tagCelebrities & Fan FictionBond, James Bond: Prologue

Bond, James Bond: Prologue


The blades of the Special Air Service chopper thumped the air loudly above the head of Britain’s greatest spy, James Bond. This was one of the most deadly missions he would ever go on. One of there own had gone rouge. An informant had told them that the agent would be at a party being held at a mansion out side of Paris.

Bond checked the clip of his Walther PPK 29 and slid the gun into the holster on his back. He checked his Ka- Bar combat knife and his special equipment that Q had provided. The laser in his watch, the grappler in his cell phone, the bomb in his pager, and lastly the condom dispenser in his right shoe.

The chopper neared the ground and James jumped out and rolled neatly on to the ground. He stood up and made a break for the rear door of the house. He got as far as he could before he spotted a guard. Bond quickly dived behind a tree and assessed the situation.

As quietly as he could he drew his knife from the sheath on his right thigh. He slowly approached the guard from behind and drove the knife in to the side of his throat. The guard made a slight gurgling sound as he hit the ground.

007 ran for the entrance again. He encountered two more guards but dispatched them in much the same way as the first. He stopped at a gate that surrounded the house and exposed his watch. Bond turned the rim of the face of the watch until 6 was on top and 12 on the bottom and pushed in the pin. A thin blue laser beam shot out of a small aperture on the top.

He cut a hole just large enough for him to get through and crawled through it. He ran to a window and used the laser to cut the lock out. He slid the window up and crawled in to the lavishly decorated room. Bond quickly pulled off the black combat jumpsuit and straighten the bow tie of the tuxedo he wore underneath.

James made sure that his gun was still in place and he moved his knife to his left boot. He put on a bewildered look and walked into the hall. Almost instantly voices were shouting at him in French and Russian, although he could speak both languages he still kept a bewildered look on his face raised his hands.

"I was lost I am looking for the loo." 007 said in his English accent.

"Very well sir, I will escort you back to the party." Came a voice with a thick Russian accent.


Petra Kuntravich stood at the bar in a black strapless number that left little to the imagination. Her tits were practically pouring out of her dress. The young Russian woman held a drink, a vodka martini. She was quietly giggling and flirting with the bartender when she saw him come in. James Bond MI6 Agent 007. He walked to the bar and stood about ten feet from her.

Good Tradecraft, She thought to her self Far enough away to go unnoticed but close enough to her everything I have to say.

She heard him order a martini as well. Petra continued to flirt without missing a beat. She had good tradecraft too. In fact they got it from the same place.

"Hi, I am Petra Kuntravich." She said as she turned toward him.

"Bond, James Bond." He replied holding out his hand.

"Well Mr. Bond, what brings you here?" The Russian vixen said taking his hand in her own gloved hand.

"I am just a small time arms dealer hoping for this deal." He said "I was wondering if you know that you have the most incredible eyes, Petra? May I call you Petra?"

"Only If I can Call you James." She said as a sly smile spread a crossed her lips.

"It's a deal then." he said taking one discrete step toward her. "Petra, would you like to dance?"

"I Would love to James." She said taking the arm he had offered and they walked out on to the dance floor.


After dancing through about three French songs she started to make sexual overtures. She leaned in close and kissed the master spy. Each one know who the other was but remained unaware of others knowledge.

"James my Husband is dead" she whispered into his ear.

"Petra, I am sorry." he said.

"Just listen, My husband is dead and I haven't had a good fuck in about three months. Will you fuck me?" She said pushing her mid section in to his stiffing cock.

"Where?" He asked

Kuntravich turned and walked off the floor. Yes now I can finally kill James Bond. While he fucks my brains out.

James quickly followed behind the retreating Kuntravich. He followed her to a room much like the one he entered the house through but not the same one. This one was bigger and had a king sized bed and bathroom.

After closing the door behind them the two spies came together in a passionate kiss. Their tongue mingles and intertwined. Each was aware of there duty but lost in the heat of passion. Bond reached for the zipper in the back of her dress, and slide it down to the small of her back. He reached to her shoulders and pulled the velvet down past her tits. Beautiful tits, perfect 40 -C tits with pink pert nipples.

Petra felt him unzip her dress and reached to his crotch and unbuttoned his pants. She could already feel him getting hard. Kuntravich slide his zipper down and gripped his throbbing member through his silk boxers. The Russian pulled them down over his stiff cock and started to slowly massage his meat.

007 hooked his fingers in Petra’s dress and pulled it down to the floor. James stood for a moment raveling in the beauty of her naked body. He reached forward and gripped a breast with one hand and cupped her pussy with the other.

The pair of agents stood there naked in a room of one of the biggest houses either of them had ever seen playing with each other. The thrill of getting caught was enough, but both had a mission to complete and fucking the enemy was even more thrilling.

The hot little Russian dropped to her knees in front of Bond and licked up the length of his hard dick. She completely closed her mind and just let her tongue work. It traveled over the big head of his cock and down to the base. Then her lips kissed the very tip of his member and sent waves of pleasure through the hardened spy.

Kuntravich opened her lips only a fraction and took another half inch of his dick. She let her saliva slide down his cock to moisten the way for her lips next movement. Petra slide her mouth a full three inches down 007s prick and more waves went through Bond.

Although James was completely set on his mission he had a beautiful young Russian sucking his cock. He felt her move another four inches or so down his meat. Bond was about to fill this little Russian full of his thick cum.

"Petra, I am going to cum." He said gripping her head

"Mmmmmm." Petra moaned signaling for James to cum in mouth.

007 felt the waves of orgasm ripping through his body. The Englishman shot load after load of sticky white cum into the little Kuntravich's mouth. James shot about a quarter cup of cum into her little mouth. Not one drop was wasted.

"Get up on the bed." Bond told her. the brunette quickly obliged, knowing what was to come.

James gently spread her legs and ran his tongue along her inner thighs. He let his tongue wander to the lips of her pussy. Petra let a moan escape from her lips. Bond slipped his tongue just inside of her and stroked her inner lips with his tongue. By now Petra was nearly screaming in testacy.

The British spy licked the hot Russian's pussy lips and reached up to stroke her exposed clit. He loved the taste of her pussy. Kuntravich gripped Bond's head and pushed him on to her pussy. She could feel the first pangs of orgasm starting to ripple through her. Within seconds the woman had her lovers head pressed to her mound as she came all over his face. Petra loved how he keep licking and sucking while she was cumming.


After Petra's orgasm subsided James climbed up on the bed and reached for his shoe. He pulled a condom from the sole and put it on. Then let his woman mount his still hard cock. Bond reached up and with both hands began to fondle Petra's perfect tits. He played the nipples in his fingers while his Russian lover rode him with vigor.

Kuntravich loved the feel of a hard prick in her pussy. She rode his member for all she was worth. While Petra was ridding she reached down and played with her clit. The action of pressure and friction on her clit almost made Petra cum right then. When James began to raise his hips to meet her motions the cute little Russian started to cum.

As wave after wave of sweet ecstasy flowed through Kuntravich she began to rock back and forth witch caused Bond to go into the throws of orgasm. The man released volley after volley of hot cum into the Russians slut's pussy.

They laid for a moment, bodies intertwined. Then James saw a flash of light, the glint off of the blade of a knife. Petra was trying to kill him. His razor sharp reflexes was the only thing that saved him as he grabbed her wrist and pushed off her attack.

007 reached for his Walther and fired at Petra, but it was too late. Kuntravich had gone through the window.

"Bloody Hell," he said getting dressed. "Well, now we are certain of who are mole is."

To Be Continued

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