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Jared is a handsome young man who deserves the many admiring glances he got from females who cross his path during the course of a day. Not all of them would be sexually receptive to him, of course, but many would, if he made any effort to approach them. However, he never does so, because he is being true to Joanne, his favorite, and rather hopes she is true to him too, but doesn't really care all that much.

He would describe her as "a big, beautiful woman," because she has a pretty face, with a fair complexion and long, naturally pale blonde hair. Her breasts are very large, with big pink nipples, and they are all natural too. Joanne's belly and ass and hips and legs are all big too, in keeping with the type of figure she has. When she is naked, the overall effect can be quite appealing, although most men may think of her as being too fat for their tastes.

Jared is not most men, and he does not. He much prefers sex with women who are fat the way she is and what appeals to him most about Joanne are her feet, which are soft and white. She doesn't walk any more than she has too and, when she does, it's either barefoot on soft surfaces or in really comfortable footwear, so her feet have no calluses or other imperfections that might detract from their allure. Besides that, she is well aware of their attractiveness and considers them to be her best feature, so Joanne keeps her feet clean and soft as possible by using the best lotions and oils she can afford and massaging them every night.

They met on the beach one warm Saturday afternoon in July. Actually, it was beside the cement structure commonly known as The Boardwalk," which runs parallel to the ocean, where Jared had been standing in the sand next to the walkway. He had chosen a place just far enough below the structure to allow him to ogle the many bare or lightly covered female feet passing, and it was there he was struck by a vision of loveliness. It was Joanne strolling past in her sundress and a pair of flip flops. He was so taken by the beauty of her smooth, white feet, he walked on the sand below her, gazing raptly at what he admired most in a woman until he and she reached a short flight of stairs leading from her path down to the sand.

She had seen him following below her and noticed his good looks and obvious interest in her feet and stopped to look down at him in hopes of striking up a conversation and seeing where it led. She had no difficulty doing so, because he was extremely interested in where he hoped it would lead. Joanne invited him to come up to her level and share one of the benches that looked out over the ocean.

They introduced themselves and, after a few minutes of casual conversation, he had to tell her the primary thought in his mind. "You know, you have the most beautiful feet I've ever seen."

She was not surprised to hear his pronouncement because Jared's interest in her feet had been obvious. She had seen where his attentions were centered when he was walking in the sand below the boardwalk, but she usually finds it beneficial to be coy in matters regarding her feet. "Do you really think so? What would you like to do about that?"

"I'd like to make love to your feet. I mean, I'd really love to make love to your beautiful feet."

"Oh? Just to my feet?"

"Well, no, to the rest of you too."

That was what Joanne wanted to hear. "I think that can be arranged."

She knew it could be arranged, and very easily. A few minutes later, she was opening the door to her small beachfront apartment so Jared could come in and they could both do what they wanted. Her place is on the top floor of a three story building, and her bedroom is on a corner, and has two windows, so it was brightly-lighted that day, which he was glad to see.

The first thing she wanted to do was sit on the toilet seat while he knelt on the floor and washed her feet in a basin of warm water. Jared was completely in favor of that idea too and, after carefully laving the lovely, plump twins and patting them dry, he kissed each of their insteps. Joanne considered his kisses to be a start, but she wanted much more than that, and she knew he did too. They strolled over to the bed so they could both enjoy what they like doing.

She likes it when handsome men like Jared pay lustful attention to her feet, but Joanne prefers having them first pay attention to her body and eat her pussy. That was the bargain she struck with him that day and, after it worked out so well for them, during any future get-togethers. He had no real problem with doing any of the things she wanted, so he unzipped her dress when she turned her back to him and pulled it down over her hips and removed her bra. When she turned around, he cupped her succulent breasts in his hands and started licking her beautiful nipples. Feet are his favorite parts of the female anatomy, but not the only parts he admires.

Joanne pushed her dress down around her feet, stepped out of it and lay on the bed wearing only her panties, so Jared could continue to express that admiration, which he did eagerly. Still clad in his swimming trunks, he climbed onto the bed beside her and his mouth resumed what it had been doing with her breasts, which was alternating between her adorable nipples. Sometimes he caressed one with his whole tongue and sometimes dabbed with just the tip. Joanne relished either way he chose to use, because she is very sensitive there, and both nubbins were soon fully erect, and she was squirming on the bed and cooing happily.

It felt even better when Jared drew one luscious mound into his mouth and started sucking while continuing to lick her nipple and areola. Her whole body was writhing and her cooing began to turn to moans. She felt the connections established between her nipples and her clit and wanted to get his handsome face between her plump thighs, but he seemed to have no immediate interest in moving lower, although the delectable aroma of her fresh juices was filling the small bedroom.

"That feels great, Jared, but I really need you to go lower now," she told him while pushing on his shoulders to emphasize her needs.

Once again, he had no problem doing what Joanne wanted because, after she climaxed from that, they would do what he wanted, and he liked eating her pussy anyhow. He licked his way down her big, soft belly until he reached her panties and stuck his thumbs in the elastic waistband. She raised her ass from the bed and he quickly stripped her last garment down her legs and all the way off, leaving her naked. She lay cooing and grinning at him and he slid off the bed and got back on between her legs, gazing in admiration at her succulent feet as he did. With a bit of difficulty, Joanne raised her legs and he helped her as he ducked under them to allow them to rest against his shoulders.

"Start with the insides of my thighs," she instructed him. Joanne is sensitive there and loves having a man lick the soft skin as part of eating her pussy.

Jared followed her instructions. It was not difficult to do, because he liked the scent of her pussy juices, and knew some had spattered there while his mouth was busy on her breasts and making her body writhe in joy More than enough light came through the windows, and he began to lick the inside of her first thigh where it was shiny, relishing the flavor of the juices he was mopping up with his tongue. After licking everything from her legs, he began devouring the fresher nectar from her crotch, catching it while it was still dripping from the pink hole that had produced it. By the time he finished there, Joanne's body was writhing again, and her cooing had once more turned to moans of bliss.

With no hesitation, Jared began licking an outside lip of her pussy, enjoying her smooth skin and fluffy pubic hair. Although they hadn't yet gotten to his favorite sexual activity, he was having a great time eating Joanne's pussy, as he licked all the way to her soft mons and raised his head to see what her reactions were so far.

They were even more than he could have hoped for. Joanne's whole body was writhing under his face, and her head was tossing from side to side on her pillow. Her mouth was slightly parted and her eyes were closed in bliss. She was obviously having an either greater time than he was, so he lowered his face again and returned to below her dripping pink hole to feast on all the freshest juices. After devouring every delicious drop, he started licking her other outer pussy lip, treating it as he had the first.

Jared was right about how much Joanne was relishing having her pussy eaten. Her skin is very sensitive and loves being caressed by a hand or tongue, and she hadn't attracted a man up to her apartment in a long time. The handsome face moving between her thighs was the first in over a month, and she loved everything it was doing to her. She felt his tongue moving slowly up her other outer lip and, when she felt her mons being kissed, she opened her eyes to gaze upon and speak to the man who was giving her so much pleasure.

"I love that, Jared. I really love that. You're going to make me cum like crazy."

"I'm glad, because it's a lot of fun for me. Your pussy is really beautiful, almost as sexy as your feet."

He said no more, partly because he was anxious to resume eating the pussy he considered so beautiful and partly because he was eager to start with what he really wanted. She was so close to cumming he knew he could easily bring her the rest of the way, so he started at the lower end of her pink slit. Wanting to really satisfy the woman he found so sexy, he thrust in his tongue and started licking, pausing briefly at the lovely hole that was the source of her delicious juices.

"Put your tongue in me. Right there," she urged him.

Jared did have a problem doing that, because his tongue is soft and blunt and couldn't actually fit into her hole, but he did his best. She loved the feeling and so did he, as well as reveling in the flavor and aroma of the copious juices that were gushing from her pussy. He kept his tongue pressed against her slit while Joanne's large body thrashed around on the bed, and she knew she was ready for a strong orgasm.

"Suck my clit! Make me cum!" she insisted.

Jared had no problem with her giving him directions; they were part of the deal they had struck before getting into her bed. He raised his face, saw her swollen clit, which looked like a lovely pink pearl, and had completely pushed its way out from under the hood formed at the junction of her inner lips. After taking a few seconds to lick off all the nectar that had just been produced, he engulfed the precious morsel in his mouth. With his lips forming a seal, he sucked while his tongue caressed the swollen top and sides of the beautiful pearl that was filling his mouth so well.

"Oooo, yeah, yeah. Like that!" Joanne exclaimed, and her movements grew even wilder. She bounced up and down on the bed, ramming her pussy against his face, until she uttered a cry of total joy.

"Oh, god! I'm cumming! Keep sucking my clit!"

That was just what Jared wanted to do, and he pressed his face more closely against her adorable pussy and kept licking and sucking. Wanting to be sure he could hold on while her climax continued, he wrapped his arms more tightly around Joanne's thighs, and hung on, enjoying the ride as she pitched and tossed around the bed for as long as she was in the throes of cumming. When she climaxed, her back arched; her pussy rammed against face for a final time, and she cried out in ecstasy.

After her orgasm, Joanne relaxed completely on the bed, her big body forming a creamy-white mound, with her arms sprawled at her sides and her legs draped over the shoulders of the man who had brought it about. Jared avidly devoured the plentiful juices and backed away, letting her legs fall to the mattress. One of her soft, white feet landed under his face, and he couldn't keep himself from leaning over and starting to lick his favorite part of the blonde's body.

He held that foot, her left one, in both hands while his tongue began caressing the tops of her toes, starting with the smallest one and slowly licking across her foot, until he was stroking the nail of the largest toe. From there, he moved her foot around, licking the bottom of that one and the gap between it and the next of the little piggies. The soft, plump flesh felt so good to Jared, he took Joanne's great toe into his mouth and started stroking it in and out, almost like somebody sucking a cock, although he is strictly heterosexual.

After a few seconds of that, he took the big toe out of his mouth and slowly licked his way along the others of that foot, reveling in the softness of the pads and the total lack of calluses or any other imperfection. The blonde's toes were the best Jared's mouth had ever known, and he had just barely started making love to one foot, and a vast amount of pleasure still awaited him. After his tongue had curled around and licked its way up the side of the smallest toe, the one that is said to have gone "Wee-wee-wee" all the way home, his mouth engulfed it and the other three piggies and he sucked on them while his tongue snaked out to caress the ball of her foot, which was also plump and soft.

Wanting to pay homage to all of Joanne's soft, white beauty, Jared held it in front of his face and licked the entire sole, from the toes all the way until his tongue curled around the heel. The plump flesh and flawless skin felt as good to his tongue as her pussy had, and he licked back up from the heel to the instep. When he got there, he turned his head slightly and his tongue caressed what, to him, would be close to the equivalent of a pussy. After spending a long time on her left foot, he gently lowered it to the mattress and started doing the same to its equally enticing mate.

Joanne smiled as she watched the handsome young man orally worshipping her feet, enjoying the sight, but deriving no particular sexual thrill from a man licking her there. Her pleasure had come earlier, when Jared ate her pussy to a monumental climax, and the agreement they had made earlier was that after her orgasm, he would be free to make love to her the way he wanted. That was the reason she took such fanatically good care of her feet, in order to attract men with that particular fetish and make them eat her pussy before allowing them to lick and fuck their preferred part of her body.

She had succeeded admirably with Jared. After expressing his adoration of Joanne's left foot, he treated her right one the same way and for just as long. He was ready to do what he had primarily wanted to do when he followed the fat blonde to her apartment and started by lying flat on his back with his head toward the foot of the bed and his legs spread, he held his erect cock so it was pointing straight up into the air. She saw him, knew what he wanted to do, and continued keeping her part of the bargain.

Joanne slid toward Jared until her ass was between his knees, reached out with her legs and placed one of her feet on either side of his shaft so the erect cock protruded between the insteps. Slowly, she started moving her feet up and down, keeping them close together and wrapped around his cock. Jared sighed happily as the most beautiful feet he had ever made love to started stroking up and down his shaft, moving slowly and steadily. As Joanne's feet, which are more appealing to his cock than any pussy in the world, caressed his hard cock, he thrust up to meet her strokes. He knew he would cum soon from the intense erotic delights she was providing, but he wanted to make his fun last as long as he could.

They continued like that, but not for very long. Jared would have liked to keep fucking her lovely feet all day, but the position was rather tiring for Joanne. She could keep her legs raised and her feet extended like that for no more than a few minutes at a time, but changing position was easy for them to do than if he had been sprawled atop her.

"Do you want to get on top?" she asked.

He knew what she meant. "Okay."

Joanne moved toward the head of the bed and placed a pillow under her feet, which were a few inches apart. Jared waited until the objects of his lustful affection were comfortably in position, got to his knees and moved toward her until his cock was in between them. She moved and put her feet close together, squeezing him, and Jared began stroking back and forth, still moving slowly to make his exquisite pleasure last. Joanne smiled at him; she wanted the fun to last a long time too, because she loved the way he had eaten her pussy, and she even liked what his stiff cock was doing between her feet and what the handsome man's mouth might do for her in future sessions together.

Wanting to give Jared as much fun as she could, Joanne started moving her feet back and forth in time with his thrusts between them. The sensation was almost like a woman fucking back with her pussy while the man drove his cock in and out of her. As he made love to her feet, she could see his body writhing in bliss and hear him panting in lust. She started twisting her feet in front of him, giving him even more movement and more pleasure.

To Jared, these were the greatest feet he had ever fucked. Not only were they soft and white and plump as two pillows, the owner of them obviously enjoyed having them worshipped by him, which made them that much more alluring. Eating her pussy had been fun too, but his climax had only really started to mount when he began licking those two epitomes of beauty, and it had built steadily since then, until he was on the verge of cumming.

"Your feet are really great, Joanne. I'm ready to cum," he told her, and started thrusting his cock faster between her soft insteps.

She was glad to hear that, and matched his speed, while continuing with all the other movements her feet had been making. As she watched his face, she saw a grimace of intense pleasure pass over it; he sighed and spurted a big gob of cum that landed on one of her ankles. Jared knew he wasn't through, and he didn't stop, but kept fucking between her insteps until two more bursts of semen had been ejaculated onto the lovely feet and ankles of his hostess. He rested for a few minutes and caught his breath before telling Joanne what a great fuck her feet were.

"That was wonderful. Your feet are the most beautiful things I've ever seen, and they're really sexy too."

"I'm glad you liked it. It was a lot of fun for me too." She was being only partly dishonest. Having her feet licked and fucked was something she could take or leave, but having her pussy eaten by such a handsome young man as Jared had been fabulous, and something she did not want to forego in the future.

Having found the feet of his fondest dreams, Jared didn't want to cut short the relationship either. "I come down to the beach quite a bit. Do you think we can get together again? Tomorrow maybe?"

"I think so. We can do the same things we did today, if you want to."

"I sure so want to. Do want me to come here or meet at the same bench beside The Boardwalk?

"I think I'd rather meet at the bench. It seems more romantic, somehow. How about one o'clock? That'll give us more time than we had today."

That was fine with Jared, and he hoped to make their meetings a regular affair. Before leaving, they returned to the bathroom where he washed his cum off Joanne's lovely feet and kissed both her insteps again. He could hardly believe his luck at finding such great beauty, just as she could hardly believe her luck at finding such a handsome man who was so willing to eat her pussy.


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