tagErotic HorrorBloody Vampires! Ch. 06

Bloody Vampires! Ch. 06


It was just after sunset and Danny was relaxing alone on a large four poster bed in the luxurious home of the vampire called Christian.

Danny had come to Christian's elegant home with his neighbour Sylvia, who was also a blood sucking vampire. Danny and Sylvia had a neat little, mutually beneficial arrangement going where Danny would let the beautiful vampire drink a small portion of his blood, and in return Sylvia would give the eighteen year old mind blowing oral sex.

From what Danny could gather of their relationship, Sylvia considered Christian her brother. Both vampire's had been turned by the same 'elder' vampire, along with their somewhat frightening sister Anita.

Much like Danny allowing Sylvia to snack on small rations of his blood, the other two vampires also had human companions that provided them with their daily blood requirements. Danny wasn't quite sure of the relationships the vampires and their blood-providers had with each other, but he was pretty sure it wasn't as give and take as him and Sylvia.

Danny gave a sigh and tossed aside the newspaper he'd been reading. He was bored. Sharon, Christian's own blood-provider had left the house to run and errand for the vampire, and he hadn't seen Sylvia since she'd gone to sleep just before sunrise, several hours ago, and everyone else in the house seemed to be keeping to themselves tonight. Not that he would have particularly wanted to hang out with Anita or her creepy blood-slave Justin.

The eighteen year old sat up and stared at the painting on the far wall. It was an appropriately antique and gothic looking portrait of some old grey haired dude that looked like he was straight out of a 70's vampire movie. Christian's taste in furnishings was hardly subtle.

The old man in the portrait was kind of sinister looking. He had black eyes that had no white in them at all, making him look like he was blind or that his eyeballs had been removed.

Danny frowned at the painting and stood up, moving closer. The man's eyes looked weirder the nearer he got to the canvas.

"That's strange," Danny muttered allowed as he stood directly in front of the portrait. Up close it looked almost like the man's eyes were not part of the painting. Danny reached up and brushed his fingertips across the eyes. He could distinctly feel a slight ridge around the edge of the eyes.

"Fuck me," swore Danny. He grabbed hold of the ornate frame and tried to lift it up off the wall. It wouldn't budge. Danny shook his head and ran his fingers right around the edge of the mounting, trying to find anything out of place.

Danny shook his head and stepped back. Nothing.

The teenager glanced to his right at an antique wardrobe a short way along the wall. He walked over to it and pulled open the doors. Inside it was empty.

Danny stepped inside and pressed both hands against the back of the wardrobe. He gave a hard push and there was a distinct click. The teenager held his breath as he felt the back of the wardrobe sink inwards about an inch.

"Wow," he breathed as he pushed the back of the wardrobes and it slid away to the left revealing a dark opening behind. "This is some Scooby doo shit."

Danny stepped inside the secret passage, pulling the wardrobe door closed behind him. Inside it smelt old and musty, and was black as night.

"Shit," Danny muttered to himself as he scrambled around in his pocket and pulled out his cellphone. The teenager pressed a button to light up the phone's screen and give him just enough light to look around inside the secret back of the wardrobe.

The secret passage stretched out along the wall, back towards the strange painting as Danny had suspected. It was quite narrow and cramped, but he slowly made his way along the passage to the location of the portrait. Danny shone the light from his phone on the wall and spotted a small sliding panel at eye-level.

Danny slid aside the panel revealing two small holes. He leant forward and peeked through. Sure enough he was looking in on the bedroom through the eyes of the old man in the portrait.

"Scooby Dooby Doo," murmured Danny in awe, unable to stop a broad grin from spreading across his face. This was fucking cool.

Danny shone his phone screen further along the passageway; it definitely seemed to continue on into other parts of the house.

Filled with curiosity, Danny made his way deeper along the secret passage, this time taking care to stay as quiet as possible. Every few feet he used the light from his phone to check the wall for more viewing panels, and it wasn't long before he found one.

Danny winced as the panel made a slight scraping noise as he opened it. His heart thumping in his chest, Danny leant forward and peered, presumably through another portrait's eyes, into another bedroom.

The teenager's throat went dry as he immediately spotted Anita and her blood provider Justin on a bed on the far side of the room.

Justin lay on his back, stripped to the waist, his pale, scrawny chest left bare. Lying on top of the barely-conscious looking young man, the vampire Anita had her face buried in Justin's neck.

Danny's blood ran cold as he watched the scary vampire drinking on her slave's blood. He could hear the slight slurping noise of Anita's feasting, as well as a quiet, feeble moaning coming Justin. There was no sign of any pain on Justin's face, in fact he almost looked stoned, his glazed over stare looking straight up at the ceiling.

Danny swallowed and licked his lips as he spied on the feeding vampire. Anita definitely seemed to be drinking deeper and for far longer than Sylvia ever drank on Danny's blood.

The chilled teenager noticed for the first time that Anita wasn't wearing a lot as she lay over Justin. In fact, Anita was dressed only in a red satin bra and g-string, her curvy, artificially tanned body almost naked.

Lying on top of Justin, drinking his blood with her knees tucked up beneath her, Anita's shapely round ass was jutting out straight towards Danny's viewpoint. The toned, well-formed globes of the vampire's buttocks were perfectly framed by the skimpy strip of her satin g-string, and despite the horrific scene of her gorging on blood, Danny still felt a stirring in his loins at the sight of Anita's flawless posterior.

Danny couldn't help but remember the feel of the beautiful blonde vampire's body pressed against his back the night before while Sylvia was drinking his blood. He also remembered stumbling upon the frightening vampire earlier that day with Sharon, and the feel of his hard cock sliding in out and of her wet mouth, millimetres from those dangerous looking fangs that were now sunk into the flesh of Justin's pale throat.

Suddenly there was a flash of red as Anita lifted her mouth up off Justin's neck and started to turn towards the wall Danny was peeking through. Danny jerked his head hurriedly away from the eye holes, his heart hammering in his chest. Had she seen him? Shit, she was a vampire, she could probably sense his presence or smell his blood pumping or something.

Danny remained frozen in the narrow secret passage, trying to remain as still and quiet as possible. He strained his hearing for any sign of movement in the bedroom beyond the wall.

Eventually he heard a rustling and some movement and decided to risk a look.

Back in the room, Anita had climbed off her pale human blood source. Justin looked even whiter than normal, lying motionless on the bed with a dark red smear across the side of his neck and his upper chest. It certainly looked as though Anita had drunk a hell of a lot of his blood.

The gorgeous, lingerie-clad vampire was on the other side of the room, wiping her mouth with a bloody towel. Danny licked his lips, admiring the firm round bubbles of her g-string clad ass. She had a spectacular body, somehow voluptuous and athletic at the same time.

Not wanting to push his luck any further, Danny closed the spy panel and moved on as quietly as possible. If he was going to get caught spying, Anita was the last person in the world that he wanted to get caught by, even if she was smoking hot. He wondered briefly what she would do to him if she even suspected what he'd done to her while she was asleep.

Using the light from his cellphone, Danny made his way further along the secret passage. He found two more eavesdropping panels, both of which looked in one empty rooms within the mansion. A third and final spy panel was near what looked like the end of the secret passage.

Danny slid open the final panel and peered through the eyes of whatever portrait was on the wall of this last room.

The eighteen year old found himself looking into Christian's bedroom. To his surprise, the male vampire was not alone. Sylvia was with him.

Just like Anita and Justin, Sylvia and Christian were lying together on the bed. Like Anita, Sylvia was also dressed only in lingerie, a lacy black bra and French style panties. Sylvia was not sucking Christian's blood, however she was sucking.

Where Justin had been naked from the waist up, Christian was naked from the waist down. The middle aged vampire wearing a black silk shirt and nothing else. Sylvia, Danny's gorgeous neighbour was bent over the other vampire's lap, Christian's hard cock in her soft hand and her mouth wrapped around the head of his hard shaft.

Danny swallowed as he watched Sylvia's mouth bob over the vampire's erection, the tight seal of her lips sliding up and down his hard shaft.

Although Danny and Sylvia were by no means exclusive, or even a couple, Danny felt an instant surge of jealousy. Never mind the fact that Danny's cock had been in both Sharon and Anita's mouth that morning, he still wasn't happy to see his beautiful personal cocksucker slurping on someone else's penis.

Christian, on the other hand, seemed very happy to have Sylvia's mouth on his cock. The dark haired, middle aged vampire gave a groan of appreciation as the younger vampire bobbed her head rapidly over his lap, his hard cock sliding in and out of her wet mouth.

Christian had one hand on the back of Sylvia's neck, guiding her faster up and down on his prick.

"She's going after Victor tonight," Christian said. It was the first words that had been spoken since he'd entered the secret passage, and Danny found he could hear very clearly from behind the wall.

Sylvia lifted her mouth up off Christian's cock. "She is?" the gorgeous vampire sounded surprised by Christian's statement. Danny had no idea who Victor was or what they were talking about.

Sylvia stroked Christian's cock in her soft hand and Danny got a decent look at it for the first time. Christian was big. Definitely bigger than him. It didn't help the eighteen year old feel any better about his personal cocksucker sucking on another man's cock, when the other cock was considerably bigger than his.

"Are we going with her?" asked Sylvia. The black haired vampire started licking the head of Christian's cock with her agile tongue as she continued to stroke the lower part of his thick shaft with her hand.

Christian gave a groan as Sylvia's tongue teased the underside of his hard shaft and swirled around the slit in the head of his cock.

"No. Victor knows me and he'll see me coming," Christian replied.

"What about me?" asked Sylvia, punctuating the question by plunging her mouth back down over his cock and sucking deeply on him.

Christian stroked the top of Sylvia's bobbing head. "No, I need your help with something else tonight."

Christian reached down with both hands and pulled Sylvia's mouth off his cock. He lifted her up so that she was straddling him, his hard cock pressed tight against her panty-clad mound. Christian ran his hands down Sylvia's back, cupping and squeezing Sylvia's ass and pulling her tightly against him.

Danny frowned as he spied on the vampires, watching Christian's hands slide up between them to squeeze Sylvia's ample breasts through her bra. Were they going to fuck? Until now, Danny had only been able to get his dick into Sylvia's mouth, barring a brief titfuck the previous night. He'd been desperate to get into her pussy and now it looked as though Christian was going there, lucky bastard.

Sylvia gave a moan as Christian's hand shifted between her thighs, fumbling at her panties. They both gave a louder groan as Sylvia was lifted up and then slowly lowered on Christian's big cock. They held each other tightly as his cock spread the lips of her pussy apart and slid smoothly inside her.

Christian's hands shifted to Sylvia's hips as she started to ride his cock, her hips rolling as she straddled him and began to move up and down on his hard shaft.

Danny rubbed his own suddenly stiffening crotch as he watched the two vampire's fucking. He would have given anything to be underneath Sylvia in Christian's place. He could clearly hear the slapping of flesh on flesh as the buxom dark haried vampire bounced on Christian's lap.

"Fuck you're tight!" groaned Christian, his own hips hunching up off the bed to meet the movements of Sylvia's hips.

Christian reached up and pushed the straps of Sylvia's bra down off her shoulders, tugging on the lacy cups so that her ample breasts popped free. As Sylvia continued to ride his cock, Christian leant forward to suck on one of her hardening nipples, pressing his face into her cleavage.

"Uh!" Sylvia moaned, clutching Christian's face into her bosom and grinding herself down into his lap, his big cock filling her pussy. She felt the other vampire run his tongue up the length of her cleavage, then she bent forward to meet his mouth with a hungry kiss.

Danny's breathing was a little faster as he watched the pair kissing and fucking. He wondered briefly what their kiss would be like with all those sharp fangs and tongues. Their bodies were moving together faster and faster, and from his vantage point it looked like they were approaching a climax.

Sylvia arched her body backwards, leaning right back so that Danny could see straight over her shoulders, the upward thrust of her ample melons visible as she bent her body back towards him and away from Christian.

The male vampire pushed upwards with his hips, driving his cock deep into the bent over female vampire. Christian reached up with both hands, covering Sylvia's generous jugs and squeezing them tightly.

"Oh Christian!" Sylvia cried out loudly, her lithe body lurching in the male vampire's lap.

Christian squeezed Sylvia's big tits as she moaned noisily, her body rolling from side to side and her eyes closed in pleasure.

Suddenly Christian's hands shifted from her breasts, sliding around her and pulling her back up into his embrace. The middle aged vampire gave an almost animalistic growl as he clutched Sylvia against him and his cock surged inside her.

Danny was pretty sure that Christian was shooting his load into Sylvia's pussy, the couple holding each other tight and rocking erratically on the bed as they both orgasmed.

Deciding that he'd seen enough, Danny pulled back from the peephole, feeling slightly bitter and jealous at what he'd just seen. Sylvia had clearly been enjoying fucking her so called 'brother'.

The eighteen year old turned the light on the screen of his phone back on and started to slowly make his way back down the secret passageway towards his own room. Creeping as quietly as possible he returned to the closet in his room and stepped through the doors, relieved to finally get out of the extremely narrow and cramped confines of the passageway.

Sighing loudly he closed the wardrobe doors and turned back into the bedroom. Danny's sigh turned into a sharp intake of breath as he saw Anita standing right in the doorway of the bedroom.

"You're coming with me," ordered the blonde vampire, her cool gaze narrow and dangerous. She was no longer wearing only lingerie, but had dressed in a short, black leather skirt and jacket, sexy fishnet stockings and high heeled knee-high boots. It was the first time Danny had seen her looking even remotely vampire-like.

Danny swallowed. "What?"

Anita showed no sign that she was in the slightest bit bothered by the fact that he had been in the secret passageway. In fact Danny couldn't even tell if she knew what was inside the wardrobe or had even seen him come out of there. But despite her business-like indifference, he couldn't help but feel a mix of guilt and fear at being seemingly caught red handed.

"We're going after Victor," Anita told him, speaking as if the name should have meant something to him. Surely she couldn't have known that he'd overheard Sylvia and Christian talking about Victor?

Anita moved forward, crossing the gap between them almost unnaturally fast. She pressed something into his hands. It felt cold and hard.

Danny looked down and saw that it was a gun.

The eighteen year old swallowed nervously. Suddenly, whether or not Anita knew he'd been spying on her and the other vampires seemed like the least of his worries.

"W-who's Victor?" asked Danny, unable to stop the slight tremor in his voice.

"He's the one who killed father," Anita replied, a slight glint of anger in her tone.


The powerful motorcycle gave a throaty roar as Anita accelerated through the dark city streets.

Danny clung tightly onto the waist on the blonde haired vampire, unable to enjoy the feel of his crotch pressed snugly into her firm round ass because he was currently scared half to death. Whether it was the speed or the vampire herself that scared him, he couldn't say for sure. Probably both.

Presumably Anita could see and knew where she was going, because with the bike's headlamps turned off he couldn't see a thing. Vampires had magical night vision right?

The stunningly beautiful vampire raced the bike through the gloomy streets, darting through other traffic at alarming speeds. Danny could do little more than clutch tightly up behind her and pray they didn't hit anything or go too fast around a tight corner. They didn't even have helmets on.

The eighteen year old felt himself suddenly pressed forward against Anita as the bike skidded to a sudden stop on the corner of the next street. Anita placed one high heeled boot down on the street to balance the bike as she stared down the street. Her long legs looked spectacular in her fish-net stockings and short, black-leather skirt.

"What is it?" Danny whispered.

"That hotel," explained Anita, nodding to a run-down building about half way down the street. "Third floor. Victor's in there."

Danny swallowed, "are you sure?"

"The guy outside in the long coat is a guard," Anita told Danny. He looked more like a bum, but Danny took her word for it. "And see the windows on the third floor?"

"They're all blacked out," replied Danny in realisation. The windows looked as though they'd been painted over or covered with black panels from the inside. Now that Anita had pointed it out to him they looked out of place compared to every other floor.

"I guess you're more than just a pretty face after all," remarked Anita.

Danny had no time to reply as she gunned the bike's accelerator again and they shot off in the opposite direction. Danny clung on to the curvy blonde for dear life as they sped right around to the opposite side of the block and Anita skidded to a stop down a narrow alleyway that seemed to lead back towards the shabby hotel were Victor presumably was.

"So what do we do?" asked Danny, nervously fingering the gun that Anita had given him back at Christian's house and was now tucked into the waistband of his jeans. He wasn't quite sure why she'd even brought him along at all, it wasn't like he'd be much use in a gunfight, or any sort of fight for that matter.

Anita pointed at the fire-escape near the opposite end of the alley. "You. Up there. Wait on the third floor," Anita climbed off her bike, Danny couldn't help but admire how good she looked in that short leather skirt and those fishnets. "I'll take care of the guard."

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