tagSci-Fi & FantasyBlood for a Succubus Ch. 03

Blood for a Succubus Ch. 03


*****Author's note: Thanks once again to everyone who read and commented on previous chapters. This chapter is a bit longer, and there's a lot more "story" - hopefully you'll still find it enjoyable. As always, do let me know what you think, and if you have any suggestions for improvement, feel free to make them! Feedback is much appreciated.*****


Jacob was on his knees, his eyes tightly shut. There was a sudden heat in the air: sweat streaked his face and droplets ran down his naked chest. The low rumbling grew louder, the air warmer. He could feel vibrations in the ground, tremors running up his legs at periodic intervals. Footfalls, he thought with a shudder - Mbrogia must be enormous. Closer and closer, with each passing moment the tremors became heavier, shaking his whole body.

"Don't look," hissed Beluriel, beside him. Jacob jerked his head in a frightened nod.

Then Mbrogia entered the room.

It felt like an explosion had gone off. There was a roar, and a rush of hot air that nearly threw Jacob flat on his back. The temptation to look was strong, but he resisted, and kept his head bowed. A stench of sulphur filled the cavern, a taste like hot ash in his mouth. In his mind's eye he pictured a towering beast wreathed in flame; an awesome, majestic creature glowing with a terrible fire. Maybe just a small peek. Just for a second. Just to see... No! He squeezed his eyelids together.

A loud grating sound, a harsh crackle like breaking rock. The demon lord was speaking, and the sound of it was like a mountain crumbling to dust.

Then another voice, softer, subordinate. Beluriel, he realised. The conversation was beyond him, he could only kneel, and tremble. The succubus' earlier words echoed in his thoughts: His form is not something your imagination could withstand...

There was a sudden surge of heat, and a wash of sulphurous air over his face. He could feel the demon lord's presence, terrifyingly close, as though Mbrogia's face was only inches from his - the urge to open his eyes was overwhelming, he had to look, he had to see -

His eyelids cracked open -


For the second time in recent memory, Jacob awoke to find himself lying naked on a bed, with Beluriel looking down at him. He blinked, focusing, and only then noticed the longer, lighter hair. Zephara! Eyes suddenly wide, he scrambled backward.

Zephara laughed. "Bit jittery, isn't he? I really don't know what you see in him, Bel."

Beluriel walked over to stand beside Zephara, and Jacob looked back and forth between the two succubi.

"What happened?"

"You should be dead twice over now." Zephara jerked a thumb in Beluriel's direction. "But you're not, thanks to her."

"What do you mean?"

Zephara looked at Beluriel, who remained silent, and then back at Jacob. "I think I'll leave you two alone. Stay out of trouble, little Jacob. Come find me if you get lonely, and we can pick up where we left off." She shot him a teasing wink, and sauntered out of the room.

"What did she mean? What's happening?"

For a long moment Beluriel said nothing. Finally, she sighed. "When Zephara... when she tried to drain you, you were barely alive. I should have let you die, but I..."

"What?" Jacob sat up on the bed.

"I fed you."

"You... fed me?"

"That place I showed you, I wanted to tell you... that is where the souls are taken, for Mbrogia to feed --"

"Wait a minute! You fed me with that? You fed me... souls?"

In all this time Beluriel had not made eye contact. Now she looked at him, eyes flashing. "I should have let you die," she said fiercely. "I stole from Mbrogia. I stole from him to keep your pathetic body alive. I should have let you die!" Then her shoulders slumped, her voice dropping to a whisper. "He found out you were here. He wanted you dead. And I... I stole from him again."

Jacob shook his head. "I don't understand. In that place... that place with the souls. When you were talking to him..."

"He asked why I brought you here. And then he killed you."

"I don't... wow." Jacob fell back onto the bed, staring at the ceiling. "I don't believe this." A couple of days ago the biggest thing he had to worry about was the rent. A couple of days - it struck him that he didn't even know that for sure. It could well have been much more than two days.

"This is crazy. How is that even possible? Am I still the same person? I still feel the same." But even as he said that a certain doubt began to form. He remembered that feeling of detachment he had felt earlier, when he first awoke in Beluriel's bed.

Beluriel shrugged. "Mother would know."


"I don't know what to do with you. If you stay here, Mbrogia will surely find out, and that would be the end, for both of us. Mother will know what to do."

A sudden swell of anger drove Jacob to his feet. "Stop talking about me like I'm not here! I never asked for any of this. You got me into this! I'm tired of your games - just tell me what is going on!"

Beluriel grabbed him by the neck and slammed him into the wall. His feet dangled several inches from the ground. "Games? You think I wanted this? Do you know what Mbrogia will do to me if he finds out I've stolen from him? You asked me to bring you here. You started this."

Jacob struggled against her grip, his hands wrapped around her forearm, but she didn't budge. As suddenly as it had come, the anger left. "Then... why? Why did you do all this?"

"I'll take you to Mother." She released him, and he fell to the ground with a thud. "Mother will know what to do."


"I'm sorry I shouted at you earlier," Jacob said. They were walking down a long, dark tunnel. The ground was uneven, and sloped gently downward. "You saved my life. I should be grateful. I just... I don't know what came over me. I'm not even sure that was me talking. I've been feeling strange ever since the first time you... well. Did you know this was going to happen?"

Beluriel said nothing. Both naked, their bare feet slapped against the rough stone.

"Why won't you talk? Are you angry with me or something?"

"I am not angry with you."

"Oh." The tunnel widened out slightly, and began to level off. "So... who is this Mother, anyway?"

"She used to be a demon lord."

Now a faint spark of light appeared in the distance, growing steadily larger as they approached. "Used to be? What happened?"

"She grew powerful. Too powerful. Mbrogia and the other demon lords banded together and banished her."

The spark of light turned out to be a glowing ball set into the wall, and fastened in place by a mass of tendrils. It marked a point where the tunnel widened out into a cave, with more lighted orbs at regular intervals, all connected by the tendrils. A thin mist blanketed the ground, writhing in gentle swirls.

"Wait here," Beluriel said, and she disappeared into the depths of the cave.

Left alone, Jacob looked around. Everything was dark, except for the islands of light provided by the glowing spheres. As he watched, a sudden pulse of light ran along the network of tendrils from sphere to sphere, traversing the entire perimeter of the cave in a brief instant, revealing curves and turns in the walls where the light vanished and reappeared. Curious, he reached out toward one of the orbs.

A sharp jolt made him draw his hand back with a hiss of pain. Silently berating himself, he backed away from the wall.

"You shouldn't touch them."

Jacob whirled, and a woman stepped into the circle of light. Her skin was pale green, her body wrapped in a loose robe of vines, so that only her legs and head were visible. Her hair was green as well, and thickly braided, framing a round face.

He backed away slowly. "Who are you?"

She moved toward him. Her expression was calm, her head tilted slightly as she regarded him. "I am Alraune. Who are you?"

"I'm... Jacob. Look, I don't want any trouble --"

"Don't be afraid. I'm not going to hurt you. Why are you here?"

"I'm, uh..." Jacob shook his head. "I'm not sure. I'm looking for answers, I guess."

A single vine detached itself from her robe and reached out to stroke his face. Jacob flinched, but the touch of the vine was soothing and gentle, and he relaxed.

"You seem upset," she said. "Don't be." Then more vines reached out, unmaking the robe, revealing her full figure. She had no arms - those were her arms, her shoulders ending in a tangle of vines that had been draped around her body. Her upper torso seemed human, with firm breasts sitting high on her chest, topped by hard, pointed nipples; but below that was an opening like a flower between her legs, surrounded by small, dark green petals.

The vines twisted around his body, gripping him tightly, pulling him into her embrace. Her face was inches from his, her breasts pressed into his chest, her nipples digging into his skin.

Jacob struggled vainly. "What are you doing? Let me go!"

"I want to show you what I can do. I want to make you feel better. But you shouldn't... you know." She bit her lip shyly. "You shouldn't cum in me. It wouldn't be good for you. Just tell me when to stop, okay?"

Jacob could only gasp as her syrupy tunnel closed around him. The sensation was almost too much to bear. She gripped his cock as tightly as a rubber glove, yet as softly as a breath of air. The heat of her sent searing bolts of pure pleasure racing up his spine. He arched his back helplessly, but the vines were holding him firmly in place against her, and he couldn't move. She kissed his cheek as her silken walls squeezed once around his shaft, then relaxed.

"You should close your mouth," she whispered in his ear, "before something gets inside it." Then she sealed her lips over his, and her tongue darted out to tangle with his. He tasted her lips, sweet and tangy. Again he tried to thrust into her; again she held him still, as she began a series of contractions, rippling waves that flowed up and down his turgid prick. Her inner walls seemed to trace every ridge, every contour of his cock, ascending, descending, building up a torturous pressure in his balls.

It felt like she was milking him, and he was powerless to stop her. A large part of him didn't want her to stop: it felt so good. Each fluttering surge seemed to pinpoint his most sensitive spots, applying exquisite friction to his overwrought nerves. Weakly he tried to find purchase for his arms, but the vines were coiled around his shoulders, and each time he tried to grab one it slipped effortlessly out of his grasp. He moaned into her mouth.

She broke the kiss and licked her way back to his ear, nibbling lightly at his skin. "Shhh. Just relax and enjoy this. Doesn't it feel good? Forget about whatever's making you sad. No need to struggle. No need to do anything, just enjoy."

The throbs and pulses came harder and faster now. Jacob was panting, gasping, floating in a sea of pleasure, lost to the sensations. He could feel his orgasm rapidly approaching, the tightening in his balls, the pulsing urgency in his cock. Alraune leaned back a little to study his face.

"Are you getting close?" Another series of ripples, and Jacob groaned. She giggled. "You're getting close! Remember, you have to tell me when to stop. Okay?" She tilted her head and smiled at him.

But Jacob couldn't speak. He could barely hear her over the roar of blood in his ears. His heart was pounding frantically, his breath coming in ragged gasps. Held firmly in her grasp, unable to move, the tension in his muscles couldn't be released and only added to the feeling of helplessness. And through all this the vision that swam before his fevered eyes was the very picture of innocence: those wide green eyes, that angelic smile. He could almost believe that this was all an accident, that she didn't mean to kill him, that she really would stop, if only he could just say something...

"Alraune! Leave him."

And suddenly, she stopped. The vines retracted, and Jacob fell to the floor in a heap.

"I was only trying to help, Mother."

"I know, dear. But look at him!" Jacob felt soft hands gripping his arms from behind, lifting him to his feet. Alraune was looking at him guiltily.

"I'm sorry. I was only trying to help."

His knees were weak, he could barely stand - but looking into those wide green eyes, he could not bring himself to anger. "It's... okay. I'm all right," he said.

"I hope you feel better!" She beamed at him.

"All right, Alraune. Leave us now." The hands moved to his shoulders and spun him around, and Jacob found himself face to face with Mother.

She was beautiful. She was short, about a head shorter than he was, but her presence was almost overpowering. Her skin was ivory white, pale and smooth. Her hair was long, colourless, almost transparent; it seemed to dissolve into wisps of smoke that wreathed her body, covering her tantalising curves without hiding them in the slightest: her legs long and toned, her hips pleasingly wide, her breasts huge for her small frame. Her face was chiseled beauty, and she regarded him with eyes so deep and calm they seemed to make time stand still.

"So you are Jacob. Bel has told me about you."

"She... she didn't tell me much about you."

Her pale lips curved into a smile. "All in good time. First I must apologise for Alraune. We do not often have visitors, and she gets carried away." She held his face in her hands. "Be still now," she whispered. She leaned forward, and softly brushed her lips against his.

It was only for an instant, but Jacob felt a surge of peace and calm flow through him. His muscles felt fresh, rejuvenated. He was still hard, but that insistent urge to cum had faded. He felt a strong compulsion to fall to his knees, but her hands held him steady. For a moment he simply stood and stared at her, the light mist swirling around his feet.

Her gentle voice broke him out of his trance. "Now, you must have questions."

"I don't know what's happening." Her presence was soothing, and Jacob wanted to empty his heart to her, to this incredible creature. "I was just living my life, and then suddenly... all this... Beluriel said she fed me, I -- what does that mean? Why would she do that? Am I still... the same? What is happening to me?"

"How much do you know of the succubi, Jacob?"

"Well... not much, I guess."

Mother seemed to consider her words for a few seconds. "The succubi were my creation. I used to be a demon lord, like Mbrogia. We fed on human souls, but there was no good way of obtaining them. We sent our minions to capture humans and drag them back here, but the humans fought back. It was a long, drawn out process, and food was scarce. The other demon lords simply continued with their brutishness, but I took a different approach. I studied the humans and their ways, their desires and their nature. And then... I created the succubi. I found a way to infuse my minions with a portion of humanity, with a tiny bit of human soul. With that they were able to seduce the humans, to use their lusts against them, and take their souls easily. I spread knowledge of summoning rituals among the humans, gave them enticements to encourage them to doom themselves. I grew powerful, Jacob... I gorged myself on this new, plentiful source, and the other demon lords could only watch in envy."

She paused, and Jacob could see sadness in her eyes. He listened, enthralled, as she went on. "But their jealous rage would not allow me to continue. They banded their strength, stole my creation, and banished me here to starve. All I have now are a few of my minions, like Alraune."

"I'm... sorry," Jacob said. Mother had just confessed to feeding on countless human souls, yet Jacob could feel nothing but pity for her. She seemed so human in her sadness!

"There is nothing you can do. Without access to souls... soon I will be no more." She glided a finger down his cheek. "But to answer your question, the first summoning is a delicate time for a succubus. Like a newborn infant needing guidance from its parents, the succubus needs some form of stability."

"Beluriel said there was a script, or something like that."

"Yes. It was her first summoning. She should have taken your soul, and if she had she would have become a slave to Mbrogia just like all his other succubi."

"So when I asked her to bring me here..."

"If you had only begged for your life, she would have been prepared, but what you did was unusual. She did not know what to do, and she had to make a choice. Choice, Jacob. That is not something a succubus is used to."

Jacob nodded slowly. He was beginning to understand. Then he looked around. "Where is she, anyway?"

"She is waiting for you outside. You must leave this place. Mbrogia will be looking for you. He is a proud creature, and he will not let you live once he finds out you have stolen from him."

"Can't we stay? I mean, where can we go?"

Mother reached out and stroked his cock with her long fingers. He gasped at the intensity of the sensation. "I am starving, Jacob," she said quietly. "Don't tempt me."

He shuddered. "I understand," he said, backing away.

"One more thing before you go. You may feel as though you have been thrust into this against your will... but Beluriel has been dragged from her world just as you have been from yours. If he succeeds in finding you, she will suffer far more at Mbrogia's hands than you will. Think of that the next time you feel your anger rising."

Jacob blushed, remembering his earlier outburst. "I will. Thank you... thank you for everything."

He turned around when he reached the entrance of the cave, but she was gone. There was only the lighted darkness, and the swirling mist.


They were some distance away from Mother's cave, walking down another long tunnel, when Beluriel spoke for the first time. "What did she say to you?"

"She told me how she created the succubi. And she told me that Mbrogia will be looking for us. Do you... do you have a plan? What are we going to do?"

The succubus shook her head. "Run. Hide. Keep running. I don't know."

Tentatively, Jacob reached out a hand and laid it on Beluriel's shoulder. "Look... whatever happened before, whatever happens now... we're together in this. Okay?"

She turned to look at him. In the dim light of the tunnel it was hard to make out her expression - was she smiling?

"Okay," she said.

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