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Blowing the Card Game


I would like to thank SanguineAffair for editing this. All mistakes are still mine though. Everyone in this story is over 18. I welcome comments as to help improve my writing. If you have something bad to say, please make it constructive.

It is funny how one card can change your life. I and three of my friends would regularly play poker at one of our houses. The stakes were never for very much, just a chance to get together and have some beer and bullshit. We started having these private games after trying to enter a tournament at a local bar. The people there took it way too seriously, and we were only interested in having fun. So we started having our own private party. Our wives would join us at these get-togethers.

I went to the University of Washington in Seattle, where I met Jack and Dan. I started dating Cindy and Cindy introduced Cathy to Jack. Cindy and Cathy were roommates in college and Dan and I were roommates. Dan met Becky after we graduated. Mark was a friend from high school and had dated Sarah all through his senior year. They married shortly after graduating. Jack, Dan and I all stayed in Seattle and got jobs after graduating college. Mark stayed in Seattle as well and I introduced Mark to the other two, and all of our wives became good friends.

The one problem playing poker for no real money or consequences is one doesn't take things too seriously. While we didn't want the games to be serious, we did want some effort put into the game. This lack of effort meant the games ended quickly. So one particular evening, as the eight of us sat around after a game, Dan bitched about the stakes being too low. I wasn't too keen on betting large amounts of cash and said as much.

Mark said it didn't have to be money it could be something that the losers would find embarrassing. He suggested making the first one out wear a dress to the mall. Cathy, who was quite drunk this evening, suggested instead of dressing like a woman the loser should give the others a blow job. The ladies all loved this idea.

Cindy, my wife gave me blow jobs, but she wasn't big on them and said to me, "I think it is a great idea, you always want one, now you will know what it is like."

I am not sure which of the guys first agreed to it. The thought was we could do it one time and see how it changed the game. It would raise the stakes very high and we would not worry about money. Still, that night, we didn't do anything. Everyone decided to go home and think on it before any decisions were made.

Cindy and I drove home that night and discussed the issue. She told me, "I really want you to know what it is like and I think it would be hot. You always told me in college you wanted me and Cathy to get in on. You told me we should experiment."

"It is hot when two sexy women have sex," I said, smiling.

"It's all a matter of perspective," she replied.

"It doesn't matter. The guys won't agree to it."

Two weeks later we were all together and getting ready for the game. I thought the issue had been put to rest, but Cathy wanted to know if the loser was going to give a blow job to the rest. Jack announced, "I have thought about it and think a one-time thing might be interesting."

I knew that Cathy had to have been working on him for the last two weeks. Jack has always said that she loves giving blow jobs. The other guys agreed to it as well, which surprised me.

"I really don't want to give a single blow job, let alone three," I protested.

"Well don't be the first one out then," Jack replied, laughing.

Reluctantly, I agreed, not really feeling like I had much choice left to me. After the game, the loser will start with the first place finisher then go onto the second and third. Everyone would sit on the couch with their wives, so that the loser could get to all the guys and the women would be able to see the action. Everyone agreed to the conditions, and the challenge was set.

So we start playing, and the game does last longer now that the stakes are higher and everyone is taking it more seriously. We all are folding a lot more than normal and the pot never get very big. After several hours I am down and getting nervous, when I get an Ace and a Jack. I'm not the best at knowing the odds, but I've got a good hand, so I decide to go all in. Jack calls it and he doesn't have many more chips than me. If I won, he'd be almost out of chips, so he'd be first out.

I smiled as I flipped over my cards and show a full house, Aces over Jacks. I am pretty happy and watching Jack, trying to read his face. Finally he flips his cards over and my jaw drops. He flips over an Ace and a Queen. I was out.

"I need a drink, something besides beer."

Jack got me a whiskey and I down it. The ladies take me to the living room where I can sit on the couch and wait. I am handed another whiskey and I take a smaller drink this time. Cindy tries to comfort me, assuring me I will be okay.

"I can't do it," I said, feeling a bit panicky.

"You have to, you promised. The others were all willing, and it's not going to kill you. Besides, you may enjoy it." Cindy said, trying to console me.

"I can't!"

"If you can't then I can't give you a blow either." Cindy threatened.

When the game was over, Mark came out and said that Jack was first, he was second and Dan was last. Somehow, Jack turned his game around and came back from being last, winning the game.

Numbly, I let Cindy help me up from the couch and the next thing I know, Jack is dropping his pants and sitting down where I had just been. Cindy had me kneel in front of him, and sat down next to Jack, on his right. There was a lot going through my mind at this point. How could I have agreed to this? I'm not gay! I wasn't sure how I was ever going to be able to suck one cock, much less all three, but I had no choice. I'd given my word, and I'd lost the game.

Looking at Jack's cock nervously, I could feel my chest tighten, my heart rate speeding up. His penis was slightly larger than mine, about eight inches and thick. It was a penis any man would be proud of. I took hold of his cock and finally, feeling another man's cock in my hand for the first time.

My mouth started to descend to his cock; I am going to suck a cock. The tip touched my lip; I am going to suck a cock. I open my mouth and let it slide in; I am sucking a cock. I heard several gasps and quiet giggles from the ladies watching. The other guys were quiet, but I could feel their eyes on me. I knew they were watching intently, too.

It felt smooth in my mouth. Each of the other three guys was willing to do this, I reminded myself. I was suddenly very glad that I was clothed and kneeling between Jack's legs, because my own cock was rock hard. The excitement of being watched, and doing this new thing was certainly having an effect on me. I still wasn't sure that I was very comfortable with all of it, but I knew I could do it, and maybe some small part of me wanted to.

I started running my tongue around the head of his cock, tasting him, and slid my mouth down over his shaft, my head bobbing with the movement. When Jack started to moan quietly, I started to get more into it. The sense of power I got from knowing that I was getting him off with my mouth was pretty intense.

When I watch women giving blow jobs in porn, or when it's my wife, I like watching them bob up and down. I liked to see them get into it. I wanted to show the group how well I could do this. I really started working my mouth on him then, lips and tongue sliding over his length, sucking hard on him. Jack was starting to move his hips, thrusting up against my mouth, pushing his cock deeper in. At this point someone was running their hands through my hair. I couldn't believe I was actually enjoying this. I loved the feel of it in my mouth, I loved knowing that my wife was watching, I could hear her whispered words of encouragement, and I could tell just by the sound of her voice that she was getting off on it.

My dick was so hard, it was hurting, I needed to get off. I tightened my lips around his shaft and pushed my mouth further onto his cock, sucking hard on him. With a few good thrusts into my mouth I felt Jack tense just before he started to come. He let out a ragged groan and started shooting his seed into my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could, surprised to find that I enjoyed the taste of it. Finally he relaxed, and I drew back and got to my feet.

I am so horny, I need another dick. Mark and Sarah took the place of Jack and Cathy. Wasting no time, I knelt quickly and took Mark into my mouth and started working on pleasuring him. Mark is a little smaller than me, but he still felt good in my mouth.

Grabbing my head, Mark started fucking my mouth, using me as a sex toy for his pleasure. I wanted to be the one in control, but I am okay with being used. This is a new experience, but I am enjoying it. Feeling his cock sliding in and out of my mouth is too much for me, and I start to come in my pants, without ever having to touch my own cock. I do not know how long Mark fucked my face, but he finally tensed up and I got another mouthful of cum. I really did love the taste and swallowed all of it.

I waited for Dan to get into position and when he did, I once again wasted no time, kneeling down and taking him into my mouth. I realized this was the last one, but I was enjoying this too much. I didn't want this to be over. I continued to stroke his cock and soon I felt him go stiff. I didn't need to swallow this load, I only needed to do two, but this is my prize. This is what I worked for. Tightening my lips on him, I sucked harder, my head bobbing as I sucked until he was exploding into my mouth.

I stood up and told Dan he was really quick and didn't last as long as the others.

Laughing, Cathy said, "He took twice as long as the others, you must have really been into it."

Becky giggled and added, "You enjoyed that. You were really into it, that's why you thought it went so fast."

I didn't know what to say. Finally I shrugged, mumbling, "It didn't kill me. I am not about to start dating guys, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be." Cindy handed me another drink and I met her eyes trying to get a sense of what she was thinking, to no avail.

Soon after we decided to break up as it was very late.

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