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Bone Appetite


(Disclaimer: Some might feel this story is a little rougher then most on the disrespect front. It is taken from two of the more novel requests I've gotten via e-mail for Black's punishments. For those of you that this is not a major turn-on, I apologize.)

* * *

Aaron Black's house is a lot like him. It's cold. It's above everything else. And it's huge.

So Huge.

The 128 room mansion dominated the hill I was climbing, ready to make my report.

Black answered the door dressed in a way I'd never seen him. He was super-casual in a pair of sweatpants and a wife-beater, exposing the incredible strength in his rippling arms and chest.

"Oh. A slut." He said looking down at me with utter disdain.

My eyes met his with hurt defiance.

"A bastard." I said.

Aaron Black laughed and moved aside for me to enter.

I strolled in.

"Join me for dinner?" It was not a request. I almost told him to shove his dinner up his ass till I noticed the prominent bulge that was bunched in the front of his pants. This package was so big UPS wouldn't have delivered it.

"What are we having?" I asked as he led me through room after room.

"I'm having a steak. You're having meat as well." He chuckled.

What was I in for?


The dining room was an awesome sight. Long table, crystal chandelier, the works.

What was really impressive were the candles in the center, each candleholder was a massive, detailed cock, the white wax shaped to look like a blast spewing out of it. It made my mouth water.

That wasn't all that was watering.

"Do you like them? They're modeled from my own."

I nodded, just staring.

He pulled out a seat for me.

"Sit. Tell me about your day."

I sat.

"Well... Five guys came to my office and banged me so hard I thought I was a screen door."

"Did they give you as much pleasure as you know I can?"

I seriously considered this.

"No." I looked down with shame. God Damn him.

"Did any of them measure up to me."?

"Yes. No. I mean... well...I don't know." I stammered.

Aaron Black suddenly humped me in the face with his huge package; it was like being punched by curled salami.

My head recoiled back from the blow.

"What do you mean you don't know, slut?" He folded his arms impatiently.

"I mean I don't know. I know their cocks all added up to fifty-five inches, and one guy was only eight or nine, but I never got to measure."

"Pathetic." Said Black, pulling me in for one of those strange kisses of his. His strong lips molded around my neck, hot and moist, claiming each spot they touched for his own. Arcs of sexual electricity shot through me as he did so.

"But maybe I'm being to hard on you. You've had quite a day. Would you like dinner?"

"Y-Yes." I murmured, still dazed from the awesome power of his lips.

He shed his pants, revealing a thick cotton jock strap with a pouch. The Pouch was stuffed full of his tackle, massive mango-sized gonads pulled up, cock literally folded in half on itself.

"Then here is your appetizer. Eat this until it produces your second course."

I started to pull down the jock, but he gave me a reproachful look.

"Ah-ah, not yet. Just eat it as is."

I nodded and placed my hands behind my back, leaning in to begin mouthing his tremendous cock head. I gnawed at the cotton with my thick lips and made sure to use plenty of saliva. Soon there was a wet spot, through which some of the pink of his meat could be seen through. I continued to mouth and kiss the crown of my king, catching whiffs of his intoxicatingly manly aroma through the cotton.

Almost imperceptibly, his cock began to plump as my fat lips got him chubby. I kissed all down his awe-inspiring shaft and turned my attention to his slut-drowning nuts. I moaned with desperation as I mouthed around each dangling orb. I could almost taste the rich flavor of his sperm-sacs, and yet it was out of reach.

"Come on slut, you can do better then that." Black chided me as I whimpered.

Involuntarily my hand went to his waistband, but he pushed it away.

"Maybe I won't let you have any." He said, hands on his hips as he smirked down at me.

"You wouldn't get away with this if you didn't have the body of a god and the cock of a whole pantheon."

"You might be right little slut. But I do have the reason for your life between my legs right now, and that's enough to make me god of whatever I want in your world."

I glared up at him and folded my arms, emphasizing my tits. Why didn't they tantalize him like other men? I've brought powerful CEO's to their knees and I could make the pope's mouth water with these babies, yet he just treated me as though I were less then dirt.

"I don't like your attitude. Bow your head."


"Bow your head or you'll get nothing. Show proper respect and I might reward you."


He laughed and slowly thrust out his crotch, thighs bursting with thick muscles, cock obscenely tenting his jock. It was reaching out to me...beckoning for me to wrap my lips around it and make me his. His pendulous balls, so heavily defined in their pouch wanted to be held by me.

No. I wanted to hold them. I wanted to slavishly devote myself to his cock. Forever and ever, Cock-elulia amen.

I bowed my head as the package crept closer.

"Good slut." Said Black.

Suddenly it felt like someone had dropped a bag of plums on my head. I looked up, and found myself staring up between Black's legs.

He'd dropped his whole package on my head. I marveled at the weight, finding it an effort to move my neck.

Still, I persevered and suppressed a smile as the awesome mass of cotton-clad man-flesh rolled down the side of my cheek.

"You may continue slut. Now put your heart in it."

I did. I put my heart into munching on his package. I poured my heart, my soul, my muscles, my mouth, and my pussy into making sure there was no other thing in my life but the package in front of me.

I lapped his nuts until the whole pouch was drenched in my hot spit. I rolled the sperm cannon balls around like they would vanish if I didn't keep them going. I pressed my face into them, teasing them with my nose and lips, encouraging them to bulge to obscene capacity.

Then I was all over his cock. I kissed every inch, every centimeter, every millimeter with rough, bruising slurps. I lightly teethed the thick meat, working my jaw to stimulate him to perfection.

I nursed him to hardness, gasping and cooing as life pulsed into his cock, through its warm skin, and into my lips. His jock stretched and stretched, bulging and bulging, pushing my head out to continue lavishing my tongue's attention.


With that sound the jock strap broke at the band, the loose part flying from the side to strike me in the cheek. His cock no longer held back from the confines of the meat-pouch pounded my jaw, knocking back my head.

"Ooo, stud..." I purred, staring at the awesome dimensions of his mind-destroying size.

He reached out a hand and began some of those impressive 12-inch strokes of his.

"Take off your bra you little cum-gargler, and put it on the table." He commanded.

I did as I was told, pulling down the top of my dress and letting it hang as I freed my massive globes.

Aaron Black interrupted his stroking long enough to clap twice, and then resumed the tugging of his turgid tree-trunk.

As I set my massive cups on the table a slim girl walked into the room.

She was attractive, skinny, and flat chested. Something of a look of envy passed between. Me because she was already here. Her because I was obviously hotter. I rubbed it in by caressing my tits as I looked at Black's show.

She placed a single silver platter and a crystal wine glass on the table and then—after a lingering glance at the enormous cock that was being abused by Black's muscular hands, she exited.

"Who the fuck was that?"

"None of your fucking business, slut." He groaned as his orgasm began.

As he exploded, he exploded into motion as well, leveling his cock at the place settings that had just been laid out.

A huge shot was directed into the wine glass, filling it to the point of almost overflowing. I suspect he'd measured it to the perfect volume.

It was not a small glass either, nearly as wide as a snifter, and taller then any goblet I'd ever seen.

With his next voluminous load, he cast the broken jock strap onto the plate, and liberally drowned it in thick cream, totally filling the pouch and overflowing the excess all over the plate.

He then fired four shots into the cups of my bra, overflowing the massive FF caverns with hot spunk.

"Wash up before you eat." He commanded, suddenly placing his cock over one of my hands.

Shot after shot drenched my fingers and palms. I ran my hands through the faucet of jizz, feeling the warmth of it to my bone as I scrubbed and scrubbed with pungent sperm.

He handed me a towel to dry my hands with, but even after I was done, his scent clung to them.

My pussy throbbed, as he pulled out the chair for me in an uncommon display of gentlemanly manners. Then he stood to the side, arms folded.

"Tuck in." He said with a grin.

*** First I took a drink of delicious jizz-wine from the glass. It was strong-flavored and warm, but never pretentious. I noticed that for this shot he'd let the cum run down the end of his balls, no doubt to add some of their flavor to the mix.

It worked. As I took hearty gulp after gulp of his spunk, my eyes rolled back into my head with pleasure.

The strength of his sperm overwhelmed me, drinking it was like drinking pure distilled MAN.

I drained the glass halfway, giving an embarrassed giggle as I lapped up the milk-mustache.

I turned my attention to the Jock soup. I hadn't seen him wear one yet, but Black's cup would have to be huge to fill that jock. It's label still sticking out from cream read "Size XXXX LARGE Custom-fit."

I picked up the silver spoon at the plate's side, and began to spoon his cream into my mouth. Each bite was yummier then the last, thick gooey loads dripping from the spoon onto my tongue, sliding down it all the way to where I swallowed each slowly.

I ate faster and faster, tendrils of nut-nectar dangling from my lips to the to plate, hot strands breaking every now and then, falling into platter with a satisfying "plop".

I licked out the inside of the jock, tasting his manly musk, his sweat, and his lust, all concentrated into the fabric, now finding inexplicable joy in chewing the cotton into my mouth, squeezing the intoxicating mixture out with my teeth.


Turning my attention to the bra, I took a brief moment to glance at him. There was almost something like lust playing around his eyes as he watched me, but it must have been my imagination; Black would never let a worthless cum shoveling slut like me get to him.

"Do I have to use the spoon?" I asked him.

He cackled and shook his head.

Then my face was in my own bra-cup. Again the unique scent of my tits was another shade of uniqueness to the flavor.

I've commented before on the heat of Aaron Black's amazing cum, and amazingly this was still warm.

I was drowning in jizz, smearing my face, my hair, and my mouth all through the heavy load. I gulped and gulped my way through the left cup, draining it down to merely a thick coating along the inside. Then I lapped that up as well, turning my cum-soaked head to the other cup for a repeat performance.

I slurped it down a little bit with the obscene noise of my self-saturation, and the lifted the whole cup and poured it over my face, catching as much in my mouth as possible.

My cheeks bulged when all was in, and a room-echoing gulp saw the rest of his cum to a home in my gut.

I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand, and twisted my hair to drive a sheen of sausage sauce from it.

"Thank you." I said, looking at Black.

"Ready for the main course?" He asked.

I felt full but I could hardly wait.

Black stepped to my plate and swiped the desecrated jock aside.


That's the sound of a sixteen-inch cock with mango-sized balls dropping onto a metal plate.


"Ooo! Steak!" I said, licking my lips with a lusty abandon.

I examined the cock from different angles, deciding best how to attack it.

With a grin of small victory I blew out the closest cum-steam candle and swept it with one arm onto the floor.

It was a small, emasculating triumph to see all that big cock go down. Then I walked over to the other side of the table and jumped up onto it, sliding stomach first over to the plate.

The view of my dangling, dripping breasts must have been enough to keep an army of men hard for a month; but as usual Black betrayed nothing.

I slid snake-like and seductive across that tabletop, and began to like the streaks of cream left over from my soup, not quite touching his cock yet.

My lips caressed the plate, smearing ball-batter all over the place. With a moan from deep in my throat and a wild-eyed wink, I raised myself up and lifted the whole plate, massive cock-loaf and all off the table.

I heaved it up to my mouth, and dug in, slathering the plate's cock cream. My face was virtually assaulting his meat, my lips nose and mouth spraying streaks of jizm all over his cock and fat resting nuts.

Suddenly I inhaled one of his mangos, popping the jaw busting balls right into my mouth. It was a struggle, constantly sucking in on it to get more tasty ball meat inside. Finally with a pop something gave. My jaw hurt and my mouth was totally crammed. Then I realized there was still a quarter of his massive sperm bank still protruding from my bulging lips.

I pouted with frustration, still unable to conquer the titanic teste. I gulped, slurped, sucked and moaned, tugging the fuck sphere to no avail. The ball was too big...I was not yet woman enough to handle it all.

With a frustrated pout and a pronounced pop, the giant testicle fell back onto the plate, glistening in it's bloated, swollen glory.

I turned my attention to the other gargantuan gob-stopper, lavishing all the affection and love my lips and tongue could on it. Still I didn't try to take it in...I had to save my jaw for the main course.

I lowered my chin to the plate, staring at his cock face to face, pressing my tits to the table again.

I began my descent, working the doorknob thick cockhead between my lips.


That was the sound of the huge organ moving to block my oral pathway, jizz puddles slipping in along side, lubricating the massive meat tube.

I sat there with the head in, letting myself adjust. But hands were not idle. I slipped the out and got them all gooey with cum, then began rubbing it all over his exposed shaft, tugging his fat phallus, caressing his gigantic jewels.

Gradually, his cock hardened, and I slipped more inside, finally sucking the cucumber-like invader into my throat. Inch after inch slipped into me, cum adding to the lubrication of my mouth.

Soon his head was in seven inches, the unbelievable thickness gobbing my throat completely. Struggling for breath I began to swallow on the meat, letting the pork-prod feel every part of my throat's hot tightness.

I floated the love log into my mouth on the steady river of fuck juice that was pouring down my throat.

I had gotten so good at deep throating since we'd last met. I swallowed inch after inch, breathing deep and smacking my lips lewdly. My mouth mitts caressed and coaxed him further in. Soon the thickest part of his shaft was lodged in my throat, unable to penetrate any deeper.

I opened my eyes. I was still looking at inches of cock, but Aaron Black's balls seemed closer then ever. I think there must have been a full foot of fat meat in my esophagus.

I think it must have been about four inches left, and strain, pout, moan, and whimper as I might, I could not ingest it.

But I gave Black's cock the whole show. I bobbed my head, throated him with sloppy gulps, and let my hands virtually dye his ball sac with cum from the plate. I massaged and mangled the not-so-delicate orbs with all the lust I could muster.

He grabbed a fistful of my hair, turning my face upwards, and looked at me with that pity-filled patronizing gaze.

But what he said wasn't.

"You've gotten good slut. No one has ever taken so much of my cock before. I might consider keeping you."

I shuddered with a mix of ecstasy and fear. Keep me? As a cum-dumpster? As a servant like that bitchy waif from before? Or something more?

Black used my hair to guide me the long path off of his cock, my mouth exploding from the end with a throat-full of precum drooling out.

Black fired 13 shots. I counted. Hot salvos pounded my face, my eyes, literally set my tits into jiggling motion just from the strength of his blasts. I drank until it ran out my nose, and I was fairly certain my ears were about to go. I writhed and moaned on the table, prostrating my body for the ministrations of his seed; letting its warmth caress me and its thick virility fulfill me.

It was all I dreamed of for the next week.

I belonged to Aaron Black.

I belonged to his cock.

I belonged to each of his impossibly huge balls.

I belonged to his lips.

His glance.


* * *

(Author's Notes:

I keep getting wonderful letters, but I always love to hear from new fans. Please tell me what you think, for good or ill.

I feel the Black saga is likely to come to a close soon, as I have other projects I'd like to get onto. Now is the time to submit your story requests, lest they forever fall by the wayside.)

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