tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBorder Deal Ch. 01

Border Deal Ch. 01


Abner Greevey was a fifty-three year old widower who had given up on his life and situation when he got an offer that he could just not refuse.

Abner owned almost thirty thousand acres of land that had been handed down through the generations and sat right on the Mexico border in southwest Texas. They had farmed onions and sorghum on much of the land along with some cattle for more than a hundred years. Unfortunately the breakdown of the border and the resulting lawlessness that thousands of illegals and drug smugglers brought to the area made it impossible for him to farm any longer and threatened his very life.

Periodically the Texas Rangers, Border patrol, ICE agents and DEA officials came by to check on him but they came so infrequently that the entire effort was a complete waste of time and money. His land was a virtual battlefield not between US authorities and the invaders but between rival gangs and coyotes who smuggled the illegals.

One day when he was at the very end of his rope with little cash to pay for his basic needs and the taxes that were quickly coming due there was a knock at the door and he opened it to find three very rough looking armed Mexicans on his front porch. They did not wait for him to invite them in but pushed past him right into his living room. Abner was six foot and weighted around two hundred hard pounds from his many hours working the farm but he was no match for the three hombres that barged in.

One fellow, who was the obvious leader and whom he came to know as Fernando, sat down on his couch and motioned for Abner to take a seat while the two other men, his bodyguards, warily took up positions on either side of the room.

Abner spoke fluent Spanish so he was able to communicate with the men easily. Fernando explained that they were going to be taking over his spread and that was going to be a good thing for Abner. They liked the layout as he had three sturdy barns spread out across on the property that they could use, for their own purposes. They knew that Abner was in financial trouble and they offered him a sizeable off the books monthly payment for simply looking the other way and misleading any US authorities that came nosing around. Additionally they told him he could have the pick of the litter any time that he had a mind to do so.

Abner had had no idea what they were talking about until Fernando explained to him that it was common course for the coyotes and smugglers to fuck many of the women that they brought across the border. The husbands and fathers that accompanied them were helpless to stop the rapes and it had become a widespread fringe benefit for the men who lived a dangerous life. It was a fringe benefit that was to be his too to enjoy.

They told him that they would be using the barns as stopping off and marshaling centers and they would let him know when they were at the barn that was nearest his home and he would be welcome to come over and select a woman to bring back to his home for his unrestrained enjoyment. The men had all laughed at that and Abner had been mortified. He was really in no position to refuse the men on many different levels and agreed to their deal but making a private decision never to avail himself of the second side of the offer. They left a manila envelope on his coffee table with the first month's payment and left.

For three months he kept to the self imposed promise. Each month the money would appear on his porch sometime during the night and at least three times a month he was informed that if he had any interest there was a group being held in the barn that was a mere three hundred yards from the house. The money gave him a sense of security while it also tore apart his conscience. His sense of righteousness was further beaten down by the heavy drinking that he started doing. A night didn't pass that he wasn't sitting on his front porch with a bottle of bourbon that he drank much too much of. When there were transients in the barn he would sometimes hear sounds but he never took an invitation and ventured over no matter how hard that enticement was for him to resist. It was hard being a man who still had sexual needs and urges and no woman in his life while having the opportunity to do something about it staring him in the face.

All of that changed in month number four when shortly after midnight, while he was sitting on the porch and well past half way through a bottle of Rebel Yell Bourbon, he heard a woman screaming and saw a young half dressed Mexican woman run into his yard. She stopped when she saw him sitting on the porch giving the two men who were chasing her ample time to catch her. One of the men was one of the two bodyguards who had visited him months before.

The woman looked to be in her early twenties and while he watched the two men stripped her of the rest of her clothes and then began taking turns raping her while she screamed for her husband and mercy. For more than half an hour he watched as the men brutalized and fucked her.

Something deep and evil inside of him took control and he walked down off the porch to where the woman was being ravished on the grass lawn. He took off his clothes and when one of the men finished and pulled out of her he climbed between her spread soft brown thighs, pushed them further apart and slid deep into her well fucked cum filled pussy and began to savagely fuck. He was a very well hung man with a thick eight inches of hard cock and the woman moaned, in spite of herself, as he burrowed into areas that the other two men had not reached.

The woman had quit screaming and looked up at the older gringo whom she had at first thought might have saved her as he fucked her deep and hard. The bodyguard grabbed her by the hair and turned her face to his crotch and fed his cock into her mouth.

"Sweet pussy Eh Amigo," the man said as he thrust his cock down the young wife's throat. "Lot's more where this came from and you're missing out on your share."

Abner had not had a woman since his wife had passed away four years earlier and in spite of his inebriated state his stamina was not what it once was so he blew a huge load into the woman in relatively short order. She cried out and he felt her cunt spasm, grasp and milk his spurting shaft and reach orgasm as he drained himself into her belly.

"Ole!" yelled the bodyguard responding to the young wife's passionate reaction to Abner's orgasm. "You need to let some of the young senoritas take care of your big cock Senior."

Abner said nothing in response and pulled himself out of the woman and gathered up his clothes as the other coyote took his place between her thighs and began to aggressively fuck her. He walked back to the house and collapsed into bed knowing without a doubt that he would be at the barn the next time he was summoned.

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