tagLoving WivesBlindfolded Birthday Surprise

Blindfolded Birthday Surprise


I have never been one for making a big deal out of celebrating my birthday, much less asking for a present. My wife Karen is a wonderful lady, and her job is taking care of the house and raising our lovely children. Well, we both do part of the child raising. I do my damndest to be a good dad to them, and a good husband to my wife. I know what she does is work, it just doesn't get a signed paycheck in her name every two weeks, so it still counts as a job in my mind. If nothing else, as the sole money provider of the family, it means any birthday presents for me are things that I ask for, which are then purchased with the money I bring in. If I want stuff for me, I just buy it; why add a step in the process and have someone else buy it for me?

OK, so back to my story. Last weekend was my birthday, and the only thing that I asked for without bugging was a birthday party. With a lot of prompting, I finally told Karen that I would like to have an iPod for my birthday too. I had been putting off getting one, so I figured it couldn't hurt for her and the kids to get it for me. It would make them happy too.

We did have a party last weekend, and a bunch of our friends showed up for the event. Everyone likes an excuse to have a party, right? I also got to use my new iPod, hooking it up to the stereo once the kids went to bed.

As Karen left the dance floor (aka -- the living room with the furniture moved), she waved at me, motioning me to follow her. We went into the bedroom, and as I went through the door, she closed it behind me, locking it, and turned out the lights. I had an idea of what was going on and was excited about birthday sex, especially when it was totally random, and for once starting before we were too tired to see straight.

The soft sound of rustling fabric was barely audible over the music from the house, and just before I asked Karen what was going on, I felt her hands on my shoulders.

Karen spoke softly to me, just inches from my ear. "If you want to get everything coming to you tonight, you will do exactly as you are told, do you understand?"

I nodded, but realized she couldn't see that, so I said "Ya baby, I got it."

"Good" she replied, "now you have about 10 seconds to get completely naked, and put all your clothes on the floor at your feet. Starting now."

About 20 seconds later I said "Done. All my clothes are now off. Happy now? So what do I do now?"

Her hands on my shoulders, she said "Lay back" as she pushed me. As my head hit the blanket, she said "Now scoot back some, get your naked sexy body into the middle of the bed, then reach your hands up over your head."

Although I thought that this was weird, I was in no mood to argue. My arms went up, and she grabbed me by the wrists, surprising me by wrapping them up loosely with a thin rope. I had to smile since this was something that we had talked about doing but never got around to. The bed shifted as she finished tying up my hands, and a moment later I felt more pieces of rope covering my ankles.

Properly secured, I could feel Karen kissing my legs, working her way up my body. As she passed my knees, I felt her lying on my leg. At some time she had also found the time to take all of her clothes off, her breasts rubbing up against either side of my leg, and a warm wet sensation on my shin told me she was just about as turned on as I was. If only I had known what was going through her mind, maybe would have thought she was more into it.

A sudden wet touch on my balls made me jump, but my gasp turned into a man as her mouth engulfed my left nut. Her mouth was warm and wet on me, her tongue teasing all around my ball. She moved forward, letting it out of her mouth and licked all the way up my cock. At this point I was rock-hard, my cock just kind of hovering above my stomach, throbbing in anticipation.

She licked the underside of my shaft slowly, working her way side to side on the way up. She stopped at the top, her tongue lightly dancing on the soft sensitive area for a moment before pursing her lips and sucking my purple mushroom head halfway inside her her lips. My arms and legs were almost useless, but my hips still worked. I pushed up insistently and succeeded in getting about half of my cock inside of her wonderful mouth. She didn't fight me, but just held me there, sucking stronger and stronger. I swore I could feel myself throbbing harder the more she did it.

Almost reluctantly, she pulled her head back, making my cock fall out of her mouth with a plop. She crawled up my body, putting her mouth to my ear. The way our bodies lay, I also knew that this meant her pussy was just inches away from my cock. I have no idea what she said, my brain functions had been passed to the small head. As our bodies moved slightly, I felt my goal, her soft wet sex was now touching my cock, ready to join us together.

She giggled at me. "Slow down silly, you will be inside me soon, just be patient. I wanted to try something else out first. This is something different though so think it through."

Slightly confused, I tried to think, but my brain was fuzzy and focused only on sex. I tried to kiss her, but she moved away, sliding off of my body to the side of me. Karen ran her hand down my chest, over my belly, then down further to hold my cock. Stroking me, she continued "I thought long and hard about this, and I think we can handle this. It's something that every guy wants at least once in his life, but before you get it, you have to make me a deal. Are you still listening?"

"Ya babe, you got my attention. I'm up for something a little different. What do you have in mind?"

She let go of my and got off the bed. In the low light of the bedroom, I could only see a pale outline of where she was. Then that outline got closer to my head as I strained to stare at her naked body that I love to watch. Then the outline went away as something covered my eyes.

Karen's voice above my head said "Don't worry, this is part of the whole package. Now here's the catch. We can go ahead with my plan, but there are conditions. One -- this blindfold must stay on until I take it off of you. Two -- no talking. Three -- absolutely NO talking about this with any of our friends or family, not ever. And number four is the most important -- before we do this, you have to make me a deal. In order for this to happen this one time, you have agree to let me do this one other time, but without you. The specifics we can talk about later. Now what do you say?"

Too many words just happened, I couldn't process all of them. I must have taken too long to respond while trying to figure out what she could be talking about. Of all the things that crossed my mind, I didn't see why she would have to do something again, but whatever it was, it couldn't be all that bad, right?

Startling me, Karen asked "Well? What do you say?"

She got back on the bed and her aim was right on, the only part of our bodies that touched was her lips and my cock. Only teasing me for a few seconds, she stopped and pulled back. "And what is your answer?"

"Allright, I trust you. If you are doing this for my birthday, it must be special. So yes, we can continue and I will really try to follow these rules. And thank you in advance!"

She paused for a moment, and I'm not sure if she was just re-thinking what we were doing or what. With her hand trailing down my body, she moved towards my feet and got off of the bed. A few seconds later, she got back on the bed straddling my knees, slightly stroking my cock. She pulled it straight up and I felt her lips against the top of my cockhead. With a bit of pressure, it popped through her lips, sinking all the way in, stopping only when I felt myself hit the back of her throat, and felt her chin resting on my balls.

Karen stayed there until she couldn't hold her breath any more and came up for air. I groaned as she left me, and I could hear her breathing deeply as she recovered. She crawled up my body and sat on my stomach, her arms crossing over mine, holding me down tightly.

She whispered softly "now it gets interesting" and leaned down to kiss me.

As her mouth closed on mine, our tongues intertwining, she almost took my breath away with her passion and ferocity. Her arms lifted off of mine as her hands roamed all over my upper body. She pulled my head closer, and stroked my arms and chest.

Even though right now we were just kissing, after the teasing she had done to me, my cock was going crazy. Completely held down, I could do nothing. It wasn't that this was anything too kinky, but the newness and teasing had me going crazy.

Pulling my head back from her grasp, I caught my breath. "Dammit, if all you are going to do is tease me like this, I am SOOO going to make you pay."

"Easy big boy, don't get all worked up. Just give it a second, you will see. I thought I told you not to talk."

She pushed my head down into the bed and smothered me with another kiss, and as I started to moan into her mouth, what little breath I had left caught in my throat. I felt another touch on the top of my thighs and thought it was her feet moving to hold me down more, but then I felt a hand holding my cock. As the sudden shock of what could be happening hit me, the new hand fed my cock into a waiting mouth.

The moan I had started came back in force as my cock hit the back of the throat of the unseen woman down below. Her hand massaged my balls as she expertly sucked me off. Just the right amount of suction, and most of the time my cock was buried down the back of her mouth. If Karen hadn't had her tongue in my mouth, I would have thought it was her down below. All the sounds, feelings, and teasing had me going crazy, and this new development pushed me over the edge.

All tied up, I couldn't move, and my mouth was too occupied to say anything different than I had already, only in the form of moaning. My legs locked up as the feeling of intense pleasure raced up the inside of my thighs and my ballsack tightened up. My stomach muscles all locked as I tried in vain to thrust my hips further up into the velvety-soft mouth.

Only good for three or four spurts, I shot my cum into the unknown woman's mouth as my body roiled in pleasure, my unseeing eyes rolled back in my head. This must have been the first time since I was in my early 20's, but having just cum, I was still so incredibly turned on my cock never went even partly soft. I didn't hear anything from this mystery lady down below, and did not feel anything fall back down on me. Knowing she just drank all my cum, plus the fact she was still trying to swallow my cock had me still raring to go.

Breaking off the kiss, I whispered to Karen "baby, my hand, I need to feel you." Kind of surprising me, she instantly reached up and pulled the rope from one wrist. Putting my hand on her cheek I pulled her back to me and had enough time to whisper "I love you" before our lips locked again.

With one hand free to run up and down her body, the erotic feeling of being tied up was still there, I just had the added bonus of being able to squeeze her breasts and tweak her nipples as I enjoyed two women's mouths on me at once.

The other woman's mouth was working wonders, and within a few minutes I could feel the inevitable coming again. Pulling back from Karen again, I whispered to her "I'm getting close" but not feeling the need to add the 'again' part to the statement.

Karen stopped right away and sat up on me, pushing my free hand back up above my head, but did not tie me back up. The mouth on my cock stopped a moment later, the bed moved, and she was gone. I felt a sense of loss as she left, but Karen moved quickly to take her spot. My head rolled back as I felt my wife's mouth attach herself to my rock-hard cock.

As I was gasping in pleasure, I felt the bed move on either side of my head. Just as I realized what has happening, I caught the musky sweet smell of a wet pussy as it came to rest on my mouth. Eager to pay back the pleasure she had given me, I almost attacked her clit as she offered it to me.

Although I was still intensely turned on, the task of having a pussy to pleasure helped me slow down my upcoming explosion. My unseen "present" leaned forward to help Karen with my cock, and I instantly lost track of everything else as I felt two mouths on my cock at once, it's a feeling I will never forget. Once one of them stopped, the other would fuck me with their mouths, and once I got past the awesomeness of it, I could once again put everything I had into trying to make this pussy cum.

It actually took me a minute to realize my hand was still free to roam. As to not scare her, I put my hand on her leg and slowly worked it up until it was on her ass, pushing her tighter into my face. My tongue focused on her clit, my hand worked it's way down her ass and between her legs, managing to get two fingers worked inside of her pussy, slowly pushing their way deeper into her, then pumping in and out.

A few minutes after starting to finger-fuck her, I felt her hips start moving in rhythm to my fingers. Moving my tongue and fingers faster, we paced each other's movements until she suddenly froze, her pussy clamping down on my fingers as she came hard. I could tell that she was holding in her noises, but some of her scream just couldn't be stopped.

She collapsed across my body as she trembled in the aftershocks of her orgasm. Finally taking my fingers out of her, I licked them clean right after licking all her cum I could find between her legs. Seeing and hearing all this, my wife stopped sucking my cock. "Dammit man, you had better hurry up and cum for me, it's my turn next and I'm SO ready for your tongue."

Karen went down on me again, doing her best to make me cum as soon as possible. My lovely present was still laying across me, and I took advantage of the situation, letting my one free hand roam all over her body. The other woman got up slowly and turned around, rubbing her breasts into my face. As my hand and mouth explored her nipples, I once again realized exactly what was happening here, and the significant cock-sucking skills of my wife demanded my attention.

I moaned loudly as Karen worked her magic. To shut me up, the other woman moved down to press her lips to mine, kissing me into silence. With my hand on another woman's breast, and my tongue playing tag with hers, I felt oddly detached. I could feel my upper body touching this other woman's, but my lower body was just on fire with the oral ministrations delivered by my wife to my cock.

Screaming out in pleasure, my voice was muffled by the other woman covering my face. My cock went into overdrive as I shot out all my remaining energy through the tip of my cock. I could picture it in my head, seeing my cock ending where my wife's face began, and seeing her lovely breasts swaying as her body moved around.

Another fist for the evening is that I blacked out for a moment when I came. When I came back to my senses, there wasn't enough energy in my body to move. As far as I could tell, there was now only one body on the bed. Karen was laying right next to me. I shifted slightly to better feel her against me, and she said "Well hey, you're finally back! So I'm not really sure, did you enjoy your special birthday present honey?"

Laughing slightly, I said "You have no idea how incredibly cool that was of you. You're the best wife a guy could ask for hon, really."

We laid in silence for a moment, thinking over what had just happened. Then it hit me. "Hon, I don't know how I could have been so selfish. You didn't cum at all, you must let me help you out with that."

"No, it's allright. This whole situation, and you, have me so turned on that I started to cum at the exact same time you did."

Sad that I couldn't eat any more pussy right now, I was also secretly glad -- there's no way in hell that I would have the energy to do so.

Karen got up and started to put on her clothes. "Now remember, you can't tell anyone about this. Besides, would they really believe you anyway?"

She pulled off my blindfold and untied my restraints, then stood at the bedroom door, barely visible by the light from the bathroom. "Feel free to get dressed again, then come back out to enjoy the party when you're ready. We haven't been gone for more than 20 or 30 minutes, so most people may not even notice that we were gone."

After getting dressed, I did go back out to the party. No one seemed to care that we had been gone, or at least no one said anything to me. I realized that my mystery woman was one of these people out here, but there was no way for me to know for sure. Even if I asked the right woman, I'm sure she would lie, so there is really no good way for me to know.

The next morning over coffee Karen came over to talk to me. After the regular small talk, and chatting about how awesome her present was for me, she looked a little bothered and got quiet.

At my prompting, she said "So remember that one deal we made last night? That whatever happened, I would have to do it again without you around. Remember that one now?"

Shaking my head, I got a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. I knew where this was headed, and was now seriously re-thinking my condition that night.

"So here's the deal. No, you won't know who she was. But, she IS married. We got together and came up with this plan. She would help me satisfy you, and in return, I would help satisfy her husband in the same way. Just remember -- blindfolds, dark room, and secrecy. You can't know who she is. Besides, she and I will be pleasuring her husband the same way we did to you. And you DID say it was Ok for me to do this, remember? That was the price I had to pay to get this to happen for you."

Slowly, I nodded my head. "Well, a deal is a deal, and you gave your word, so you will have to do it. But now I have an idea for you. The same type of thing happens for each of our birthdays."

While I did not like the idea of my wife deep-throating another guy, I guess I can live with it. Especially since he won't know who she is, that it's so infrequent, it's only oral and not full-on sex, and most importantly, that I get her full approval of her and another girl having me.

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