? Was the gillyroot making him hallucinate? The sound of the door shutting behind him drew his attention. His heart skipped a beat. Marissa stood at the door looking at the both of them before smiling.

"So I see you've met Blaze, sister," she said smiling.

Blaze could only look back and forth between the two of the women repeatedly in disbelief. It couldn't be! How? How come no one knew of this? How come no stories every elaborated on this? How could they... they be....

"TWINS!?" his voice cracked out.

Marissa winked as she strode over to him with her own pirate sway. Her arms wrapped about his body to steady the stunned and not-so-sure legged warrior as she gazed into his eyes. "I did say you would learn more about Captain Red on this journey."

She blinked as she released him and he fell back with a loud thud to the floor with a tsunami of a nosebleed. Two gorgeous women at the same time with the revelation had been simply too much! The sexy sisters shared a look before the twins broke out in laughter. Oh this was going to be fun....


Kiora blinked as she sat with her father in his gardens. All preparations for the defense of their country were still underway. The people worked as if planning for the worst. Evacuation routes were planned as well as shelters built. Fortifications were made and added to the city. The citizens worked with fervor, but all knew that if the battle came to them that it was truly the end of the world.

But what startled her was the deep frown of concern she saw now on the face of Stavros. They sat upon the fountain he liked in enjoyment of a moment's peace amongst the flowers. All had been well until his gaze suddenly turned west. He still held that faraway look as his frown only grew with every passing moment. She had only seen him like this a few times before. And when she did, something very bad was about to happen.

"Father?" she said, knowing she could call him such when they were in privacy. "You've had another premonition?"

The mighty deity nodded with a sigh. His eyes glanced off towards the southwest searchingly. "No vision accompanied it. I simply had the strongest feeling that the most terrible evil is approaching Blaze and his friends. And with the feeling came the almost grim certainty of their deaths."

Kiora gasped and shook her head slowly in trying to deny what she just heard. But when her father had these premonitions, he was always right. They stared off towards the southwest together now for minutes afterwards. Kiora's wings trembled with fear for her friends. Looking up to him, she jumped when she found him looking down to her with a determined look in his eye. It seemed they were already of one mind on the matter.

"Kiora, go find and help them! Swiftly!" Stavros said.

"I will!" Kiora nodded in determination and conviction in her voice as she rose to her feet, angelic wings fanning out wide behind her. The volarian leapt into the air with a massive thrust of those wings and was soon speeding over the mountains.

Stavros's gaze followed his dear daughter until she was gone from sight. "Hurry Kiora. Or else they are all dead...."


The warm blue of the depths swirled about as the waters flowed along without ever ceasing in their currents. Along those currents and the sea floor on the bottom, life lived in abundance. Free from the touch of the outside world, this underwater world was pristine and beautiful. Coral reefs lined away from one's edge of sight to the other. Schools of brightly colored fish swam and darted about the safety of those beautiful reefs.

Outside the enclosure of those reefs in the more open waters, larger creatures roamed. Some were peaceful ordinary fish like any other body of water held in world. A few large sea turtles would glide on by from time to time in their ageless wanderings. More dangerous creatures lurked about these depths as well. Fish that had heads that looks like they belonged in a smith's forge as a tool and others massive in size big enough to take down even the lions of the sea. For they had row upon row of deadly serrated teeth.

But all swiftly swam away from the lone creature that sped its way through the water like quicksilver. Most creatures of the sea knew not to mess with it. Especially with this one's maddened aquamarine eyes. Sonora's long green hair fanned out behind her as she swam to her destination with great enthusiasm. She remembered the summons by her mistress Koas and those words that followed.

"Use your powers to introduce them to an old friend of yours, dear Sonora," Koas whispered to her obedient servant.

Sonora's lips widened into a feral grin of insanity as soon as she knew whom Koas was referring to. She cackled with glee as she moved nearer to her destination. Kendra would not be able to escape this fate. The pleasant thought of holding that vile demon's head in her hands as a trophy came in vivid clarity. The siren could hardly wait to bring revenge down upon the succubus for all that she's done to her in the past. Her nose hurt for the longest time after that punch delivered at Kyros. And she'll never forgive Kendra for making her fail and get raped by hundreds of goblins in the resulting punishment. The day of reckoning had come for her rival and she would pay dearly.

A high pitched squeal caught the siren's attention, drawing her gaze to her left. Two dolphinmen circled about each other playing before spotting her and swimming over to see her. Most creatures of the sea were smart enough to avoid sirens, but these two looked to be young and not know any better yet. While being very similar to the lycans on land, these creatures were not of humanoid intelligence despite their muscular humanoid physiques. Instead of fins they had arms extending from torsos like a normal human. But they had the characteristics of dolphins with thick gray skin, long dolphin tail and flukes instead of legs, and facial features more resembling their animal counterparts.

Aquamarine eyes overlooking them, she noted they were both males. The sexy siren smirked as she thought she could use a little bit of fun before continuing on. The dolphin lycans squeaked to her as they circled about curiously. Reaching behind her, Sonora untied her top and let it dropped slowly down to the ocean floor. Powder blue skin of full round breasts was revealed with her dark nipples hardening in anticipation. Her fingers worked her skirt free next before it sank to join the rest of her clothing, leaving the exotic siren fully naked in the water with large tits and shapely ass.

The dolphinmen circled this strange creature as it shed some of its parts, curious as to what it was about. They watched its hands curl touch the large round orbs on its chest before a low moan escaped from it. Not fully understanding why, the dolphin lycans began to grow more excited as the cockheads began to poke out of their bodies.

Sonora moaned musically as her fingers toyed with her nipples, pulling on the hardening nipples to send small waves of pleasure through her body. She vocalized her growing lust with musical tones to spellbound the dolphinmen and excite their instincts for mating. She was pleased to see the circling lycans' flared heads poking out of their bodies and extending further out. She hummed as her other hand slid down her beautiful body to rub her pussy mound, pleased with the thickness and size she was seeing.

Seeing those impressive muscles flex about, she licked her lips. Sonora loved how flexible a dolphin lycan's cock could be while fully erect. She hummed comfortingly to one as she swam to it, grasping the thick rod with her hands. Humming softly now, she leaned forward to take that length hungrily into her mouth until she could fit no more in. The dolphinman squealed with pleasure as her stretched blue lips moved back and forth with her bobbing head as she sucked hungrily.

It didn't matter to the insane beauty that she was sucking on a random creature's cock. It was a nice big cock that would pleasure her well. She floated there in the water beneath the dolphinmen as it undulated its body to hump her face with ecstatic squeaks. Her cunt was getting more aroused by the second as the thick meaty rod pushed down into her throat, swallowing to convulse her throat muscles about it and make the dolphin go nearly crazy with bliss.

Sonora gasped when she felt something grasp her breasts. The siren looked down to see the other dolphin over her body, its large hands feeling about her breasts and kneading the flesh. She moaned with her cock stuffed mouth as her large sensitive tits were squeezed. This was turning out more fun than she expected.

In the middle of the open waters of the Sonel Sea the siren floated as two dolphinmen noisily humped away at her face and groped her tits. She noisily sucked on the cock in her mouth but could tell by the increasingly frantic motions of both lycans that they were close to cumming too soon. Regretfully the siren pulled her mouth off the thick cock and thrust backwards to swim a little bit away from the one while taking the male on her tits with her.

Sonora smirked as she forcefully pushed herself down, dislodging those hands from her tits roughly enough to make the blue jugs bounce beautifully. She needed a big fat cock in her horny cunt right now! Easing herself down the dolphinman's length, she positioned herself to where the head pressed against the blue lips of her pussy. Instinct took over the lycan as he thrust forward, slamming a great length of that thick cock into her throbbing cunt.

The siren screamed beautifully as she was penetrated by the large being above her. Her back arched, pressing her large breasts against the chest of the dolphinman as it began to thrust away with wild abandon she loved so much in these beings. No restraint. No holding back. Just a straight hard fucking! Sonora gritted her teeth as she squealed her bliss as the rod pounded in and out of her twat rapidly with the strength of its body.


Milky fluid began leak away from her cunt into sea's waters in a thin wavering lines as her wetness inside grew all the more. Her screams became more frequent and frantic as she was screwed towards her building climax. Her aquamarine eyes popped open when she heard another high pitched squeak behind her. Glancing over her shoulder, she saw that she was being sandwiched!

The second dolphinman, not one to be left out, had moved up behind her after spying a second hole it could enter. Her eyes grew large as she felt its cock probe her ass searchingly, feeling its way to the beautiful star of her ass.

"No! Not there! Not together at the same time! NoooOOAAAAHH!!!" she shrieked as the second lycan dick was thrust into her ass. The sea's water mercifully granted enough lubrication to let that thick cock slide in.

Sonora's mouth hung wide open as the dolphinmen thrust both thick cocks into her convulsing ass and pussy in unison. The force from two powerful lycans was incredible! Soon she was screaming at the top of her lungs with every double thrust into her. Her breasts bounced violently back and forth on her chest. But the siren was soon screaming for more and grinding her hips as much as she could against those two glorious rods.

Her screams rose in pitch when she felt those flexible cocks begin to move about within her like no straight hard cock ever could. She couldn't take it anymore as her hands gripped her nipples and pinched violently. These males were driving her even more insane, if that could be possible, with pleasure. Their meaty lengths were moving about wildly now as their squeaks rose in fervor to match her screams before they unleashed forceful jets of cum deeply into her twat and ass.

So much force that she screamed at the top of her mighty lungs as the orgasm ripped through her! Her body thrashed about as cum filled her. Her twat squirted her juices with incredible force in copious amounts that clouded the water about them. When she came down from the multiple orgasms, she lay on the ocean floor with the lycans already having swum off for more fun to find. She hummed to herself after that sweet hard fucking. It had been wonderful like she had hoped it to be...

An hour later, Sonora swam up to her destination. A deep trench ripped through the floor of the sea like an old wound that never really healed. Her aquamarine eyes followed its length until it was out of sight in the hazy waters. Gazing down into it, she could only see blackness. She had no idea how deep it was even though she had curiously tried at various times to find out. It just continued deeper while the pressure about her had grown to dangerous levels and she had to give it up.

But those times she had visited, she found a friend that had come up to visit her a few times. It was that being she was here to summon. Settling down to stand upon a tall outcropping of rock that jutted up above the fissure, she surveyed the scene before taking a deep breath and spreading her arms wide.

Eyes closed, her lips parted to release the song. The music leaving the siren was a dark and ominous. All the sea life in the area recognized its purpose and fled the area as swiftly as possible. Sonora's eyes opened as she elevated her song to a new level. The song that had in the beginning been to grab attention was now commanding. The sea around seemed to quiver with dread at the powerful evil emanating from her melody.

Then her eyes saw it and her smile grew wide. The insanity in those eyes grew to a feverish state along with her song as the massive shadow slowly lifted out of the sea trench and moved towards her. Her old friend had finally arrived and now rose up before her in all his might, dwarfing the sexy siren like a whale does a shrimp.

Ending her song, the siren smiled as she caressed her friend before swimming off to now find Kendra and Blaze. Water swirled about in the enormous wake as her friend followed close behind, ready to completely destroy whatever Sonora wished...


Much to the frustration of the pirate sisters and their crew, the winds were fairly light. Travel was slow going from the north as they traveled down the western Sonel Sea. Blaze often remembered fishermen in his home telling tales of sea travelers getting caught in the dreaded doldrums. Areas of the sea where calm prevails with no presence of any wind and the seas were with very little current. Ghost ships were found from time to time, the result of everyone having perished from being stranded in the Doldrums too long.

Such fear kept many of the pirates' eyes on the sails and small prayers in continual flow of the wind. The winds thankfully complied but maintained weak strength in the process. With the sea journey taking longer than expected, many of the ladies did their best with their time. Kendra seemed fascinated with the sea for some odd reason. Blaze would often see her at various points of the ship gazing down into the deep waters or the sea on the horizon with a dreaming gaze. Of course the succubus caused trouble by her very nature. Jaws hung open with tongues hanging out whenever the leather clad beauty strut her way across the deck with that sensual sway of her hips. Even here on a swaying ship on the open waters, she could still do her men-maddening cock-throbbing catwalk. So much so that the Red twins had to punch a few of their crewmen before unwelcome thoughts arose to the male mind.

Tyra spent much of her time up in the crow's nest as Blaze came to find out. The lookout up there didn't mind the additional presence of the gargoyle as she provided a bit of company and an easy lift down to the deck. That and the fact the beautiful guardian had a sharp set of eyes helped in the task immensely. Word spread of her quiet friendliness and soon she befriended most of the crew as well as gained their respect.

The subterranean elf stayed away from everyone so much that most of the crew nearly forgot her presence entirely. She stayed within her cabin a majority of the time as she was clearly uncomfortable at the sight of nothing but water surrounding them. And Blaze noticed the rocking motion of the boat wasn't being too kind to her as well until he brought her some of the medicine he had needed. She smiled to him after taking it.

"Bel'la dos abbil. You are such a good Patron," she smirked before kissing him deeply. He knew she was eager to have her feet on solid ground once again without the worry of a harsh seafaring sun beating down from overhead.

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