tagGay MaleBlood and Love Ch. 03-04

Blood and Love Ch. 03-04


Chapter 3


Aaron's Story I— Messed up


"One...Two.....THREE!" Drake shouted. Randy and I quickly began our shots of vodka. Amidst the loud music and the deafening cheers of the guys, Randy and I were gulping down drinks, each one trying to out do the other. Finally, Randy splurged and gave up. I finished the winning shot and looked around beaming.

"That's my man! The stud won! Yeah, Babe!" Drake was shouting himself hoarse while patting me on the back as a sign of congratulation. Randy looked pissed and went to the other corner away from the bar. I got Drake off my back and followed Randy.

Randy was my boyfriend. Six feet tall with chiseled manly looks and a ripped muscular frame, his temper and ego was as ripped. People always wondered how things worked out between us. I was an extrovert, haughty and very straight-forward. Why shouldn't I be? Almost six feet in height, shiny jet black hair, very cute looks, awesome fashion sense and a great personality. I didn't take crap from people and didn't give a damn to what they said. My friends wondered how I could get along with Randy with such conflicting attributes. Aren't like poles supposed to repel each other? Randy had been my best friend over the last ten years before we got committed. Our friendship had prevented our heading to splitsville.

"What's up with ya, Ran?" I sat next to him on the couch and tried to snuggle closer.

"Nothing!" The sharp tone with which he spoke, the impassive face and the refusal to accept my snuggling was loudly suggesting the contrary.

"Come on, honey. It was just a stupid game. Don't spoil your mood over it. Come on. Let's dance." I got up and pulled his arm.

He refused to budge and jerked my hand away. The vodka had made me tipsy and his actions had frustrated me.

"Fine! Go to hell! Keep sitting here like a berserk hag and grumble to yourself. You're a douche bag! I don't know why the hell I am even trying to make things work with an immature jerk!"

I was shouting in frenzy, venting my frustration when he suddenly got up and punched me square on the face. I fell back with my nose bleeding. But, he didn't stop. He kicked my stomach and I rolled onto my side in pain. I was shouting in pain and tears were flowing from my eyes. I saw Randy picking a bottle and coming towards me. Everyone watched in shock. He looked demoniac with murder in his eyes.

"I'll show you what happens when you act a smart-arse in front of Randy Gram." He grabbed my shoulder roughly, made me lie on my back facing him and raised the bottle to hit me.

I shouted and shut my eyes, dreading the blow. But the searing pain never came. I opened my eyes and saw a guy had grabbed Randy's hand mid-way.

Randy was momentarily shocked before he tried to free his arm. Apparently, the stranger was quite strong; while Randy seemed to be exerting all possible force, the guy seemed unaffected. The guy applied pressure and Randy shouted in pain, letting the bottle go. The guy pushed him off him and threw him away. He seemed to have some supernatural strength because Randy collided with the bar a few feet away and passed out.

Then, the guy bent over me and putting a hand under my shoulders helped me get up. He helped me leave the pub. I saw a final glimpse of my 'friends' around Randy before I left with the guy.

We reached his Porsche parked outside. Even in the pain and shock I couldn't help noticing it. He helped me into the passenger seat and got into the driver seat. I saw the sign of the pub "Mysticus Grill" before he pulled out of the parking.

"So, where should I take you? The infirmary or your place?" The guy turned to me and asked in an unaffectionate and deep voice.

His tone and impassive face punctured the bubble of the feelings of gratitude I was feeling for him. I looked at him coldly and told my address. He nodded and started driving.

After ten minutes of driving he spoke, "What happened at the bar? That man seemed bent to rip your head off."

His cold and impassive tone irritated me. "He was my boyfriend Randy. We quarreled over something." I had no intention of giving him details.

He shook his head and muttered "Teenagers" under his breath before speaking, "Quite a passionate lover you got there." He shot his sarcastic comment.

I turned to look at him. "Listen, Mister..."

"Daniel Damien." He interrupted with a teasing smile and air of superiority.

"Whatever! Mr. Damien I thank you for having saved me but I didn't need your help. I could have dealt with him on my own. And.."

He interrupted yet again. "Yeah, I saw what an awesome job you were doing of saving yourself! Here you should be sitting on one knee thanking me for SAVING your life. But you act like Princess Lala in Lalaland snapping at me."

I was infuriated. What the hell did this guy think of himself! "I've had enough. Please stop the car. I'll walk my way back home."

"Huh! Now that we have reached your place! That's a nice act of self-respect!" He sneered and brought the car to a halt.

I looked out and saw we had reached my house. I was too irritated and frustrated to say anything. I got out of the car and slammed the door shut before realizing the sheer pain in my ankle and stumbling backwards. I quickly balanced myself against the car and stood.

"I guess you need my help again, your highness." He shot another sarcastic comment before coming towards me and supporting me with his arms.

I reluctantly put an arm around his neck while he put his arms under my shoulder helping me to walk. In spite of my pride and anger I couldn't help noticing how strong his arms felt or how warm his breath on my neck.

We walked to the door before he rang the bell.


Chapter 4


Sean's story III – A New beginning


I stopped at the door trying to catch my breath and control my emotions flooding out of my eyes. Amanda shouldn't see me in this pathetic state. She had tried so hard to get me out of my shell and had been really happy a week ago when I had declared my fresh beginning. I didn't want to upset her when she already had some news about Aaron. After I was sure I was calm I rang the door bell.

The door opened and I looked up to find some one else instead of Amanda standing there. I tried to re-collect but he was a stranger. About 6 ft 5 inches in height, jet black hair, a haughty face with a sharp nose and arched brows. He had hazel blue eyes which immediately reminded me of Evan.

"That's Sean, Daniel. Let him come in." I heard Amanda's voice from the living room.

The guy named 'Daniel' moved his muscular frame to let me in. I walked in and saw Aaron seated on the sofa, with bruises and band-aids on his face.

Worried I asked. "What happened to you, Aaron?"

He threw me a dirty look and turned his face to stare in the opposite direction. I sighed and cast Amanda a questioning glance. However it was Daniel who answered my question.

"He got into a fight with some boyfriend of his, Randy something. They were pretty drunk and he hit him. He was going to smash a bottle on his head but I intervened and brought him here."

I was shocked. "I dunno how I can ever thank you for this..."

He cut across me, "Its fine. Ain't a big deal. I should get going now. It's late." With his pompous and cold announcement and a brief nod in Amanda's direction, he left.

I turned towards Aaron. "What the hell were you thinking getting drunk and involved in a dumb brawl? Don't you realize that Amanda and I would have been worried sick if something bad had occurred? After our parents' death, do you want to rip the small family apart completely?"

I thundered in anger. The fear of losing him and his irresponsible behavior had fuelled my anger. Amanda sat their crying silently. However, Aaron turned his face towards me, anger, pain and hatred etched in his features.

"Shut up! Had it not been for you, mum and dad would have been around today! You are the reason our family was torn apart. I hate you! I don't wanna see your face! Don't you dare gimme any sermons?"

With these words that slashed my heart, he got up and went to his room as fast as his injuries could allow. I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned to Amanda with tears in my eyes. She was crying too and looking at me sympathetically.

"I'll see you in the morning." I quickly spoke and ran upstairs to my room. I looked the door and slid down it, sitting on the floor. Tears continued to leave my eyes as Daniel's words repeated in my mind. I cried bitterly. I was deeply hurt and my heart was aching. I was trying hard but fresh tears continued to escape. Suddenly I heard a tap at the window.

I stopped crying, my senses alert. What was that noise? The room was dark and the window closed with white drapes on it. I couldn't see any shadow outside. Gathering courage, I switched on the lamp beside my bed and steadily approached the window. My heart was pounding in my chest and I could sense a high rush of adrenaline.

After what seemed an eternity I reached the window and removed the drapes. Then with a shaking hand I reached out and opened the window.

"Hey! Can I come in? It's cold outside!"

I jumped back in fright and fell on the floor. I looked at the face outside in complete shock. When sense and relief washed over me I whispered in frustration.

"Evan! What the hell are you doing here in the middle of the night! And at my window! For Christ' sake! Are you nuts?"

"You can scold me as much as you like. But at least allow me to come in. I need your permission to enter your house." He gave me his ever charming smile.

I softened and said, "Come in, Evan. Why do you need my permission?"

"Courtesy." He winked at me while entering. "Nice room!" He said after casting one sweeping glance across my neat and well-organized room.

"How come you're here at this hour, Evan?" I gave him a meaningful look.

"I came to check on my friend. You seemed very upset and when I reached here I heard Aaron shouting." He confessed with his head bent.

I remembered Aaron's words, sat on the edge of the bed and broke into tears. In a heartbeat Evan was sitting next to me. He put an arm along my shoulders, lifted my head with the other and looked into my eyes.

"Please don't cry, Sean. It's not your fault that your parents died. Aaron is just unable to get over them. You shouldn't feel guilty for it." His eyes showed pain and his voice empathy.

I buried my face in his chest. He slowly ran his hand though my hair and patted my back. After ten minute I finally gained control and was sobbing.

"Come on, Sean. Speak with me. Spill your heart out. You'll feel loads better."

I hesitated for a second before speaking, "Aaron is right. It's my fault that our parents are dead. Last summer I had run off to a late night party at a friend's where the cops raided on a tip of weed. They found the drugs and everyone was taken to the sheriff's office. My parents were called to the office. While returning from the office mum and dad were telling me off in the car. Suddenly, a tow truck coming from the opposite direction went out of control and spiraled on the road. Dad steered hard and the car went off the bridge into the waters. The next morning I woke up in the hospital. My parents had died but I had miraculously survived. Miraculously! No! I'm condemned. It's my entire fault!"

By the end I had become hysterical again and was crying hard. Evan hugged me tight and tried his best to comfort me. When I had calmed down he spoke.

"Listen to me Sean. It was not your fault. You are not responsible for their death and you should not feel guilty about it. It was fate. Things happen in life which we feel responsible for. And we are at times. But this was something that wasn't in your control. No one had any idea what was destined. Your parents would hate to see you in this state. Their love for you and their peace rests in your serenity, Sean. We know life can be harsh but we have to accept and move. Burying yourself in the past is a grievous mistake. You have to move on. Aaron will understand your love sooner or later. We will make him realize. I love you, Sean. I cannot bear to see you in this state. It pains my heart."

I looked into his eyes and saw tears. The tight knot in my chest was slowly dissolving. I could breathe freely as if a burden of ages had been removed. A wave of relief and serenity washed over me as I felt the guilt and despair fade from my life.

As I looked into his eyes I reached forward, and touched his lips with mine. With my left hand on his cheek I moved closer to him while my tongue entered his mouth. He hands on my back; he pulled me against his chest. His lips were warm and wet. Our tongues were playing against each other. I could feel him smiling enjoying. My heart was fluttering with happiness.

Finally, we ended the kiss. His blue eyes met mine and I finally said.

"I love you, Evan."

"I love you too, Sean."

"And now you should get some sleep. I don't want my boy friend looking all puffy-eyed and depressed tomorrow." He laughed and pulled me to lie with him on the bed.

"Yeah. I should. It's been a long day." I smiled as I rested my heat on his arm.

"Hang on for a sec." He got up and pulled off his shirt and threw it on the chair.

"It was wet. You leak a lot." He teased me and got back into bed. I laughed and snuggled.

"Not anymore. Now that I have you." I winked at him.

"I love you." He smiled and switched off the light.

"I love you too."

I spoke in the darkness as his lips brushed against mine for a brief kiss. I put my head on his arm and hand on his chest. I felt happy and calm in his arms. The past had been buried. Tomorrow, I shall wake to a bright morning and step into the world with Evan. A new beginning awaited us.

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