tagErotic CouplingsBless me Father Ch. 03

Bless me Father Ch. 03


Still dressed in her nightgown, Mary suddenly and needlessly felt slightly naked. There was no fear of being discovered, no-one ever came near their quarters, but the guilt of her potential blackmail hung heavily on her shoulders. She wouldn't dream of hurting Christine, the little video was no more than a ploy to get closer to her and have her wicked way, but it left her feeling a little ashamed of her actions...nevertheless, her sexual instincts were driving her to places she had never visited. The scent of Sanderson's Ivory and Rose permeated the air, arousing her passion even further.

Christine hadn't been overly troubled by Mary's sudden appearance in her room and her overtones hinted very strongly that the only thing she was interested in was her body. A blind man on a galloping horse could see that, what was the worst thing that could happen?

She had been teasing and tempting Mary for long enough...and apart from anything else, she was flattered and aroused by her attention. Christine was a long way from Chamusca...a stranger in a foreign land. If her continuance as an employee required that she succumb to Mary's advances, so what....Mary was a very comely woman for her age and an essentially beautiful person...if Mary wanted to slide her tongue into her mouth, why would she resist?

Christine had almost finished her shower; she rubbed the heavily laced, soapy sponge one last time between her legs and under her arms before finally rinsing herself with clear warm water. She felt an unexpected draught of cool air as the shower door opened behind her, instinctively she knew it was Mary...it couldn't be anyone else.

The chamber was huge...each room in the vicarage was furnished by the indulgence of the parishioners and although the furnishing was spartan and clinical, the bathrooms were relatively sumptuous.

An eternity seemed to pass. She knew that Mary was behind her, studying her body and she had no intention of disturbing her, so she dwelt in the warm cascade, head tilted back, wallowing in the cosy waterfall humming a Nellie Furtado tune to herself.

"You're tão receoso do que povos puderam dizer mas that' causa you' da aprovação de s; re somente. You' humano; re tão receoso de que povos puderam dizer. You're ir quebrar Satisfaça assim don't fá-lo."

Although she had anticipated it, the sudden touch of Mary's finger between her shoulder blades made her jump. Christine didn't turn round, but continued to hum the melancholy Fado tune as the finger traced a line down her spine. The movement stopped at her coccyx. Seconds passed before both hands were placed gently but purposefully on her shoulders. The feeling was really quite delicious...her shoulders fell as the tension reduced and Mary's hands slid slowly but surely to her waist. She switched off the shower and the unlikely pair paused in the sudden deafening silence.

Mary leant her head against the hollow of Christine's sinuous spine. Her hands curled around and upwards and slid into place below her beautifully sculptured breasts. This could be heaven...nothing in her life's experience had ever felt so wonderful...maybe this was heaven. The key to world peace. Christine's body an essay in wet silk had a life of its own and seemed to magnetize the exploration of her fingers.

With enormous tenderness, she cupped the perfect up tilting orbs in her palms, sinuously curling her fingers until they captured the wine cork nipples. As she squeezed and tweaked the olive teats, she felt a liquid surge in her loins as the natural juices flooded into place.

Kissing in tiny pecks, she worked her way south along the spine, pausing at the split in her bottom before pressing her face tighter into the groove. She moaned with pleasure, snaking out her tongue to lick the water trickling from above.

Christine bent almost imperceptibly at her touch...she placed her hands against the wall tiles to steady herself...somehow she knew that this journey was just beginning as she pressed her bottom into Mary's face to acknowledge her acquiescence.

One hand remained, teasing and squeezing her taut little nipple...the other hand was sliding down towards her pert bum and she would do nothing to change that experience... images flitted through her mind....Marilyn's mouth engulfing Father Vincent's warm, erect and reluctant cock. Jennifer's lips joining her as they buried him in compromise.... Mary's mouth and fingers were sending her to heaven.

A finger moved between her legs and she slid them apart to accommodate it. She shaved herself as a matter of course and her entire pubic area was sleek and smooth as satin. The finger slid slowly along her groove, pausing at the tiny, tight hole of her bottom to enter just a fraction...just gauging her reaction, which she betrayed with her complete inertia.

Despite the cascade of water, the entrance to her slit was syrupy and creamy with her juice. Two fingers slipped across the opening, a slow and steady rhythm, not unlike the way she often indulged herself, barely touching her hooded clitoris, teasing and lubricating her engorged lips. A thumb pressed teasingly against her other little hole...she switched the shower back on as Mary climbed into the chamber and closed the door.

Christine towards her and their faces plunged together. Lips and tongues and teeth wallowed together like oysters in honey. Both women locked at the mouth like Siamese twins. Christine broke the suction by sliding her body onto the floor of the shower to rest her mouth level with Mary's mound. Hidden in a "V" of gingery hair, she really did have a very pretty, almost...girl-like little fanny.

Christine moaned as she nuzzled it with her nose...her tongue snaked out to lap at the hood as she slid the long middle finger of her left hand inside. She had no reason to think that Mary's G spot was any different to hers and gently probed until Mary's gasp betrayed her success.

Mary almost shrieked ..."Oh God almighty, Jesus Christ and all the angels, if I am due to die, spare me five more minutes and I will go in peace."

Christine's right hand abandoned squeezing the cheeks of Mary's buttocks and slid into the groove to dip a half inch inside her bum. Mary squeaked in delight and pressed herself onto both hands to accelerate her orgasm. It arrived in a helter skelter of gasps and cries and uncontrolled spasms. She almost slid to the ground...

Christine managed to steady her, even though she had one finger deep inside, massaging the centre of Mary's universe like her life depended on it, one finger wanking her hood as she sucked at the plump little nut inside. The index finger of her other hand was, moving slowly in and out of her other little hole, with a skill beyond her wildest dreams.

Neither woman heard the door re-opening.

Father Vincent had come upstairs to speak to Mary...she was his friend and confidante and although he had no clue what to say, still dumbstruck and confused, he had to speak to someone about his unsolicited experience. He had left Jennifer and Marilyn behaving as though nothing had happened. Mary wasn't in her room, so he tapped on Christine's door and put his head around hoping for some clue to the whereabouts of his friend.

He watched the scene in awe...albeit shrouded in the haze of steam, he could clearly see both women locked together in sexual embrace and for the second time in an hour, he felt the surge of blood engorge his cock. He crept closer and closer until the door suddenly flew open, accidentally sprung in the throes of passion.

Mary had seen him first. Fully aroused from climax, her body was primed for anything. She seemed neither surprised nor perturbed to see him.

"Vincent...you do seem a little overdressed, why don't you join us?"....

With that, she grabbed at his lapel and pulled him into the chamber. Speechless with confusion, he could only watch as both women divested him in the cascade of hot water until he stood in all his glory. Well formed and toned, his helpless physique was now putty in their hands...

Both women began to kiss and fondle his chest and thighs, buttocks and limbs, watching as his fully erect cock pulsing once again to the ministrations of two women. They fell upon it like a pack of dogs, kissing and licking it with fervour and lust...Mary was first to put it into her mouth, knelt before him, sucking it furiously and all the while squeezing her breasts and moaning some indecipherable prayer.

Christine had elected to enhance the moment...turning her back, she leant her head against the wall of the shower, knowing full well that despite Mary's undoubtedly delicious fellatio, he would not be able to ignore her display.

She began to spread her legs, the perfect line and hollow of her spine splitting at the taut cheeks of her bottom. She bent her body forward, reaching her hands down to spread the cheeks apart, exposing the smooth pink slit of her fanny. She spoke very good English, but lapsed into Portuguese when she ran out of words.

"Please fuck me Father Vincent, please, please, deslize por favor sua torneira em meu furo."

Mary sat back onto the floor, happy to catch her breath and watch as the priest turned his attention to her chambermaid.

For the first time in his life, Vincent grasped a woman by her hips and slid his throbbing muscle between her legs. His inexperience allowed the tip to slide around in sexual confusion until Christine's guiding hands pulled the engorged cock into her sodden quim. He began to rock to and fro, thrusting like a boy with no care for consequence.

As the cock moved in and out of her, like an uncontrolled piston, she knew one thing for certain...Vincent had never done this before and if she timed it right and used all her feminine guile, she could have really amazing sex every few weeks...he would be absolutely ripe for it...like a virgin every time.

Christine was fast approaching her peak and yelped her lust in her native tongue. "Spirre seu spunk!! Embeba-me e foda-me e drene-o suas esferas."

Mary slid her body behind them and fondled Vincent's balls, while steadily squeezing and rubbing the dilated nut of her clitoris. Despite her leanings, she had never imagined that Vincent would have such a delectable rump and she stroked and kissed it with religious fervour as he steadily slid in and out of the girl's slit.

Christine was so aroused that her orgasm arrived within minutes. She trembled and shook uncontrollably, hastening Vincent's own climax....He didn't know what to do...he certainly didn't want to make her pregnant, but he was on a train with no brakes, so he pulled his cock from the depths of her flower and grasped it in his fist, blindly wanking the torment from his soul.

Both women knelt before him, soothing and caressing his tortured body, taking it in turns to suck him and kiss each other until he could stand it no longer. A jet of warm and milky fluid shot from his cock, catching both women in the face. They yelped simultaneously as the sticky spunk splashed and hung like icicles from their lips and cheeks and chins..Christine curled her tongue to scoop some into her mouth, she loved warm spunk and its syrupy texture...and Vincent appeared to have plenty.

Both women reached their lips together around the muscle, nibbling with their teeth and sipping the tip until his climax was spent.

They fell to the floor together, coiled in a pink and liquid heap, panting and gasping for oxygen, before curling together in a mutual and comforting bundle like pups in a litter. The warm water played over them like a waterfall.

Eventually Mary spoke, "Was there anything in particular you wanted to see me about, Vincent?"

"Nothing Mary, nothing at all, I just wanted to talk...nothing important."

To be continued...

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