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Blind Date


"new black v-neck dress, black sandal heels, be ready at door at 7pm"

She could instantly feel her heartbeat increase when she received the text message. He was gone all day long for a business meeting and she somehow expected that they would go out for dinner when he would return in the evening, although she could not be sure, because he often did not inform her of his plans in advance.

The message also instantly aroused her. They had bought the dress he referred to a couple of weeks ago and she had modeled it in front of him, yet until now she never wore it to go out. It had a self tie halter v-neck line, an open back and side slit accents that went all the way down until the thigh high splits on either side started. The front had support for her breasts, covering them completely, but exposing their shape. Wearing this dress exposed the skin on her sides. It would be basically impossible to wear any underwear under it. Thinking about wearing it when going out was a turn on, not because it was unusual for her to go out without underwear, but because it would make it completely obvious to anyone that saw her.

In the past, she would have not been able to wear something like this in public, but now, with him, it was ok - because she did it for him. It made her look sexy and it pleased him. And she wanted to please him, always.

Also, now she knew that he had special plans for this evening. She had no idea what would happen, but she knew that it would be a memorable evening. It always happened when he surprised her with his plans.

Looking at the time, she realized she had to start getting ready soon. She figured that if she started instantly, she would be able to wash her hair, take a relaxing bath and get ready just in time. From experience, she knew that he would notice that she did and he would appreciate that. She expected that his hands would be all over her body sooner or later and he enjoyed her smooth and soft skin, freshly shaven everywhere below her neck, making sure that there was not even a hint of hair.

She was ready to get dressed just minutes before 7pm. Nervously she checked if there was another text message, but there was none. By the time she put the dress on and wore her black high heeled sandals, she started feeling moisture between her legs. It was an automatic reaction of her body to what would happen this evening, even though she did not even know what it might be.

She knelt down close to the entrance, a small cushion was placed there just for this purpose. He allowed her this comfort, made it a requirement for those special times she had to wait for his arrival.

It was two minutes before 7pm.

Less than three minutes later, she could hear the familiar sound of his car entering the drive way. Her heartbeat got stronger now, waiting in anticipation like this already gave her a mix of strong emotions. There was excitement, there was also a hint of nervousness and now knowing she would soon find out what plans he had for her this evening, she felt everything more and more.

Wearing only sandals and a one piece dress that left nothing to the imagination, she somehow felt exposed, even vulnerable, but then at the moment the door opened, she started to smile. Seeing him walking inside wearing his business suit made her feel save. He was here to get her and to take her to a new adventure. She knew whatever would happen, it would be fine.

She saw his smile. Yes, he was happy to see her like this! He noticed instantly that she prepared herself exactly how he wanted it. The smile on his face said everything.

"I see you are ready. Very good," he said with the voice she enjoyed so much and missed all day long.

"Thank you, Sir," was her instant response, knowing very well that this was exactly what he wanted to hear now.

With his hand he took her head and positioned it so that she looked up at him, directly into his face. Both smiled at each other, no further words were needed to express the deep connection they felt for each other.

Touching her head continuously, he used is other hand to take out a small wooden box from the inside pocked of his jacket. He put it on a shelf next to where she was kneeling and opened it. From her kneeling position, she could not see what was inside the box. He took out a small plastic bottle.

"Keep looking up at me," he instructed while he opened the bottle, in a very calm and soft voice.

"Yes, Sir," was her response, not fully understanding what was happening. She knew that whatever it was, it would be ok.

"Don't move, everything will be fine," he said.

While she answered "Yes, Sir" again, getting a little bit nervous now, he took two fingers to open her left eye and poured some drops of liquid from the tiny bottle into her eye. She immediately realized that it was artificial tears, not understanding why but accepting. He repeated it with her other eye.

"I will put contact lenses into your eyes now," he said in a calm but determined way.

"Look down, focus and fix your eyes on my shoes, do not move your head or your eyes," he continued.

"Yes, Sir," she said after hesitating a bit, understanding what he did but not why.

Once he was satisfied that she had fixed and focused her eyes, he inserted the contact lenses, first on the left side, then on the right, each time holding up the eye lid with one finger.

"Move your eyes up and try to focus on me," he said.

She did ... but could not see anything. There was a short moment where she saw a blurred image, yet suddenly all went dark.

"I cannot see anything, Sir," she said, blushing, realizing that he had just blindfolded her with special contacts that made her blind. She remembered talking to him about it a long ago, mentioning it as a fantasy, and now here she was - kneeling in front of him, not able to see anything and knowing that to anyone that might see her, they would be unaware that she could not see.

"I will take you out to dinner, don't worry, everything will be fine. If there is anything wrong, you just tell me. Do you understand?" he explained and asked.

"Yes, Sir," was her response after taking a deep breath that was needed for herself to calm down.

She realized now that one of her major fantasies would come true this evening, being blindfolded and being fully dependent on him to guide her. She suddenly felt more wetness between her legs, it happened instantly.

She could hear him moving until she suddenly felt both his hands on her head. He was inserting something into her ears. It was at that moment she realized that she would be deaf as well, because everything went silent now. There were no movements from him she could hear, no words, nothing. The plugs were obviously well designed.

Here she was, kneeling in a one piece dress that showed off her body, in high heel sandals, being blind and deaf and yet no one seeing her would be able to notice anything. She got lost in her thoughts for a while, not feeling anything except the cushion under her and the wetness that started to leak on her inner thighs now.

She did not feel his touch, his hands had been moved away after he had inserted the ear plugs. There was a moment of panic overcoming her, what if he would leave her kneeling here? Would she dare to use her hands and remove the plugs? Was he watching her now? Or did he walk away? Where was he? Could she stand up? If she would stand up, how could she walk, not knowing where to go? Was this really ok?

"Sir?" she said, hearing her own shaking voice with a strange sound inside her head.

And then she felt one finger on her lips. Closing her mouth. Signaling her to be quiet. And she was quiet. She calmed down. His touch told her everything she needed to know. She was save. He was there. Her touch would guide her. Yes, she could trust him.

His finger moved on her lips slowly, feeling some of the moisture between them. She could slowly feel how the finger was inserted into her mouth. She happily opened it slightly, feeling and sucking on the part of him that was penetrating her mouth now.

She could not say for how long his finger was touching her there, it felt like a very long time. The feelings got even more intense when she suddenly felt his other hand touch her left breast through the fabric, exploring the shape of them and finding her erect stiff nipple with one finger, pressing it a bit, toying with it, moving it sideways and rubbing it on the inside of the piece of cloth covering her.

A moan escaped her mouth, over the finger of his other hand that was still there. Hungrily she tried to catch it with her lips when it moved out, just seconds before both of her breasts and nipples where being touched by both of her hands.

She was in heaven.

Being touched like this was amazing and now with all her senses focused on the touch, she felt it as strong as never before.

What took only some minutes felt like eternity until his hands were moved out to her upper arms, holding them and moving up her body to stand up. She could now feel how he took both hands and held her in front of her and tied them together with a rope on her wrists. A piece of the rope must have been left as she suddenly felt a pull there, which could not mean anything else than his request to follow.

Based on the direction and distance, she knew they must have walked out of the house and to the car. She could feel a breeze on her body, clearly confirming they were outside now. When there was no pull anymore, she stood, stopped walking, her hands moving down in front of her. Her wrists now got untied, before she felt that her hands were pushed behind her, and then being tied together again. It did not take long until her body was pressed down, one hand moving sideways on her hip, the other one on her shoulder. She had to sit down on the car seat and just before she sat down completely, the hand on her hip moved the back of the dress up, so that she ended up sitting there on her bare naked ass. Once seated, she could feel the seatbelt separating her breasts in front of her, her body being arched forward on the seat due to her hands behind her.

After a short time, she could feel his hands on her thighs, pushing her legs apart. He must have walked around the car and sit on the driver seat as his hands where coming from the other side now.

She then could feel some vibration through the car seat, they were obviously moving. She could not hear the engine, but she could feel the movements and being pressed more into the seat by the belt and forced to sit there with spread legs, when the car was speeding up.

It must have been at least five minutes when she could suddenly feel his hand between her legs, moving up the dress as his bare hand directly touched and probed her exposed and soaking wet crotch area.

He got the confirmation of what he already knew. He could now feel how aroused, how excited, how wet she became from this. She was soaking. Her liquids were pouring down and she was sure even the car seat got wet - in fact, she started to feel the wetness of the leather under her just now.

Experiencing his touch now made this even more exciting for her. She knew her body produced more liquid only for his hand, only for him.

She felt proud right now. He had explained to her that whenever she was wet for him, it made him happy. Showing her undeniable arousal to him like this, for him to feel and understand it in such a raw and direct way, was one of the best ways to make him happy.

After some time, one finger was inserted into her opening. She gasped and moaned ... out of surprise and from pleasure. The finger was kept there for a while, not moving much. Another finger of the same hand soon reached her clit, caressing her softly both inside and above her entrance.

The sounds that she made through her mouth, sounds that she could hear inside her head as well, in fact the only thing she could hear, were now synchronized to the movements of the fingers exploring her body for his pleasure.

This went on for a while, she even got used to hearing her own sounds strangely through her head in such an unusual way, knowing how much he would be enjoying what he could hear from her. Suddenly the hand fingers moved away and she could feel them on her mouth again, forcing her to taste herself.

Knowing this was expected of her, she eagerly sucked his fingers clean, earning her a gentle pad on her head. She felt good, alive, free. Yes, she felt free even though she was not free, her hands were tied and she was in discomfort, strapped into the car seat like this, but experiencing this inside her head made her feel free.

She did not know how long they were driving, obviously also not knowing where they were going. She lost her sense for time. His hands did not touch her for a while, obviously he had to focus on driving the car with both hands, which allowed her to relax a little bit, calm down from the high she had experienced before. It was difficult to concentrate on any coherent thought for a while and slowly she was able to process more structured thoughts again.

Her thoughts moved to the time they would arrive wherever they would go. She was sure, people could not see that she was blind and deaf, but they would see her hands being tied up. Even if he would untie her, others might see it when she got out of the car? He would take care of that, right? Of course he would. She felt silly for thinking like this. He always took care of things like that. So this would not be an issue.

What else might be a problem? How could she eat? A blind person is experienced and knows how to use knife and fork and eat, but she never did that. And now she was supposed to eat something? He could not even guide her with words. So how would he show to her how to eat? Or would he feed her? In a restaurant? That can't be possible, right?

Suddenly one thought came to her that she hated and wished she could forget instantly: what if it was not him? What if the person driving the car was someone else? A stranger? What if he was at home and he gave her away? It could be possible, right? There is no way to know! She would hate him for that, she would be extremely angry. No, it could not be. Impossible!

She started moving in discomfort, squirm even on the wet leather seat.

And then she calmed down instantly ... his hand suddenly rested on her thighs. She knew it was him. She knew that he was the only person that could touch her like this. Of course it was him! Everything else made no sense. There was no need to panic. He was there. Always. He always held her, fetched her. She could trust him.

"Thank you, Sir," came from her mouth ... in a very low volume. It was supposed to show him how thankful she was for his touch and his care and a plead to have him keep his hand there. She was not sure if she was allowed to speak after he silenced her earlier with his finger on her mouth, but she just could not help it and felt was needed.

As strange as it may sound, she felt him very close now ... closer even than the times they were sleeping together, closer than the times he was overcome with hunger to use her for his pleasure.

He moved his hand slightly, massaging her thighs a bit as if he wanted to show her that everything is fine and that he was pleased with how she handled all of this.

She felt that the car stopped, which was confirmed after she could feel both of his hands exploring her body, caressing her through the dress in different places, touching also her cheeks, her neck and moving down and up softly and gently.

Not long after the touching stopped, her body was moved forward from the other side -obviously he had walked around the car - and her wrists were untied. Taking one of her hand and pulling signaled her to get out of the car, something she did slowly being guided by his touch on her legs and her ass.

Once she stood, he walked with her, holding her hand. The air was cold around her, she could feel they were outside. She figured that when they walked in a straight direction, they must appear like any other couple dressed up for an evening at a fancy restaurant, any couple that was holding hands. No one would suspect that she was unable to hear or that she was blindfolded. What they would notice was the amazing dress she wore, exposing the shape of her body and knowing that she would not wear any underwear. When she had to make turns, he took his hand and put it on her hips, just where it connected to the roundness of her ass and turned her into the direction he needed her to go to. Even this might not appear unusual to anyone seeing them, it just showed that they were close and that he was lucky to take out such a well-dressed girl for dinner.

He slowed her down when walking up a few stairs and then once it got warmer, which could only mean that they were inside a building, he held her very close to her, with an arm around her. They made several turns, left and right and ultimately he turned her around and guided her to sit down on a bench with a soft cushion under her. Her hands hit a hard surface in front of her - she just had been seated at a table.

After his touch was gone, she took a deep breath, knowing that the next step of her adventure was about to begin. With her hands she touched the table and exploring it slowly, she could feel cutleries, a dish, a glass - yes, she was sitting at a dining table.

She did not feel very safe however as she must be in a public place now, other guests of this restaurant must have seen them walk in. She wondered if her walk would have looked unusual and that it might have been strange for other to see him holding her like this. Also, even if they would not feel that there was anything unusual going on, she knew some might stare at her simply because of the way she was dressed. She could turn heads easily with this dress, walking in an awkward way would only make things more obvious.

It took a while until she noticed him again. First she felt the warmth of his body and then a gentle touch. He must have walked around the table and now he was sitting right next to her. The familiar feeling of his hand resting on her thigh calmed her down again.

She loved his touch, she has been seeking it continuously since he came into her life. But now it was a total different dimension. Virtually the touch of him was the only connection now she had to the world, it became her only reality. She was in a public place, most likely a number of people saw them, might even be looking at them right now, but that all did not matter. The only thing that mattered was that he was there. He was guiding her, protecting her, providing for her - and controlling her.

Suddenly he took her hand and moved it to the glass, indicating her to grab it. She did and once she had a firm grip of it, he helped her to move it to her mouth to eventually taste the liquid, which turned out to be red wine. Once the glass was back on the table, he suddenly kissed her on her cheek. The surprise made her shiver, before it brought a smile to her face. She could feel his affection directly.

One of his hands stayed on her thighs constantly, slowly moving a bit inside, closer to the area of wetness that she knew he wanted to touch eventually. In fact, she was so aroused, she wanted him to touch her there. She knew that she could not move her hand there, also it did not mean much - it was his touch that she was looking for. She did not care were they were, others would not notice as it happened under the table and even if they would, she would be accepting it.

Then a hand caressed her neck ... first exploring it gently and then suddenly using a more tight grip in combination with a pull that forced her to turn her upper body around and basically look at him - even though she could not see him, there was only blackness. But yes, she knew her covered eyes were directly focusing in his direction now and anyone around would be able see how she looked at him. Her head had to move forward as she could suddenly feel his lips on hers, while the grip on her neck got more tight, starting to affect her ability to breath freely.

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