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Blood Enemies/Lovers


Here I am, it's been over a century, but here I am. I'm going out to a club, a social gathering, merely and simply for fun. I am going there without the need or duty of protecting someone, some sort of territorial dispute, or cloak and dagger deal. No, pure fun is tonight's agenda. After I shower I head towards my closet. I walk naked all the time in my house, it's basically my nature. I put on my black, Under Armour, sleeveless shirt and underwear. I choose my black jeans; the new type that looks faded but apparently that is the style. I choose a horizontal, black and green-striped, short-sleeve, polo shirt. I slip on my semi-formal black shoes. I go back to my mirror and check myself. I lightly put on some cologne that adds to my alpha-omega masculinity. I put on my glasses, though I don't need them, but I love glasses, especially on a woman. One last look in my mirror, satisfied, and I leave my house. I get into my all-black Camaro and rev the engine to life. I put on some music from an artist that is actually a part of my race. I guess as I drive to my destination I should introduce myself.

My name is Demetrius, well, my government name. My real name is actually spoken in a dead language that is too long to say. I am a werewolf, yes, a werewolf. All 6'9", 230 lbs, in human form, of pure muscle. So try to imagine me going full on wolf, not a pretty sight I tells ya. I am 936 years old and I have served my race as a mercenary, soldier, assassin, warrior, fighter, and protector. I have held positions such as pack leader, council member, and ambassador. As you can see, vacations are very few in-between. I'm originally from an African tribe that used totemic magic to infuse the power of certain animals into their warriors. I was naturally born a wolf. I was captured and turned slave to other tribes, but was finally rescued by those who share the same fate as me. Over the centuries I've been controlling, or better to say cohabitating with my wolf. We communicate in order to not oppress the other. Still, we always try to show who the boss is.

I make it to this new, hot club. Of course, I heard the music well before I get here and even then I couldn't wait to get in. I had the valet park my car. People start wondering how someone who looks so plain has an overwhelming presence. I can smell the lust in the air; I howl out, the wolf inside is ready. The people outside can only stare in disbelief. I walk to the front of the line to the bouncer; I slip a $1000 bill to him. He lets me in immediately. Some human thought to impress his friends by grabbing my shoulder telling me to get in line. The human's frame is bigger and wider than mine, he reminds me of a long lost comrade I had. He was human too who swore to protect the were-children a couple centuries back. I just look him in his eyes. He sees the deepness in mine that tells him that I've seen things his nightmares would cower to. I take his hand off and continue inside.

I let the music rush through my body. My wolf howls within; telling me to not disappoint. I walk over to the bar and tell the bartender to give me a water and ice. I gulp it down quick and tip him a $100 bill. As you can see, money isn't a problem. It's what happens when you live for over nine centuries; you tend to save and keep things. I go out to the dance floor. I groove through the crowd, feeling the flow, and barely even touching anyone. I settle in and gyrate my lower half. I ooze pheromones: females lust after me and the males become hostile even if they don't know it. That I can't control, the wolf inside is territorial; he's making sure my presence is known. Song after song I stay on the dance floor. The crowd gets drawn into my groove and stands back to watch. I take a break, but I don't need it. My endurance and stamina are way beyond a human's capacity.

As soon as I get to the bar, I smell it. The stench of death, but it's hidden behind a fragrance their kind has been using. That's right, a vampire is here, make that four. It's hard to count them because death smells the same for all beings. The wolf inside is getting restless and agitated. Our bloodlines have never gotten along, even in times of peace or a truce. I've killed many vampires, and I was, I think still am, on top of their hit-list quite a few times. The major problem is that they decide to sit next to me while at the bar. I turn around, three bodyguards it seems.

"Werewolf, state your business here." One says. I just gauge my future opponents. Here I am trying to have a night of fun and these losers come and try to destroy it.

"By the smell of your death I can tell the oldest of you three couldn't be any more than 200, and I'm being nice. You're decently trained because I sense no hesitation in your formation. I suggest you leave me to my business or the fourth one you came with will have to send word that he or she lost three servants." I said only looking at the vampire in front of me.

"We are here to guard our duchess, and you are the only threat we can sense in here." One says that is standing to my right.

"Follow me." I tell them. In less than a minute Demetrius beats them to a bloody pulp, but doesn't kill them. He didn't even have to wolf out a sixth of his power. He comes back in with a smile and walks back to the bar to order another water.

"Excuse me, sir. A beautiful lady left you this note." The bartender said sliding th note to me. I read it. Translated from vampire it says, "The Dance Floor."

The wolf inside is also confused, and on-guard. Demetrius is curious but also on-guard. He turns to the dance floor. Slowly his focus makes out the figure dancing in the middle of the jam-packed dance area.

You don't see vampires, especially female vamps like this one. She is an ssbbw, I believe that is the term humans use these days. I think the acronym means super-sized big and beautiful woman. I've seen human women in this manner. If I go strictly by dimensions, I'd say it's excess for no reason. Until I saw some that were more "functional", in a sense. This ssbb-vampire, or ssbbv for short, is definitely functional. She has the dimensions down; the excess fat is not sloppy or saggy. In fact, it is all muscle. She has complete control of her blood flow and muscles. Demetrius can hear her internal process. It is more finely tuned than a newborn's. She swings, shakes, and gyrates unbelievably seductively. It has been nearly thre hundred years since the last time Demetrius was hypnotized by a vampire. Well, they call it glamming. Demetrius isn't glammed, plus the vampire would have to be quite old or skilled to do so.

She finally makes eye contact with him and she glides over to him. Literally, her feet slightly leave the ground. Demetrius grabs her. Her cold skin bit at his bare skin, and the wolf growls. Demetrius gives a spiritual "down boy" to soothe the beast.

"Hello there." She greets while in Demetrius's strong arms. She bares her fangs to him but he doesn't back down or show disgust.

"You are not here to fight, nor bite me. Come, let us sit and talk." Demetrius offers.

"Definitely not the typical wolf. We will talk, but first, I want to dance." She grabs his hand and pulls, but Demetrius holds firm. He feels her power, no less than half of millennia of undead life under her belt. She turns back, almost furious, because of his insubordination.

"To your race, I may be a dog, but don't let the fact that I haven't torn you to shreds yet fool you in thinking that I'll play nice with you. We shall walk, with me in front." Demetrius warns.

The ssbbv stares into his eyes. Regardless of her size and stature she still wouldn't be able to defeat Demetrius. She rather ravish him, she hasn't had werewolf in a while. She tells him to lead the way.

They walk inside the crowd and grind on each other. They cover the place with so much lust and carnality that everyone is effected. Couples and groups begin grabbing each other and pulling in close.

"Your name?" Demetrius asks as he grabs her neck from behind and runs his other hand over her firm, but soft, midsection.

"Olympia." She answers with a small gasp.

"Hmmmmmmm. A fitting name." Demetrius agrees. They dance and dance with an ever so often show of force and authority over the other. Olympia grabs his crotch and is amazed at how wonderful it feels in her hand.

"Watch it, that's almost a priceless millennia work of art you are holding." Demetrius says. The ssbbv just smiles a vicious grin and wraps her fingers tighter. Demetrius doesn't flinch. Olympia shows a confused look on her face until she realizes that his girth is flexing.

"You're not the only one who has learned to control their body. Nine hundred, thirty-six years is a long time; you begin to want to test things about yourself. Now, if you'd kindly loosen that grip we can get back to dancing." Demetrius advises assertively. Olympia does just that and Demetrius grabs the ponytail Olympia is sporting. He pulls it downward and her neck cocks backward. A bit of anger shows through her plump face. Demetrius smiles but is short lived when he feels a poke in his thigh. Olympia is holding a knife to Demetrius's inner thigh, an area that is pretty much a weakness for his race. Demetrius lets go and Olympia rose and turns to face him with the knife still at his thigh. Olympia pokes in harder but Demetrius's flexed muscles stop the knife from going deeper. He grabs her wrist and takes the knife. He throws it at the wall where the bartender serves the drinks. The bartender gives a long sigh and grabs the knife. He places it in a box full of small weapons.

Demetrius and Olympia finish the song and they decide to walk over to an area to talk. Demetrius gives a gentleman's gesture to have a seat and Olympia gives an arrogant pout. When they sit Demetrius orders her an O+ drink.

"So tell me, how old are you?" Demetrius asks.

"525 years, 8 months, 2 weeks and 3 days since I've been bitten." Olympia answers.

"Yeah, you have that smell. I'm usually on point of another's age, rounding to nearest 100 years." Demetrius boasts.

"How old are you?" Olympia asks.

"936 years, 10 months, 5 days. Life is long in our world. Well, depending on occupational hazards." Demetrius jokes. Olympia gives a hearty laugh at that. Demetrius watches her large full breasts move up and down. His dick flinches quite well at that sight. Olympia did note the rise in his pants. She crosses her left leg over her right hand and uses her right to rub over the top of her left. Demetrius notes every movement and detail. He places his right hand in the upper part of her leg. He looks into her dark-brown eyes, her primary color before she goes vamp on a brotha. Olympia tries not to be entranced by his silver-moon eyes. She loves the moon; it's the one thing both of their races truly have in common that's a positive. They stare in each other's eyes, daring the other to make a move.

"Tell me about your past." Demetrius said.

"A werewolf, curious about a vampire's past, outside of the need to interrogate or kill?" Olympia questions. Demetrius just waits for her story.

"Ok then. My family was royalty in the sense of family lineage only. Our resources, connections, and finances had been dwindling. The only thing that was keeping us in our lifestyle were marriages between my siblings and other landowners and high-middle class people. I was finally given away to this duke who was into all sorts of carnal tastes. At first I didn't like him because I was and still am a lady.

After a while I became infatuated with him. He was actually more intelligent than people thought. Of course he did that to keep people off their guard around him. Before I was this size he said he needed me bigger; much bigger. He fed me like a horse. In the span of a year I had become three times bigger. He trained and shaped my body, then fed me again. I gained even more weight, but I didn't receive the training the final year. He told me that I received the proper diet.

During that whole time he didn't touch me or another woman. Hard to believe I know. I understood he wanted to savor me and he was trying the whole denial fetish. I wanted to not be the kind of wife that makes her husband wait for affection or love. Still, he made us wait. When it was time for our consummation, of course he didn't last long, but, he was still trying to please me.

Through the years I kept my huge figure. Mind you big women were more accepted. The smaller women would at times blatantly flirt with him. Him being a gentleman and mindful of his position he would have to flirt back. Did he take them to bed, of course, but he would always have me watch. He would look at me all through the session. It angered me, aroused me, and made me love him even more. He would then send the little wenches on their way, and he would turn into my little slave for a couple days. I didn't need him to do that because he loved me without peer. I did enjoy our sexual trysts with other women my size as well. The women were not married or they were whores.

The duke and I were happy; and then one night it all changed. My husband was not exactly a warrior or fighter, but he protects his own with his all. The vampire that attacked us, let's just say he was into torture. All night I watched him turn my husband into a cripple, and my husband watched me get ravaged and raped. He fought, I saw it in his eyes as he crawled over, the vampire merely laughed and continued on me. My husband found the strength to raise his arm with a silver blade in his hand and gravity did the rest. At the same time, the vampire fell on my neck and his fangs sank in.

I was too late in rescuing my husband from death because it takes time for the transformation to fully change a person when they are bitten. I never remarried and I used my new power to make my family name and honor increase a hundred fold. I ruled like a queen and they treated me as a duchess in need of a man. I wasn't in need of any man; no man could satisfy me like he did. Women, vampires, werewolves; I was always left wanting for more. Anyway, tell me yours." Olympia finishes.

Demetrius is still too entrenched in her story. He could see himself back then. This once fairly plump, little girl made into a giant of a woman. It would have intrigued him seeing her survive in a male dominated society, human and vampire. She definitely had to use her brain and brawn to be able to live so long on her own. He realized she had been staring at him for a while and he snaps back to reality. His wolf hadn't warned him of any change in the atmosphere. His wolf too had become so complacent. "Really, we can't both be off our guard." He jokes with his wolf. The wolf gives a slight snarl, his way of being ashamed. "What was the question again?" He directs himself to Olympia.

"I asked about your beginning." Olympia repeated.

"Oh, well, I was born this way so no real story there. For a good part of my childhood I was a slave to other tribes. In Africa, those like me were used as weapons. I was actually rescued by one of the chieftain's daughters. She took pity on me and let me out of my cage. I ran through the plains and deserts to only be captured again. Even born were-, until you hit puberty, basically your powers come out in times of great danger. It took for me to be almost strangled to death for my wolf to come out and save me. I won't bore you with those details until another time." I said.

"Oh, you sure there will another time with us?" Olympia asks coyly. Demetrius leans over closer to Olympia, looks into her eyes, and then kisses her. Olympia succumbs to his tongue so much she retracts her fangs. Further and further his long and wet tongue exhumes her cavernous mouth. Demetrius releases the kiss and sees the lust build higher and higher in Olympia's dark eyes. Her gigantic body does small surges as she tries to regain composure.

"That's why." He says. He smiles and uses his finger to wipe away the saliva he left on the corners of her mouth. Olympia is still in her carnal mode and she is barely holding back the need to take him then and there in the club.

"Calm down my pretty. There is still time. Anyway, a story of great love I believe we are sharing between us. The time I fell in love with another Were- outside of the wolf community seems sufficient. I was about 400 years old and wars were constantly erupting among the Were-people at the time. The werewolf syndrome had spread to other animals, and since humans eat animals they also contracted a virus form. Still, only a small percentage were born Were-.

Anyway, I was on protective detail for a pair of twins. Both had the vampire and werewolf gene in them, so both sides wanted the children badly. I came across a clearing in a South American jungle, and I was almost home free of the vampire territory when this panther jumped in my way. I could tell she was a Were-, they are much larger or smaller than normal animals. Anyway, I had to protect the babies so I set them down. She bounded towards me fast and I allowed her to jump so I could get a choke-hold on her. I was able to calm her down to her human form. My wolf was pissed because I hadn't killed her or tried showing true dominance over her. That basically means rape and I'm not down with that. The were-panther was sent to retrieve the twins in exchange for immunity of her crimes against a certain pack of werewolves.

She continued to follow us waiting for me to slip up on my duty. As the days went by she actually tried making conversation with me. Mostly about how foolish I was for taking on the job. I just chuckled at her opinions because they held some truth. Soon she was holding the babies. I still hadn't taken down my guard, but the kids didn't cry so I guess that was a good thing. The first time we kissed was actually after a heated battle with werewolves and vampires. She was a great Amazon Warrior. Same height as me, but she would be considered a bodybuilder in present time. We fought them off and I went to check on the kids. I got my breath when I saw them giggling and cooing up a storm and then she took my breath away with her passionate kiss. I broke free just to have her pounce on me in her panther form. Even though she couldn't talk in this form her wilds had taken over and she was not going to be denied. Even my wolf was eager to come out. I let him out so the beasts could have their fun tearing into each other, biting, scratching, until they were satisfied. In our human forms we made love. She decided then to help me protect the twins and perhaps give them a mother-figure. I was reluctant, but I wanted to be with her more than anything. The trip with her made it more pleasant and our battle maneuvering was always in sync.

Then came the day it all ended. She was carrying the twins as I was scouting ahead. I was reliving the night before how in our human forms we would explore each others bodies. We tried to find the weak and sensitive areas. I was brought back by a familiar smell and realized that I was careless. I raced back to them and they had been surrounded by a rival wolf pack that I was at war against in the past. I ran in as fast as I could but they had slit her throat with a silver edged blade. The crimson flew onto the children. I transformed, but not into the wolf form but the half beast/half human form. I slaughtered each and every one of them. The children were crying for their mother. I buried her that day and much of my emotions and feelings for the next couple hundred years. The twins were safely brought to neutral lands." I finished.

"We are some sad monsters aren't we?" Olympia asked.

"We love too hard, I suppose." I answer. The air around them has changed because they told their deepest emotional moments with another. They hug each other for what seems like forever. That is short lived because the wolf is getting antsy, and hunger is setting in. Demetrius felt his wolf nudge him to get the show on the road. Olympia has become too engrossed in Demetrius's scent and her eyes fully gloss over in black. She picks him up and throws him out of the club. Demetrius rolls and hits a car. Olympia comes walking out of the club toward Demetrius. He is still out of sorts from the collision. Olympia raises him with one hand by his throat easily.

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