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Blowing David


David was one of my first fuck-buddies. It seems a little strange to call him that, actually, because he never once put his dick in my pussy, but he did make me suck him off hundreds of times. He turned me into his little blowjob slut, ready to drop to my knees at any time, anywhere.

He was an older guy, had a grown-up daughter about my age. We worked together occasionally, became good friends before I ever considered doing anything sexual with him.

One night after work we went out for dinner. We drank a bottle of wine between us, then went back to his place, where we climbed up on the roof with two joints. My resistance being higher than his I ended up smoking most of the second myself.

He urged me not to drive home, so I let him set up the sofa bed for me.

I stirred in the night, and when I let one eye peep open I saw David standing watching me from the bathroom door. Before he noticed me I had time to see his pyjamas were bulging.

He noticed I was half awake and jumped, saying, "Sorry, I was just on my way to the bathroom."

"To do what?" I asked impishly.

"What do you think?" he answered, grumpy at being busted.

"You'll have to wait for that to go down," I observed, gesturing at his erection, which jumped.

I traced the outline of his cock through his cotton boxers, then gripped it, feeling it throb as it stiffened further.

As I tugged his shorts down I smiled up at him, letting his cock bounce up and slap me in the face. Unable to resist, I engulfed the head in my mouth before I pulled his boxers all the way down, keeping my lips tight around him as he stepped out of them.

I began to suck on him, slowly, sexily, bobbing my head back and forth along his shaft, eyes closed as if nothing else in the world mattered. I heard him sigh, then growl softly over the gentle sounds of me sucking tenderly on his big dick.

"Mmm, that feels so nice!" he murmured, looking down as I ministered lovingly to his throbbing organ. "You're so good at that."

"That's because it's my favourite thing in the world to do, sweetie," I replied before I wrapped my lips once more around his heavenly shaft.

I continued to pleasure his cock, listening to his heavy breathing and the sounds of my sloppy, lazy lips slurping and sucking around his slick shaft. It was a perfect moment, he was getting an unexpected blowjob, and I had a cock to suck for no reason other than that I love sucking cock and took the opportunity.

He didn't touch me, just stood at the foot of the bed and allowed me to suck him as I wanted, to lick up his precum and taste it, to explore him with my tongue at my leisure, and to ease his cock into my throat and bury my nose in his pubic hair. I did all of that, thoroughly enjoying the process of pleasing him orally.

Then, as I was tickling his balls with my fingers and slowly milking the length of his shaft with my lips I felt him tense up, and suddenly he was filling my mouth with his sperm as he let out a long, low growl. I scooped up the overflow from my chin, and looked up at him cheekily to show him my mouth full of his big load before I swallowed it with obvious enjoyment.

"That was really good, babe, thanks," he whispered, smiling down at me.

"Any time, David," I replied. "I mean it, just let me know and I'll give you another one."

"I'm gonna take you up on that," he warned as he wandered off to the bathroom to do what he originally came downstairs to do.

Blowing David for Breakfast

The morning after I first sucked his cock I woke up naked in David's spare bed. I climbed the stairs to his bedroom, looking for him, and eventually found him in the kitchen wearing a towel and cooking scrambled eggs. I said I would take a shower, but he told me to eat breakfast first, while it was hot. I got his dressing gown from his bedroom and wrapped the heavy robe around me as I went out onto his balcony into the warm sun.

The view wasn't much, just out over David's little courtyard where he parked his car, then a laneway behind that which provided access to the back of all the shops one street over. David soon appeared, still in just a towel, with a steaming plate.

"Full cooked breakfast," he said, putting down the plate, "Eggs, bacon, sausage, tomato and toast."

I thanked him and started to eat, and after a few mouthfuls naively asked, "Where's the sausage?"

He opened up his towel to flash at me, his back to the street, and I burst out laughing. He just stood there holding the towel open until I stopped, then took a step toward me. God, that cock looked so irresistible!

"Well, I did promise," I murmured as I leaned forward, lifting his tumescent dick and slipping it into my mouth. Taking advantage of his soft state, I slurped the whole thing into my mouth and began to massage it using my tongue, feeling it grow, harden, and slowly push its way into my throat. I massaged him with my throat as long as I could, enjoying the surprise on his face that gave way to pleasure, until his dick got too stiff to stay in there in that position.

I pulled off, gasping for air, leaving thick strings of saliva and precum joining my mouth to his cock. I reached for his shaft with one hand while the other began to fondle his balls as I started to suck passionately on his knob. After a few minutes of slurping he surprised me by dropping the towel, leaving him naked in the sun, his back facing the delivery entrances of all the shops. I felt my pussy get wet and sticky as I imagined the view anyone coming out for a cigarette break would get, knowing that if they looked carefully enough they'd see my knees and shoulders behind him, and they'd know he had a slut sucking him off on his balcony.

He took my head between his hands, gently holding it steady as he slowly began thrusting his cock in and out of my lips, varying the depth. I let him take control, and let go of his rigid shaft, running my fingers down my neck and over my breasts, pulling on my nipples as I gazed up into his eyes.

"You like that, huh?" he asked. I made a muffled, incoherent but affirmative noise.

"You my little blowjob slut?"

I moaned, a little louder, enjoying the exhibitionism now.

"Like how it tastes?" he asked, letting go of my head, allowing me to pop his cock loudly from between my lips and, between gasps, moan loudly, "God, yes! Give me more of that delicious cock!"

Grabbing his cock by the root I plunged it into my mouth, wrapping my lips tight around the hot shaft, my cheeks caving in as I sucked hard on it. I bobbed my head, pumped him with my hand and caressed his balls. My mouth sucked and slurped and licked and slobbered, my whole being focused on releasing his load of cum. I was proud of my cocksucking skills, but he had me on my knees for forty-five minutes, working hard.

Eventually he threw back his head and grunted, and I felt his body move, and before I knew it he had pulled his cock out of my mouth and with a series of loud groans was spraying my face with semen.

"Like that cum?" he asked me. I nodded. "I'm gonna hold on and make you really earn every drop from now on."

The idea of sucking him for ages at a time stirred something within me. I knew I'd be spending a lot more time with that big cock in my mouth. He stepped around me, leaving me kneeling in the morning sun on his balcony, exposed, cum-coated and happy. As he stepped inside he said, "You'll probably want to take that shower now, slut."

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no nice

When a girl pleases you you don't treat her like a slut.

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Thanks for that. Love your wanton sluttiness.

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