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Blood Bonds Pt. 03


Author's Note: Sorry this took so long. I know there are some people out there waiting so patiently ("Canadian Fan," I hear you), and I know how frustrating it is to be left halfway through a plotline with all this momentum and then hit a wall. There simply are not enough hours in the day. I decided halfway through to make some major changes to my intended storyline, so it's been a work in progress. I'm still pondering what direction the "novel" will take after this chapter, so I'm open for suggestions, though unless I decide to change it again, I have a good chunk written. As always, thanks for reading.

******* ******* ******* *******

*** Three years ***

Sarah yawned, stretching languidly in "her" big leather chair in the corner of Taylor's Georgetown brownstone. Her Kahlúa-colored eyes never left the book in her lap though, as she settled in another position, twisting until her long legs hung over one arm of the chair and her head propped against the other, lolling comfortably to one side as she rested the book on her cleavage. The stupidly cheerful ditty of her ringtone in the soundproofed silence of the empty house made her start.

"Hey, Kev," she answered, carefully dog-earing her place in the book before closing it and laying it on her stomach. "How's Rome? Ana and Nel say they miss you."

"I bet they do. Rome is boring. My parents are making me fill out all their grant paperwork. They keep trying to get information about Tay out of me," he answered. "Are you still reading that book? Put the thing down for an hour for chrissakes!"

"I'm almost done!" she protested, balking at his mocking tone. "You gave me the damned thing!"

"I didn't think you'd read the whole thing in one day. You have all of break; pace yourself a little. What are you going to do with the rest of the week? Taylor's not there is she?"

"Not at the moment. She's in and out. I was planning on sleeping, but now, I don't think that's gonna happen. This is some crazy shit."

"What is?"

She'd lived with a demon with a penchant for melting out of the shadows for long enough that she constrained her surprise to a mild jump, the book falling to the floor as she scowled upside down at Taylor's dark form in the shadows behind her.

"Call me back later," she muttered over the laughter on the other end of the line, flipping the phone closed decisively. Spinning to a sitting position, she bent to retrieve the text only to have it zip across the room to Taylor's outstretched hand.

"What do we have here?" the demon asked, smirking as she left the shadows, looking beguilingly normal in a pair of tight jeans and deep brown corduroy belted jacket. She lifted both arched eyebrows, green eyes flashing with humor as she looked over both covers of the thick book. "Darkness in our Realm: Profiles of the Dark Creatures that walk among us. Fifth edition, no less. Wow, am I in here?"

"Give me that," Sarah scowled, holding out her hand. The book floated across the room to land with a heavy thud in her arms, after which she promptly pushed it behind her against the back of the chair, sliding forward a bit when a corner of the cover stabbed her in the lower back.

"Bits and pieces, but how would I know since you don't think it's important that I really understand you?" Sarah shot at her, eyes blazing indignantly.

Taylor simply regarded her, face impassive for a long moment, then she lowered her gaze and took a deep breath.

"Okay," she said simply, voice deep and throaty; the one she used when she wasn't pretending to be human.

"Okay, what?" Sarah asked, caught off-guard by her sudden shift in manner.

"What do you want to know?" the demon asked, green eyes glazing over until they were solid obsidian. She leaned against the doorjamb behind her, lowering the shopping bags that Sarah hadn't noticed in her hands to the floor, crossing her arms over her ample chest.

"Well, uhm, fine," the dark-skinned girl stuttered. The last thing she had expected was candor. Even though she considered Taylor to be her best friend, the creature was notoriously vague about herself beyond the acknowledgment that she was anything but human.

"Okay," Sarah repeated, nodding to herself, stomach flipping in unexpected excitement. She retrieved the tome, flipping it open to the first page she'd marked with the little sticky note. "First, you've said you're not exactly a succubus, but you sure seem like one to me. What's different about you?"

"Assuming that book is correct in its description anyway, I guess you could say I'm some kind of Dark succubus," she said with a sigh. Craning her neck to look at the drawing on the page in front of the mortal girl, she smiled marginally. "Ash looks like that. Blue wings, skin, hair. I'm obviously not blue."

Sarah was quiet for a moment, picturing Taylor's husband, whom she'd met once. He was indeed the very description of the Incubus in the book, except for the whole vampire part. The Immortal was drop-dead gorgeous, manly in a fantastically sexy way and his eyes were stunning cobalt blue, black hair definitely having a distinct azure sheen. She could easily picture him with the giant purple-blue angel wings described in the book. With a start, she realized she was in the middle of a conversation, blushing as she returned Talera's even gaze.

"No, you're definitely not blue, but you do have wings..."

"Yep, big ones. But they're very different from his. No feathers, no pretty colors, just big and black. And no, you can't see them right now."

"Fine," Sarah grunted, scanning the page in front of her. "As for powers, can you do what they can do? I know you don't have control over everything, but can you do the same things?"

"Like what?"

"You're making this hard for me on purpose, aren't you?"

The other just smiled darkly.

"I know you have the whole touch thing down. I mean, that I know personally," she said, mumbling to a halt, cheeks coloring furiously as she remembered the night Taylor had given her the brief dance lesson. "But the other stuff, you know, living on that kind of energy alone, coming into people's dreams, immortality. Can you make other succubi or incubi like a regular...uh, whatever you are?"

"I've never done it, but I can make Others. As for the rest, yes to, I guess, everything. Look, on the surface, I'm the same thing as Ash, except for appearance. Whatever demon is part of me, it's related to the spirit that's inside the Incubi."

"Do you really not know that much about it, or do you just act like that because you think it'll freak me out?"

The demon laughed, flashing sharp fangs for an instant. "I don't know if I like it that you can read me so well. You're right."

"Thought so. Are any of the other creatures in this thing real? Dark Fae, or Light ones for that matter? Werewolves? Elves?"

"Funny you should ask that. Some of them, yes. Fairies? Elves? No idea. Probably. Not all us magical creature types travel in the same circles."

"Why is it funny that I should ask that? What about werewolves?"

"They prefer to be called Lycans and uh...you know what? How about instead of us sitting here all spring break playing twenty thousand questions, let me show you instead."

Her cellphone beeped quietly in her pocket suddenly, and with one hand up for patience, she answered in a language that Sarah could only describe as an elegant growl. Her eyes never left Sarah as she spoke, pouting lips curling in a devious smile.

"We'll be leaving soon," she said after a moment, dropping into English. "Bye, Persh."

"Could you be more rude?" Sarah scoffed, curling her lip. "We were in the middle of a deep and emotional conversation and-"

"You wanna go ride motorcycles with a Lycan pack?" the other cut her off.


"That was a friend from back home, the Alpha of the oldest Pack in the world. He's in town with his strongest for, well, it doesn't matter why. He's invited us to come hang out with them tonight, you in?"

"I don't, uh- I'm not- what are we doing?"

"Ever been on a motorcycle?"

"My uncle had one when I was little. I used to ride behind him to the grocery store. What does that have to do with anything?"

"Good, you'll be fine, then."

"Taylor! You know I'm up for whatever, but answer the damned question!"

"They're coming through town on their way up to New York. We're going to ride with them to the City, have dinner, then decide where to go from there. Sound good?"

"You have a motorcycle?"

Taylor pushed away from the wall, picking up the shopping bags.

"Of course. Come on."

She led the way upstairs to the giant master bedroom, tossing the heavy bags on the bed as she passed, lights coming on of their own accord.

Sarah sank down on the edge of the bed, mind racing, trying to imagine what the night had in store for her.

"If you over-analyze it, it takes all the fun out of the surprise," Taylor called as she stepped into her cavernous closet, the sound of wooden hangers sliding on their rods following a moment later.

"I thought you never read our minds," Sarah shot back, reaching over to take one of the shopping bags and dumping the contents out onto the bed. Her stomach twisted in anticipation, the feeling of finally starting to unravel the mystery that was Taylor starting to make her slightly giddy.

"You think so damned loudly," was the muffled reply.

Sarah's eyebrows rose as she emptied the rest of the bags, uncovering a pair of supple black leather pants, high-heeled boots and various other articles of clothing that would have made a dominatrix proud.

"Well, get dressed already, we're gonna be late," Taylor chided, coming back into the room, arms full of black leather as well.

"WHAT? This stuff is for me?"

"Damn straight. Had to wait half the day for the shop to custom-make that vest, so you're definitely wearing it."

Sarah gaped at her, then with a sigh, stood and spread the contents out on the bed to really look at them. Perhaps the most telling sign that Taylor was not human was the fact that, unlike any other mortal female, body consciousness was absolutely alien to her. She understood it as an intellectual conceit, but other than that, trying to explain insecurities about a less than stellar midsection or heavy thighs was pointless.

"There's nothing wrong with your body. Any of it," Taylor said, folding her arms again, shaking her head.

"Really? You think so?" Sarah asked, blushing. She'd never found herself particularly attracted to another female, but the compliment, especially coming from a being who was a master in all things sexy, hit home.

Talera quirked her mouth to the side, regarding her friend silently for a moment, then a predatory glaze sliding over her pale features, she took a step forward. Sarah's breath caught in her throat as Taylor laid a hand on the side of her face, white skin contrasting with Sarah's café au lait flesh. The rush of lustful electricity rampaged from the gentle touch over the girl's entire body. Blackness shading her green eyes, her expression one of intent concentration and complete seriousness, the demon leaned forward, tenderly pressing her lips to the other's.

With a shudder, Sarah opened her mouth to the kiss, feeling the press of those long fangs behind Talera's full lips, tasting spices, danger, absolute passion on the other's breath. Sarah closed her eyes, lost in the intense tingling that began to scratch at her core, demanding release. She felt a sudden shift in the power coming from her friend, a distinct surge in intensity that made the mortal girl gasp.

Eyes flying open, Sarah took a step back, breaking the physical contact, though her body still throbbed, mouth falling open. Talera had shifted fully into her natural form, and now stood, a faint smirk on her pale features. Lifting the giant wings, she beat them once very slowly, filling the entire room with the most seductive scent, cloves, cinnamon, ginger, rain. Sarah felt her blood, already at a high simmer, flash to steam. With a cry, she came, sagging to the bed, gasping for breath. In some far corner of her mind, she wondered if she'd be frightened were she not so turned on.

A low, echoing laugh brought her back to her senses, and swallowing hard, chest still heaving, she struggled to push herself upright. Talera stood as before, arms now crossed, smiling impishly. As if time had slowed by half, Sarah watched as the Dark Succubus slid the corduroy coat off her shoulders, wings flickering out of sight briefly as the heavy material slid down her back to puddle on the hardwood floor. She repeated the process with her shirt and the rest of her outer garments, eyes never wavering, black pools holding Sarah's breathless attention until she stood only in a gorgeous black lace lingerie set.

The mortal girl's heart leapt when Taylor reached up to unclasp the nearly transparent bra, releasing those perfect white breasts, scrolled suggestively with black ink lines, little titanium barbells glinting against her deep rose nipples. A smile tugged at the corners of Sarah's mouth despite her focus as Talera slid the panties down her long legs. The demon's nether-hair matched the hair on her head. Neatly trimmed into a perfect triangle, it was jet black with a crimson stripe running directly down the center and disappearing between her thighs, glittering already with fragrant wetness.

Fighting to breathe normally, Sarah's hands slid over her own thighs involuntarily, knowing only that she had to release the pressure building inside or she would explode. Talera's invisible touch startled her back to her senses momentarily, gentle caresses sliding silkily over her bare arms, cheeks.

Wings rustling, the succubus, any pretense of humanity long since forgotten, stepped right up to the girl on the bed, knee coming up to press into the cleft of Sarah's thighs, tearing a moan from the girl's throat. Cool hands, real ones now, slid beneath Sarah's shirt, pulling it over her head in one swift motion, mussing her dark curls. Deft fingers made their ways around her trembling body, unclasping her bra and sliding it off, making sure to leave burning trails on the girl's flesh as they freed her heavy breasts.

Talera pushed Sarah onto her back, force behind her hands, though her touch remained gentle. Following her onto the bed, Talera straddled her friend, silken hair forming a dark curtain around their faces as the demon bent to smother her with another heart-melting kiss.

The pouting lips released her mouth and slowly made their way down the mortal's neck, tracing a burning path over Sarah's pounding pulse. Another, louder moan escaped the girl's mouth as those lips closed over one throbbing nipple, teasing the aching flesh, teeth lightly scraping the dark brown areola. An invisible mouth, virtually indistinguishable from the real one, captured the other breast, making the girl heave and writhe beneath the demon. More unseen hands invaded Sarah's jeans, pulling them off her body with her panties, making the girl hiss when cool air flowed over her soaking folds. Her hands tangled in Talera's inhumanly soft hair, catching it tightly when sharp teeth grazed her nipple.

Her breath now coming in short, shallow gasps, Sarah wrapped Talera's mane around her hands, holding the demon tightly to her breasts. Without releasing her victim, Taylor used her power to slide them both farther onto the big bed so she had more room to work.

Slacking off slightly so that Sarah released her iron grip on her friend's hair, the demon took the chance to free herself, continuing her odyssey south, running her long tongue over Sarah's stomach, teasing her belly button. Sarah squirmed as the invisible hands and mouths took up where Talera left off on her breasts as the real demon settled between the girl's legs. Simply the feel of the being's hair on her inner thighs and the rush of warm breath on her sex made Sarah whimper in anticipation. Hot fingers gently explored the girl's burning folds, caressing her slit tantalizingly before running back down to the juncture of Sarah's thighs.

The electric touch of the tongue on her clit make Sarah's hips buck violently, shoving her sex into the succubus' face hard, begging for more, a wish Talera was only too happy to grant. Holding the girl's hips to steady her trembling body, Talera pushed her long tongue up into her friend, getting a sharp cry for her efforts.

Sarah's legs threatened to snap closed as the deluge of sensations flooded her mind, but the long, supple tail snaked around her ankles, holding her tightly, almost to the point of pain as its master continued her ministrations. Talera licked her way back up to Sarah's aching clit, two fingers immediately filling the pulsing void left behind.

"Please, Talera," Sarah panted, hands on the back of her friend's head.

-Please what?-

Sarah arched her back at the silent voice in her head.

"Stop toying with me! Let me come!" she hissed, twisting her hips to try and force Talera's fingers deeper, her tongue harder.

With a rumbling, feral laugh, the demon pushed a third digit into the girl, the invisible mouths doubling the efforts on her breasts, unseen hands sliding all over her sweat-slicked skin. Talera bit down very lightly on Sarah's engorged clit, and with a shriek, the mortal's body leapt over the cliff of orgasm, pulling the demon with her as she plummeted into waves of pure crimson pleasure.


When Sarah awoke, she found herself still laying spread-eagle on Talera's bed, only she was now freshly showered and dressed in the pliant leather. Body thobbing with a satisfied ache, she sat up, stretching languidly.

Talera emerged from the bathroom, long curls freshly dried so her hair hung straight down past her shapely ass, which was, at the moment, still bare. The wings and tail were gone, but the scrolls on her pale skin, red and black hair and long talons remained, the latter retracting when Sarah's eyes rested on them. The demon's skin seemed to glow, no doubt enlivened by the rush of energy from Sarah's climax.

Heaving a ragged breath and letting it out slowly, Sarah let out a low chuckle, a sated smile lighting her caramel features.

"You finally awake?" the demon asked, tossing a teasing smile in her friend's direction as she vanished into the closet for a moment, returning a moment later wearing a black g-string. Sarah idly wondered what she wore under the tight, but oddly comfortable leather pants, but decided she'd leave it a mystery.

"I've never felt anything like that." the girl breathed, licking her lips as Talera slid into her own black leather pants, bending to smooth the supple hide over her dancer's legs. Before she could slip into the black leather corset she picked up off the bed, Sarah beckoned her over. Raising an eyebrow, the demon complied, standing directly in front of the girl, peering down at her through black eyes. The succubus took in a sharp breath of her own as Sarah leaned forward and caught a nipple in her mouth, tugging on the cool metal of the barbell with her teeth, tongue grazing the tip, tasting the spicy, hot saltiness of Talera's skin.

One upper fang sinking into her bottom lip, Talera reluctantly bent out of her friend's embrace, taking her by the chin in and catching her lips in a brief kiss, before she stepped back again.

"Later," she breathed. "I've pulled enough energy from you for the moment, and we're going to be late."

"You promise?" Sarah asked, pouting, giving Taylor her best puppy-dog eyes.

The other let out a genuine laugh, winking at her. With supernatural speed, Talera was into the corset, using her power to lace it tightly in the back, leather cording sliding into the silver eyelets smoothly. She slid on a long black leather duster, which Sarah noted would have looked fabulous with her wings flaring from the back.

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