tagLoving WivesBlind, Deaf & Dumb for Erections Ch. 03

Blind, Deaf & Dumb for Erections Ch. 03


Without using her hand, her mouth, and her pussy, a woman finds a novel way for her man to receive and maintain an erection by using just her words.

In the way that his wife always thought about herself and no one else, realizing now that he was only thinking about himself when trying to masturbate because of his impotency, he finally thought about how Mike's wife, Connie, must feel now that her husband is gone. He thought about their children who no longer had a father. How can a father abandon his family for a bitch of a woman, Jim's wife, Natalie?

Such a relief, he was happy that she was gone? Gone, gone, gone, Natalie was gone. Now able to focus on someone else other than on Natalie, he wondered how Connie was taking the news. In the way that he felt about his wife leaving him, he wondered if Connie was just as happy that her husband left her. Or was she upset and brokenhearted that Mike left her?

Erasing his mind of Natalie, Jim, and Connie, he tried to relax by turning on the television. With Natalie long gone and no longer the focus of his thoughts, it was when he was watching television that he heard someone rap at his front door.

"Rap, rap, rap."

As if he was suddenly Edgar Allen Poe and the light rapper was the raven, who's that rap, rap, rapping at my chamber door? Just a light rap but loud enough for him to hear it over the television, he muted the TV to listen.

"Rap, rap, rap."

There it was again. Unmistakable this time, definitely there was someone rapping at his door. Unnerved with the diabolical Edgar Allen Poe on his mind and that someone would be rapping at his door at this late hour, he wondered who it was. Could it be Natalie coming home to ask his forgiveness? Nah, now that she's gone, she'll never return. Or maybe she's here to pick up the things she left behind but with her still having keys to his house, why didn't she use her key? Now realizing the selfish bitch that she is, maybe its Mike returning to punch him in the nose for arranging him to be involved with his wife in the first place.

Funny that someone would knock rather than ring the doorbell. Again, he wondered who it was. The only person he knew who was in the habit of knocking instead of ringing the bell was Mike's wife, Connie. Funny that he should think of Connie now that her husband took off with his wife when he hasn't seen her in two years. Suddenly free of Natalie and with Connie free of her husband, he wondered if there was any chance for them to rekindle something that may have been there so very long ago.

Now with his mind filled with Connie instead of Natalie, she was the only one in the habit of knocking instead of ringing because of their dog going crazy with the doorbell. Yet they haven't had the dog in nearly two years, since Jim started fucking Natalie. With Connie not coming around anymore, how would she know that he no longer had a dog? He hasn't seen Connie since before they put the dog down. Now excited in thinking that it may be her, he hoped that it was Connie rapping at his front door.

"Rap, rap, rap." He hoped she was alone. "Rap, rap, rap." If he wasn't so impotent, he'd love to rap her pussy. "Rap, rap, rap."

Needing a familiar face to talk to, hoping it was her and no one else, Jim got up from his easy chair to answer the door. He wondered if she looked the same or if she packed on the pounds that so many women do after having children and never losing the weight. No doubt the reason why Natalie was so shapely thin was because she didn't have any kids. Suddenly, he imagined Natalie fat. She's probably kill herself. He imagined Connie fat, she'd probably take her excess weight in stride in the way she does with everything else that has happened in her life, even her husband leaving her for Natalie. Just as he suspected, it was Connie and she looked just as lovely as ever.

Dressed in a short skirt that showed her shapely legs and a low cut top that showed her cleavage, with Natalie in his life, he stopped noticing and lusting over Connie. Now, without Natalie here to hog the spotlight of his attention, he was more focused on Connie. With her long, dark hair and big brown eyes, she was such a pretty woman. As if he psychically willed her to come over, here she was in the flesh. Too stunned to speak, she spoke first.

"How are you Jim?"

Softly and sensitively as if someone had just died and she was stopping by to pay her respects, she asked him the question as if she already knew the answer. Never one to hide his feelings, except for hiding them from his wife, he couldn't help but tell her how he felt.

"Not so good," he said looking at her while trying to read her.

A sight to behold, she was every bit as good looking as was Natalie. Why Mike would cheat on his wife when he had someone like her at home was beyond his reasoning.

He didn't have to try very hard to read her look of sorrow, as if looking at himself in the mirror, he could see his sadness in her eyes. She looked as if she had been crying. He could tell just by looking at her sad face that she must have received a note too.

"Long time no see," she said trying to maintain a stiff, upper lip.

"Two years," said Jim as if mentally counting the years by the dozens of times that her husband fucked his wife and she sucked his cock.

"You lost weight," she said looking at him in the way that he looked at his wife when she was all dressed to greet another lover to fuck and suck in his bed.

"Thank you for noticing," he said flattening his shirt against his stomach. "I've lost thirty pounds since I've seen you last but I'm stuck. I can't lose another pound and now with Natalie gone, I'll probably gain more weight," he said with a laugh. "I'll tell you one thing though. I won't be crying while eating ice cream," he said with a laugh.

Before he married Natalie, he had a thing for Connie, Mike's young girlfriend, before she married Mike. Sexy and beautiful, he thought that she had a thing for him too back then but that all changed with Natalie. Their furtive looks and secretive flirting never amounted to anything more than hushed whispers and innocent teasing.

"You look good. You look the way that I remember you looking more than fifteen years ago when we first met," she said looking at him in a way that she never looked at him before and in the way that Mike looks at Natalie now.

"You look pretty hot yourself for an old broad with two kids," he said with a laugh. "You're a MILF."

"A MILF? Am I a mother that you'd like to fuck Jimmy?"

"Before Natalie, I've always wanted you Connie," he said confessing his desire for Jim's wife.

"Who knows what could have been," she said. "Maybe it's not too late to find out what we may have had," she said giving him the eye.

Again he considered the possibility of Connie in his life. Now that Mike is gone with his wife and with Connie available, albeit a bit too soon to make his move and his interest in her known, he wondered if he had a chance with her, especially with her still looking the way that he remembered her looking. Already having made a big mistake once in marrying Natalie instead of marrying someone like Connie, maybe it's not too late to turn his life around. Maybe it's not too late to rekindle something with Connie.

Although with him no longer able to have an erection, why would someone how looks like her want someone like him? No doubt in the way that Mike has ignored Connie for the sexual favors of Natalie, he imagined Connie being just as sexually frustrated as he is. Instead of wanting someone with a limp dick, no doubt, she'd want a man with a hard prick. Before Natalie, he always had a hard-on for sexy Connie.

"Come in," he said holding the door open for her. "Who's with the kids?" Mike and Connie had great kids, a boy 7 and a girl 9.

"My Mom is watching them. Jim's gone," she blurted as if to vocalize that elephant in the room when he already knew that her husband was gone with his wife.

"I know. I imagine you received the same note that I did," he said.

"I did," she said staying silent while staring at him.

He looked at her as if trying to read her face. She looked as if she was about to cry while looking at him. He took her in his arms and hugged her. She felt good in his arms and with Natalie being so tall, nearly 6'and Connie about 5'6" tall, she was a better fit for him than his wife.

As soon as he felt the back of her bra with his fingertips, he wanted to kiss her, touch her, and feel her. It had been a long time since he's had sex and Connie was rekindling old feelings that he thought he'd never have again. Only, with Connie in his arms, a time when his cock should spring back to life, it didn't. It just lay dormant in his pants as if it was dead.

"I'm sorry Connie," he said.

"Did you know they were having sex Jimmy?" As if to check to see if he was lying, she pulled away from him to look at his face.

"I did," he said telling her the truth. Always able to lie to his wife about everything, he wouldn't disrespect Connie by lying to her. He liked her too much. He only wished he had considered her feelings before, when he allowed her husband to have sex with his wife.

"Why Jimmy?" She stared at him again. "Why didn't you tell me they were having sex? What am I supposed to do with Jimmy gone?" She waited for him to respond and when he didn't, she continued. "I don't have any money. He left me with nothing but a remortgaged house and car payments. I have two small children to somehow support. I haven't worked in years," she said with sadness.

"Don't worry about money Connie. I'll take care of you and the kids. With Natalie gone and not spending my money, especially after cancelling all of her credit cards, I have plenty of money," he said with a sinister laugh. "I'll support you and the kids. I take full responsibility that all of this is my fault."

"Thank you Jimmy but why did you allow this to happen Jimmy?"

"I didn't think it was serious. I thought it was a onetime thing. I thought it was just something that they needed to do. I never thought their sexual relationship would continue for two years," he said. "Actually," he paused to look at her and to wipe her tears away. "I agreed for Natalie to see other men but I didn't think she'd fall in love with any of them, especially not Jim. He was my best friend."

"Why would you agree to your wife having sex with others? That's just nasty Jimmy."

The million dollar question, he looked at her embarrassed before summoning the courage to tell her the truth.

"I'm impotent," he said feeling relieved that he told someone other than his wife and the men who had sex with his wife.

Suddenly he felt sad that he had ruined his chances with Connie by confessing that he was impotent. More than wishing he could get an erection with his wife, her hot mother, or her sexy sister, he now wished he could get an erection with Connie. If he could get an erection now, he'd make love to her. If only he could make love to her maybe he'd have a chance with her. More than her looks, she was kind, sweet, intelligent, and funny. All the traits that Natalie didn't have, Connie had them all.

"Impotent?" She looked at him as if he was crazy. "You? Impotent? Bullshit," she said looking at him with a sexy look. "That's crazy. I don't believe it. You're too young to be impotent." She flashed him another sexy look as if she had just had an epiphany. "Look at you. You're just as healthy as I remember you being."

"I'm a diabetic Connie," he said with as much sadness when confessing that he was impotent.

"Diabetic?" She laughed. "If your blood sugar is elevated it's because of all the shit you've been eating. Natalie never cooked a meal. It was always going out to eat at the best restaurants for her to show off her new clothes or take out junk food when she was too lazy to get out of bed."

"Eating the wrong foods definitely attributed to my disease," he said with sadness.

"Disease? Disease my ass," she said laughing at his grim face. "I bet you that I can give you an erection without even touching you."

He looked at her and smiled knowing that no matter what she did, even if she stripped off her clothes and sucked his cock that he'd never get an erection.

"I'll take that bet," he said wanting to humor her to keep her there talking to him.

* * * * *

With Natalie gone, not that she was ever there for him, he didn't want to be alone. As if someone close to him had died, he needed her company. Always having to hide how he felt, it was in that moment that he realized how truly lonely he had been. If only for the moment and if only for tonight, maybe they were good for one another. Maybe he could cheer her up by comforting her and she could help him through his sadness and loneliness too. Only she surprised him with what she said next.

"You'll have to get naked," she said.

What? Pardon? Did Mike's hot wife just invite him to get naked? Wow! Instead of him putting the moves on her, she was putting the moves on him.

"Naked? Seriously? You want me to get naked?"

"Yes," she said with a nervous laugh.

"I can do that," he said.

"I'm surprised that you'd so easily agree to get naked," she said with a laugh.

"Why not? I've always wanted to get naked in front of you," he said returning her laugh.

"I figured you'd be embarrassed to get naked with me after we've had so many moments filled with furtive glances and sexy looks that we shared so long ago. I must admit that it was fun teasing you with my down blouses and up skirts that appeared accidental. It was so easy for me to get your attention by showing your my bra or panties. If only Mike new the sexy games we played behind his back, he'd be pissed," she said with a laugh.

"I'm not embarrassed to get naked in front of you Connie, that is unless you're embarrassed to see my limp, lifeless dick," he said. "I've always felt comfortable with you, something that I never felt with Natalie. I was always on my best behavior with her for some reason. A starched shirt instead of a comfortable flannel one, we never had that give and take friendship that I've always had with you," he said.

"Well, before I start crying about all the time we've wasted, let's go to your bedroom where we'll be more comfortable," she said. "I'll need a few things."

"A few things? What do you need? Should I be frightened?" He laughed.

"I'll need a blindfold and something to bind your wrists to the bedposts," she said.

"Kinky but I'm afraid you're wasting your time Connie. I'm a lost cause," he said handing her a couple of Natalie kerchiefs and her sleeping mask.

"Nonsense," she said. "Take off your clothes, all of them, and climb on the bed."

Obediently, as if he was visiting a prostitute and she was attending to his sexual fantasy, he obeyed. Once on the bed, Connie tied each wrist to the bedpost before covering his eyes with the blindfold.

"Aren't you getting undressed too?"

"No," she said. "There's no need for me to get naked," she said giving him a soft smile. "Not yet anyway," she said with a wink and teasing him by running her fingertips slowly down his chest and stomach but stopping just short of his cock. "You mustn't talk now, not a word. As if you're a mute, you must remain silent now. You must just listen while I give you verbal directions and a verbal erection."

"A verbal erection? How are you going to do that when I can't even give myself an erection with my own hand? What are you going to hypnotize me," he said laughing.

"More powerful than my hand, my mouth, and/or my pussy, my words are enough to make you hard, as they did before we both married the wrong people," she said in seriousness. "You didn't think that I noticed that you always had an erection around me, that is, before Natalie sashayed herself in your life."

"I was always hot for you Connie," he said.

"Always wondering where you were and what you were doing, sometimes when I'm alone and lonely, I masturbate myself with the thoughts of you making love to me," she said whispering in his ear.

"Wow! And I didn't even say that I'm ready," he said with a laugh. "Okay, I'm ready," he said pulling out his loosely tied hand to put his hand over his penis.

"Give me your hand," said Connie tying his wrists tighter.

"I'm embarrassed," he said.


"My penis is so small and my testicles have shrunken to the size of peanuts instead of walnuts," he said with sadness.

"I'm going to fix all of that," she said leaning down to ever so softly and lightly kiss him on the lips. When he tried returning her kiss, her lips were already gone from his.

"I don't see how you can fix an impotent man," he said with dejection.

"Trust me," she said resting her hand on his stomach just inches away from his flaccid prick. "In order for this to work, you must remain positive. The trick to you getting an erection is to believe that you will."

"Okay, you're the sexual therapist," he said with a laugh. "I'm ready for you to make me hard."

* * * * *

"Okay, here we go. If you could pick two women in the world that you'd love to have sex with, anyone at all, who would they be?"

"Any women?"

"Yes, except for Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, and Kim Kardashian, they're all skanky sluts."

"Any women whether living or dead?"


"Rich and/or famous?"

"Yes," she said laughing.

"Hmm," he said. "The funny thing is out of all the women in the world, other than you," he said with a laugh, "if I tell you who I'd love to have sex with, you're going to think me perversely perverted."

"There are no judgments here Jimmy, just erections."

"Well to be honest and being that there are no judgments, I can't think of anyone that I'd rather have sex than with my hot mother-in-law and sexy sister-in-law," he said with a nervous laugh.

As soon as he said the words mother-in-law and sister-in-law, a twinge of life twitched his penis.

"Your cock just moved," said Connie.

"I know. I can't believe it. It's been quite some time since it's moved on its own."

"I don't think you're perversely perverted but after living with, enduring, and surviving their daughter and sister, your whore of a wife, Natalie, I wouldn't think you'd want anything more to do with her family. Yet, whatever floats your boat or, in your case, hardens your cock, works for me," she said with a shrug. "I've met both your mother-in-law and sister-in-law many times before and granted they are both beautiful woman but from all of the women in the world, why your mother-in-law and sister-in-law?"

"I dunno. It's a guy thing," he said laughing. "Maybe because with guys wanting to have sex with their mothers and their wives' sisters, I want to have sex with them just because they're my mother-in-law and sister-in-law."

"Okay then," she said as if she was a psychic about to read him. "Tell me what you'd do if you're mother-in-law and/or sister-in-law were here with you now while you're tied to the bed, blindfolded, and naked or would you rather that they were tied to the bed, blindfolded, and naked?"

"How about if they both were here on the bed naked with me but not blindfolded or tied to the bed?"

"That will work," she said.

Jim's lifeless cock twitched again and slowly moved as if his lifeless, little prick was a vampire arising from the dead after having a long, deep sleep in a coffin.

"Fuck me. I don't believe this Connie. Without even having to see it, I can feel that I have half an erection. Without even touching myself or stroking myself and/or without watching Natalie fuck and suck other men," he said, "I'm beginning to get hard."

"Is that why you had your wife whore herself, so that you could get an erection?"

"Not quite. Trust me. I wasn't the altruistic one. I had her whore herself because she's a whore and she was sexually frustrated by me not being able to sexually satisfy her," he said with sadness taking over his face. "Besides, what does it matter? I lost her anyway," he said with sadness. "She's gone and I'm a better man for her leaving me."

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