tagErotic HorrorBlood Ch. 03

Blood Ch. 03


Linc walked through the hotel room door, only pausing briefly on the threshold to compose himself. A brief scan of the small room showed Alex to be absent, and a similar look into the bathroom proved it empty as well. The lackluster walls seemed to emanate emptiness, seemed to give off a faint aura of abandonment that echoed the feelings banging around in Linc's heart, both feelings for himself and for Alex.

Maybe she had left in his absence, realized her only hope lay in a washed up cop and decided to try her luck out in the open. He didn't know if she stood more of a chance or less of one, but the thought of not having her in his life, the thought of no longer being responsible for her safety, filled him with both a sense of panic and regretful ease. He thought of the woman next door, a dark presence barely separated from him by tissue thin walls and paisley wallpaper. Could he run too? Follow Alex, at least in spirit, make a break for it? He didn't know if she would be able to find him, at least, he optimistically told himself he didn't know, but he knew for sure that as much as it filled his gut with acid to think about facing her again, a life not knowing which corner she could be around would be worse. His perceptions had radically changed in the last twenty-four hours, and he knew he couldn't go back to a life filled with murder-suicides and muggings now that he had seen the true outskirts of evil. The possibilities that had appeared, the numbers of nightmares kids see under their beds or poking out of closets, the fact that Linc didn't know which of those were imaginary any more, meant his life somewhat resembled a cave that had just recently had full halogen lighting installed.

"What are you doing?"

He jumped at the sound of Alex's voice and spun to face her in the motel doorway. She was back in her schoolgirl outfit, which really shouldn't have surprised him, since now it was essentially all she owned. Decoratively tucked under her arm was a bottle of cheap wine and what looked to be bags of sandwiches. She smiled brightly at him, and for some reason he felt a twinge of bitterness that she could still smile with all the pain he felt.

"I brought us some dinner. How did it go?"

"It...the club? They were...closed. I don't think there'd be any leads there anyway."

She frowned a bit as she unwrapped the sandwiches, but apparently decided to let it go.

"I didn't know what you liked, so I got a plain ham and cheese."

He picked up the bottle of wine and gave her a look. She gave it right back.

"The clerk was cute, and didn't ID. Advantages to having boobs."

He felt something clench inside of him, and told himself that it was that she was underage and drinking and not that she thought someone else on Earth was cute. The events of the day had put him in a sour mood, and despite his efforts to hold it back, he could feel it icily creeping into his voice as he spoke.

"I'm surprised. Wearing that, you look like you're 12."

Her head snapped up at him, more at his tone than his words, and he cast his eyes downward. The frown that creased her forehead eased slightly and a playful smile replaced it. She put the sandwiches down and moved over to him.

"12? Really..."

Her hands moved up his sides, under his jacket, and his breath caught in his throat.

"Do you really think I look 12?"

Tracing patterns, her soft hands darted to the small of his back and then returned to his front, teasing around the tops of his jeans. He tried to find words, but nothing particularly witty would come to mind.

"No...at least...15..."

Alex smiled again, and her hands moved up over his chest, lightly brushing his nipples. Tipping her lips up to him, she balanced herself on her tiptoes, hands tight on his shoulders underneath his jacket. Her voice was soft in his ear, more suggestion than actual sound.

"Are you sure? I could be young if you want, could be your little girl..."

Nails, tracing down his sides to his belt, slowly.

"...I could be innocent... be your little virgin..."

A tongue, softly licking his earlobe, making way for teeth to slowly nibble and caress.

"...I could call you mister..."

The closeness of her breasts, her full blouse rubbing against his own chest, hard nipples poking almost as if her bra wasn't there.

"...I could call you sir..."

A hand now, slipping down, gripping his rock hard penis through the thick material of his jeans, sending lightning bolts of electricity shooting along his body.

"...I could call you..."

A final whispered word, quieter than the rest, almost a vibration against his ear: "...daddy..."

A flash through his mind of the events of the day, and suddenly it was gone, and he was there, grabbing her and spinning her, pressing her up against the wall, face pushed into the same thin wallpaper he had been contemplating only minutes earlier.

"Is that what you want?" he whispered back. "You want to be daddy's little girl?"

Her eyes were closed, mouth slightly parted, and she gave a weak nod. Mind gone already, focusing on a sharper state of being, one that emanated wholly from her stomach, from her spine, from her nipples, from between her legs, like waves cascading off a shore. His hand was pressed hard into her neck, a cop move actually, and his other hand had both her wrists pinned to her back. The plaid skirt had caught slightly when he shoved her, hiked up just the slightest bit, and he could just see the hint of her cute ass poking out from underneath her captured hands. Still holding her from behind by her neck, he used his other hand to trace up her calf, slowly. Free, her own hands pushed against the wall, expressing everything her mouth wouldn't, scratching at the wallpaper like it held the secret to her desire beneath its pale hue. His hand reached her thigh, the soft flesh, and he traced a single finger upwards, to the warmth there, past it, sliding feather light between her ass cheeks, barely putting pressure as he lifted her skirt up a little higher.

"Say it," he breathed.

She remained quiet, mouth open in silent moan, as he gently glided his fingers back down towards her moistening lips. Without warning his hand shot lower, smacking the soft skin below with a sharp slap. She whimpered, eyes still closed, but there was something else there as well, something underneath the pain, an underlying wanting. This wasn't the tender love they had made just hours earlier. This was another side of the same coin, want mixed with need, lust spliced into love.

"Say it," he repeated.

"Oh...oh, god..."

It came down again, harder, her pale skin turning red already.


"Oh...oh daddy..."

His fingers shot up, not teasing her anymore, plunging past her panties and into her with no resistance at all. Her voice peaked, half moan, half shriek, and he began to slide his fingers in and out of her.

"Oh my god...daddy...daddy... oh god yes..."

He felt her shaking, felt her orgasm coming, and placed another two fingers in her, replacing his soft pace with a faster, harder one. Her ass rocked back to meet his fingers, her moans bouncing off the walls to reach his ears.

"Oh daddy oh daddy ohmygodohfuckdaddydaddydaddy..."

As her orgasm subsided, the shaking gone, he brought his hand back, this time delivering a loud slap directly onto her ass, and she moaned so loud that it could only have come from pain so sweet it's hotwired the brain into thinking it's pleasure.

He kept his hand there, his other still pressing her into the wall, and he leaned back into her, smelling her hair, and, deeper, smelling the musky desire coming off her in waves.

"I didn't say you could come..."

A flicker of a smile passed across her face, and then was gone.

"Sorry...sorry sir..."

He had the brief impression of the women next door, of Kara, pressed to the other side of the wall, listening to Alex's muffled moans. He imagined the woman who could kill him, who could have killed him earlier today, imagined her getting wet at the sounds coming from his room, being caused by him, and he was harder than he would have thought possible. He issued another slap, harder this time, leaving a stinging red hand print on Alex's ass. She screamed in retaliation, a sharp, hurt scream, more pain this time but still rife with pleasure. He had a feeling he could take his belt off and whip her without much complaining, but he thought he would save something for next time. His hand came down again, and she let out a shriek of pain.


Despite her protests, her ass came up to meet his palm with every strike, eagerly greeting his hand with a loud slapping and a guttural moan of hurt and lust from Alex's mouth. He reached down and undid his belt, taking his time, making her wait. Separating it from his pants with a quick tug, he let the cool leather slither across her legs, draping over her small butt, letting it drag gently between her cheeks, then up, across her spine. He moved himself forward, letting the belt drag her skirt up enough that he could grind the hard bulge in his pants against her. She let out a sigh and moved herself back, positioning herself on her tiptoes so that he could feel the warmth and wetness of her even through the thick material of his pants. He moved himself closer so that his mouth was aligned with her ear.

"What do you want?"

She left her mouth open, her lips barely moving in an answer, and he let the belt drop back down to her soft skin.

"You want me to hit you again?"

She shook her head, barely moving herself, responding instead by grinding herself back into him.

"What do you want then?"

Her mouth moved, a sound escaping, little more than a whisper, lost in the passion emanating from inside her.

"What do you want?"

He let the belt fall back down a little further, separating them a little more. Her hand wrenched free and shot back, grabbing his pants by the belt loop and pulling him closer, pushing the bulge she found between her ass cheeks, to the hot center of her.

She reached her head back and whispered directly into his ear, " I want you inside me."

Hands fumbling at his pants, she finally get them down and her own panties slid out of the way, letting him inside her. The first moment felt like an eternity, jamming himself inside her so hard she was forced back into the wall and lifted off her feet. She let out a moan that seemed less of a sound and more a vibration that passed along the thing wall. Linc was surprised the pictures didn't fall.

He started working himself in and out of her, head pressed between her shoulder blades, their gasps and moans matching each other in time with their hips. She shifted and moved a hand from the side of the wall to in front of her, groping her breasts through her thin shirt, using her hand to pinch her nipples as her chest was ground into the wall from his weight. Her other hand stole underneath her skirt, equally underneath her panties, and he felt her moan as she rubbed her clit in time with his fucking.

It started in her shoulders, a warmth that pushed the cold out of her chest and into the air, warmth that brought with it a vibrating shudder that emanated from her very center. She felt him sliding in and out of her, felt him moving inside her, felt her own hands on her breasts, felt the force of him pushing her into the wall, felt his heavy breath pounding on her shoulder, and she came. She scrunched up her feet and pushed herself harder into the wall, palming it, pulling herself away from him and letting the orgasm grab her and do what it wanted.

The peak left her, and she was gasping, moaning, slouching herself down the wall, lost to herself, when she felt his hands grab her hips and begin to pull her ass back up to him. She felt his dick higher this time, outside her ass, and she pushed him away. He looked at her, slightly amused, and she smiled back.

"I don't want to."

He grinned back.

"I don't care what you want."

Her eyes faltered slightly, and he knew that she was telling the truth, they weren't playing anymore. He put a hand on her shoulder, brushing her hair aside, and smiled at her again.

"Hey, it's ok, we don't have to do it."

Her hands found his shoulders and she smiled, pushing herself back against the wall, spreading her legs for him, and her smile turned from sweet to devilish.

"I'm sorry sir. Let me make it up to you."

Linc plunged his hips forward, pushing into her again, and he immediately felt her legs wrap around him, pinning him to her. Teeth, his, found her neck, kissing and biting equally, ravenously devouring the taste of her flesh and the sweat that glimmered on her breasts and face. She moaned as his teeth nipped her neck and he felt her hands tearing into his back, twin fire dragons breathing on his shoulders and pushing his passion even further.

The wall was bucking, almost visibly bending as her hips bucked outwards from it to take his hard cock. She was almost horizontal now, her shoulders pressed against the wall, her hands moved back to hold her up, Linc's own hands holding her hips close to keep her from falling while she bounced on his dick. He felt his own passion building, felt the waves coming, and he could tell she felt it too.

"Please...sir...I still owe you..."

She pushed off him, leaving him no time to disagree, and dropped to her knees in front of him. He felt her hands jacking him off, felt her tongue licking the tip of him.

"Please...daddy...I want your cum all over my face...please..."

She bent down, looking up at him, licking her lips, and it pushed him over the edge. She gripped him hard with her hand, shooting his come all over her face, over her nose, her eyes, opening her mouth and sticking out her tongue to catch as much as possible.

"Oh god...daddy...."

He leaned against the wall, towering over her, as she licked his semen off her fingers, running her tongue around her mouth, her skirt spread open beneath her, her own cum and juices making the inside of her legs slick. She smiled up at him as she cleaned the last bits of come and he suddenly wanted her more than ever. He reached down, endowed with a new vitality, and gripped her legs in his hands. With one motion he pushed her knees up onto his shoulders and slid her up the wall, letting her pussy find it's home right in front of his face.

Alex grunted in surprise, but it was quickly replaced by a startled moan as his tongue investigated inside her pink lips, probing deep and then licking out towards her clit. Hands tangled in his hair, she pumped her hips at him, riding his face and letting her own juices flow over him, and he in turn lapped them up with a fervor only equal to the one she showed him. Her ass shoved forward again, hands clamping down as his lips clamped down on the small nub that centered her pleasure, and she came again, head pounding against the wall, thighs wrapped around his head, hair plastered to her forehead with perspiration.


Separated by mere plaster and wallpaper, Kara did listen, and she was wet. She heard the man command the young girl around, heard her moans and his perspiration, but more so heard a note of restraint, heard the pleasure they could be having in place of the pleasure they let themselves feel content with.

She lay on the bed, head cocked to hear through the wall, clad only in a small black tank top and a matching thong. If Linc had though she would look horrifying or less than human, he was wrong; nothing about her form insinuated anything lay beneath the surface save for her eyes, which seemed to catch the light with an inner fire at inopportune times. Her body was perfect, large breasts lying unnaturally still underneath the cool cotton fabric, flat stomach leading to long legs that promised all kinds of treasures hidden in between. The black fabric of the thong seemed carefully placed to just cover up anything indecent.

They were fucking against the other side of the wall, the dresser next to Kara's bed almost rocking from the commotion next door, and the woman smiled, sliding a hand down on top of her stomach and letting it stir restlessly there. She loved sex as much as any mortal man, or woman, but she sometimes went months or years at a time before giving into temptation and pleasuring herself, or, rarely, letting another please her. She could orgasm now for almost a day straight, sometimes without even touching herself, just listening to the painful mewling of men she had tortured, the pleading of women she had left broken and useless before her. The sound of two innocent people on the other side of the wall getting to know their inner selves, bringing their own nasty little impulses to light. Innocence corrupted could be the most amazing aphrodisiac around.

It wasn't that Kara had no respect for life, quite the opposite. With better than a century under her belt, she had more than a few lifetimes to ponder the existence of man. She had not come to think of them as cattle like many of her movie kind had, or think of them simply as food, but rather she thought of them as individual people, individual lives that all intertwined at one specific moment. Decades and decades of time and experience could come together into one brilliant instance, one bright time, where it was snuffed out, where it was made to beg, and where it was showed no mercy. Kara didn't lack respect for life, she just enjoyed destroying something that she respected so much.

She heard a muffled groan signifying Lincoln had reached his finish, and she wondered if he had come inside her or on her. The thought of not knowing made her even wetter, and let a hand steal up over her ribs to lift her tank top up, exposing her breasts to the air, letting her fingers play over them and massage them. The electricity of sensitivity traveled from her nipples back down into her stomach, somewhere below her stomach, and she let out a soft sigh.

There was another reverberation through the wall, and suddenly she could hear the young girl crying out on the other side, could feel her ecstasy vibrating through, and she pressed a free hand up to the wall, imagining how the girl's back would feel under her palm, imagined how her sweat would taste, her blood. Kara's other hand stole underneath her thong, and she began to time her moans exactly to those coming through the other side of the wall. She imagined Lincoln's dick swelling inside her, imagined Alex's tongue licking between her pink lips. She came, and her last thought before she was pushed over was how much she would enjoy destroying these two.

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