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Bookstore Seduction


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Yaaawwwnnnn. Awake. Slowly, I open my eyes and stretch. It's Wednesday. I love Wednesday's. That is when "He" comes into the store. And "He" is hot. Maybe today is the day. I smile and slip out of bed.

I work in an old book store in town. I have worked there since High School. I was 16 and the owner paid me under the table to dress seductively and sell books. A new owner now, so no more under the table, but she does like it when I dress seductively. She has even told me that if I ever wanted to be with a woman . . . well, that's another story.

I brush my teeth and climb into the shower. It is still a bit chilly and that makes my nipples stand at attention. I turn up the heat and wash my hair and face. I rinse and massage the conditioner into my hair. I then lather up the loofa and begin to clean my body, starting with my tanned arms, moving to my ample breasts (stopping to pull on the nipples), over my slight tummy, and down to my long, firm legs. I decide I need a quick shave and lather on the cream. With every long stroke my fingers brush my labia and I can feel a slight tingle. I pull down the shower massager and let it go to work. As I do, I think about Him. He is about 6 feet tall, slightly older than I, pretty well in shape, dark hair and eyes. He comes into the shop almost every Wednesday to browse. He always has an excuse to talk to me. I want him so bad. I am still shy after the last few boys have dumped me. I imagine him taking me in his arms in the stacks, kissing me, running his hands all over me . . . as I approach my climax, I can hear the phone.

"Damn timing." I mutter as I climb out of the shower. I grab a towel and run to get the phone.

"Good morning," I say, more cheerfully than I feel. I can see that it is Layla, the owner of the store.

"Good morning dear." She replies. "Would you mind opening and closing today? I am a bit under the weather and don't think I can make it in."

"Sure," I respond, getting more excited. Now I will be the only one in the shop all day. We chat for a few minutes and I promise to call her with the day's receipts.

With a plan forming in my head, I go to my closet to get just the right dress. It's white and nearly see-through. The top is tight enough that a bra is not necessary and then tapers down my waist until it flows out into a full skirt that goes to my ankles. I decide to wear a lace thong . . . just in case. I spray on some perfume, apply some light make up and head out the door.

Once at the bookstore, I go about all the opening duties; dusting, arranging sale books, putting the cash into the registers and then open the doors and wait. The book store is two storeys with a balcony so that you can see upstairs. The upstairs is mostly classics and used books and the downstairs is new releases, cookbooks and reference. My plan was to be on the second storey when he arrived. He is usually in around noon, so I have a few hours to kill. I help some customers, do a few special orders and then start with the new-used and go-back books. I take my pile up to the top of the stairs and set it down anticipating.

At five after noon I hear the bell that signals a new customer. There is no one else in the store at the time. I walk to the railing and it's He. I bend over and smile and I can tell by the instant rise in the front of his slacks, that my dress has the appropriate effect. I begin to put away books at the edge of the balcony, going up and down the ladder to give him the fullest view possible. Several times I catch him looking up to catch a glimpse. I decide that today is the day and this is my best opportunity to seduce him. I walk back several isles and remove my now wet thong and hide it up on a top shelf. As I come back down the ladder, I hear a slight intake of breath and realize that he has come up below me. He is looking up my skirt with a mischievous grin on his face. I excuse myself and walk away, shaking my hips just slightly. I go to the pile and grab another three or four books. Every few minutes we just happen to be on the same isle. I brush my hand across his bottom a few times and drop more than a few books so that he can see me bend over to pick them up. I can feel myself getting very turned on by the sexual tension in the air. More than a few times I see him adjust his package, so that his erection is not so obvious.

I decide to take it up a notch and unbutton the top two buttons of my dress so that my breasts are spilling out of the fabric. As I walk back onto the same isle as him, he whistles under his breath. I bend down to place a book on the shelf and slowly stand up to smile at him. He is gone.

Suddenly I feel hands on my breasts and lips on my neck from behind. I push back into him as thrills begin to course through me. His hands are rough and his kisses warm and wet. My nipples harden instantly and I feel a warm gush beginning between my legs. His hands are everywhere. I can feel his erection, hard as steel, through his slacks. We don't speak a word as our breathing becomes more labored. His hand begins to slide up my thigh, under my skirt. He sits on a bench in the corner and pulls me down with him. As I sit on his lap, his fingers find my dripping center. I can feel his experienced fingers traveling up and down my labia, stopping to rub gentle circles around my clit. I grind my butt onto his erection, bringing a moan from his lips. His fingers begin to work faster and I can feel myself approaching the edge. My hips begin to move quicker, to match his fingers as I fall over the edge into oblivion. I cry out and then bite my lip as waves of pleasure wash over me.

I fall forward onto my knees and can feel him starting to run his tongue over my now dripping lips. He has pushed my skirt up over my hips and is licking me from behind. I can feel his tongue sliding in and out of my hole while his fingers pinch my nub. He licks faster and faster as my juices start to flow. I begin to thrash wildly as a second orgasm rocks my body. I moan softly as he replaces his tongue with his fingers and they move inside me, searching for my g-spot. His thumb flicks my dark hole as his fingers massage my G. I am ready to explode again on his fingers. He slides his thumb into my arse, I moan, loudly this time as I can't help it. I fall forward, no longer able to support myself as wave after wave of pleasure courses through me. After catching my breath, I roll over and sit up. I want to give him the same pleasures he has given to me. He is gone.

I jump up and run to the railing. He is just opening the door to the store. He turns, blows me a kiss and leaves. I watch him walk to his pickup truck, climb in and drive away. I retrieve my panties, clean myself up and enjoy the rest of my uneventful day, looking forward to next week.

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