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"Oh hello, Sir, so glad you could make it", Poonam came up to me as I entered the party with Preity and Amrita on either side of me. Even though technically Poonam was what you'd call a yesteryear heroine, she was still very beautiful especially her face and her expressive eyes. Her long hair were loose on her back today as she approached me wearing a pink chiffon saree and a deep-cut halter blouse. Her hug was tight enough to let me feel her whole body pressing against me as she rubbed her warm cheek on my cheek and whispered in my ear, "I am so happy that you came, sir." My hands were of course exploring her well-exposed body in that sexy saree outfit, and she was fully encouraging me the way she rubbed her soft, warm body against mine and stayed close for an extra long hug.

Finally she ended the hug but turned sideways so she was now beside me and my hand which was now on her ass, didn't have to move off. Her figure was no longer the petite, slim, model girl figure as it used to be when she used to rule the silver screen but it was still quite attractive and I was enjoying rubbing her ass as she said, "Sir, before someone else corners you and distracts you let me introduce you to a very special girl."

She signalled someone and this very special girl walked over and stood before us. And I had to take a moment to properly examine her, my eyes looked her up and down from her beautiful, long face, her luscious lips that she had painted red in a very sexy, suggestive manner, down her extremely shapely, sexy figure to her long legs.

"Sir, this is Shweta Tiwari", Poonam said.

I took my time to inspect her in visual detail. Her top was just a tight, small tube top barely containing her full breasts, except that it had a strap going up around her right shoulder and maybe joining in the back with her skirt.

The skirt itself was the same satin fabric, a long smooth garment that clung to her body in very suggestive ways. It was slashed diagonally from right hip in a way that it bared her right leg completely up to the thigh and would bared other things if she didn't walk and stand very carefully.

In that tight, thin top it was quite apparent that she was not wearing any bra and in the half-slashed skirt I doubted if she had any panties on but that was something I was looking forward to confirming later that night.

The skirt was so low that her navel was fully on view and even a couple of inches of skin below the navel. It was an intriguing thought to wonder what would be exposed if her skirt move another half-inch towards the floor.

Her waist was encircled by a wide sapphire belt with a sapphire butterfly adorning her left hip. Her feet were encased in 6 inch high, pencil heels that had a sapphire strap covering the instep that matched her belt. The total effect was quite mesmerising.

Her left shoulder was so deliciously bare, my right hand automatically detached itself from Poonam Dhillon's ass and reached out to caress her smooth, bare shoulder. She had stood perfectly still, submitting to my visual inspection with the calm obedience of a girl who knows her place without being told. Now as my fingers caressed her long, shapely neck she moved in smoothly and wrapped her arms around me, giving me a hug that was tight like Poonam's but much more skilled and enjoyable!

She moulded her body to fit perfectly against my tall, hard frame. I could feel her firm breasts pressing on my chest through my clothes, her own top was so thin her erect nipples were visibly poking through. My hands started exploring her back as she pressed herself on me, moving her hips in a way that her thighs cradled my hardening shaft in a warm, soft embrace, rubbing ever so softly.

Her long arms were wrapped tight around my body, and her hands rubbing slowly between my shoulder blades The tight embrace was too sexy and totally inappropriate for someone you have just met. My hands were rubbing her soft, bare back, my fingers sliding down her shapely, smooth, silky waist down to her firm ass.

She pressed her cheek lightly against my cheek and rubbed slowly forward warming my skin with her smooth, warm skin.

As my hand slid down her smooth waist to rest on her small, firm ass and my fingers squeezed her tight ass cheek, she moved her hips in a forward jerk, pressed herself hard against me with a gasp and whispered in my ear, "I am so pleased to meet you, sir!"

My cock got harder as I felt her hot breath on my neck. I could feel her ass so tight and firm under my kneading hand, it was almost as arousing as her warm thigh rubbing subtly up and down on my shaft.

With the calm assurance of a man who is sure of his welcome, I touched my lips just under her ear and kissed her smooth neck, then whispered back, "Likewise, doll." with another squeeze of my fingers that were mauling her sexy little ass.

After a long and sexy hug during which she signalled her availability to me with her whole body, she reluctantly parted from me and stood before, making sure she was in my arm's reach. Her legs were parted slightly and her hips slightly askew like a modelling pose which made her skirt fall open and bare long leg right up to the thigh.

Poonam smiled satisfactorily and said, "Shweta has promised me that she will take good care of you tonight, since I will have to make sure the party keeps going well."

I patted Poonam's ass and nodded, "I am sure she's quite capable of taking care of my needs if you get called upon to fulfil your hostly duties, my dear."

Shweta smiled a kittenish, naughty smile, "It will be my honour to serve and please you tonight, sir."

I looked her up and down again and had to smile, she was a gorgeous girl.

Poonam said, "Get a drink for sir, Shweta."

"Yes, ma'am" and with that she went to the bar. Nobody asks me what I drink.

Poonam had to rush away to go and break up a fight between two of her guests who were already drunk and I found a couch to sit on with my two pretty butterflies, - Preity Zinta and Amrita Rao. While both my gorgeous playmates were keeping me warm with their soft, warm bodies rubbing on me from either side, I thought about Shweta.

I had seen her before, of course. She had been in many TV shows including several reality shows, most of which she had won. After "meeting" her tonight I had to wonder if she had won just based on her talents.

"More specifically which talents?", Preity commented and I realized that I had wondered aloud.

I laughed at Preity's comment and looked at her, "What's your theory?"

Preity was dressed in tight, body-hugging yellow gown that clung to her legs in interesting, eye-catching ways when she walked. It was low-cut in the back right down to showing just the tip of her ass crack, and right now I was taking advantage of that as I was rubbing her bare back.

"I think she's a smart girl who knows which side of the bread is buttered." Preity said.

Amrita chimed in, "And I bet she has a skilled tongue that she uses to lick off the butter.."

"..and swallow it." Preity added. We all laughed.

Amrita was wearing a short, loose skirt that displayed her shapely thighs very well when she stood. Now as she was sitting with her legs crossed everything was showing nicely, even a little tip of her smoothly shaved pussy mound.

Her top was small and tight. Just a simple sleeveless top cut deep in both front and back. About half of her gorgeous breasts were showing as there are was obviously no bra there and her nipples were already poking through the thin fabric.

My slutty dolls were excellent fucktoys for me, but they were not dumb. Like me they had also already noted in their mind that while Shweta had been enjoying a lot of success on the small screen, she had not yet done any big screen project. Enter a hotshot director who could help her fix that problem.

Suddenly across the room I saw a girl sitting and staring at me. And she looked like she was made to be stared at herself. Her dress was quite simple in design, a deep-cut, sleeveless black dress that didn't cover her thighs properly. I suspected it would be very tight around her ass when she stood. It had lots of rhinestone work done on the straps, with rhinestone chains across the front that dangled horizontally. Her jewellery was very tastefully picked to match the rhinestone work.

She was sitting her with legs crossed, displaying them to advantage. Her elbow was resting on her upper knee and her chin resting on the back of her hand. In this position she was bent slightly forward and her ample cleavage was mouth-wateringly displayed from my angle.

Her long hair were loose and flowing around her shoulders. As far as I could see it was black on the top and dyed brown below. It looked gorgeous!

It was apparent that she was interested in me as she didn't look away even after I spotted her looking at me. I beckoned her with one finger. The fact that the small gesture was able to make her get up and start walking towards me was confirmation enough that she was indeed interested.

She walked slowly, like a model, putting one foot in front of the other, making her hips sway seductively. My eyes stayed on her, checking her out every step of the way, and she was aware it, but instead of being embarrassed or shy, she made sure I got to check her out completely. Her high heels helped her legs look longer and hotter but she knew it and that's why she had worn them tonight.

When she came and stood in front of me, I looked her up and down once again. She was even more delicious at close range. Her long legs were smooth and toned. The dress barely covered her upper thighs and you could see that they were firm and smooth. As my eyes moved to her thighs, she picked one high-heeled foot up and placed it wider, opening herself for my close inspection without a word. And here I could confirm that she had no panties on under that little dress.

I looked in her eyes and made a circle in the air with my finger. She turned wordlessly and did a slow 360-degree turn for me. The dress was cut even deeper in the back, baring her whole back and her waist for my visual pleasure and I was right, it was very tight on her ass. She did have a lovely ass, small, tight and very shapely.

As she turned back to face me, I gently took her hand in mine and slowly guided her down to sit on my thigh. That's all it took. I didn't have to say anything. When my fingers took hers, she obeyed their guidance as if she was a pet trained all her life to obey her master.

Her ass on my thigh was smooth and soft. I wrapped my right arm around her waist to support her on my lap. My left hand went to her bare knee and caressed slowly upward to her thigh. She immediately placed her right foot wider, opening her legs for anything I wanted to do. I liked this girl!

I rubbed her soft, bare back slowly up and down, my right hand moving right down to her bare waist, exploring her slowly and casually.

"What's your name, doll?" I asked looking into her eyes, her gorgeous face within kissable distance.

"I am Brinda, sir, Brinda Parekh."

"Mmmm, you are delicious, Brinda." I leaned in and kissed her neck. She smelled heavenly.

"I am glad you find me worth tasting, sir." She replied like a good girl. Her breathing was a little heavy as I kept caressing and exploring her slowly, keeping her on my lap. My left hand was caressing her inner thigh now, my fingers following the curve of her toned thigh and slipping between her legs then moving back up. The teasing caresses were having their effect on her, especially as she knew she was supposed to keep her legs open and with her bare, vulnerable pussy less than an inch from my exploring fingers she couldn't know what I would do to her next.

I knew this one also. She was in the "promising extras" file in my office. My girls always clipped out pictures of girls who could be used in the future and Brinda had come to their notice when she had appeared as a very sexy extra in some small roles recently.

"Here's your drink sir, sorry there's such a crowd, looks like everybody wants to...oh!" Shweta halted in mid-sentence as she saw the other girl sitting on my lap.

"Shweta, meet Brinda." They exchanged cautious hellos.

Then Shweta asked, "Sir, since your hands are busy, do you want me to feed you your drink with my hands?"

I smiled at her offer than nodded to Amrita on my left, "No, Amrita can do it better." Shweta's face fell at being rejected, but I continued, "you just sit with me" I indicated the rug at my feet. Shweta's smile came back and she knelt down quickly on the rug, with her legs on either side of my left leg.

Her bare thigh was rubbing on my leg and let me tell you it was hot! Caressing her soft, smooth cheek with my left hand I pushed my fingers into her silken, dark hair and pulled her to me. She came easily, letting me guide her as I wanted, positioning herself at the mere suggestion of my fingers.

Under my guidance, Shweta put her cheek on my thigh and rubbed softly while I stroked her like a little pet.

I looked at Brinda, my right hand was still on her bare back, "She makes a cute little pet, don't you think?"

Brinda smiled, "It is our place to be good little bitches for you, sir." Shweta smiled up at Brinda at her comment.

Now that they knew I was not going to reject one for the other they were at peace with each other.

This was my favourite way of enjoying a party. Brinda was grinding her hot ass slowly on my lap while sitting on the rug Shweta rubbed her hot, full breasts on my leg. Amrita was pressing her body on me from the left while she fed me my vodka and tonic in small sips and Preity was pressing her boobs on my shoulder and kissing my neck now and then to balance the scale.

"Shweta, you like to dance?"

"Oh yes, sir!" Her response was both quick and enthusiastic.

"Brinda, I am going to dance with Shweta, you wait for me here, okay?"

"Yes, sir." She immediately got off my lap and knelt down on the rug where she would wait like a pet bitch for her master to return. Damn, this girl made me hot with her behaviour!

As soon as my arm went around her waist, Shweta pressed her body close against mine. If I had found her hug to be hot and arousing, what she was doing now had to be illegal.

She wrapped her body against mine, moulding herself to fit perfectly against my tall, hard body, so close not even air could pass between us. My hands were roaming on her bare back with my left hand already rubbing and squeezing her ass.

She started grinding her hips in a slow circle, her thighs giving my cock an expert, smooth, hot massage right there on the dance floor. Her soft, firm tits were flattened on my chest, I could feel her hard nipples digging into my chest as she moved against me while we both pretended to dance on the almost-dark dance floor packed with grinding, writhing bodies.

As my left hand slid inside her dress to cup her hot, bare ass cheek, she stepped wider to give me full access. My mouth was on the side of her neck, sucking her soft, warm skin as my hand started rubbing and kneading her gorgeous ass. And she did have a gorgeous ass, perfectly shape, well-rounded cheeks, smooth like butter and what squeezability! I don't know if that's a word or not but she had it. I couldn't get enough of squeezing her tight buttocks.

She was moaning in my ear as I was playing with her amazing body, "Mmmm, oh sir, you know how to make a girl wet! Oh god! Mmmmmm."

She was sucking on my earlobe as my hand slid between her legs and started rubbing her smoothly shaved, completely bare pussy. She gasped hard, breathing hot on my neck and groaned loudly, "Mmmmm god, sir!"

I could smell her hair as I sucked on her neck and nibbled on her earlobe, and the smell combined with her body smell and her sexy perfume was intoxicating and heady. I smooth slid my finger up into her juicy little pussy hole and she let out a long and passionate moan in my ear, "Unnnnnnnnnggghhhh!"

I was planning to make her beg for my cock on the dance floor but just then I heard a commotion from the direction of my seat and it sounded like something was going on between Poonam and my girls.

I took Shweta's hand and walked back to the couch.

Poonam was actually going on with Brinda, "You cheap little whore! How dare you crash my party! Get out right this instant."

Brinda standing in front of her was trying to convince Poonam that she had my permission but Poonam was not willing to listen to anything.

I walked up behind Poonam, passed my arms around her arms and grabbed both her tits, hard!

That shocked her into silence for a second. I took the opportunity to whisper in her ear, "She's with me, doll."

I waved her apologies aside with a "I'll spank you later. Right now, tell me where I can find a secluded corner in this place."

She said, "You can use my bedroom upstairs, sir. Shweta knows where it is."

I signalled Brinda with my eyes, she quickly came to me and clung to my side.

Collecting my other two pets as well, I took them all upstairs. I had fucked Poonam Dhillon many times, but never in her bedroom. As it turned out it was quite a decent room, big and airy with a balcony outside and a huge bed, good enough for an orgy.

While Preity was closing the door behind us I pushed Shweta against a wall and started mauling her in the earnest. I sucked her neck and she turned her head to give me better access to her neck. I pressed my cock between her legs and she spread her legs so I could have full access to her pussy. She was just so fully cooperative, and it was turning me on even more.

Brinda was standing uncertain to one side while I was playing with Shweta. Amrita took her by the hand placed her against the wall beside Shweta so she was within reach of my right hand any time I wanted to broaden my horizons, so to speak. I train my girls well.

Brinda seemed like a smart girl, she got the idea quickly. She opened her legs wide as she stood there placed her hands by her side, turning her head up so I had access to her whole body, so conveniently displayed and offered for me.

I pulled down Shweta's tube top baring her firm, proud breasts. Her hands were in my hair, and on my neck as I started to suck and tease her tits. Without pausing for a second I slipped my right hand between Brinda's legs and easily slid my middle finger up into her wet, hot cunt. She jerked against the wall with the sudden invasion of her honeypot but stayed in place, willingly submitting to the use and abuse of my invasive, probing finger.

Meanwhile Amrita was rubbing her hot, sexy tits on my back and Preity was on my left, with her back to the wall, not saying anything, just available to be played with it if I wanted another fucktoy. As I said, I do train my sluts well.

You probably think I am too greedy and maybe you are right, but I will just say, "Don't knock it till you have tried it."

Using one hand and with Preity's help from the side I undid Shweta's top and proceeded to suck her firm, amazing tits while Brinda rolled her hips, bucking back and forth, fucking herself on my finger like a hungry little slut.

After a few minutes of this mass make-out I just grabbed Shweta by the hair and threw her down on the bed.

"Get naked!" I commanded and her response was a quick and obedient, "Yes, sir" as she started unfastening her skirt.

I let Preity and Amrita undress me, since they were experts at it now. With a signal from my eyes Brinda came and knelt at my feet, her face turned up, ready for any use I wanted to put her to.

Preity carefully took out my long, heavy shaft and let it rest on Brinda's lips. Brinda started slowly licking the hard, thick shaft. She worked carefully with her tongue flat under the thick, meaty shaft, starting right at the base and then slowly licking up to the tip. There she lapped up the clear, thick pre-cum and swallowed it like a good little bitch.

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