tagGay MaleBobby's Truck Stop Daddy

Bobby's Truck Stop Daddy


Let me tell you a little about myself. My name is bobby, and I live in Savannah, Georgia. I'm 19 years old, 5', 8", and about 120 pounds with short blond hair and blue eyes. My body is slender but not skinny, rather athletic I think (I ran cross country in high school). I have a very smooth, round, tight little ass and a small boy cock that I keep shaven smooth and bare.

Well that's the essentials, but I also want to tell you that I'm gay, and a total bottom, which means I love to suck and be fucked, but I don't like to do the fucking. I also prefer older men (40+) for lovers, and I always have. My very first lover was an older man who lived next door. He was the man that broke me in and helped me discover my true sexuality, and we had many exciting encounters, but that's a story for another time.

The story I want to tell you here is about the man who introduced me to rough sex. I will call him Joe - not his real name but it suits him. He is a rough-looking, tough-talking man of 46 who drives a truck in the Northeast U.S. We first met online in a gay chat room, and even though he said he claimed he was straight he didn't have any problems with fucking another man in the ass, especially if it was a much younger man like me. He was looking for a younger man to share a rough sex fantasy of his. and although I had never really done that before it (and he) sounded interesting. Joe's idea of sex was extremely dominant and one-sided. He would be the one who would be doing all the fucking - period, and he stated more than once that no queer was ever going to get anywhere near his ass. My role was to provide an open mouth and willing ass for his use. His decriptions of what he wanted to do to me were brutal, and vivid, and quite violent, and yet from our very first role-play his hard, dominate manner excited me as never before.

We chatted for a few times, and built up quite an online relationship. Eventually - chatting turned to phone sex and - inevitably - camming. The first time I saw him I realized he was every bit the tough older Dom I had imagined him to be, the man of my dreams if you will. Crew-cut, his chiseled good looks gave him a handsome look, strong and powerful. His body wasn't muscular, but fit and trim like a man half his age.

After a few weeks of this long-distance cybersex he told me he wanted to meet me in person, and I readily agreed. He said he was driving a truckload down to Florida on Interstate 95, and as it happened he would be passing quite close to where I lived. We decided to meet at a truck stop along the way, and see if we could do in person all those things we had done online. As the days went by my excitement - and to be honest some apprehension - grew and grew. What have I gotten myself into, I would say to myself. I have never met anyone on line, and truthfully I don't know anything about him. He could be a rapist, a psyco killer, anything. The smart thing to do would be to call the whole thing off, to just tell him I didn't want to meet him after all.

But I did want to meet him, to be with him, and as the moments came closer and closer to our encounter my excitement and nervousness grew in equal measures to where I could barely stand it. Finally, my phone rang. It was him!

"Hey boy," he said (he always called me that), I'm almost there. Are you ready?"

"Yes sir," I replied, my voice wavering with excitement and fear.

"Get over to the truck stop then, just like we planned, and be ready to have your little bitch ass fucked like it has never been fucked before."

He described the truck he was driving, and where he would be parked, and hung up. I took my little bitch ass to the bathroom and lubed it up before getting into my car and driving to the truck stop. It was dark when I arrived, and I thought I had gotten there before him. But as it turned out he was already there, the truck he described parked in the back of the truck parking area. I parked nearby, and in the dim glow of the parking lot lights walked over to the truck. I climbed up to the passenger side door and looked in, but there was no one in the cab. The curtains to the sleeper were closed, so I thought perhaps he was in there. I knocked on the window. No reply. I knocked again. Still nothing. For a moment I thought this was all some hoax, a trick to set me up for something. I had walked into plenty of those in high school, to be sure. I thought about getting my ass out of there, but then I decided that I had come this far so let's just see where this leads.

I tried the door, and it opened. I stuck my head inside and called out again. From behind the curtains a familiar voice answered.

"Get you bitch ass in here, boy," I heard Joe say, and I climbed the rest of the way into the cab.

Nervously, I poked my head through the curtains of the sleeper. I was dark in there, only a little light filtering through to illuminate the interior. I was about to say hello, when a hand reached out of the darkness and grabbed me by the hair, pulling me into the sleeper. I fell forward, and my head landed in his lap, his bare cock pressing hard against my face.

"Just where I wanted you, boy" Joe said. "Start sucking my cock."

I was only too happy to oblige, and took his already hard shaft into my mouth and throated him at once. From our camming sessions I knew that Joe's cock was not very long, only about 5 inches when hard. But what he lacked in length he more than made up for in thickness, something I never really appreciated until now. He was as thick around as he was long, and I had to stretch my mouth to accommodate it all. But I did it, working my way down his shaft till my lips brushed against the hairy base.

Joe groaned luxuriously, and sat there enjoying my best cocksucking techniques. I licked his shaft up and down, ran my tongue around his cockhead and poked it into his slit, put the head in my mouth and sucked it forcefully, used my teeth to grate against it and bite it gently, used my tongue to massage his shaft as I slowly took him deep throat, and so many other things which are my secrets. I also used my hands, because I have learned that a great blowjob includes a good hand job as well. I wrapped my fingers around his shaft and stroked it firmly, using my thumb to massage the sweet spot just below his cockhead. The results were predictable

Joe moaned deeply, and soon took me by the head again and began pumping his cock into my mouth, face fucking me. At first it was fairly gentle, moving his cock lazily in and out of my mouth. But soon it became harder and faster, his thrusts pushing him all the way down my throat and then some, his groin slapping my face as he drove himself in it. His breath began to come in short, quick gasps, and I knew from experience he was close to cumming. Suddenly, his body went stiff, and as he pulled back till just his cockhead was in my mouth I felt his hot blasts of cum shooting into it. Hot, salty man cum filled my mouth and I swallowed greedily. His load was large, and his climax lasted for many moments before they both subsided. He lay back and let out a long, satisfied sigh.

Not knowing what he wanted me to do next, I kept sucking his cock, swallowing down the last delicious bits of his sperm. As it turned out, that was exactly what he wanted.

"Keep sucking me, boy," he said gruffly. "Keep sucking that cock like a good little whore. MMMMM. I just knew you would be a great cocksucker. That was the best cum I have had in a long time."

I was thrilled that I had pleased him, and continued to slowly work his thick penis with my mouth and hands. He had grown semi soft after his eruption, but I was impressed with how quickly he became hard again. Soon his cock was full and erect again.

"Take your clothes off, boy," he said, "stripe, I want to see you naked.

My clothes were off in a flash, and I sat like a nervous virgin before him. His hands roamed over my body, massaging my shoulders and pinching my nipples. One hand travel down my back to my ass, where it began cupping and groping my cheeks. The other made its way down my stomach to my little boy cock, which he fondled roughly and enthusiastically. He stroked my little cock and fingered my ass, and made me squirm with excitement.

After a few minutes of this he asked me if I was ready to be fucked, and I replied that I was ready to do whatever he wanted to do to me. With a sinister laugh he pushed me roughly onto my hands and knees, getting behind me and spreading my ass cheeks apart. He rubbed his cockhead up and down my ass, and I braced myself for penetration. I had taken big cocks before, but never one so thick, and I worried that in the end I would not be able to take his massive manhood in my little boy pussy. Worry turned to fear as I felt his cockhead find my opening, and begin to push into me. My anus reacted as it always did when a cock was being pushed into me, and began to squeeze down. I tried to relax it, let him into me as I desperately wanted him to do, but it just wouldn't let go.

"Your ass is so fucking tight," I heard Joe say as he tried to force his dick into me. "I might just have to tear you up to get it in."

I was afraid he just might too, as my asshole began to burn in pain from the assault. For a moment despaired that he would not get it in me, when suddenly I felt - and heard - a pop. It was the same sound and sensation that I had when I lost my anal cherry so many years ago, and his thick cockhead broke through my anus and began to burry itself in me. If anything, the sensation of his thick, monster cock slowly pushing and stretching its way into me was painful as the penetration, and I couldn't help but cry out.

"Ohhhh fuck, ohhh fuck, ohhhhFUCK!" I screamed between clenched teeth. "Please, nooooooo, it's too big, I can't take it all. Please stop, PLEASSSSSE!"

My begging only seemed to excite him more, and with a laugh he pulled back a little and then slammed it even harder into me. The pain was incredible, but also the intensity of it as well. Incredibly, I felt myself getting hard as he fucked me. Reaching back between my legs I began stroking my little cock, and felt his cum-heavy balls slap against mine as finally buried his whole cock in me.

For a moment he remain still in me, buried to the hilt in my boy pussy. This reprieve allowed my ass to become accustomed to his massive size, and curiously the pain began to subside and transform into if not actual pleasure then something very much like it.

"You like my big cock up your ass, boy? He asked mockingly.

"Ohhhhh yesssssss," I groaned truthfully, "I love your cock in me...its soooo big....please fuck me...pleeeeease!"

With a grunt he obliged me, thrusting his cock into me in hard, deep strokes. My small body rocked and shuddered with each spearing thrust, and gave little cries of pleasure as each stroke hit home. He certainly knew what he was doing back there. It had been my experience that if a man fucks my ass too quickly he will cum to soon from the intensity, and too slow the opposite effect. But Joe was fucking me in a steady, pounding rhythm that told me he had done this before, and that likely he would last for a long time. And he did.

How long Joe fucked me like that I could not tell. Time seemed to stand still at that moment, dissolving into that single sensation of his huge pounding cock inside me. I was in absolute bliss. A strong older man was using me like a girl, pounding my ass deeply with his huge cock. Through his thrusts I felt his power, his dominance, and I only wanted more. I began stroking my own little cock to the rhythm of his fucking.

Eventually though, even as good a lover as Joe would succumb to the inevitable, and I felt his thrusts quicken and his cock swell as he went into his orgasm. Suddenly, he grabbed me by my hair and pulled my head up and back, all the while taking his last, frenzied stabs in my boy pussy. Then his body stiffened, and with a roar of orgasmic pleasure he began shooting his hot cum deep into my ass. His cock pulsed and jerked with each heavy spurt, and I could feel my ass being filled with his load. That was all I needed, and I went over the edge as well. My own little cock began to spasm as well, and squirted its tiny measure of cum as well. Our orgasms seemed to meld together in a red wave of agony and ecstasy that seemed to go on magically forever.

But eventually all good things come to an end, and so it was with our mutual orgasm. Completely spent, we collapsed on the bed panting. He still laid on top of me, his cock still inside me. I could still feel it pulse to the rhythm of his heartbeat, and he still moved inside me -- slowly, gently, like his cock didn't know the fucking was over. We lay there in the dim light of his sleeper for several minutes without speaking, till his cock softened and came out of my boy pussy on its own. He rolled off me and onto his back. A lighter flared to light his cigarette, briefly illuminating the sleeper. He was naked like me, his strong, lean body glistening in sweat, his cock lolling lazily between his legs still dripping cum.

"That was pretty good, boy." He said between puffs. "I think I'm going to enjoy fucking your sweet little ass every time I come this way."

My heart leapt with joy, not only because I had pleased him, but also with the prospect that I would be able to do it again.

"I'm going to catch some sleep now," he continued, "and I want you to suck on my cock until I wake up. Then maybe I will hit that tight little ass of your again before I hit the road."

With that, he took a long last drag of his cigarette and lay back on the bed while I took his cock in my mouth gain and began sucking it as ordered. In a few minutes I could hear him snoring, but dutifully a continued to work his cock with my mouth while he slumbered. I wasn't really blowing him in the sense that I was trying to make him cum. Rather, it was more like I was nursing on his cock as a baby would nurse on its mother's breast, slowly massaging it with my tongue and sucking it gently. I reveled in the salty tang of his cum and my ass mixed together, a taste I find almost intoxicating.

After about an hour, he began to stir, and the cock I had been keeping semi-erect all that time began to stiffen and grow hard again. He moaned softly, and reached out to take ahold of my hair once again. Just as before, he held my head while he began to thrust in and out of my mouth. Slowly, gently at first, but quickly gaining speed and power till he was fucking my mouth as brutally as he had fucked my ass. I could feel his cock ramming its way down my throat, and it was all I could do to keep breathing in between his savage thrusts. Choking, gagging, drooling spit, I allowed this man to use my mouth like a pussy, fucking my face till at last I got my reward of another hot blast of his salty cum. I swallowed it greedily, not wanting to waste a single drop. He emptied his balls into my mouth till there was nothing left.

Then he pushed me aside and lit another cigarette.

"Get dressed now, boy," he said gruffly, "I gotta hit the road."

Disappointed that I was not going to get that promised second fucking, I put on my cloths and started to leave. As I did he grabbed my arm, stopping me for a moment.

"Don't worry, boy," he said, "I will fuck that sweet little ass of yours on my trip back up north, so you just be ready when I call."

And he did too, two days later. Then he gave me that promised fucking, and so much more, then ad every time he came down this way. A couple of times each month I would eagerly await my truck-stop daddy -- as I began to call him -- to pass my way. In fact, this went on for several months, until one day he changed everything. But that is another story.

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