tagLoving WivesBob, Sandi, and Pauline

Bob, Sandi, and Pauline

byJust Plain Bob©

It was a surprise to me just as I suppose it was a surprise to every other man who finds out that his beloved isn't his alone. And, like most others who found out, I found out by accident.

I was in Chicago and had just closed the deal that was going to get me promoted to regional director. I called a good friend that I'd gone to school with and who lived in the Chicago area and whom I hadn't seen I quite a while. We had talked on the phone a lot, but hadn't had a face to face in ten years. I called him and asked if he be up to a drink or three and he said "Hell yes!"

I was at the Hilton and sitting at the hotel bar when he got there. I was working on a list when Barry walked up to me and I stood up to greet him and hug him and as I did the list fell to the floor. Barry bent and picked it up and saw that it was a list of girl's names.

"What's this you you old dog you? The list of honey's you are going to call tonight to get them to come out and party with us?"

"Not hardly. When I go back to Denver I'll be moving into the regional director's office and I have to pick a personal assistant and these are the names of the finalists. I have to decide on one of them, but the problem is that they would all be good in the position. There isn't anything that would set one above the others."

Barry climbed on the bar stool next to me and asked. "How are they sexually?"

"What kind of question is that?"

"You ever have any deals where a bit of a sweetener would help?"

"I don't know what you are getting at."

"Three months ago we were working on a deal to purchase a whole lot of machine parts. There were three companies in the running for the contract and all had about the same thing going for them as far as price, quality and delivery schedules and the like. I was the junior member of the team and while my input was wanted Cal and John were the guys who were going to make the decision. The guy from Martin asked what it was going to take to get the contract. Cal said:

"A night with your personal assistant."

"Cal was joking when he said it, but the guy from Martin said he would make it happen. Cal looked at John and John nodded a yes and Cal said make it happen and you have the contract."

"Did it happen?"

"Oh boy, did it ever. She was one hot babe for being in her forties. They were here for two days and she took us all on. One at a time, two at a time and even three at a time a couple of times. I can't wait for next year when it will be renewal time for the contract. I mean this babe was really hot. Even though I'm married I'd run off with her in a heartbeat."

"Martin you say? I know a couple of people at Martin. Do you remember their names? Maybe I know her."

"His name was Dale and hers was Sandi. I remember that because whenever she was introduced to some one she would say "That's Sandi with an i."

My pleasure in meeting up with Barry after so many years dimmed somewhat. My wife Sandi worked for Martin Industries and she was Dale Hartman's personal assistant.

Barry and I had several drinks together and then we had dinner and talked about old times, but my mind was on what he'd told me. Sandi made one or two trips a month with Dale. Had she been fucking people for contracts on all those visits? She had been with Martin almost twenty years and she had been Dale's assistant for the last ten of them. Jesus, what a bunch of questions that brought up. When did she start fucking around on me? Did she start after going to work for Dale or before? Did she limit her cheating for work or was she fair game for anyone? Had she fucked anyone that I knew? Any of my friends? Thank God we didn't have kids. At least the issue of who their father might be wouldn't have to be addressed. We had another drink after dinner and then parted company after promising to keep in closer touch.

I spent the night in my hotel room wondering if Sandi was sleeping alone while I was gone. On the flight home I thought about what I should do. Ignore it? Sandi and I had what I thought was a good marriage. She was very loving and affectionate toward me. Our love life was fine or at least I had thought it was. We averaged maybe three times a week and usually twice on a Saturday or Sunday and I didn't consider that to be all that bad considering we had been married for twenty-three years.

Should I ignore what I'd learned from Barry and operate on the principal that my life was good so don't do anything to change it? Even as I had the thought I knew I wouldn't go that way. Divorce? Did I really want to be single again at forty-five? I thought of all the women I knew in their early to mid-forties. That would be the pool I'd be fishing in for companionship if I was single and none of them appealed to me. They were all old ladies. Granted that Sandi was forty-four, but she looked like she was in her mid-thirties and as Barry had said -- she was hot!

Could a single guy of forty-five attract younger good looking girls? I didn't think so. I was fit, had all my hair and teeth and Doris my secretary was always telling me that she would leave her husband and run off with me in a heartbeat, but I knew that was just office flirting. She was in love with her husband and you couldn't separate her from him and her three kids with dynamite.

I realized I was wasting my time thinking of what to do. I knew me and I knew that what I was going to do was go straight at it and let the chips fall where they may.


After landing in Denver I stopped by the office and dropped off the paperwork and received congratulations from my boss. He asked me if I'd picked out my PA yet and I told him no and that I was having a hard time narrowing the list down. He laughed and said:

"Do what I did. I put all their names in a hat and drew one out. Patty has been with me ever since and I haven't regretted it at all."

I thought about for a second or so and then said, "I'll do that. I'll give you the name tomorrow."

And then I headed on home for the confrontation with Sandi.

I got home an hour before she did and I fortified myself with a couple of Jacks backed by water. I was sitting at the kitchen table when Sandi came in. She smiled, came over to me, bent and kissed me and then asked:

"How was the trip?"

"Fruitful. I signed the deal with Apex and starting tomorrow I move into the regional director's office."

"I'm glad for you honey. I know how hard you've worked. What's next?"

"I have to pick a personal assistant from a group of six. They all seem well qualified and I'm having trouble deciding. You're a PA; what should I be looking for? One good at giving head? One who takes it in the ass and likes to do gangbangs?"

Sandi's face lost its color and her voice turned cold as she said, "What kind of question is that to be asking me?"

"Just wanted your opinion of what I should look for. I mean what with you being a PA and experienced in all that."

"What the hell do you mean by that Robert?!"

"I had dinner with an old friend while I was in Chicago. Barry Watson. Name ring a bell?"

"No. Should it?"

"I would think so. It would seem reasonable to me that you would at least know the names of the men you fuck."

"This is not funny Robert."

"I know. I didn't feel much like laughing either when Barry told me about the Dale and Sandi from Martin Industries that came to town to get Barry's company to sign a deal. Remember Cal and John or did you not learn their names either?"

"I have no idea what you are talking about Robert and I'm not at all pleased at what you are implying."

"Come off it Sandi; you are busted. Unless you can somehow prove to me that there is another Dale who works for Martin and who also has a PA named Sandi and who was in Chicago three months ago to sign a deal with Amalgamated Machinery you are toast. Barry even remembered your little idiosyncrasy; you know the one, telling everyone you are introduced to that it is Sandi with an i? What I want to know is how long has it been going on? How long have you been Martin's corporate whore?"

She must have finally realized that the jig was up and she sat down across from me. Actually it was more like she collapsed onto the chair across from me.

"I am not a corporate whore. Yes I did do those things with the men from Amalgamated, but it was not done to get them to sign anything. They had already agreed to sign and we were out celebrating and things got out of hand."

"So you are telling me never before or since?"

She looked away and said, "Not exactly."

"What the hell does not exactly mean?"

"I've been having kind of an affair with Dale since then."

"Kind of an affair? Just what the hell does that mean?"

"I've been seeing him off and on since we got back from Chicago."

"Well ain't that just ducky. I've been getting sloppy seconds from my wife for three months now. Un-fucking real" I said as I got up from my chair and walked out of the kitchen and went out into the garage to work on my current project. A 1993 Mustang convertible with a 5.0 and a five speed. It had been wrecked and I got it for a song. It needed both front fenders, a hood and a front clip and even before the accident it hadn't been well cared for. The white leather seats were cracked and the top was in bad shape. I'd found the fenders on craigslist, but was still looking for a hood and a front clip.

I was bolting the right fender on when Sandi came out. She leaned on the door jamb and asked:

"What are you going to do?"

"I don't know yet. Divorce is a sure thing, but I'm undecided on the rest."

"The rest?"

"Do I sue Martin for letting one of its managers have sexual relations with a subordinate? Do I sue Dale for alienation of affections? If I sued the company you would probably both be fired. If I don't sue Martin, but go after Dale it would soon be common knowledge and you might still end up getting fired. Balance that against the fact that our salaries are pretty close to being equal and if you still had the job I shouldn't have to pay alimony. Like I said, I'm undecided."

"Does divorce have to be a sure thing?"

"What? I'm supposed to say I don't mind you gangbanging customers? I'm supposed to go see Dale and thank him for making me a cuckold? Of course there is going to be a divorce."

"It wasn't like that. I didn't set out to do anything. I thought I was safe with Dale. I've been with him for ten years and he has never once made a pass at me so I trusted him. I thought he had my back so I partied more than I should have, got carried away and taken advantage of. I won't lie to you. Once they got me going I got into it and they did things to me that I never even imagined doing. The next day I was ashamed of what I'd done and when the guys wanted to resume I told them to go to hell. Then Cal showed me the cell phone pictures he had taken and told me that I was going to party some more or the photos would be made public. I couldn't have that so I partied."

"So there are photos of it out there hanging over your head?"

"No. At least I don't think so. When it was over Cal handed me his cell phone and told me to delete them. He my have downloaded them, but I don't think he did."

"I'm having a hard time believing that you could do what Barry said you did and as easily as you did unless you had done things like that before."

"I had never done it before and that's the God's honest truth. We had spent a day and a half with the guys from Amalgamated trying to convince them to sign with us. When they did Dale said we would have dinner and a couple of drinks to celebrate. He invited the three from Amalgamated to join us and they did. We were going to a restaurant on the other side of town and since neither Dale nor I will drive when we have been drinking Dale set us up with a limo.

"We drove over to the restaurant and then talked as we had dinner. I wasn't paying attention all that close and the guys kept my wine glass full and you know what a large amount of wine will do to me."

Indeed I did. Wine loosened Sandi up and made her horny as all get out.

"I didn't think anything of it because as I said earlier I thought that Dale had my back. We finished dinner and Cal said that there was a place just a couple of miles up the road that had a pretty good band and it seemed like a good night to have a few drinks and do some dancing because we were celebrating right? Dale said it sounded good to him and we all got in the limo and drove to the bar. The band was good and Cal asked me to dance. After Cal there was John, Barry and finally Dale. My wine glass was kept full and I was having a good time.

"Maybe half an hour after we began dancing the guys began to get a little 'touchy-feely' with me and by then the wine had me real loose and so I giggled and let it go. When I didn't fight them off they got bolder and started playing with my ass and tits. I was horny, but I didn't think much about it because when I travel I always take my vibrating dildo with me and I knew I could take care of myself when I got back to my room. Again, I was expecting Dale to look out for me so I let things ride.

"It went on until last call and then we all got in the limo for the trip back to the hotel. I was on the one seat with John on one side of me and Cal on the other. Dale and Barry sat on the seat opposite. As soon as the limo pulled out of the bar parking lot Cal put his arms around me and kissed me. The way he had his arms around me immobilized my arms and I couldn't push him away and I couldn't push John's hands away when he started playing with my tits. Barry moved in front of me, pushed my legs apart and pushed his fingers in my pussy.

I was already hot and horny from what had taken place in the club and when Barry's fingers pushed into me and started rubbing my clit I moaned and he pulled his fingers out of me, pushed my panties to the side and pushed his cock into me. Three strokes and I just gave it up. After that it was pretty much as you would expect. Barry fucked me while John sucked my tits and Cal pulled his mouth off mine and then shoved his cock in it. Barry finished, John took his place. John came and Cal took his place while Barry pushed his cock into my mouth. After that it was all repetition as the three of them used me over and over. Dale just sat there and watched.

"Cal told Dale we could have signed a lot sooner if I had been made available sooner. Dale laughed and said if he would have known I'd do it he would have offered me sooner. I was naked and Barry was fucking me when we got to the hotel so Cal told the driver to pull to the back of the parking lot until Barry could finish. When Barry came he had me right on the edge of an orgasm and when he pulled out I begged him to finish me. Cal told me not to worry and that they wouldn't leave me hanging. I had my eyes closed and was trying to push the climax when a cock was shoved in me. It caused me to explode and when I opened my eyes I saw that it was the limo driver who was fucking me. He fucked me hard and got me off once more before he got off and then they dressed me as we pulled out and drove up in front of the hotel.

"Dale and I got out and walked to the elevators and then we took the elevator up to our floor. Dale and I hadn't said one word to each other from the limo to our floor and when we came to Dale's room he grabbed my arm, unlocked his door and pulled me into his room. He took me in his arms, told me that he had always wanted me and then he kissed me. I had been on a sexual high for almost three hours and I was still up and when he gave me tongue I gave tongue back and then he took me to bed. He fucked me three times and then we fell asleep. When we woke up in the morning he fucked me again and then we dressed, had breakfast and went over to Amalgamated to finish up the paperwork, set delivery schedules and the like.

"While we were there Cal told me how much he had enjoyed the previous night and was looking forward to a repeat performance that night. I said no way. I told him that they had gotten me drunk and had taken advantage of me and it was not going to happen again. He laughed and told me that I had loved it and was one hundred percent into it and that we were going to do it again if I didn't want you to see what he had on his phone. One look at them and I knew I could never chance letting you see them those photos, especially not the ones of me and the limo driver."

"Why? What was so bad about those?"

"He was black. He was black and you are a closet racist. You can deny it, but I know the tone of your voice and see the look on your face when you see.... Never mind, it isn't important. I gave in and that night was a repeat of the previous night except that we used a bed instead of a limo seat. Dale and the three from Amalgamated spent almost the entire night fucking me. Except for what has happened with Dale since that trip to Chicago the Chicago trip is the only time I have ever been unfaithful to you. I am not Martin's corporate whore and have never been."

"But by your own admission you have been cheating on me with Dale ever since that trip to Chicago."

"I know and I'm sorry that you had to find out."

"Why the affair with Dale? You went ten years working with him and if you are to be believed you never had any sort of sexual relationship with him. I can somewhat understand the night of your gangbang, but why since?"

"You already hate me enough that you are going to divorce me so I see no need to go into it."

"You might not see the need, but I do. You owe it to me to tell me how I failed you."

"How you failed? You never failed me Bob; I'm the one who failed you."

"I had to have failed you somewhere along the line or you wouldn't be fucking Dale. I can see how Chicago happened and if you had come home to me and confessed and told me the story we could have possibly worked our way past it, but a three month affair with Dale since then? I must have failed you in some area. You don't just go off and cheat on your partner for no reason. I want to know Sandi. I have to know."

She looked at me steadily for about ten seconds or so and then she said:

"You never failed me Bob; I failed you. You have always wanted to try anal sex and I have always refused. I always said that it was dirty, disgusting and I would never do it. That second night they took my ass Bob. They didn't ask; they just took it. I was on my hands and knees and Cal was fucking me doggie while I was sucking on John. It was over an hour into the sex session and I was flying. I'd had a dozen orgasms and I was hot and into it. I was so into it that when Cal started used his thumb and fingers on my butt hole I barely noticed. It wasn't until he pulled his cock out of my pussy and put it at my butt hole that I noticed. I started to pull my mouth off John and tell Cal no, but at that point John was coming and he grabbed my head to hold it while he pumped his load down my throat and while I was gulping Cal pushed his cock into my ass and started fucking it. By the time John let go of my head what Cal was doing didn't feel half bad and by the time Cal came I was pushing back at him. I discovered that I loved anal sex. I almost prefer it to vaginal sex and I'm sorry as hell that I never let you do it to me. The problem was that I couldn't come home and say:

"Guess what. I found out that I love anal sex."

"All I could do was wait until you brought it up again and then pretend to reluctantly give in and then suddenly discover that it wasn't bad at all.

"It was an uncomfortable flight back home. Both Dale and I knew we had crossed a line and even though we had adjoining seats we didn't talk. When we got home I took three days off and considered resigning, but then said to hell with it. It was a one time thing and it would never happen again. Not only that, but you would never know.

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