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I have been reading the stories on this site for some time now and I finally decided to add one of my own. I am very fortunate to be on the receiving end when it comes to luck. I have had some incredible sexual experiences since I was about 18. Some with older women, some with younger women, and even some swinging. Here is the most recent one to occur.

I am your average 46 year old guy, married for 23 years with 2 sons in college, they are 21 and 19. I do not stand out from the crowd, average height, weight and looks. My wife and I have enjoyed a good life and love the outdoors. We are avid boaters and spend all summer on the lake just 5 miles from our house. Our sons have had many friends on the boat over the years both guys and girls and girlfriends.

Our oldest son's best friend is 22 year old Jessica and they have been best friends ever since elementary school. Jess has been like a daughter to us, we include her in every family thing we've done. She has been a regular on the boat since day one. I sorta felt like a perv when the girls were becoming women during the high school years, but then again, how can you NOT notice that they are physically growing and maturing into women. My sons have never had a shortage of cute friends and girlfriends and none of them were very shy about wearing very skimpy bikinis on the boat. It was easy to steal peeks at them as I always wear mirrored sunglasses while on the boat.

Jess has really developed into an incredible woman, with great curves in all the right places. Full 34B natural boobs and sun bleached blonde hair, gorgeous tan, and smooth skin. She has a few tattoos that just ooze sexy. One on her lower back just above the bikini bottoms and one on the back of her shoulder. She also sports a pierced belly bottom with a dangling type charm. On a daily basis, she has always seemed dress a little more conservative than the other girls, but when she gets on the boat, she turns into a total vixen. She wears the hottest string bikinis and wears daisy duke shorts and very tight crop tops as cover ups. Despite her typical shyness, she is surprisingly comfortable on the boat with showing so much skin. I get mixed feelings when she is with us on the boat, I love to look at her, but I'm afraid somebody might notice.

Anyhow, fast forward to this past summer. 90 degrees, sunny, and calm, makes perfect weather for a midweek cruise. We have a 26 foot bow rider, with full playpen bow area and huge sun pad on the back. Plenty of room for really sprawling out and sunning. Wife and younger son are planning to meet us around dinner time as they both have to work. Older son, Jess and I are going to head out around noon and meet the others later. Jess comes over in her usual hottie boating attire and helps get things loaded. Her shorts and top are so tight; I wonder how they fit over her suit, which has the strings hanging out. Her cut offs are so short that the front pockets are sticking out the bottom. She pulled her hair up into a ponytail on top of her head. It looked more like one of those teenie bopper palm trees like a grown up Pebbles Flintsone. With the heat and sun beating down on us, I notice a small patch of sweat beading up on her chest just above her cleavage. Perv that I am, I think how wonderful it would be to lick it from her hot bod. I try to focus on loading the boat so as not to get a hard on.

My older son calls to say he is not getting off work until later and will not be able to get to the lake until dinner time with the others. That leaves Jess and me to try and figure out what to do. The Boat, cooler and food are all loaded and would seem like a waste to unload it and then reload it again later, so we just decide to head to the lake by ourselves. Typical chit-chat on the way and no problems launching the boat. We start cruising to an area we call The Little Bahamas, a group of islands at the secluded end of the lake. This is usually where we go to anchor up for hours at time, eating, swimming and just hanging out. Of course, it's a weekday and the lake is damn near empty as expected. During the ride to the Bahamas, we talk about school, work, and other misc stuff.

Approaching the islands, we see we are the only ones there and pick one of our favorite coves and drop anchor. Jess wastes no time in stripping of the cover ups to reveal her new black and white checker board bikini with fluorescent pink trim. The way she slowly peels off her top and stretches it from her body, almost feels as if she is trying to get me to notice. Then she begins to shimmy her hips back and forth while removing the shorts and her boobs jiggle with each shimmy. Of course, I am eyeballing her like always, but trying to disguise it by doing some menial tasks that make it look like I'm concentrating on something else. The suit fits her like it was custom made to fit every smooth curve of her ample and tanned body. The small triangles of the top barely cover enough of her breast to make it legal, while providing more cleavage than should be allowed by law. While the tie strings on the side of the bottoms are resting on the curve of her luscious hips and the small patch of fabric hugs to her pouty crotch. I get and instant erection and turn away so as not to advertise it. She lays out her towel on the sun pad and plops down on her back and begins to relax in the rays while listening to the stereo. With the high heat and blazing sun, it doesn't take long for the beads of sweat to begin building up on her body. I am in the drivers seat swiveled around facing her on the back of the boat. I have my feet propped up on the bench seat and am reading the paper. Well, not really reading, but using it as a way to check her out without making it look like I am checking her out. After some time, she looks my way and says "its not working you know"

"What's not" I ask.

"Trying to hide behind the paper, you are not doing a very good job of pretending to read"

My mind is spinning as I am trying to come up with some excuse, but she interrupts with...

"If you wanna look, then just look, it's not like you haven't been doing it all along. Face it, I have big boobs and you are a guy, it isn't the first time and it won't be the last" she said with a giggle.

I felt somewhat relieved that she didn't seem seriously mad and and said "You have really blossomed since you began coming out here with us, and it's been hard not to notice, especially in the last few years".

She rolled on her side facing me and just gave me a sultry look...."so I guess you like what you see then?" "It has been kind of interesting watching you squirm when you try to hide certain things" she said, referring to my raging hard-on.

"Well you haven't exactly made it easy for me you know, you could have worn stuff that wasn't so revealing, so it's your fault this thing is reacting accordingly", we both laughed for a moment and then she sat upright and looked at me with a another sultry look.

"I guess it's safe to say that you have visions of what my topless boobs look like then huh?"

"Well, that thought has crossed my mine once or twice or a million times" I laughed.

With that being said, she got a big smile on her face, stood up and pulled the triangle material aside. She gave her boobs a nice slutty jiggle like you see on those hottie college chick vids. And then she laughed and said" I can't believe I just did that"

"Don't be silly, I should dig out the video camera and send it in to 'girls gone wild', they would love to see you like I just did".

"Let me see what YOU got workin there mister" she blurted out.

"I don't think so honey, it doesn't quite work like that, guys don't just flash their junk like girls flash their boobs"

"Fair is fair" she says "And I wanna see what you got cookin in there old man"

So she lunged over to me and tried to grab the waist band of my shorts with intentions of pulling them down. I am quite a bit stronger than she is and could have easily resisted, but something came over me and I decided to play the game. I playfully resisted while she continued to get any angle she could to get my shorts down. This went on for a few minutes as I pretended to use all my strength to resist, but allowed her to slowly gain control and get her way. I was very turned on by the wrestling match I was having with her and getting caught up in being intertwined with her sweaty slippery body. She finally just grabbed my cock right through my shorts and yelled "Aha, I got it"

"I guess you win I exclaim, so now what". She just kind of hung onto it for a few seconds and then let go. She plopped back into the bench seat and layed back in a reclining position and just looked at me for a minute. I was dying to know what she was thinking, hoping it was something as perverting as my own thoughts. I figured, it has already gone this far, so what is stopping me from keeping it going. I went with the moment and decided to see how far it would go.

"So.....now that you know what I have cookin, I'd like to know what YOU have cookin down there honey"

In a very shy, little girl kinda voice she said "It's just my TWINKIE, would you like to see it"

I thought I was gonna shoot my load right then, but somehow it didn't happen. she just slowly spread her legs and moved her small patch of material from in front of her pussy in a very seductive way. I was totally shocked to see a beautifully smooth pussy, glistening with moisture, not sure if it was sweat or pussy juice.... And not really caring either. "Mind if I take a closer look?. I asked her. She just gave me the 'come check it out for yourself' look. I got on all fours and crawled on over, while she playfully put her hand down to cover it up. I peeling her hand away and reveled in the sight of and absolute work of art. Naturally smooth, not shaven, with nice pouty lips and nicely shaped clit which was pierced to match the bikini color.

I thought I died and went to heaven as I inhaled her sweet scent. I bent down to take a lick and she did not protest in any way. I licked it really long and slow from way down low all the way to her clit and then gave it a little flick of the tongue for good measure. As I hit her clit, her hips flinched and she let out a slight approving moan. I decided to go the distance and see what happens. I got down lower and put my arms under her butt and pulled her towards the end of the seat. That way, I had better access to work with. I lifted one leg over my shoulder and gave her the same long lick again, which got the same response, just a little louder. I replaced the material back to its proper place and just took a moment to let it all sink in. I think that something is really going to happen here and I sure hope she lets me go with it.

I slowly untied the strings from both sides of her hips and but left her bottoms on. I began to kiss, lick and nibble all over her hips, belly and thighs. Her body responded with little flinches and squirms of its own. I even kissed her sweet pussy mound right through the material. I notice she has untied her top and is rubbing her gorgeous full boobs. I use one hand to help her with that while the other pulls on her hips so my mouth is pushing tight to her mound. She then uses her hand to drop the front of her suit bottoms forward, just like unwrapping a Christmas gift. I push my face deep into her moist cunt as her hips are thrusting forwards to meet my face and she has wrapped her hand behind my head pulling my face as deep into her as she can get it.

We are both really getting into it and she is grinding against my face as hard as I am licking. She finally has enough and pushes me away forcefully. We remove each others clothes and get back into position on the bench seat. She is reclined with her ass all the way out at the edge and I am on my knees on the floor. I half lay on top of her and we begin to kiss passionately. I am dizzy with excitement as my tongue probes the mouth of this 22 year old hottie. Our hands explore each others bodies and I use my cock to put pressure on her pussy. I lower my head to nuzzle those gorgeous boobs and she uses that angle to grab my cock and stoke away. I am dying to fuck the snot out of her but don't want to seem too anxious. I push her back down and take another moment to let it sink in and savor the moment.

I spread her legs wide and expose as much of her wet pussy as possible. I grab my cock and use it as if it were a dildo and begin rubbing it all around her pussy and inner thighs. I rub the bulbous tip into her clit as she moans in approval. Every time she reaches down I playfully smack her hand and move it away. I lay my cock into her slit as if were a hot dog in a bun and slide it up and down slowly. She is starting to squirm and I sense an orgasm building inside her. I furiously rub my cock on her clit until she cannot take it any more and body spasms in delight.

"Keep rubbing my clit until I cum" she begs, as I continue with enthusiasm. "Oh ggggooddddddddd, that feels so good, keep going, don't stop" She is breathing heavily and grabs my cock and tries to help. Her body finally explodes in a rush of OHHHHHHS and AHHHHHHHS!!! Again, I am not sure how I did not blow my own wad, but soon it will be my turn.

She pushes me off and makes me sit on the bench seat leaning back. She faces me and then straddles me mounting my rock hard member deep into her sopping cunt. She slowly grinds up and down, while we kiss deeply, our tongues exploring each others mouths. I break the kiss and lick her salty boobs which are dripping with sweat. I grab her hips and attempt to set the tempo, but she turns the tables by removing my hands. She shows she is in control and places her hands on my shoulders so she can gain more leverage. She begins to bounce up and down wildly with reckless abandon and is moaning and cooing like an animal. He luscious boobs are jiggling oh so perfectly and the sight of seeing her riding my dick is unbelievable.

I decide to show her "who's the boss" and push her off of me and back onto the bench in a reclined position again. I make sure her ass is all the way to the end of seat and put my arms under her knees and lift her feet off the floor aiming her sweet pie up to the bright sun. I impale my member deep in one fast hard thrust and she musters a slight whimper. I begin pounding her 22 year old cunt with every thing I've got. She seems to be loving it and puts her fingers up to my mouth for me to suck on. She then plays with her jiggley boobs with one hand and is reaching for my balls with the other. It doesn't take long for me to know that I am on the brink of cumming. My body begins to tense up as I feel the tingle in my balls. I pull my rigid cock out and being to blast my load all over her smooth, tanned belly. Thick strings of jizz are flying all over her gorgeous belly and boobs and she is just watching with excitement. I feel like I am the star of my own personal porn movie. She rubs her fingers in the jizz and then licks it off with a slutty look in her eyes. I am thinking that this stuff just doesn't happen in real life. But here I am, on my boat, between the legs of a freshly fucked 22 year old hottie and I am the shooter of the load. Boy it sure is good to be me.

Our bodies begin to relax and I remove my limp cock from her pussy. I plop back into the driver seat and sighed deeply.

"I bet this sure beats jerkin off while thinking about my boobs now, doesn't it"? she says victoriously.

"You just opened up a whole new can of worms honey, you have no idea what you just started" I replied.

We both jumped in the water to rinse off the smell of sweat and cum. The remainder of the day was business as usual. The family met us as planned and we stayed out until after dark (I love night boating). Later that night, I guess I had a little too much enthusiasm when I fucked my wife. "I guess you liked her pink bikini honey"? she asked. I just smiled and said I wish she had one to match.

Jess has been on the boat with us several more times since then. Nothing else has been mentioned or done since that day. Every so often, she will give me a slight little smile just to see my reaction. I am hopeful that maybe one day, I can have a chance to taste her TWINKIE again..........

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