tagMatureBored Blond and Banged

Bored Blond and Banged


I was bored, I'd just been signed off of work for 2 1/2weeks with a supposedly bad back, I was signed off on Wednesday and it was now Friday and I was bored. Hubby was at work as usual, I'm sure he loved that job more than me, although I shouldn't complain too much as it kept me in a good home. But that was about all I got from my hubby, every now and then he laid on top of me and pumped at me for about 2mins left his load in me and rolled off and went to sleep, that's when I would get up and go to the bathroom to satisfy myself whilst thinking of one of my little fantasies, my problem was I loved the feel of his cum in me and on me and the taste of it. My hubby Ken is the only man I've been with in my life and I'm now 44 and he's 60 he was the charming older man at first, when we started seeing each other it was great as it always was, there was no where we hadn't or a position we didn't try, I then fell pregnant and he got a promotion and that seemed to be it, now 20 years later I'm left wondering if this is it or is there more out there. Our one and only son Nick 20 is at uni and loving the university life that comes with it, I'm so immensely proud of him and he's the one thing that keeps me sane (ish)

"Right that's it" I said to myself making my mind up, Ken had gone to work at 7 and left me in bed, he doesn't even kiss me goodbye in the morning now. I got up and turned the pc on in the spare room sat on the chair and waited for it to do all it's booting up regime. Finally I got onto the internet and typed "local sex meets uk" in google, instantly the screen refreshed and came up with "results 1-10 of 4,000,000 taking 0.25 seconds"

"Well I suppose I'd better start at the top and see where it goes" I clicked on the first link, the page loaded up with the header a few pictures of people meeting and the usual adverts for porn sites. I clicked on the search bar selected what I was looking for: male, between 25-50, height any, size any, distance 10 miles and under, and clicked search. It came back with 49 matches, I started to look and clicked on one advert that looked promising, I was greeted by "please sign up to view profile" it did this on every advert so I tried another website and the same result seemed to happen. I tried a couple more websites but they all seemed to say the same thing so I went back to the first and went through the sign up stage.

It seemed such a long process, having to choose a nickname (bigboobed44nbored) seemed to do the trick, "Describe yourself" Well, here goes, I'm 44 and 5ft 4 tall, I have short dyed blonde hair, dark come to bed eyes and I'm told a lovely smile. My build is slim as I like to keep in shape, I have a slight tan as there's not much sun in this country. I'd better be honest as I know some people don't like fake tits but mine have been enhanced up to 34DD, my bum is nice and round and my legs toned and slim. If there's anything else you'd like to know please ask. "What are you looking for" I thought about it for a bit and then started typing: this is my first time at doing something like this so please bear with me. what I would like is a lot of excitement and definitely no headaches, I want fun, I feel things have passed me by a bit and I'm looking for some more injection into my life, I'm married and need to be very discrete which is given as well as expected. If you think you're the one then get in touch.

there was a few other little things to do and then it got the payment stage, I hesitated here for a while just thinking over what I was about to do, my heart started racing and it seemed a little bit of a blur as I got up and went to get my credit card. Filling in the details and then pressing confirm, I was greeted by the congratulations screen your now a full member please upload some photos of yours. I had a quick look at some other profiles to see what sort of pictures seemed appropriate, I then grabbed the camera and took my nightie off so I was naked and stood in front of the full length mirror in our bedroom and started taking some pictures, trying not to show too much nipple but just enough to make them luring. I uploaded 5 pictures in total that I was happy with. it took an hour for the pictures to be approved so in the mean time I went and had a quick bite to eat and then a shower, taking great care in making sure my legs where smooth and trimming myself leaving a 1inch track above my pussy

I wrapped a towel around me and went back to the computer, my photos had been approved so I sat down and began searching again. I filled in the same search criteria again and the same results came up again except one which was highlighted "Online browsing now" was flashing in the corner of his advert, I clicked on the advert which read: Looking for fun NSA sexy fun with a female, I'm home alone now and can accom, check out my profile for more details. I clicked on his profile, height 5'10", build medium, assets large and he looked ok in his picture, he had grey speckled hair and a matching well kept goatee which tried to hide some of the appearance of a double chin. "Well here goes" I thought clicking on send a message. "This is my first time doing anything like this, would like some excitement and I can travel please get back to me soon if your interested"

I waited 2 minutes and a reply came through, "Very much interested, here's my number call me" I took his number down and fetched my mobile, I entered it in and paused before hitting the call button. It rang twice before a deep unknown voice answered the phone

"Hello" it said

"Hi it's Tracy or bigboobed44nbored" I replied

"Hi there I'm Garfy, I was hoping you'd call your pics look amazing"

"Thanks very much, I'm very nervous and not sure what to do next?

"How about I give you my address and you come round and we'll go from there"

Garfy gave me his address and I explained that I will be round in about 45 mins, I through my phone on the bed and looked for my favourite purple lace bra, which pushed my tits further up. I threw my towel on the bed and put my bra on and my matching purple g string, over the top I put a silver and black horizontally striped sleeveless vest top, I squeezed this over my tits it's neck line plunged deep and was quite revealing, I then squeezed my round arse into a black denim pencil skirt and finished it off with a pair of black heeled open toed sandals. I quickly put on a little bit of basic makeup, checked myself in the mirror before picking up a little clutch bag, throwing my phone and purse inside it and went downstairs, picking up my car keys from the mantel piece before shooting out the door and getting in my red Golf Gti.

Garfy's place was a 2 minute drive and it felt a lot quicker and before I knew it I was parked outside his house, I breathed deeply and got out my car locked it and stood in front of the door, my finger hesitating before pressing the doorbell. I heard the chime in the house somewhere and after a few seconds a face I'd seen only seen on the internet opened the door.

"Hi Tracy" He said "come in, please" he stood to the side so I could enter, I stood in a good size reception room, with the stairs to the right of me going up against the wall, a door in front of me which looked like it led to the kitchen and then a door to the left which Garfy walked through, I followed him into his lounge diner, there was a 3 seater leather sofa against the wall next to me and opposite that was a big 50" plasma screen TV, to the right of me was a 2 seater leather sofa and at the far end of the room was a table and chairs set. Garfy sat down on the 3 seater and beckoned me to join him, he was ok looking and was probably larger than he wanted to admit too but his aroma was gorgeous and for some reason every time he smiled at me he put me at ease.

"How would you like to do this? Would you like me to put some porn on the TV or maybe a quick glass of wine to settle the nerves?" He asked

"I like the wine and the porn idea" I said. He went and got a glass of white wine each, I had practically finished mine by the time he sat down, we talked as he set up the DVD and the wine was taking the right effect, I was feeling more and more confident and very much at ease. A hot brunette flicked up onto the screen sucking a huge white cock, "On your profile you stated yourself as having large assets, care to prove it?" I said with a cheeky smile on my face and biting my bottom lip.

"With pleasure" he said putting his glass of wine on the mantle-piece, he unzipped his jeans and dropped them to the floor, there was already a lump in his blue boxer shorts "mmmmmmm" I put my glass of wine on the carpet floor and sat on the edge of the sofa and waited for him to drop his boxers, he did so, he was right he was assets large. His fat meaty circumcised cock hung down, his big clean shaven balls hidden behind. He was neatly trimmed above as well which was pleasing to see as well. I stood up and pressed myself against him, I moved my leg up the inside of his until my thigh was brushing against his cock, he put one hand round me and squeezed my arse hard, my hand went down to his cock and clasped it gently and wanked it a couple of times, my heart was racing, this was the only other cock I had ever touched and it felt good. It was slowly growing in my hand and I decided to hurry it along, I knelt down in front of Garfy and took his cock in my mouth and sucked on it slowly at first. It grew to its full glory of roughly 8inches and I got faster sucking on his purple helmet, he moaned a few times as I looked up at him and smiled.

"I wanna see those fucking big tits of yours" he said I stood up and crossed my arms and grabbed a bottom corner of my vest top and pulled it up over my head, he squeezed my big tits through my bra, reaching behind me I unclasped my bra and shrugged it off and threw it to the floor. It was his turn to bend down and lick and suck my hard nipples, pinching one and rolling the other between thumb and forefinger, I let out a few subtle moans, he used one hand to rub the inside of my thigh and gently push up my skirt until his finger touched my pussy through my g-string "wow someone's already wet" he said. I hadn't realised but he was right I was so turned on it was unbelievable, I hadn't felt like this in such a long time. I stepped away from him and wriggled out of my skirt then turning my back on him I bent over as I took my g-string off, giving him a great view of my arse. I was just standing in my open toed sandals, his cock twitched as he looked at me "Oh fuck, I've hit the jackpot with you" he said stepping forward, I pulled at his t-shirt to take it off, he did so in one fluent move so he was totally naked as well, his chest and stomach had a thin covering of dark hair. he stepped forward his cock nudging against me as his hand went back down to my pussy, it slipped between my legs and I lifted one up for him, he obliged and held it up and I gasped as I felt his fingers touch my pussy lips and then slid effortlessly inside me, it felt good his fingers curling inside me as his palm rubbed against my clit, his fingers curled faster and faster and it wasn't long at all before my body was shaking and an orgasm was pulsing through my body, my standing leg went weak as I put my arms around Garfy's neck my mouth open, my breath short and sharp and I came, my pussy gripping trying to milk his fingers, moans and whimpers coming from my mouth as Garfy kept his fingers curling inside me.

I collapsed down to the floor leaning up against the sofa and caught my breath a little, Garfy walked towards me his big cock swaying from side to side, I reached for his hand and licked his sticky finger clean of my juices whilst I wanked his cock with my other. I began sucking on his cock again taking it deep into my mouth, his helmet nudging down the back of my throat as he pushed his hips forward. He started fucking my mouth as I sat there, pushing further and further into my mouth until his balls where slapping off of my chin, spit was running down my chin and onto my tits. "Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck" Garfy was saying, his balls tightened and he pulled his cock out and wanked it, a stream of hot, creamy, thick cum splattered off my chin, and dripped onto my tits, another stream fired directly into my open mouth, another stream splattered on across my cheek and into my hair, he was wanking furiously and his cum was flicking everywhere, drops hitting my face, landing on my tits. I rubbed it into my skin, massaging it into my tits making them glisten, I used my forefinger to scoop his cum off my chin and drop it into my mouth, I leant forward and sucked the last drops of cum out of his cock, making loud popping sucking sounds as I did.

He sat on the sofa behind me and carried on slowly wanking his limping cock, "I hope you're not planning on going to sleep" I said to him.

"Far from it, I've still got more in my tank" he replied

"Good" I said spinning round on the floor and spreading my legs wide, giving him a great view of my freshly shaven pussy, I reached between my legs with one hand and spread my pussy lips whilst my other squeezed my nipples. I rubbed one finger against my clit as I stared Garfy straight in the eyes, his hand still moving up and down his cock. ~I slid 2 fingers inside my wet pussy, then out and pushed them against my clit and kept repeating this, getting myself more and more worked up, my other hand squeezing my nipples harder and harder. I closed my eyes as I got closer and closer to another orgasm, biting my lip as I brought myself to the edge, Garfy knelt down between my legs with his cock in hand and nudged it against my pussy, it slid in easy, he pulled it out and then pushed it back in his cock covered in my juices, he fucked me hard and fast taking me over the edge, my hands gripping his arse and pulling him in further as my pussy clenched and gripped his cock as he pushed deep into, my back arching, throwing my head back and letting out a loud horny moan.

Garfy smiled down at me as he leant over me, propping himself up with both arms as he carried on fucking me, his cock feeling great inside me, my hands all over his back and arms touching him. My tits shaking back and forth as he pushed deep into me his rhythm steady and fast and very enjoyable, he leant on one arm and used the other to squeeze my tits, his firm hand running down the side of my body and gripping my bum hard as he pushed a bit further in, his balls slapping against me. He leant backwards and pulled my left leg up and rolled my sideways and laid down by the side of me and carried of sliding his cock into me, I reached down and tried fondling his balls, his free hand again was playing with my tits, pinching and rolling my nipples then running down my stomach and rubbing my clit as he fucked me well. He then pulled out and positioned me on the sofa, he held one leg up and to the side and I held my other the wide in the air, his hand guiding his cock into my pussy again, he began fucking me again holding my legs wide, I pushed my tits together for him, he was pushing into me at a great angle which was getting me squirming again and must've been great for him as he was moaning and getting faster and faster, I was about to cum again when he pulled his shiny sticky cock out and wanked it a couple of times and then several shots of hot watery cum shot up my body landing on my tits and stomach, one load landing just in my mouth as I gasped for a breath, he slapped his cock against my pussy as he shook the last drops out, this time he rubbed his cum into my stomach and tits, paying special attention to my tits of course. He collapsed next to me on the sofa breathing heavily. "Oh wow" is all he could manage to say.

"Oh wow indeed"

We lay there for a bit not saying much, just blankly staring at the porn on the TV. I then made my excuses got dressed and left, not without leaving him my mobile number for possible future meets.

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