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Blood Bonds Pt. 05


Thanks for the continued support, everyone (esp. my Canadian Fan). This is a little short but I wanted to get a new chapter out. As always, opinions are welcome. Email me or make a public comment. Love, pphair.

Note: If you haven't read the previous chapters of this story, it's going to make little sense, so you may want to take a little time and at least skim them.


Ana's face fell completely serious as Talera slowly pressed her pouting lips to hers. A low whimper resonated in the back of Ana's throat, her body tightening, pressing closer to the demon's. The girl's hands came up, caressing Talera's generous ass, running up the length of her curves, pausing to rush over her shoulder blades and carefully dance their way around to grace the upper edges of the sueded wings.

Talera made a low, rumbling growl in the back of her throat that would have made Sarah look for a tigress had she not known the source. The animalistic sound only made Ana moan herself and kiss her all the harder. Suddenly Ana tensed and almost broke away but for Talera gripping her tightly with one hand around her waist and the other against the back of her head.

Sarah jumped, squinting as a flash of brilliant light in the most entrancing blue sparked between the two of them, illuminating the shadows beneath Talera's towering wingspan. Ana's back arched, a cry ripping from her throat. Talera released the girl, falling to her knees on the sand, Ana dropping in front of her, hands out to brace herself, though her arms gave out as well after only a second and she fell the to the beach on her side, gasping for air. Talera reached out and touched her lightly on the forehead, making Ana writhe for a moment before she curled into a fetal position and fell still, eyes closed, breath calming immediately.

"Sleep, darlin'," Talera murmured to her, kissing her cheek softly. "This is gonna take me a minute."

Extending her claws briefly, Talera sliced off Ana's clothing. Her manner was careful but almost clinical, holding down the edge of Ana's shirt with the flat of one hand while using a talon to slice the fabric cleanly off, doing to same to the rest of her clothes. Soon Ana lay on the beach, curled naked in the fading golden light, black hair tangled in the sand.

Talera took a deep breath and, displaying the speed Sarah had only briefly glimpsed earlier, seemed to sink into the shade beneath her wings, vanishing altogether into mere wind and cloud. Grains of sands swirled beneath the whorls of a particularly dense shadow that flashed across the beach. The shadows coalesced several yards away, condensing into a dark form. With a sharp grunt she reappeared, fully human, all vestiges of darkness left behind, dropping to a low crouch, head down, panting hard.

Sarah shrank back into Kevin's chest, murmuring a soft oath of amazement. He kissed the side of her neck reassuringly, though he was taken aback himself. He had been under the impression that Taylor's ability to enter the home plane of her demon was only in her mind and to, for lack of a better term, store her more frightening characteristics. He had felt her physical presence withdraw, reduced only to shadow and air, anchored solely by the most tenuous of threads to the world around him.

They watched her as she collected herself, the effort of shifting dimensions understandably taxing.

"I don't do that very often in the light," she breathed, glancing up at them with a dark smile.

Though he hadn't even realized he'd been monitoring it up until it changed, Kevin noticed her heart which, from the moment they'd stepped onto the beach had been pumping so slowly as to be barely detectable, sped to a fast, human clip, her skin warming immediately in response. He cocked his head to the side, a canine expression of confusion passing over his features. Ana still lay on the sand on her side, breathing steady, but obviously not yet conscious.

Sarah turned to look at him, her irritation with her limited senses palpable, mouthing the word "what?" to him silently. Regarding her for a moment, he quirked his mouth the side then shrugged. She started when he brought up one hand to cover her eyes tightly, feeling her eyelashes brush his palm as she closed her eyes.

-Relax- he said into her mind, his silent words soothing.

-Aha! I knew werewolves could read minds!- was her response.

-Just Alphas.-

-You're an Alpha?-

-Another time. Will you focus on the situation at hand?-

-Uh, there's this problem of a really big hand over my eyes. I can't see...-

The thought stopped mid-stream as Kevin turned his attention back to Talera, and for the second time in less than three days, Sarah was seeing the world through someone else's eyes. Though with Kevin, it went deeper; she was in his head, seeing, smelling, hearing the scene before them in ways she'd never imagined.

Talera had, to his consternation, brought herself back down the level of a human, superficially at least. Sarah could see the flush in her cheeks, hear the racing of her powerful heart and the crunch of her feet on the sand as she came towards Ana, smell the intoxicating scent of her arousal, even across the distance. Talera was Taylor once more, a nervous young woman approaching the unconscious succubus resting on the sand, jaw clenched tightly, emerald eyes intent. Kevin's confusion rushed into Sarah's head, his explanations and postulations flooding her mind as well.

Talera shouldn't have to do this, masquerade as a mortal. Something was slightly off about the situation, and it was the demon's doing. He could sense a tinge of her emotions, which were a violent maelstrom to his enhanced senses, whipping around all of them, making Sarah's head spin. Talera was aware of their dual observation, unconcerned though protective. She was powerfully excited, belying her usual glacial calm, though Sarah wondered how much her seeming perpetual emotionlessness was only a mask for a deep ocean of feeling. She was darkly amused, curious, her senses focused to the max on the newly transformed being in front of her.

Sarah felt Kevin's sudden surge of comprehension, felt the flutter of fear in his stomach, but also the rush of fascination and arousal. Talera had created a Dark Succubus of Ana. Through her link to him, Sarah knew such beings were extremely rare and artificially created: the Spirit of the Succubus altered both by the will of a powerful succubus or incubus and by the desire of the recipient. Like Talera, Ana could pull the life out of another, not just the energy of passion. She was exponentially more powerful than a regular succubus, more open to corruption by her Dark impulses but also more likely to survive the millennia. Talera had reverted forms in order to defend them when Ana first reawakened, as she was going to suck the life energy out of the first person to lay hands on her. Sarah clenched Kevin's arm around her waist, stomach tied in knots once more.

As Taylor knelt on the sand beside her, Ana stirred, a low moan catching in her throat. Her eyes fluttered open, their once deep brown irises replaced by near-jet purple that flickered with an otherworldly glow even in the golden light of the sun as it touched the horizon. Reaching out a hand, Taylor pushed the confused girl onto her back, straddling her stomach, holding her in place. Ana groaned loudly, arching her back as the silver-haired girl bent forward and kissed her hard.

A look of pure hunger in her eyes, Ana rose up, almost throwing the demon off of her, sending her down into the surf with a splash. The new succubus was on her in a second, straddling her hips, hands plunging into the water on either side of the demon's head, lips following the momentum down, latching onto Talera's passionately, their breasts, Talera's pale globes held back by the small bits of material, Ana's naked, tanned with dark brown aureolas, pressing together. Ana's hips fit well over the demon's, grinding tightly into hers with slow, circular motions that made the other clench her hands in the wet sand.

Talera hissed through gritted teeth as Ana pushed aside the little triangles of fabric barely restraining her breasts, tangling her hands in Ana's silken hair as the other ran her tongue over each pierced nipple with torturous slowness. The succubus pulled back her lips so the others could see what she was doing and captured a titanium barbell in her teeth, twisting it ever so slightly as she pulled, making the demon cry out, the back of her head pushing into the water, dark hair swirling in the gently rushing waves.

Kevin made a small whimper, rolling his eyes as his body responded against his best attempts to remember football stats and the time his dog died when he was six, his erection pressing hard into Sarah's rear. She tried to ignore it, but her own body was throbbing just watching the two girls.

Oblivious to their presence, or maybe because of it, Ana pulled Talera into a sitting position, holding her at the small of the back with one hand and trailed her other hand down Taylor's side , pushing her way into the now translucent pants. With amazing flexibility, she twisted her wrist, bringing her palm along the front of Talera's thigh and sliding it between her legs, her movements visible through the wet fabric as she lowered both of them back into the water.

Talera shuddered , head falling back as Ana made a hard thrust with her hand, pressing her body forcefully against hers a second later. Sarah couldn't tear her attention away from the two of them, didn't dare delve into Kevin's thoughts.

Ana gyrated her hips against the demon for a few minutes, the argon glow in her eyes getting brighter the more Talera thrust her hips up to meet hers.

"Control it," Talera murmured, breath labored, green eyes opening to slits.

"Like this," Ana whispered in her ear, biting the lobe sharply as she pushed her body against Talera's.

An echoing hiss from somewhere far beyond their world rasped out of Talera's pouting lips as she arched her back hard, gripping Ana's shoulders.

Kevin abruptly crushed Sarah to him, turning her body away from the two of them, though he kept his senses trained on the others. A sunburst of Dark power, visible to his keen senses exploded out of Taylor and was absorbed by the new succubus, making her body glow in his eyes. Taylor passed out cold, her limp body dropping to the wet sand beneath Ana, pulse weak, heart faltering as a new wave rolled in around her.

Gasping, clutching blindly at the beach, Ana rolled off of Talera and onto her stomach, pushing herself to her knees, forcing herself to crawl just out of reach of the water. Her entire body glowed, pulsing with the Dark energy, a distinct violet shimmer to the power. A horrible ripping, tugging sound assaulted Sarah's ears, making her cringe. With a shout and sob from the succubus, a giant pair of purple-black angel wings erupted from between Ana's shoulder blades, bloody loose feathers floating down onto the sand, dancing in the breeze. The ripped skin healed almost instantly, reforming around the bases of the wings without so much as a scar.

Ana's hair, already past her shoulders, lengthened in until it reached the ground around her form in a heavy black satin curtain that had a violet sheen. Her skin, such a gorgeous shade of gold, took on a purple tint, what little of her nails visible in the sand taking on an indigo gloss as well.

Sarah's eyes, under Kevin's hand, widened, as Ana's body began to reshape itself under the direction of the Spirit, reforming her into a sort of universal sex symbol. Her hips visibly expanded, her rear becoming a perfect inverted heart, legs lengthening slightly, arms gaining new muscle tone, stomach hollowing slightly. The smallish breasts Ana had so disliked grew at least two cup sizes, dark, purple-tinted nipples tilting upward, pert and begging to be fondled. Her face, just visible behind the veil of hair, changed slightly as well, lips pouting, eyes growing larger, lashes longer and thicker, though they retained their exotic slant.

The new succubus seemed frozen in place but for the heaving of her chest, ragged breaths tearing from her as the pain of the transformation echoed through her body, creating internal changes Sarah could only guess at, making the Asian whimper softly. After a several minutes of tense silence, she released an explosive sigh, a throaty laugh following moments later.

Kevin lowered his hand, contact broken, though he pecked Sarah on the side of the neck again. He turned her in his lap once more, apparently deciding the danger was past, allowing her to open her eyes, blinking into the sunset.

Rising to her feet with inhuman grace, Ana stretched the wings wide, letting the wind ruffle through the thousands of feathers. Sarah gasped, hand coming to her mouth, awed by the vibrant amethyst color at the tops of the wings, in the fine feathers, that deepened to purest black in the massive flight vanes. With a soft tut in the back of her throat, she knelt next to the lifeless form of her creator. Blinking her eyes languidly, she pressed a hand to Talera's heart, whispering something in a melodic language that was not Vampyr.

Sarah rose to her feet in alarm, Kevin standing behind her when Talera didn't stir, didn't respond in any way. Kevin yelped in alarm and dashed to her side, immediately rolling her over and beginning CPR.

"Her heart just stopped," he gasped, starting deliberate chest compressions. Sarah grasped Ana's hand automatically, barely noticing the altered texture of her friend's skin in the panic. Ana's breath grew labored, dark eyes brimming with tears.

"What have I done?" she asked, the soap opera words having none of the comic effect they would have had if the situation had not been so dire.

Kevin performed three sets of breaths and compressions, cursing her the entire time, before she abruptly disappeared into a dark shadow under his straddling body, causing him to crash to the sand, catching himself with his elbows before he plunged face first into the water. With a growl of combined relief and annoyance he was on his feet in a flash, slapping the wet sand off himself.

They all scanned the beach, the shadow of her presence moving too quickly for them to follow. It was empty save for the crashing of the waves and the clack of the palms.

"Talera!" Sarah called, spinning, feeling the cold chill of panic begin to quicken her breath.

"Where did she go?" Ana whispered, violet eyes filling with tears.

"I don't know. I can't sense her," he muttered, pushing his hair out of his face with both hands, eyes going red. "You should know; she made you."

"No. She didn't. It's not like that," Ana sobbed, tears spilling down her cheeks now, sparkling as they rolled down her purple-tinged skin.

"Have some faith, huh?"

They all snapped to attention, Sarah catching Kevin's arm in a death grip, which he barely noticed.

"Damn it all, Demon!" Kevin exploded, rounding on her, his wrist snapping out of Sarah's grasp painfully, clenching his hands, knuckles cracking in succession, face twisted in true anger.

She stood at the edge of the waves a few feet away, arms crossed, clothing no longer askew, waves of silver hair, curiously dried in seconds, tangling around her in the wind, chin lowered, green eyes shaded, as if daring him to challenge her. They locked gazes for an uncomfortably long moment, Kevin closing the distance between them with a few angry strides. She gazed back at him, green eyes unblinking, stance unchanged, exuding something darker than any of them had seen before.

Sarah took a sharp breath, wondering if she was going to have to step between them, though whether that would do any good she doubted. Finally, Kevin grunted something unintelligible and backed down, apparently against his better judgment. The wolf in him had no intention of submitting to anyone or anything, but it grudgingly acknowledged the power Talera held just under the surface. For the moment. For her part, Talera made no move, did nothing visible other than to avert her gaze, blinking slowly, but the malevolence in her presence subsided.

Ana released a relieved sigh, running a hand through her long hair, grabbing Sarah in a crushing embrace.

"The hell were you thinking?" he barked after a moment, eyes flaring in a bloody glow, claws extending in his rage, glaring between Talera and Ana. "You both could have died! A Dark Succubus! Are you insane? If the bloody Council wanted you locked up before, now they're going to be after your head!"

"It was my idea," Ana offered, face sheepish, closing her wings around her naked form protectively.

"I'll deal with Council," Talera murmured, her voice lower than usual, words catching in her throat.

"How can you do that? You just gave up half your energy," he growled, scowling down at her.

She gave him a level look, eyes glazing over with blackness, and with a suddenness that sent him back a step, her form abruptly shifted, wings arcing behind her, inch-long black claws extending with a metallic shiver.

"There's plenty more where that came from," she drawled, exaggerating her Southern accent, the malevolence in her returning in an instant.

He grunted, flashing his new fangs at her, to which she snapped her own in response. He took another step towards her, uncharacteristic aggression in the flow and bunch of his muscles, the curve of his hands, set of his teeth. He straightened to his full height, towering over her, which she countered by beating her wings once, rising a foot off the ground, chin down again, arms at her sides, but claws curled in anticipation. The wind picked up at her back, sweeping her hair into her face, sending her loose white pants to snapping against her long legs.

Swallowing hard, Sarah gripped Ana's arm. She was powerless to stop the two of them should they decide to go at one another, but wondered if the other had any influence over either of them. The succubus took the girl's hands, and with a sigh and shake of her head, pulled her in unobtrusive steps further up the beach.

"This was coming," Ana breathed in Sarah's ear, holding her tightly as the mortal girl tried to pull away. "The wolf in him has to prove dominance. She's gonna kick his ass, though."

"Stop it. Stop it. Stop it," Sarah whispered, bouncing up and down in impotent frustration, giving Ana a withering glare. The Dark Succubus kept her attention on the confrontation, one eyebrow cocked, amethyst eyes intent.

The sun had vanished into a golden pool at the edge of the horizon, the few scattered clouds scudding in to block out what remained of its light as the moon peeked out on the other side of the sky, stars just beginning to wink high above. Talera raised her wings, all but sinking into the night sky.

"Don't even try it," Kevin growled, eyes narrowing, nostrils flaring as he locked onto her scent. "I'll snatch you out of the sky before you get halfway to whatever hell you're from."

Her blood red lips, dark against the snowbright angles of her face, curled into a sadistic smirk, fangs sparking in the shadows.

"Fine, I'll play with you for a few minutes," she said, voice low and velvety, tone patronizing. "You really think you can take me?"

He snarled something vicious in Lycan, which only made her laugh.

With no warning, he shot forward in a high leap, claws slashing at her lethally. When he was almost at her throat, she beat the huge wings once, rising three yards above him in a massive rush of wind, the force of the air sending him crashing into the waist-high waves far below. Shaking himself off, rising to his feet in the water, he roared at her, throwing off his shirt, defined muscles quivering with rage.

"Oh, shit," Ana murmured, taking Sarah in her arms, pulling one wing in front of them protectively, the other held at the ready, as if she was prepared to leave the ground at any second.

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