tagNovels and NovellasBlood, Sweat, & Fear Ch. 07

Blood, Sweat, & Fear Ch. 07


I stared at the scene below. The rocket lay on its side, the front tip mere inches from the cave wall, the slightly wider base with its multi-booster canisters at the opposite end of the room.

I had never seen a rocket close up before. I was fascinated by its size and repulsed at the thought of its possible uses.

Turning then, I stared at Miles’ profile. He watched the proceedings below in an intense interested manner. His eyes carefully surveyed the entire scene, watching each man work.

His hand tightened around mind. “Well Bess, what do you think of all this?”

“What’s it for Miles? What are you going to do with that rocket?”

An agonised scream rang out. Miles cursed under his breath. I followed the direction of his gaze. Horrified, I watched as the whip struck, leaving skin torn on the back of a man strapped spread-eagled on a vertical triangle. The fourth landed on the bloodied body, criss-crossing the others. He screamed, writing in pain.

“Martin? Oh my God! Martin!” I pulled my hand from Miles’ grip, then ran down the narrow stairway and raced across the chaotic cave floor to him. Two guards stepped in front barring my way. As I tried to push through them, they grabbed my arms pinning them behind my body.

“Let me go!” At my anguished scream, Martin turned his head.

“Bess. Bess is that you?”

“Yes Martin. It’s me.”

“Don’t worry Bess. It looks worse than it feels.” His tiny smile was short-lived as the whip landed again. All that escaped Martin was a groan followed by laboured breathing that hissed from his body.

My scream bounced off the walls. I hadn’t seen Miles arrive at my side, but his hard slap to my face left me in no doubt he was seriously angry.

“Tie her.” His curt order yielded instant results.

I struggled as one guard held me while the other bound my hands. The tie cut into the skin around my wrists but the blood oozing from Martin’s back overrode any pain I felt.

“Why are you doing this to him? What’s Martin done that deserves this kind of punishment?” I demanded answers from him.

Martin answered before Miles could speak. “I pissed him off a bit Bess.” I think he laughed then, but the whip landed and the odd gurgle sounded more like a pained moan.

“He caught me while you were swimming and washing yesterday. He knocked me out then dragged me here. He wasn’t happy when I let him know his precious secret would be common knowledge soon.”

The whip landed again. Martin grunted.

“Shut him up,” Miles growled.

“It’s too late Miles. They’ll be here soon no matter what you do to me.”

“Gag him now!” Miles demanded. A guard leapt forward tying a filthy piece of material around Martin’s mouth. His eyes glittered with hatred as the whip split his skin again.

“Are you insane?” I screamed at Miles.

“Hell yes.” His sneering laugh chilled me to the bone. “But I’m alive, and I’ll still be alive in ten years time unlike the majority of the world’s population.” He ran one fingertip along my jawbone, then traced my lower lip. “If you play your cards right Bess, you’ll still be alive too.” Repulsed at his touch I bit his finger hard.

“You bitch! You’ll pay for that! Give him another twenty!” He barked out the order to the whipper.

“No! Punish me! Not Martin! Me! He didn’t do anything. Oh Martin, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean…” The whip landed but the grunt never came. Martin had passed out.

Disgusted, Miles snorted and walked away. The guard shoved me forward. I followed, my mind spinning back to Martin’s words. He’d said ‘they’d’ be here soon. I wondered who he meant. Before I could think the thought through, I found myself pushed into a room foreign to the stinking hot barrenness of the cave rooms.

I stood gaping until the guard shoved me further into the room. The silence was incredible as he shut the doors. It was painful after so much noise.

“Welcome to my home,” Miles smiled as he walked across plush cream carpet to the drinks cabinet. He poured himself a whiskey and stood contemplating the contents of the glass.

I was too stunned to utter a word. The room was fantastic. The instant temperature drop had me shivering as my sweat soaked body cooled rapidly. An enormous tropical fish tank stretched the length of one wall. The pump inside was the only other noise in the room. Dozens of bright coloured fish gently glided through the rocks and plant-life. It was odd to feel the beginning stage of relaxation.

“Will you untie me?” I asked, our eyes meeting over the wet rim of his glass.

“You realise there’s no point running, no point tying to leave me, don’t you?” He sipped his whiskey.

“Yes I realise that.” I figured I’d be able to escape at some point, but it’d be easier if I complied with the madman’s wishes for the moment.

A slight nod and the guard cut the tie with his knife.

“You stink. The shower is through there, use it.”

I bit my tongue hard to stop from making a smart comment back at him. It was anger that brought the hot flush to my face. The guard pushed me across the room through a door. He pulled it shut behind me.

I should have been getting used to surprises. But the bathroom threw me totally. Everything was gold and white. The taps were gold. I looked closely at them and knew them to be real gold, not imitation. The shower was placed in the far corner of the room. I stepped tentatively forward and turned on the single tap. There were no walls to the shower, simply a moveable attachment on the wall and a grate hole on the floor. Steam from the shower rose. Automatically a ceiling grate gently sucked the wet air out of the room.

Like the other room, the bathroom contained no windows. But the two walls adjoining with the shower were floor to ceiling mirrors. They must have been heated, as the steam did nothing to fog them up.

I took my clothes off. I did stink, and although the clothes had been recently given to me, they stunk too. I placed them in a pile and walked barefoot to the shower. The hot water pelted down on my body. A dispenser placed on a shelf oozed a measured amount of green shampoo into my palm. Grateful at last to wash my hair properly, I almost moaned in pure pleasure as my hands massaged the shampoo against my head.

I thought I heard the door open and close, but when I turned to look there was nothing amiss. I held my head under the sprinkling water, letting the shampoo rinse right out. The swirl of bubbly water at my feet still looked filthy, so I repeated the shampooing. Rinsing out the shampoo, I followed with conditioner. The smell of fresh apples encouraged my stomach to grumble loudly. What I would give for an apple right now.

Blocking the thought of food from my mind, I held the soap against my body sliding it down slowly. I opened my eyes, my wet hair plastered against my head, my eyes wide and staring as I watched the soap glide over my skin. I lathered every inch of skin, until it shone pink in the mirror and then washed all over again just for the pure pleasure of being able to watch my hands in the mirrors.

As the soap slid over my heavy breasts, my nipples hardened. I used a little more shampoo, washing my pussy with it. Apple scent wafted around the room. My fingers moved gently between my legs, I bit my lower lip as I slipped one fingertip inside. It felt so good that I dropped the soap, slid to the floor of the shower area, then watched with fascination in the mirror as both hands brought my body to orgasm. The pink flush that covered my body was not due to the heat of the water but solely to the most beautiful orgasm I’d ever had. Watching my own hands as they played, stroked and then rubbed against my body, was a unique experience for me. My arousal had begun with the soap slipping across hardened nipples, and ended with one finger deep inside my body.

I relaxed, enjoying the feel of the water as it pelted from high above me, landing on my body. Closing my eyes, I gave myself up to simply feeling the peace surround me. I wondered what it would be like to have another person showering in such a huge room with me. I wondered what it would be like to hold and rub the soap erotically against their body, to lean forward at will and flick my tongue over their nipple… as I wished someone would do to mine.

My imagination shattered as teeth clamped down on one nipple. I hadn’t heard him enter the room. But Miles was on the floor beside me, the only part of his body touching mine were his teeth holding my nipple.

“Get off!”

His answer was to tighten his grip on my nipple. Pain sliced through my body.

“Ouch! Get off me!” I raised my hand ready to smack him across the face. I screamed as his teeth bit harder. My hand dropped to the floor.

“That’s better.” He spoke still with his mouth holding me. An electrical pulse zapped directly from my breast to my pussy as his tongue licked my nipple. His body was as wet as mine was. When his mouth closed over my nipple, I braced myself for the pain. Exquisite deliciousness filled me as he suckled. Instead of smacking him with my hand, I used it to hold his head against me.

Disappointment flooded me as his mouth moved away. Realisation struck quickly though as I felt his warm mouth moving lower, nuzzling between my breasts. His tongue flicked out, circling my belly button and moved lower. Such slowness taunted me. I knew where he was aiming; he took forever to arrive there. When he did, my moan was loud and left him in no doubt I enjoyed his ministrations. His tongue lapped my juices. When he’d cleaned them from me, he gently probed inside. The warm wet abrasion against my pussy lips had my hands holding his head pressing it against my body. He slipped his tongue out, licked upward and found my clitty. He played with her, stroking her with his tongue. She swelled under his attention. My body trembled and quickly he pushed his tongue deep inside. I came for him then. I heard him slurping and sucking my orgasm from me. My shuddering caused me to slip until I was lying on my back, his tongue still inside me, rhythmically moving in and out.

I couldn’t stop the shuddering; I lay there with the water hitting my body revelling in the magic his mouth played.

When eventually he lifted off me and stood up, my eyes were glazed over. I had let another man touch the most intimate part of my body. I didn’t loathe myself for it, nor did I loathe him.

“Get up.” Miles harsh voice ripped me back to reality.

I stood.

“Look what you’ve done.” He let his own eyes drop briefly to his fully erect cock.

My eyes followed, then quickly I looked back up.

“Yes Bess. It’s time now. Suck me off. Make me cum in your mouth.”

I wasn’t too sure I wanted to do it. For a kick-off, his cock looked like it would choke me, add to that the bitter taste of cum. I took a step back from him.

“Bess, either you do this voluntarily, or I force you. Which is it to be, it’s your decision.”

It didn’t take too long to toss the options. I knew he wouldn’t hesitate to hurt me if it meant I would do as he wanted. I fell to the floor of the shower, my knees against the hard floor. I had to hold his cock and bring it down to my mouth. I knew it would be more than a mouthful, the previous time in the jungle I had sat on top of him it had felt huge as he’d rubbed it against me.

Closing my eyes, I tentatively ran my tongue around his tip, his moan far above me sounded muffled. I opened my mouth for him, suckling slowly just on the tip. His moans encouraged me to take him deeper, his thrust pushed his cock right inside my mouth and I gagged as he hit the back of my throat. I pushed him away, but his strength pushed back and I felt his cock pressing harder against my throat until it slipped a little way down inside. I couldn’t breathe. My eyes were streaming salty tears. I pushed my hands against his legs hard, heard his awful sneering laugh as he pulled out of my mouth.

“Nearly got it right Bess. Stand up.”

I took a few minutes, trying to breathe deeply. The pressure to gag had been great and I tasted the nasty vomit reflex. I stood, drank deeply of the shower water until he pushed the tap off.

I shivered as a fluffy white bathrobe was placed over my shoulders from behind. Arms reached around and knotted the tie. I was pushed forward, back into the room with the fish tank.

I looked quickly towards the doorway, hoping it was open. I should have known it wouldn’t be. I heard a click beside me and part of one wall moved away revealing a bedroom. The huge bed looked so inviting, I realised I could have slept for a week. But I also realised I wouldn’t be allowed to.

Turning, I saw Miles wrapped in the arms of one of the guards. At least I thought it was a guard until I saw her face. Her naked body showed her bruising, but she leaned against him like a limpet to a rock. Lorris looked over his shoulder at me and to my surprise, winked.

She looked a lot cleaner than the pile of rags I’d seen her as, last. The wink surprised me totally. I didn’t think she’d have the strength to stand again, let alone hang off Miles’ body in such a manner.

Miles pushed her away, looking over at me. My startled expression evidently amused him as his laugh echoed around the room. He whispered something to Lorris; she left him and brought me a drink.

“Drink up Bess. The night’s young and you’ve lots to do for me.”

I took the drink from her, our hands touching. Our eyes met and hers seemed to be telling me to stay calm, that I’d be okay. Whatever she saw in my eyes satisfied her, for with a small nod, she backed away and stretched herself out on the bed.

I gulped the drink down knowing what the immediate future would hold. Placing the empty glass back on the cabinet shelf, I walked over to the bed. Miles sat himself on the only armchair in the room at the foot of the bed, leaned back and placed one ankle over his knee in the relaxed manner males tend to do.

Looking down at Lorris I discovered her natural hair colour was not unlike my own. Still the dyed blonde head colour seemed to suit her. I settled down on the bed beside her. I already knew the magic her mouth could bring for me. I didn’t stop her from undoing the tie of the bathrobe. When she opened it, I looked anxiously across at Miles.

“Relax dear. Enjoy it. You’re going nowhere until I say you may.”

I knew this for the threat it really was. With Martins lashings etched on my mind, I lay back on the bed. I stilled my circling thoughts and calmed my breathing. Lorris looked down at me.

“It’s okay Bess, I won’t hurt you. I love to touch your body. I love to feel its smoothness against my palm, like this.” She held my breast in one hand, squeezing it gently. I closed my eyes willing the tension to leave my body. A warm trickle ran down between my breasts. With my eyes wide, I sat up.

“Lay down Bess.” Miles ordered. “I think she needs to be tied and blindfolded Lorris. I don’t think she can be trusted not to move.”

“I promise I won’t move.” I hoped like hell that he wouldn’t have me tied again. I loathed not being able to move my hands.

“Too late Bess.” He grinned at me.

Too quickly Lorris moved. She grabbed one of my wrists and tied it to what I discovered was a ring on the headboard of the bed.

“Lorris, please don’t do this. Please don’t tie me.” I wasn’t beyond begging her not to do it.

“It’s okay Bess, I won’t hurt you. Trust me. I’m tying you up for your own good,” this as she grabbed my other wrist and tied it to the other ring. The rope she used rubbed against my already raw wrists. My head was a mere inch from the headboard.

“Lift your head Bess.” Miles ordered me from where he sat reclining.

I lifted my head to look at him. His smile widened as he watched Lorris covering my eyes with dark material and tying it at the side of my head. I let my head fall back, unable to see anything; I listened intently for what would happen next.

“Get the bar.” He ordered her.

She tied one of my ankles then the other, when I tried to move them I couldn’t bring them closer together. I swore then.

“Shit, bitch! What the hell are you doing to me? Get it off!”

“I can’t Bess. Lie still.” I knew she was serious. The slight quiver in her voice let me know just how scared she was of Miles.

“You know what to do Ms Smyth.” Somehow, his quiet instruction scared me to death.

Icy cold wetness landed on my breast. My gasp was swallowed as Lorris leaned over my body licking my lips with her tongue. When it slipped inside, I felt her warm tongue move over my teeth, and rub sensuously against my own tongue. The cold on my breast increased and seemed to move over my body. My nipples felt like they were climbing to get away from my body.

Her mouth left mine and I heard a kind of sloshing sound, moments before one nipple was tugged hard and something cold and metallic was placed over it. The other was tugged and the same feeling of cold metal pressed against me. The coldness was not too bad a feeling, but the tightness of the metal gripping my nipple caused me to arch my back and gasp. I became accustomed to the feeling.

Warm fingertips separated my pussy lips. Something told and metallic pressed against my tender clit. It felt like it was being squeezed or clamped. I writhed, trying to move away from it.

“Please stop Lorris. Please don’t do this any more. You’re hurting me. I want you to stop.”

“Gag her.”

She did as Miles bid her. A wad of cloth was placed in my mouth, I tossed my head from side to side to avoid being gagged but it happened regardless. She tied the gag firmly. All I could do was moan against the cloth. As she tied it, she whispered, “It’s okay Bess, just go with it hon.”

“Tighten that one.”

My clitty was squeezed. I grunted against the gag.

“Good. That’s better. I don’t want it falling off.”

The constant pressure of having my clitty squeezed had my pussy dripping in anticipation. The light pain I felt was turning me on. Heat flushed my face and neck.

“Ahh yes Bess, you’re feeling good. I can tell. Okay Ms Smyth, carry on.”

Something tickled against my thighs. It felt light and touched me so gently I almost cooed. Warmth covered my clitty. She was blowing warm breath against me. Warmth covered my nipple as she encircled it with her mouth, her tongue flicked over it very slowly. My back arched a little off the bed. She felt real good. I wanted the nipple sucking to go on forever. My pussy pulsed hard.

She sucked my nipple a little harder, taking it into her mouth.

Warm wetness on my pussy. Her mouth hadn’t left my breast. What was happening now? I couldn’t figure it. The whisky dulled my wits. It felt too good for me to worry about working it out. Something firm slid inside me and then slid back out. My clitty was pinched a little tighter. I grunted again at the surprised pain. She bit my nipple between her teeth. The cold wetness on my breasts began to warm. Something light rested against me. Something tightened on my other nipple. She took her mouth off and tightened something there too. The bed moved as she lifted herself off it.


I waited for either of them to move. Nothing happened. I breathed deeply, the gag tasted foul. My head rested back against the pillow. I could wait for whatever it was that he had planned next for me.

I leapt and screamed as an electrical charge zapped through my body. The charge zapped me again. After the third one, my numbed brain cells told me to stop screaming.

The zapping stopped.

“That didn’t take you long to learn Bess. Good girl.”

He was pure evil and there was nothing I could do. He was insane. God alone knew where Lorris had disappeared to. My breathing slowed again. I tried asking him to not hurt me. But the sound that came out made no sense to anyone. The gag took care of that.

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