tagNonHumanBody of Water Ch. 04

Body of Water Ch. 04


All through dinner, I couldn't concentrate on a word he said. It took all my focus and energy just to aim my fork in the right direction so I could eat.

Sustenance, I kept reminding myself. I have to eat if I'm going to get lucky tonight.

As the thought ran through my head for the tenth time, his dark eyes met mine, twinkling in the candlelight of the romantic restaurant. I worried, not for the first time, if he knew what I was thinking.

"So how long have you worked at Landbourne?"

"Oh, gosh, it's been so long." I blushed, another repeat offense that I was not enjoying tonight. "Five years. Six, come November."

"That's quite a while. Do you ever feel that you'd go somewhere else?"

"I don't know. I'd never really given it much thought. They're a good company to work for and I love this city."

"Really?" He sounded so surprised, that I had to smile.

"Why does that shock you?"

"I don't know." He shrugged and lifted his wine glass to his lips. He'd selected the wine for the night, since I knew nothing about them. This one he'd said he enjoyed because it was a bold, earthy flavor. It was red and sweet to me, but I wasn't complaining. "I guess I figured you for an ocean lover."

"Really?" I gave a light laugh and took a sip of my wine. "I've visited the coast but I don't know that I'd ever consider relocating."


The single word was so intent that it caught me by surprise. I studied him over the rim of my wine glass, my smile slipping. Then he grinned, lightening the moment and putting me at ease.

"It would take the right inducement, I suppose."

"That's interesting."

He cut a piece of his steak and lifted the fork to his mouth. I watched the motion, transfixed as he chewed the meat and licked his lips.

I'm sure a gasp fell from my lips as I watched his pink tongue slide across his full bottom lip. The tickle between my legs disappeared to be replaced in an instant by a much stronger sensation. It felt like someone was kneeling between my thighs, with his head shoved in my crotch. If I hadn't been in the middle of a restaurant, on a date with a gentleman, I'd think I was getting oral service from a skilled, thick tongue.

"Are you all right, Nerina?" His tone was soft but carried to my ears.

I managed a nod, stifling an all-out moan as the invisible tongue licked my privates again.

"Because you look...out of sorts."

Avan leaned forward, resting his forearms on the table as his eyes searched my face. There was a glint in the dark orbs that made my nipples start to tingle and I wondered if I was having some sort of seizure. Then he chuckled and I came apart, sagging in my chair and vibrating all over as a tiny orgasm rocked me.

"Perhaps it's time I get you out of here."

I couldn't do anything but nod in agreement. I'd agree to almost anything if I could have what I wanted later.

Again, it was as if he was reading my mind. His tongue flicked out to slide up the corner of his mouth and the moan left my lips this time. I flared red in the face and wondered if anyone was looking our direction.

It's all right. It was a soft voice, probably my subconscious telling me to chill out.

It had been a long time since I'd been on a first date. Being out with a handsome, well-off man was having a greater effect on me than I'd anticipated.

"Waiter?" Avan raised a hand as our server passed by. "I think we're about done here. Would you mind bringing over the bill?"

"Of course, sir." The waiter scooped up our half-eaten dinners before hurrying away.

"Please, excuse me." I was trembling from head to toe and I wasn't sure if I'd make it, but I needed to get to the ladies room.

"I'll wait for you here, Nerina." Avan watched me scramble from the table.

I hurried away without stumbling too much. Once inside the cold silence of the ladies room, I braced my hands against a sink and bowed my head. I sucked in deep breath after deep breath, ordering myself to get a grip. I knew my panties were soaked through and I was horrified to think that my pants might now have a wet spot in the crotch. I turned and went into a stall, locking it behind me as I bent to check. It looked all right but I was trembling so much, I almost couldn't do my zipper and belt up again.

Away from Avan's presence, I found it easier to think. After another few minutes, my breathing returned to normal and my color faded. I left the stall and walked over to stare at my reflection in the mirror. I looked normal: dark hair pulled back into a practical ponytail, eyes devoid of make-up. I frowned as I studied my appearance.

What's so attractive about me? Why is Avan paying so much attention to me? I'm nothing special. How can a man like him even want to look twice at me?

They were silly, insecure thoughts and even though I knew I wasn't the most attractive woman around, it wasn't like me to question myself. I'd never questioned why Harlowe desired me and he was the best-looking guy I knew.

"What's happening to me?"

There was no answer, of course. I sighed as I reached for the taps. I took my time washing my hands, letting the cool water run over my hands. It brought me a measure of comfort and made me feel more confident. By the time I was ready to walk out of the ladies room, I felt that I was back in control. I saw that the dining room was still filled to capacity and as I approached our table, Avan rose to his feet.

"Are you ready to go?" He reached for my arm with one slender, dark hand.

I'd thought I could handle him now. The time away from him had cleared my head, steadied my breathing. Now, with him looming over me, his scent wafting up my nose, I felt my control sliding. My breathing grew shallow and it felt like a great hand was squeezing my chest.

"Nerina?" His warm, spicy breath washed across my cheek.

I stared up at him, taking in his dark eyes, the knowing smile on his full lips, and the careful styling of his glossy black hair. He looked harmless and yet, I was being pulled under by lust.


The word was spoken into my mind in a tone that was almost mocking. I continued to stare at Avan, glad that I still had enough control to keep any reaction to the voice from showing on my face. He smiled, his eyes moving across my face.

"Would you like me to take you home?" This time, the question was different. I felt it; he wasn't dropping hidden innuendos or insisting that I would enjoy time alone with him. He was simply offering to ensure I got home all right.

Maybe I looked worse than I thought.

"Yeah. I'm ready to go." I left it at that, not offering anything more, and not answering his polite question.

He escorted me out of the building and helped me into his car in the parking lot. I'd left my car at Landbourne when he'd picked me up for dinner.

We said little on the drive back to the Landbourne office. I gazed out the window, concentrating on making myself breathe at a regular pace. My eyes went up to the sky and I saw how dark it was. Still, I found the moon, full and silvery grey, as always. I didn't tell anyone about this quirk of mine and I wasn't going to bring it up with my potential new boyfriend. He didn't need to know that I saw the moon every single night and it was always full and bright.

He pulled into the deserted parking lot and rolled to a stop next to my little VW Golf. He didn't say anything as we stopped, just reached down and shut the engine off.

I cleared my throat and risked a glance at him. "I had a lovely time."

He smiled, most of his face hidden in shadow. "I'm glad. I'd like to do this again sometime."

I met his gaze and found myself nodding. "I'd like that."

"Would you?" He tilted his head to one side. "I got the impression you were a little uncomfortable at the restaurant."

"I wasn't uncomfortable." I'd been turned on, not uncomfortable, stroked to climax by an unseen mouth that reminded me of Avan.

His mouth curved up at the corners and his thick eyelashes swept low over his eyes. "I'm glad. I'd like to make you very comfortable around me."

"Would you?"

Then he moved closer, sliding an arm around my shoulders and I let him. His scent, his musky warmth was all around me and I swallowed, telling myself not to panic at the thickness I felt in my throat.

"Are you comfortable now, Nerina?" I noticed his breath was coming shorter as well and it gave me a small measure of satisfaction.

Whatever my misgivings at the restaurant had been, it was obvious that he was attracted to me on some level. At the moment, the tingling low in my belly was telling me I should take physical lust for now.

His eyebrows flew up and his eyes opened wide as the thought crossed my mind and I wondered if I'd spoken out loud. Then I threw caution to the wind and put my hand behind his head, drawing his lips down to mine.

At first, Avan didn't kiss me back. I sensed his surprise at my move and, even though I longed to shove my tongue down his throat, I held back. I breathed hard through my nose, inhaling his heady musk with every indrawn breath. It sank into my senses, making my head reel. I let my eyes fall shut and as they did, I felt him shift around me.

His arms closed around my body, hauling me against him. His mouth opened over mine and I felt the push of his tongue against my lips. I parted my lips, welcoming him inside and acknowledging that I wanted more of him inside more of me.

Lord, but he tasted just as he smelled: deep, spicy and so masculine my breasts began to ache. They felt heavy and I knew without looking down that my nipples had hardened. His hands moved up and down my back. Then one of his hands lifted and it was minutes - or maybe hours - later when I realized the buttons on the front of my shirt were popping open.

With a gasp, I managed to wrench my lips from his and look down. Avan allowed me a brief glimpse of his dark hand pulling my shirt open before he gripped my chin in his other hand. He kissed me again, no hesitation in the pressure of his lips on mine. His tongue snaked into my mouth and stroked the underside of mine. I moaned and let him lead the kiss, let him drive me mad.

His hand finished working the buttons of my shirt free and he laid his palm flat on my belly. I jerked against him, feeling the touch all the way down to my toes. His fingers flexed against my skin and more moisture gathered between my thighs. I heard him inhale through his nose, as if smelling my arousal. Heat flamed in my cheeks at the thought that he could smell me.

I tried to pull my mouth from his but he wouldn't let me. His hand moved from my chin to the back of my head. He tangled his fingers through my ponytail and gripped the back of my head with a surprisingly strong hold. His assault on my mouth turned much more intense. I felt the suction of his lips and tried to keep up with the twisting dance of his tongue.

So intense was his kiss that I almost didn't notice his hand moving across my bared skin. He stroked my belly a few times and then his fingertips danced over my ribs. All the sensations he raised in my body were focused in one spot, several inches below where he now touched me.

He cupped my breast, gently bouncing the generous weight in his palm before shoving the cup of my bra down. When his fingers closed over my breast - warm, calloused skin to sensitive flesh - I groaned and arched into his grasp. He released his hold on my head and slid his hand to my back. Our lips parted at last and I sucked in air like it was going out of style. All the while, his mouth didn't move from my body.

He trailed kisses down the exposed column of my throat until he reached raised ridge of my collarbone. There, he lifted his lips and licked me, leaving a moist track on my skin. I shuddered, digging my fingers into his firm biceps, unaware until that point that I'd even been holding him. My senses felt very far away from me. I felt very far away from myself.

This doesn't seem real. I was breathing hard and making mewling sex noises as Avan continued to explore my body. How does he know what makes me hot? How is he even getting me this worked up?

No other man in my past had produced this kind of response from me. My mind flittered back to my most recent lover, Harlowe, and I compared my body's response to him. He'd been great, making me come every time.

Avan was not great. He was earth shattering and there was a roaring in my ears as he closed his lips around one taut nipple.

I could feel his fingers firm against my back where he held me and his other hand was holding my breast up to his mouth. His lips clamped down on the puckered skin surrounding my nipple and his tongue flicked back and forth over the very tip. It was almost taunting, never touching quite enough to satisfy. I rocked and groaned in his arms, helpless to even articulate my desires.

As it turned out, I didn't need to. Even as the thought crossed my mind, his tongue flattened against my nipple, giving it a slow, sensuous stroke before returning to the flicking motion. I gasped, pressing more of myself into his mouth. His hand tightened on my breast and he lifted his head, his dark eyes hooded as they bored into mine.


My eyes widened and I parted my lips to speak but Avan leaned close, thrusting his tongue into my mouth. It kept me silent and I shut my eyes, feeling light-headed again. I tried to draw in air through my nose but I couldn't get enough. The sharp edge of panic tickled at my brain but it was hard to grasp as Avan's lips moved over mine.

Then his mouth was on my neck again and I was able to breathe. His tongue slicked a path from my chin to my exposed breast and his hand was yanking at the other cup of my bra. This time he wasn't so gentle. He bit down on my nipple and I howled as the sensation sent a frisson of electricity to my groin. I knew I must be soaked through my pants as well as my panties now. What surprised me was that I didn't care.

Yes, Nerina...

The hissing voice filled my ears and I squeezed my eyelids shut, giving my head a feeble shake.

Avan's tongue worked against the nipple he'd just bitten, soothing the sting. He lapped at it with wide, wet strokes and short flicks. By the time he moved on, I couldn't have said what my own name was.

He hasn't even taken my pants off yet, I thought, my mind hazy with lust.

He chuckled, startling me out of my daze. I tilted my chin down and met his eyes. He was stroking my stomach, below my bellybutton but above the flat button of my dress pants. I let my gaze slip to watch the teasing caress and didn't feel the usual twinge of embarrassment over having my round body exposed to a new man for the first time.

You're beautiful.

The thought should have come from myself but I knew that it hadn't. I met Avan's dark gaze again and blinked. He was no longer beside me. Somehow, he'd laid me onto my back and I saw that we were in the back seat of his car. It was more spacious than I'd suspected.

There's more space to enjoy your luscious gifts.

This time, I knew I wasn't imagining things. It was his voice I heard in my head, rough and accented by some unfamiliar lilt.

'Luscious gifts,' he'd whispered to my mind. Something tickled the back of my brain because of his words and I couldn't shake the feeling. Even when he snapped open my pants and slipped his hands inside.

He didn't waste time teasing me over my panties. He simply pushed in, shoving my pants and underwear out of the way as he caressed me. My eyelids grew heavy and I fought the urge to close them, to give in to what Avan was offering me.

How does he know what to do? I bit down on my lip as he parted my folds and shoved a finger inside. I was so wet that it was nothing but an exquisite sensation.

Two thoughts warred in my mind now; how did he know me and my body so well and, good God, how long is he going to make me wait?

Then his hands were yanking on my pants, fighting to pull them down my legs. I squirmed, responding automatically since my brain was half-gone with desire for the same thing. But I was clumsy in my assistance, like that confused part of me still had some control.


It was a shout and I gasped, startled by the intruding thought. My eyes snapped open wide and I knew Avan must think it was in response to his mouth so low on my abdomen.

God, yes...Please...I want...his tongue...my lips...

NERINA! Remember yourself!

The feeling washed over me then, that this was wrong. All wrong.

Avan's tongue slipped over my engorged flesh and I choked back a sob, wanting to stop this somehow. It was so confusing, wanting him to lick me, to fuck me, and knowing somehow that it just wasn't right.

Avan was no longer listening to me, if in fact he'd ever been listening to my scattered thoughts. I twisted under his hands, struggling to get away from him but he seemed to take it as a sign of response. His tongue pushed inside me and a strangled moan pushed out from my lips.


The hissing thought was different from the shout but I don't know how I knew that.

Tears gathered in my eyes and I wanted to cry. This confusion, this fog settling into my brain as Avan tongued my insides, was bringing me pain. My mind tried to sort it out but it was like banging my head against a brick wall. Pain pulsed behind my eyes as the tears spilled out over my cheeks and I started to struggle again.

No matter how Avan made me feel, no matter that I was seconds away from coming against his face, I had to stop it.

Help, I begged, not knowing if anyone would hear my silent cry; not knowing if I was so far gone to have hallucinated the shouted voice in my head. I can't do this alone.

A roaring crunch broke through the foggy interior of the car and Avan's head lifted from between my thighs. Both of us sat upright and watched in shock as a car crashed through the fence lining Landbourne's property. It careened through the low wooden posts and right into the corner of the building. Before either of us could move, it burst into flames that rolled into an enormous ball and burst upward into the night sky.

"Oh my God!" I gaped at the spectacle.

I don't know how long it was before I reacted. Then I was reaching into the front seat, seeking my purse while keeping my eyes glued to the disaster unfolding before me. I found my purse and dug out my phone to call 911. Beside me, Avan shifted and a quick glance showed me the deep scowl on his face. It transformed his appearance and he looked angry, which didn't make any sense.

What could he have to be angry about? Upset, sure. Shocked and maybe scared, but angry...that seems a little extreme.

I spoke to the woman on the other end of the phone, detailing my location and what had happened. Beside me, Avan moved, straightening his clothes and pushing open the door on his side. I remembered my state of half-dress and flushed as I tucked my phone between my ear and my shoulder. As I continued to speak to the 911 operator, I covered my breasts and pulled my shirt closed. I fumbled with the buttons, making them uneven but at this point, it didn't matter. I was certain that when the authorities arrived, I'd be facing all sorts of invasive questions.

'What were you doing here so late at night?'

'Why is your car parked here?'

'How do you know Mr. Mahisa?'

I shuddered at the thought of explaining my conduct and I could only hope that word wouldn't get back to my superiors about what I'd been doing. With any luck, I could disappear before the owners or managers showed up to survey the damage. I wondered if I could swear the cops to secrecy.

Yeah, that wouldn't make me look suspicious at all.

At last I had myself dressed and looking less tumbled. I clambered out of the car, still speaking to the dispatcher. I looked around for Avan and saw him standing too close to the fire.

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