tagIncest/TabooBorn Beautiful, Rachel's Story #04

Born Beautiful, Rachel's Story #04


Man against machine, machine wins, and, tied to the horse stall beaten by her husband and sexually abused by her son, Olga loses her struggle in the barn.

Submitting her will to him for the sake of the masculinity and pride of her husband, Olga sacrificed herself to be physically and emotionally abused. For her husband to feel that he exerted some modicum of control over some portion of his miserable life, she allowed him to beat and whip her naked body nearly to death. Undoubtedly, in the hopes that he didn't kill her and do the same to her daughter next, and in the hopes that he'd get what he needed from beating and whipping her, she allowed her son to sexually abuse her so that the both of them would leave her daughter alone. A kind and loving mother and what any mother would do, she sacrificed herself to protect her daughter.

For the sake and safety of her daughter, Rachel, Olga volunteered to take her place to be sexually molested in the barn. Her unspoken agreement to be chosen to be so battered and so abused was her motherly decision to save her daughter from the same fate. Olga was an unwilling victim in her husband's game of pain, debauchery, and torture. Yet, when there was sexual pleasure given to her by her son, instead of the physical violence delivered her by her husband, she was more than a willing volunteer.

Albeit aroused by the beatings and not as much by the whippings that came after Karl pleasured her and she pleasured him, not that she had any choice in her decision being that she was tied to the horse stall, she needed the beating to get her in the amorous mood to have incestuous sex with her son. For lack of a better word, not as normal for a mother to sexually want her son in the way that a son wanted his mother, the pain she suffered from her husband was what she needed to freely cross that incestuous line. Just as she disliked the violence and the physical abuse given to her by the hand of her husband, in anticipation of getting herself ready to be intimate with her son, she tolerated the pain and the suffering for the sake of the sexual pleasure. She needed the beating to excite her sexually more and to make her feel guilty less. Wicked in her justification of what she needed to make her feel where she needed to be to survive this crazy father and son team, she learned to not only look forward to but also to love the sexual attention given her by the hand, the mouth, and the cock of her son.

Screaming and kicking, allowing him to think that he was in control, if only in control of her, her son, and her daughter, she vehemently begged her husband to stop beating and whipping her. Cooing and fawning, she not so vehemently begged her son to stop stripping her, touching her, feeling her, caressing her, and sexually assaulting her. Even though everything was changing, some things remained the same, especially all of those things that occurred within the barn between this horrible husband, his perverted son, and his wicked wife. The reason why she was in the barn again was because her husband was drunk again, Olga didn't obey again, and her son was horny again. Especially when the incestuous mood heated up in the house between father and daughter and between brother and sister, perhaps if only for the sake of wanting to have sex with her son again and to save Rachel from the same fate, one may wonder if Olga instigated this visit to the barn.

Even during these troubled times of uncertainty and frustration, with women not always readily available for Karl to date when living out on a farm miles from his next neighbor and living even further from the city, some things never do change. Conveniently available to satisfy his every sexual whim were his shapely mother and his sexy sister. Being that he received his father's approval to have sex with his wife, Karl was happy to be the obedient son by obliging not only his father's perversion but also his mother's libido. While his father sat and watched while masturbating himself, Karl pleasured his mother.

"You must be punished Olga," said her red faced husband spitting out his anger as he yelled. "You must learn to respect and obey me."

"Let me go! Please let me go! Don't do this to me, not again," cried Olga. "I beg you. Please stop. Please don't. No! I can't take this anymore. Please stop."

"You must learn to obey your husband," he said again repeating himself in his drunkenness. "Having forgotten all of your lessons, you must relearn them now again. You must learn to respect me," said Hugo.

"Why should I respect you when you don't respect me?" Flooded with tears, she looked up at him with a face of fear while struggling against her ties.

"You're a woman Olga. You don't deserve respect. You don't get respect; you give it," said Hugo with a sneer and a slap.

"Why should I obey you when you're so cruel to me even when I'm obeying and respecting you?"

"What you call obedience, I call disobedience and what you call respect, I call disrespect. I see the looks that you give me. I hear you whispering behind my back to my son and to my daughter," he said pointing a finger of contempt at her. "You don't respect me, you disrespect me."

When once she looked at him with love, she now looked at him with fear. When once he looked at her with love, he now looked at her with hatred.

"Dear God in Heaven, haven't I suffered enough?" As if God was there ready to swoop down to save her, Olga looked up to the rafters of the barn before refocusing her attention to her husband. "How can I respect the man that beats and whips his wife? I can't take this anymore Hugo." Olga stopped her screaming to start crying while trying to plead some sense to her husband. "As a weak woman, as your loving wife, and as the caring mother of your children, I have some rights to--"

"Rights! Rights? What rights? Do you mean women's rights? Your insistent delusion of women's rights is why you're here in the barn again Olga," he said looking at her as if she had lost her mind. "Women have no rights," yelled Hugo in German as if she was a captured prisoner of the German revolution instead of his wife and the mother of his children. "Unlike me, a man, the owner of this house and this land, you're a nobody and a no one. Unable to even vote, even in the eyes of Germany, you don't even exist."

"Surely, Hugo, as the woman you love, I have the right to--"

"You have no rights," he said again, this time louder. As if his finger was a gun and he was about to shoot her dead, he made his lambasting more personal by pointing his index finger at her face and only inches away from her nose. "My animals are not only more valuable to me than you are but also have more rights than you do," he said with a laugh. "They have the right to go to market to fetch me a fair price and they have the right to be slaughtered and to be eaten to feed me. If you have any rights at all, you have the right to respect me and obey me."

But for her ties holding her in place, her binds stopped her from moving not much more than a few inches in either direction, side to side or up and down. Appearing woozy after being violently awakened from her sleep and dragged down a flight of stairs from her bed, she was dizzy against the onslaught of his physical, emotional, and verbal abuse. No doubt exhausted from being so brutally beaten after working all day to maintain her house and serve her husband and her son, as if she was a dying swan in the last scene of a ballet, she crumbled against the weight of herself and the unsteadiness of her legs. She would have collapsed to the ground were it not for her binds that tightened against her wrists and held her in place to prevent her from falling further. Weak kneed from being beaten and exhausted from lack of sleep, the weight of her slim, shapely body that pulled against the leather straps hurt her wrists enough to make them bleed.

"Karl," she said to her son looking at him with love. "Help Mommy. Untie me. Please, I beg you. My wrists hurt and are bleeding. You're big and you're strong, you can stop this abuse. Don't let your father do this to me."

Obviously torn by his blind dogged allegiance to his father and his incestuous lustful love for his mother, Karl looked from his mother to his father and back to his mother again with eyes that begged her forgiveness for not untying her and for not stopping the physical abuse. Intent on arousing his sexual lust for his mother by touching her and feeling her in the way that his father was determined to soothe his rage by beating, whipping, and controlling his wife, no doubt wanting this incest to continue, Karl didn't intercede on his mother's behalf. Undoubtedly, if his father's abuse of his mother worsened, he'd step in with a heavy hand to stop his father from really hurting and/or killing his mother. Instead of untying her, instead of setting her free, and instead of protecting her from further harm from his demonic father, on the pretense of helping her to stand and to take the pressure off of the leather straps rubbing against her skin, he took pleasure in touching, feeling, and caressing his mother everywhere through her nightgown.

What son would touch, feel, and caress his mother's body in such an incestuous, sexual way? Albeit being that she was tied to the horse stall and was unable to stop the sexual abuse, what mother would allow her son to touch, feel, and caress her body in such an incestuous, sexual way? Nothing new to this family, this incestuous sideshow had been happening since Karl's 18th birthday, a son having his perverted way with his mother and his mother obviously enjoying the sexual attention that her husband was unwilling and/or unable to give her. Only and unfortunately, the incest escalated since Rachel had turned 18-years-old.

Undoubtedly the sexual frustration of a father controlling his urge to touch his virginal daughter and a brother kept from having his incestuous, sexual way with his innocent sister, played out more with a husband abusing his wife and a son having his way with his mother. Either Rachel would marry soon or she'd find herself serving the violent whims of her father and the sexual lusts of her brother. Either she'd earn her keep by rewarding her father with more land and livestock with a mutually beneficial marital union or she'd be taking her place in the barn too. Other than to abuse her and other than to make her family money by marrying her to a wealthy family, Hugo had no use for another useless and helpless woman to be so dependent upon his generosity in feeding her and sheltering her.

With his big, broad back blocking his father's view, Karl felt and caressed his mother's big breasts and fingered her instantly hardening nipples before reaching around her to take a big handful of her firm, round ass through her nightgown. With Olga looking up at her giant son with lustful love, he felt his mother with all the incestuous lust of a son given permission to have sex with his mother by his father. Lifting her helpless body to a standing position with one, big hand, he removed the pressure off of her wrists while feeling more handfuls of her firm, big breasts and her round, shapely ass with his other hand through her nightgown again. Once his father was done beating, lecturing, and lambasting her, as he has always done in the past, he'd give his son permission to pleasure his mother while he watched and masturbated over the sexy sight of the two of them together before whipping her for enjoying her son too much.

With Hugo no longer able to sexually satisfy his wife and with Hugo no longer able to maintain an erection while inside of her because of his excessive drinking, in the way that he'd one day give his son the farm, he prematurely gave his son his wife. Relinquishing his sexual control over Olga in favor of watching his son pleasure his mother and watching his wife pleasuring his son, he left his husbandly, sexual duties to Karl. Bad enough that a son had sex with his mother and bad enough that a mother enjoyed having sex with her son, it was even worse when a father agreed to the incestuous union between a mother and her son. Even worse than a son having sex with his mother and a father agreeing to their incestuous behavior was when a father watched his son pleasuring his wife while masturbating his lust over their incestuous, sexual display.

A wicked woman in 1860, even as a married woman and an obedient wife, Olga wasn't supposed to enjoy having sex with her husband and/or with anyone else, especially with her son. Something she never enjoyed even when they were first married, she hated, actually dreaded, having sex with her husband. Slam bam and without even a thank you ma'am, she didn't enjoy having sex with Hugo when he was always so angry and always so mean. Fat, disgusting, and with too much hair on his shoulders, chest, arms, legs, and back, when he didn't smell of beer and cigars, he smelled of dried sweat. Having sex with her husband wasn't as nearly as pleasurable, a gross understatement, as it was having sex with her son.

Yet, when having sex with her handsome son, she was eager to do whatever she could to please him in reciprocation of him pleasuring her. Taking more than the two minutes of penetration without foreplay, Hugo never kissed her, touched her, felt her, and adored her body in the way her son did. Karl took his time with his mother. Kissing her, touching her, feeling her, caressing her, and complimenting her, Karl made her feel like a sexy woman before inserting his big, hard, hairy cock in her wide open and willing mouth. In the way she looked up at him with his cock buried in her mouth and in the way that she willingly accepted his erect prick in her mouth, she obviously enjoyed sucking her son's cock. Obviously wishing she was his wife instead of his mother, no doubt, she wished he'd give her an orgasm with his fingers and with his tongue before mounting her and making love to her before fucking her.

"Please Hugo, I beg you to stop," she said looking from her son to her husband. "I'm sorry for whatever it was I did." She looked back from her husband to her son. "Karl, please talk some sense to your father. Untie Mommy. Please help me."

"Sorry mother but I can't," he said in a quiet whisper and in a defeated voice.

It was unlike her son to be so submissively timid, seemingly weak, and almost apologetic. Always so kind and gentle around his mother, he only acted out of character when drunk and when around his drunken father. So much bigger than his father, Karl was a big brute that was a throwback to his maternal grandfather, Bruno, a strong man in the circus in the 1830's. In the immense physical size and strength of him, he was a gentle giant. He had a kind nature and a good heart, otherwise, only when provoked and riled, did he become a big, scary monster. Because he was dimwitted, acting as if a caged grizzly bear suddenly set free, he was the butt of jokes until those who made fun of him quickly learned not to provoke him and not to anger him.

"Please don't allow him do this to me," she said playing both their games while whispering and looking up at her son with her big, green eyes and watching him fondle her firm, shapely breasts. "Not again, please not again. Don't allow your father to do this again to me. He's drunk and I'm so very tired. He doesn't know what he's doing. He's angry over everything else and over things that he can't control," she said looking down and pausing in her pleading to watch him caress her big breasts while fingering her hard nipples through the thin, worn material of her nightgown. "That feels good Karl. Mommy likes it when you touch and finger her nipples like that," she said standing on her toes to whisper in his ear as he leaned down to receive her message.

"I love your big tits Mommy. I love your big nipples. I love you Mommy," he said returning her whispers. "I wish you were my woman. I wish you were my wife," he said. "I'd have sex with you every day."

"I am your woman," she said. "Maybe one day, after your father leaves this Earth and you inherit the farm, I can be your wife."

"Why is Papa so angry with you?"

"He's not angry with me Karl. He can control me. He can count on me to obey and to respect him. I'm not his problem," she said as her son lifted the back of her nightgown to feel more of her bare ass before moving his big hand to the front of her to cup her bushy, dark brown pussy. She gasped when he touched her and gently parted her lips to feel her wetness.

"I love feeling your ass mother as much as I like fingering your pussy. It makes me so hot to touch you and to feel your naked body beneath your nightgown," said her son.

"Oh Karl, my big, beautiful boy, fuck my pussy with your long fingers and rub my clit in the way I taught you to do," she whispered in his ear. "Suck Mommy's nipples through my nightgown. Suck them, Karl, suck them. I like it when you suck my nipples."

"I love sucking your nipples mother," said Karl sucking one nipple through her nightgown while fingering the other nipple and before switching from one to the other and back again.

"I wish you could make love to Mommy. I wish you could stick your big, hard cock in Mommy's pussy. I wish you could fuck Mommy," she said breathlessly in his ear when he continued sucking and fingering her nipples.

Seemingly the more she referred to herself as Mommy, the more sexually excited her son became. Then when he inserted his index finger and wiggled it deeper inside of her while rubbing her clit with his middle finger, she started softly moaning.

"What's all that whispering? What are you two plotting behind my back? I can't even trust my own family," said Hugo in a drunken daze with a disgruntled wave of his hand before taking another long drink from his bottle.

"Nothing Hugo. Karl was just helping me to stand. My wrists are bleeding and my legs are so weak. Untie me please dear husband. I'll be good. I promise. I'll obey you. I'll respect you. I will. I promise. You don't need to discipline me anymore. Having relearned my lessons, I will always respect and obey you."

"Respect me? Ha! The only time you respect me is when I take you to the barn to teach you respect. The only time you obey me is when I'm beating you and whipping you. I'm starting to believe that you enjoy being beaten and whipped so that you can have sex with your son," said Hugo with a sneer while looking from her to look at his son before returning his focus to his wife. "Is that it Olga? Do you enjoy having sex with Karl? Is the reason why you disrespect me so that I'll take you to the barn? Is the reason why you disobey me so that your son can pleasure you in the way that I no longer can. Is that it?" He stared at her waiting for her to reply.

"No, I don't enjoy my son touching me. As part of your respectful obedience, you force me to pleasure my son. Being tied to the horse stall, what choice do I have, dear husband, but to allow my son to touch me where no son should ever feel his mother? You make it sound as if I want to be beaten and whipped," she said giving him her best look of feigned pitiful sorrow. "You make it sound that I enjoy having sex with my son," she said obviously hiding her look of anticipated sexual excited.

"I've known you too long for you to lie to me. You can't lie to me. Just by seeing your face and just be seeing the impressions your erect nipples make in your nightgown, I know you enjoy Karl touching you, feeling you, and caressing you while fingering and sucking your nipples. Tell me. Do you enjoy your son's fingers inside of your pussy?" He gave her a hard stare. "I bet you love sucking his cock, don't you. I bet you love him cumming in your mouth," said Hugo obviously getting sexually excited enough to finger his cock through his pants. "I bet you'd love to fuck your son. You're no better than a German whore in a whorehouse," he said waving his hand at her. "You're worse than a German whore in a whorehouse, a mother enjoying having sex with her son."

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