11:48:54 AM - Tsujimoto: god i havn't blushed like this while talking to you in forever!

11:49:06 AM - Nakajima: :P

11:49:43 AM - Nakajima: I think you'd look cute blushing :)

11:50:29 AM - Tsujimoto: well thank you

11:50:41 AM - Tsujimoto: i do it often

11:51:15 AM - Nakajima: :)

11:51:33 AM - Nakajima: Would you be blushing if I was there and ordered you to undress in front of me?

11:52:15 AM - Tsujimoto: yes

11:52:17 AM - Tsujimoto: very much

11:52:19 AM - Tsujimoto: tons

11:52:25 AM - Tsujimoto: i'm blushing thinking about it

11:53:39 AM - Nakajima: Then if I were to order you to lean back against the wall and spread your legs and play with yourself, would you still be blushing?

11:54:34 AM - Tsujimoto: yes

11:55:44 AM - Nakajima: What do you think it would take to make you stop blushing?

11:56:43 AM - Tsujimoto: intense i couldn't think about being naked pleasuring myself in front of you

11:58:02 AM - Nakajima: How would being naked in front of my and pleasuring yourself make you feel?

11:58:12 AM - Nakajima: Especially if I was still fully clothed?

11:59:00 AM - Tsujimoto: it would put me into a 'sub' mental state i think make me feel embarressed self conscious

11:59:59 AM - Nakajima: and if I were to order you to keep playing with yourself but not permitting you to climax?

12:01:57 PM - Tsujimoto: fustrated, still self conscious....honestly i would try not to make to much noise (although i dont seem me succeeding at that) i would try to make sure my face wasn't all 'weird'

12:03:16 PM - Nakajima: Then if I were to approach you and move your hands away and take over for you, still not allowing you to cum, how do you think you would feel?

12:04:40 PM - Tsujimoto: even more frustrated....worried too my mind over thinks everything a million questions and worries would being fighting for my attention

12:04:51 PM - Tsujimoto: at this point however i think it would all be foggy

12:06:01 PM - Nakajima: Then if I were to command you to bring out my cock and stroke me while I continued to play with you and still not permit you to cum, how would you feel?

12:06:59 PM - Tsujimoto: at this point i imagine i would start begging....slightly less self conscious....glad that you're letting me play too

12:07:24 PM - Nakajima: How would you beg?

12:09:34 PM - Tsujimoto: between the soft mews and moans that would undoubtedly be coming from my mouth i would ask you beg you to please let me cum, ....please Sir, please let me cum ....i would also be trying to increase your actions....humping your hand moving my hips

12:10:40 PM - Nakajima: And if I said that you could cum ONLY after making me cum on you?

12:11:28 PM - Tsujimoto: i would work furiously on bringing you to climax....using my hand stroking you useing my mouth if you'd permit it

12:12:05 PM - Nakajima: Not your mouth, since I would still be playing between your legs ;)

12:15:16 PM - Tsujimoto: then my hand would just have to do....i'd stroke you hard pumping you with my hand desperetly trying to make you cum

12:15:49 PM - Nakajima: How would that make you feel, having to ensure my pleasure before enjoying any pleasure yourself?

12:16:42 PM - Tsujimoto: i had a purpose

12:16:53 PM - Tsujimoto: it would feel right

12:17:48 PM - Nakajima: As my warm jets of white splatter upon you, how would you feel?

12:18:27 PM - Tsujimoto: pleased with myself....extremly happy that i was able to please you ...

12:19:23 PM - Tsujimoto: i would like to say that i wouldn't be expectant that i would just be satisfied with pleasing you but i try not to lie....i would want to cum

12:26:42 PM - Tsujimoto: and if you continued to play with me for this long with a word with out letting me cum i would starting begging again...pleading ....

12:27:30 PM - Nakajima: "You may cum now"

12:27:52 PM - Tsujimoto: :) "Thank you Sir"

12:28:19 PM - Nakajima: And how would you feel as you are finally permitted to enjoy an orgasm?

12:29:19 PM - Tsujimoto: relieved happy and i think also slightly upset that your pleasure wasn't enough for me....however the pleasure i was feeling would be dominate in my mind

12:30:19 PM - Nakajima: And if I were to hold you tightly to me while you were in the throes of orgasm?

12:31:06 PM - Tsujimoto: i'd let my self ride it out....cries and all finally not caring that i'm completely nude in front of you

12:31:30 PM - Tsujimoto: more than likely dig my nails into what ever part of your body i could find

12:31:35 PM - Tsujimoto: shoulders back

12:32:25 PM - Nakajima: And as your body slowly recovered from your climax, how would you feel?

12:33:05 PM - Tsujimoto: tingly foggy, the self consciousness would start to seep back in

12:34:08 PM - Tsujimoto: i would be conscious oof the fact that i am more than likely sweaty, still naked, and that what ever part of your body that was against or near my pussy would be wet

12:35:06 PM - Nakajima: And if I then were to take your head in my hands and look into your eyes and praise you for following instructions and placing my pleasure before yours?

12:35:52 PM - Tsujimoto: i would smile and possible let a few tears leak out ( i cry far to much) and Thank you for your praise

12:36:20 PM - Nakajima: :)

12:36:57 PM - Nakajima: How do you feel right now after answering so many questions about a potential scenario?

12:38:15 PM - Tsujimoto: happy slightly wet, ok more than slightly, and also terribly frustrated that we can't act it out

12:38:54 PM - Nakajima: I presume you just "ruined" another panty?

12:38:56 PM - Nakajima: :P

12:39:19 PM - Tsujimoto: actually i'm not wearing any

12:39:20 PM - Tsujimoto: ;)

12:39:24 PM - Nakajima: Ah

12:39:26 PM - Nakajima: Smart :D

12:39:33 PM - Tsujimoto: i do have my moments

12:39:37 PM - Nakajima: ;)

12:40:09 PM - Tsujimoto: although with out makes the smell that much more evident

12:40:16 PM - Nakajima: I was thinking that

12:40:29 PM - Nakajima: Perhaps time to light a few candles

12:40:38 PM - Nakajima: and not for wax play purposes :P

12:41:18 PM - Tsujimoto: admittedly that is what my mind jumped to

12:41:19 PM - Tsujimoto: lol

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