tagLoving WivesBlue Fantasy Ch. 3

Blue Fantasy Ch. 3


The sexual tension and anticipation hung like a thick fog in the house that day. His wife, obviously pre-occupied with the thoughts and fears of her first bi-sexual experience, wandered aimlessly around the house making it presentable for their guest that evening. By noon, the place was acceptable and she told him she needed some time alone to work on getting herself ready. Her voice was a little strange; her demeanor somewhat distant, and he realized that she too could not get her mind off of the wet kisses, soft breasts, hard nipples, and juicy pussy that would soon be hers to enjoy.

"OK honey, you get yourself all dolled up for tonight. Relax, enjoy a nice bath, and pick out something really special to wear," he said as he winked and grabbed her ass. "I'll give you a little space. "

"Thanks babe," she said absentmindedly looking in the mirror and fluffing her thick blonde hair around her face. "Why don't you pick up a couple of bottles of champagne while you're out... just in case your friend Blue would want something to break the ice. " He nodded as he turned to leave thinking Blue wasn't really the one she was worrying about.

It was early yet and he had plenty of time to kill. While in the garage, he decided to relax a bit and have a joint to calm his nerves. He was on edge for, although he had fantasized about a threesome for many years, the reality that it was going to happen TODAY was still unbelievable. He rolled an oversized doobie and proceeded to very stoned. The pot relaxed him but did not distract him from such images as fucking Blue while she ate his wife's dripping pussy or both women chewing on his hard cock at the same time or fucking his wife up the ass while she buried her face in Blue's cunt or jacking off all over both women's bodies while they 69'd each other or...

Just then, there was a noise outside. Shit! He jumped from his chair, his heart beating rapidly from the startle, and his sleepy daydream state quickly dissipated. He had a raging hard on as he peeked outside and noticed it was only the mailman putting mail in their box. He chuckled nervously and he gripped his dick which had tented in his jeans. He pushed it down the left leg of his pants and stroked it a few times. "Just wait big fella," he thought. He went to get the mail to take it inside.

After having dropped the mail on his desk, he walked back toward the bedroom. He stopped at the doorway, but did not go in when he caught a glimpse of his wife. She was standing naked in front of their full-length mirror admiring herself. She could not see him watching her as she held her breasts up to the mirror with both hands. She was looking at them judgingly obviously wondering if Blue would approve. His wife has nicely shaped, round, 38C tits with very red areolas about two inches in diameter. Her nipples are her assets. They are not too big around, just right actually, are very sensitive, get very hard, and are unusually long. When he teases and manipulates them long enough, they can get so long and hard that she can almost endure torturous pain, and cries out for more when he twists, and pulls, and pinches them, sometimes surprisingly hard.

She squeezed her full breasts, rolled them around, and then bounced each one in her hands. He saw her run her thumbs over each nipple and bring them to life. Her legs spread and she began a funny squatting motion, slowly up and down so she could watch her pussy open and close. He thought that she should be proud of what she was seeing.

She dropped her hands from her tits and put each one on her ass cheeks. This was a mesmerizing scene and his dick throbbed mercilessly down his pants leg. He squeezed and stroked it slowly through his pants as he watched his wife rhythmically squat and stand before the mirror. On each squat her hands would spread her ass from underneath and her hips would thrust forward, which made her pussy gape in the reflection and her asshole spread in his view. He worried he would come right then and there with the excitement of her not knowing he was watching her do this strange cunt exercise.

Pot made him horny and now it had him in an overly excitable state. While he thought he should probably wait and save the full allotment of ammo in his swollen balls, the combination of being stoned and secretly watching his naked wife made his will nonexistent. He pulled his thick meat from his pants and began to pump it with a lecherous look on his face.

His stroke became more vigorous when he saw what she did next. On her downward squat, inward thrust move, she reached her hands around and gripped each pussy lip with her fingers and pulled them out and wide open. He couldn't believe the force she was applying and how far they stretched. He could see her eyes were close now and with each squat she exhaled hard through exaggeratedly puckered lips which mimicked her exaggeratedly stretched pussy lips. He had never seen her or anyone else do such a thing before! He furiously banged his prick up and down, breath panting, drool forming and dripping down his chin. He could see her plainly see the reflection of clit when she pulled her lips out and apart. It was huge and swollen and glistened from the juices she had lathered up from this continued gripping and pulling of her labia. He noticed her juices had actually begun to drip with each squat and were puddling up on the carpet under her spread legs.

She was frantically pulling her pussy lips out now in rhythm with her squats. She was sweating fiercely and breathing heavily and each forward thrust of her hips became more fluid, more involuntary. He could not believe she was pulling so hard! Her fingers had dug deep and she had grabbed as much of her pussy skin as she could. He was amazed she was not going to rip herself apart. She started moaning loudly now and he knew she was going to come and come large! "Ahhhhhhh!... Ahhhhhh!... Ahhhhhh!," she rhythmically panted and yelled as she repeated the up-down-grip-pull masturbation routine.

Just then, in mid squat, she stopped. There was a momentary silence of her breathing and yelling. After one frozen second, which seemed an eternity, her dam burst! Her body was squatting fully, her hips were thrust obscenely forward, her ass cheeks were clenched tight, and her entire hands were literally deep inside each side of her cunt pulling herself open to what looked like a good six inches. From this open cave of tortured lust came a flood of clear liquid, spraying forth in a force he had not seen before. What appeared to be a pint of her come shot forward and sprayed the bottom of the mirror as she screamed at the top of her lungs: "OOOOOHHHHH FUUUCCCKKKK!... AAAAHHHHHH! He knew she could ejaculate, he had seen her. But this was unbelievable! He could hear the liquid sound rushing from her, and instantly he smelled the pungent aroma of this torrid of come. He then heard her screaming obscene things that shocked him and sent him over the edge.

"SUUUUCK THIIISSS BLUUUUUEEEE!! YOU GORGEOUS BITCH!! YOU FUCKING BEAUTIFUL LITTLE WHORRREEE!! DDDRIIINNKKKK MEEEEEE!!" she screamed as her hips spasmed forward in a lusting, humping motion at an imaginary face. Was that his shy wife he was hearing? The surprising dirty sights and sounds made the come in his balls boil upward and spew out of the head of his dick hot, rapid jets across the carpet. He pumped his cock like a piston, never taking his shocked eyes from his wife. He watched as she collapsed to her knees, her body drenched in sweat, and chest and back heaving from her erratic breathing. Hair blonde hair was wet and matted and hung in front of her pouting face. She slowly took her hands from her exhausted pussy, opened her eyes, and looked at herself in the mirror. She smiled and lay back on the carpet, her ass making a squishing noise as it settled in the wet puddle of come.

He too was on his knees squeezing the last bit of his come from the head of his cock. He was breathing shallow and as quietly as possible. He wanted to respect her privacy for he had seen her masturbate before, but never like that. He knew the fierceness she used sprang from her lustful anticipation of the night to come and from the fact she thought she was alone. He put away his still swollen dick and quietly snuck into the bathroom to get a towel to clean up the mess he left in the hallway.

She rose unsteadily after a few minutes and went to draw her bath. She poured her favorite lilac smelling bubble bath into the water and turned on the jets to the jacuzzi. She gathered a pair of scissors, her shaving cream, her razor, and a hand mirror from the pantry and then slide her 5'9" frame into the bubbling water. "Mmmmmm," she moaned softly as the hot bath water and bubbles settled around her body. She lifted her long left leg up on the edge of the tub and began the familiar routine of smoothly shaving any stubble off her legs. She thought again of Blue and decided she wanted to make herself as fresh, clean, and attractive as she could for this woman coming to her bed. She meticulously shaved her legs and armpits and cleaned ever inch of her body very thoroughly, both inside and out.

He wandered into the bath nonchalantly as if he had just got home... hoping to watch her bathe. He always enjoyed either sharing the bath with her or watching as she washed herself. She enjoyed it too and always let her exhibitionist tendencies run wild for him, washing her tits, pussy, and ass slowly and in his full view. Sometimes he would jack off while she washed and she would indulge him by running her soapy fingers inside her pussy and ass and talk dirty to him, telling him the details of how her probing fingers felt and urging him to come.

She was trimming her bush with the scissors when he walked in. She smiled, somewhat embarrassed, and told him how she wanted to be perfectly clean and hairless for Blue. He winked and said "Good idea. " His dick pulsed once in agreement.

She stood up in the tub and grabbed the shaving cream can. Her tits were covered in bubbles except convenient holes where her nipples peeked through. He noticed her pussy lips were stretched and hung slightly lower than normal. Their skin was also reddened from the gripping force he secretly knew she had applied. As she spread the shaving cream over her pubic hair, it dawned on him that her lips being stretched would make them much easier to shave completely. He stifled a chuckle.

She took the razor and quickly shaved where her bush had been leaving just a small crop of hair above the crack of her pussy. She spread her legs as far as possible in the tub and squatted slightly. He couldn't help but giggle a little as her position reminded him of watching her squat-masturbate moves from earlier. "What's funny?" she asked.

"Nothing honey," he lied. "I... I... just... umm... remembered I forgot the champagne. "

She smirked at him and then asked, "Darling would you mind?" as she took her fingers and pulled her lips out for easy shaving access. He understood and replaced her fingers with his, stretching her lips slightly out from her pussy. "Farther," she said. "Pull them out farther... they'll stretch. "

He pulled them way out and giggled again thinking "Boy, don't I know. "

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