tagErotic HorrorBlood Rose Ch. 07

Blood Rose Ch. 07



Very few things in the world had the power to frighten Electra. Her master's wrath happened to be one of them. And even that was usually only enough to make her take a step back and bow her head. Right now she shrunk down to the floor, positively cowering. Dracula's shadow aura was practically causing the whole keep to tremble with his rage. "Dost thou dare presume to insult my intelligence, Electra?"

"No milord," Electra responded weakly. "I spoke only truth to you."

"Then perhaps it is thy intelligence that must be questioned," he barked, pointing the wickedly sharp nail of his almost skeletal finger at her. "Thou was truthfully foolish enough to bring all of the inner guards away from the keep to accompany thee on thy damned petty raid?"

Electra momentarily glanced around her. Dracula's fury at her was bad enough, but she was being positively humiliated in front of the entire court—or at least what was left of it. One face in particular would have truly made her blood boil if her blood wasn't already frozen with her fear of her master. "I knew the villagers would be far more intimidated if we came in greater numbers," she explained. "And I saw not how the Darkhunters could have passed the outer guards. They are but three..."

"Three who have all but wiped out my brethren of the Black Church!" Dracula roared. "Thou should have known not to underestimate them! Thou wasted our needed manpower on an insignificant jaunt, and because of that our numbers have been decimated!"

"My lord, I beg thee, have mercy—"

Electra's pleas fell silent as Dracula extended a bony claw to her, and she felt the hand of his shadow aura gripping her throat. And then she felt something else; something inside her started to burn. No, it wasn't burning. She wasn't quite sure what was happening until she felt whatever it was moving up out of her body and into the ethereal hand that held her. With a rush of horror, she realized she was being stripped of the power she had been given when he declared her as his queen.

Once it was gone, he released her, and she collapsed onto her hands and knees. Dracula held the floating orb of dark power that had been hers above his hand. "The mantle of Queen of Darkness is thine no more!" he declared.

Electra suddenly came to a horrifying realization: he wasn't going to kill her. He was going to strip her of her power but leave her alive. He was going to make her watch him give her power to someone else. And he was doing it all because he knew it was the worst thing he could possibly do to her.

And then he made it even worse.

"Veatrice!" he called. Electra cringed with horror and rage at the call of that name; the name of the one face in the crowd of Dracula's court that had made her most furious of all. And out of the crowd she came, the hem of her flowing dress gliding along as her dainty feet carried her in Dracula's direction. Electra glared at her, at that pompous whore with the sleek blonde hair and long, spidery fingers. And Veatrice saw her glare, responding with a disgustingly smug little smirk.

"My lord, I beg thee," Electra pleaded, "not the damned sorceress!"

"Hold thy tongue, wench!" Dracula barked. "Lest I should rip it out!"

Veatrice stepped up to Dracula, and dropped to one knee. "Veatrice, dost thou accept the mantle of Queen of Darkness, with all the power and responsibilities such entails?"

"I humbly accept my lord," she intoned, despite the fact that everyone could tell there was nothing humble about her. Dracula began lowering the glowing orb to her. Electra seethed with fury, and finally lunged at Veatrice, desperate to stop this from happening. The grip of Dracula's shadow hand held her back, leaving only to watch as the power that was rightfully hers was given to this foul, magic-spewing bitch. Veatrice gasped and threw her head back as the power entered her body, then went stiff for a moment, and then rose to her feet and clenched and unclenched her fists, her fingers surging with what looked like green lightning. "Yes..." she breathed. "The power!"

Then her gaze, along with a horrible smile, fixed themselves on Electra. "I'd say this merits a slight test," she mused, and extended an open hand to her. Electra felt the electrifying force of Veatrice's magic taking hold of her, and it flung her helplessly across the chamber and slammed her into the far wall.

"Shall I continue, my lord?" Veatrice asked. Electra could hear her hoping for a 'yes.'

"That won't be necessary, Veatrice my dear," Dracula said. "Leave my presence now, Electra Rose," he commanded, "and pray that I should never again cross thy path."

Electra sat glaring at them, and especially at Veatrice, for a moment longer before rising to her feet and pushing open the huge chamber doors. And as she stepped out into the corridors that led out of the keep, she bitterly whispered, "This is not over, Veatrice."


Anthony may not have exactly had total control of Caitlyn just yet, but for the moment she was still following commands well. He was dressed only in his robe, which was very loosely tied and the flaps were pulled apart at the crotch, allowing his cock to thrust upward into Caitlyn's hungry mouth. His right hand rested atop her head as it bobbed up and down on him, while his left arm wrapped around Nina's bare shoulders. Nina sat cuddled next to him on the sofa, just as naked as Caitlyn, idly fingering herself as she observed the show being displayed before them.

They were watching Sara and Meg perform one of Anthony's favorite games on the bed in front of them: the two girls were entwined in a tight sixty-nine position, hungrily licking and slurping each other's wet folds, trying to see who could make the other cum first. Whoever won got to have sex with the master. Sara and Meg were also particularly fond of this game, and frequently offered to play it when Anthony was bored. Seven times out of ten Meg won, but each time Sara lost she gained a burning drive to win next time (due in no small part to Anthony's hypnotic influence), which sometimes brought her victory. Once or twice they actually came almost simultaneously, and the game had to be taken into sudden death.

Aside from the obvious appeal of this game, it was also particularly entertaining to watch how fiercely the two of them struggled to maintain composure. Their fingers dug into the undersides of each other's thighs, their toes curled and their legs fidgeted about, not to mention the sharp, muffled grunts that both of them were making. Sara, who lay prone beneath Meg, at one point dropped her head back on the bed and began crying out freely. "Focus Sara," Anthony commanded. "You're never going to win that way." She immediately lifted her head back up to Meg's sex to resume.

"She's certainly trying," Nina said. Anthony's attention turned away from the game in front of him to Nina. The often-recurring thought of turning her was resurfacing again. Despite his fears about losing her, the more he thought about making her a vampire the more he liked it. Nina was more to him than just a harem slave; he loved her. He wanted her with him forever.

"Nina," he said. She looked up into his face. "Do you love me?"


"Let me hear you say it."

"I love you, master."

"Will you stay with me forever?"

"And the day after."

Anthony kissed her deeply, forgetting about Sara and Meg, even forgetting about the blowjob he was getting from Caitlyn. His mind was made up. "Close your eyes," he said, "and show me your neck." She obediently closed her eyes and tilted her head, brushing her hair away from her neck for him. It was almost the most beautiful part of her at that moment, that bare neck just waiting for his kiss. He tenderly bit into it, for once allowing himself to not hold back, and to let his meta-toxin freely pump into her as he tasted her sweet blood.

It may have been the taste of her blood that finally set him off, releasing his jet into Caitlyn's mouth. He released Nina and looked down at his newest girl, who was diligently keeping her lips sealed around his shaft and not letting a drop escape her mouth. She hungrily gulped it down and smiled up at him. Nina lay back on the couch, panting lightly and squirming just a little.

At that moment Anthony realized just how distracted he'd been; he hadn't even noticed Electra approaching, or had any idea she was standing behind him until now. Ordinarily he would have sensed her approaching all the way down the hall, but he supposed he had a legitimate excuse. Did she know she'd taken him by surprise? Anthony decided not to let on that she had, just in case she didn't. "Is there something you want, Electra?" he asked without turning around.

"Might I speak with you a moment Anthony?"

Anthony didn't let her hear him groan. He knew better than to say no to her, though. He was just getting up and pulling his robe closed when Sara suddenly screamed out her declaration of defeat: "Oh, I'm cumming! I'm cumming!"

"I win!" Meg beamed, sitting up and looking toward Anthony with an eager smile. She had a face that said she was eager to receive her prize, and Anthony would have been all too happy to give it to her, but it would have to wait. So he decided he would make her wait.

"I'll be with you in a moment, Meg honey," he said. "For now, I want you to get on your hands and knees on the bed, and turn your ass towards me... yes, that's it. Caitlyn, I want you to go sit in that chair, and Sara, you're gonna go down on her. Meg, you're gonna stay right where you are, don't move, and you're gonna watch them, and you're gonna think about me and what I'm gonna do to you when I get back. Understand?"

"Yes, master."

Anthony turned and stepped into the hall where Electra stood with her arms folded, as usual. "I hope this is important, Electra," Anthony said. "As I'm sure you can see, you did interrupt something."

She paused a moment. "I presume you recall the little outing I went on last night?"

"To visit that old pupil of yours, right?"

"Yes. She wanted me to meet her newest and most promising student. And I must say, I was quite impressed with what I found."

"What did you find?" Anthony groaned impatiently. "And what the fuck does it have to do with me?"

"Anthony," she said, looking straight into his eyes, "I met your sister. I met Elizabeth."

Anthony supposed he should have been surprised to hear his sister's name. Somehow he wasn't. "Haven't we been down this road already? I tried to bring her in after you turned me, and you insisted I shouldn't bother."

"A mistake, I will admit. I hadn't thought then to wonder what kind of potential one of your flesh and blood might hold. I've seen it now, and I want it."

Anthony remained silent for almost a minute. "Alright," he said, "what do you want me to do?"

Electra craned her neck and looked back into the room Anthony had just come from. "We'll discus it in ten minutes with the Blood Squad. Go finish having your way with your harem, and then get your clothes on and meet us in my chamber." Then she turned and headed down the hall.

Anthony had avoided thinking of Elizabeth for a long time. He'd known ever since he was turned that she belonged with Electra's group; if only Electra had the capacity to take someone else's opinion seriously.

He continued pondering these things until he reentered the room. The first thing his mind turned to then was not Meg, but Nina, who lay on the couch half-conscious and writhing. It suddenly occurred to him that she was going to need to feed once she woke up, and for her first meal to be packaged blood just seemed like a cruel thing to do to her. She deserved fresh blood for her first meal.

Well, there's always the simpleton.

He looked at Caitlyn, seeing her squirming about and grunting in the chair with Sara's head buried between her legs. Though he had been planning on keeping her around, when he stopped to think about it he wouldn't really miss her. She was just a toy he picked up at the club, and throwing her away to feed his beloved Nina wasn't going to bother him.

Having decided that, he turned his attention to Meg, who was staring at him with desperately waiting eyes. "Are you ready for me now, Meg?"

"Yes master, I'm ready. Please fuck me now."

His cock twitched at those words. "Tell me what you want."

"I want you inside me, master. I want you to fuck me."

"You can do better than that."

"Please, master, please, I need your cock! I need it so bad, master. Please, just come inside me!"

Anthony happily discarded his robe, his cock standing ready as he climbed up on the bed and kneeling behind her. He stopped it right at her entrance, and when he heard her disappointed whimper, said, "Beg one more time."

"Please, master, I can't stand it, I'm so hot, I need you inside me now!"

"Good girl," he grinned as he slid into her warm, wet folds, getting her happy groan as a reward.


Even as Elizabeth grunted with pleasure and her fingers dug into Katrina's hair, she lifted one hand to look at the one thing she was still wearing: her watch. It was already half-past eleven. As much as she was enjoying herself now, she couldn't stay too much longer; she didn't want it to be too late when she knocked on Tyler's window. She would have to make sure not to get carried away.

Each night arriving at Annabelle's place, Elizabeth never knew if the night's activities would involve a Blood Rose lesson or simply fun and games. Tonight had turned out to be the latter. Annabelle had not invited the boys tonight, instead choosing to let the girls enjoy what they affectionately liked to call a "pussy party." Annabelle knelt over Monique's spread legs, expertly and quite enthusiastically servicing the ebony beauty with a big purple dildo, while Monique grabbed at her breasts and grinded her head against the floor. Charlotte had donned her favorite strap-on and was giving Rosanna a good doggy-style—and being quite the dominatrix, too, slapping Rosanna's ass and commanding her to scream louder.

Noemi and Miko, not surprisingly, remained focused on each other. They had actually been the start of the evening's entertainment: Annabelle had produced a double-dildo, and the Japanese sisters had gotten down on all fours and both slid onto one end of it, ass-to-ass. The girls had started out watching what would have almost looked like a girl getting fucked by a mirror if it weren't for the short pink hair on one end and the longer blue hair on the other. After they had each cum once—almost simultaneously—and the other girls started playing with each other, the sisters had shifted to sharing the thing while lying flat on their backs. After both cumming again, they had sat up, flipped the toy around, and stuck either end in their mouths. Then they had set the thing aside and started making out, which they still were now, legs intertwined, clits rubbing together, their mouths muffling each other's high-pitched little grunts.

Katrina's hungry tongue brought Elizabeth roaring to her second orgasm of the evening—the first having come from Charlotte's strap-on. Before Elizabeth's screaming mouth even had time to close, another girl's sex was shoved on it, awaiting her oral service. Elizabeth didn't need to look up to know it was Rosanna, nor did she even need to hear the southern lilt of the "oh baby, yeah!" that came from the girl's mouth when her tongue went to work on the pussy in front of her. She also didn't need to open her eyes to notice Charlotte come up behind Katrina and begin fucking the Russian hottie senseless even while Katrina continued her oral service of Elizabeth. Fortunately Katrina had great self-control, and her mouth kept doing its work uninterrupted while she moaned into Elizabeth's sex.

Within a few more minutes, a pleasured scream from Rosanna heralded the dam that burst over Elizabeth's face. Elizabeth's own orgasm came soon after, and then she heard Katrina's after that. Almost on cue, Monique added in with an "oh fuck, I'm cumming!"

Annabelle suddenly rose to her feet. "You girls keep playing," she said. "I'm going to go check on our guest." Then she turned and left. Elizabeth had almost forgotten about Kaeli...

And almost forgot about her again as all the girls—except for Noemi and Miko, who still remained locked in their own private bubble—ganged up and jumped Charlotte, who thus far had given plenty and received none. "It's your turn, sugah," Rosanna grinned, pulling off Charlotte's strap-on, while Monique came crawling over with Annabelle's dildo held ready in her hand. Hands and tongues went everywhere over Charlotte's body.

Elizabeth held back from the frenzy for a moment, looking again to her watch. Another seven minutes had passed. Maybe she could stay for another twenty or so. Then she dove in, getting a hungry mouthful of Charlotte's left tit.


Where am I?

Slowly Kaeli's eyes opened. Her vision was kind of choppy, and didn't see everything around her at once. Slowly, bit-by-bit, the room around her started falling into some kind of order. Her mind seemed to be in the same condition, too. Where she was and why she was here and what day of the week it was were still trying to come back to her. She was lying on a bed, she could tell that. On it, not in it; she was above the covers. She was also naked, fully exposed to the air.

And fully exposed the fingers that were gently touching her skin. She turned her head to look above her, and saw a woman's face looking down at her, putting a calming finger to her lips. It took a few seconds for Kaeli to attach the name Annabelle to that face. Kaeli hardly moved as Annabelle's soft touch glided across her bare arm, over her shoulder and ultimately cupping her breast. Kaeli breathed hard, and her skin tingled at the feel of the soft hand that gently squeezed her breast and pinched her nipple. She said nothing in protest or otherwise; as long as she looked at Annabelle's sparkling green eyes, she couldn't. She was a prisoner.


Enjoy yourself.

She couldn't tell if that was her own voice in her head or not, but her thoughts weren't cohesive enough to wonder about it as Annabelle's head lowered down and her tongue extended, beginning to run electrifying circles around Kaeli's nipple. Kaeli's eyes closed again, her breath coming out hard. Annabelle's tongue danced around one nipple, while her hand slid over to begin massaging the other. Kaeli's hand rose almost on its own to place itself on the back of Annabelle's neck. Where and when and why and how didn't matter right now; the only important thing was that she liked what Annabelle was doing and didn't want her to stop.

Annabelle's tongue began moving upward along Kaeli's body, while her hand began moving downward. Her tongue made warm, wet streaks along Kaeli's neck, rising up to her face; her hand gently slid over the flesh of her midsection, making Kaeli's heart speed up as the fingers came closer and closer to her sex. And at nearly the same moment that Annabelle's tongue was warmly welcomed and greeted into Kaeli's mouth, two fingers slid inside of Kaeli's opening with a thumb moving over her clit.

Kaeli held Annabelle to her as if they were lifelong lovers, their breasts flattened against each other, tit-to-tit. Her hips writhed about under Annabelle's titillating fingers making wonderful work on her sex. Her tongue explored all the recesses of Annabelle's mouth, from her tongue to her lips, feeling the shape of her teeth and the sharp points of her fangs...

Something about that set off an alarm in Kaeli's head; not enough for her to instantly assess why, but enough for her to suddenly break off the kiss. Nonetheless, she was still mildly disappointed when she felt Annabelle's fingers removed from inside her, but she soon forgot about that as she watched what Annabelle did then. Annabelle leaned her head to the side and drew a fingernail along her exposed neck, creating a line of blood that slowly oozed onto her flesh. Kaeli lifted her head to it, extended her tongue and tasted what Annabelle offered. It was metallic, coppery—and sweet. It was wonderfully sweet.

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