tagIncest/TabooBorn Beautiful, Rachel's Story #07

Born Beautiful, Rachel's Story #07


Karl controls his mother by stripping her naked and having sex with her.


With Hugo having dragged her out of bed, Olga was naked but for the thin material of her well, worn, homemade nightgown. Right on cue, after already given the go ahead nod from his father to prepare his mother, Hugo seemed content to drink his bottle while Karl eagerly felt and fondled his mother's exposed breasts and felt her ass through her nightgown.

"Touch me Karl. Feel Mommy's tits," said Olga in a low whisper.

Touching his mother where no son should, he felt her abundance breasts and fingered her erect nipples, while reaching around her to feel her round, shapely ass. He leaned his tall, muscular body down to her and parted her lips with his tongue. A son kissing his mother in the way that a man kisses his wife or his girlfriend was frowned upon in public but, so long as no one knew what families did behind closed doors, Karl French kissing his mother was acceptable behavior in the privacy of their barn.

"I want you so bad mother," whispered her son.

Not taking the time to untie her, in an act of incestuous, sexual lust, having already removed her breasts from her nightgown and even though her husband had torn open most of the front of her nightgown, Karl cut the straps off her nightgown with his knife. She's already sown her straps so many times before that it didn't matter if she took a needle and thread to them again. As if claiming her for him and in a act of taking sexual control of his mother, he pulled the rest of the material of her nightgown down to her waist.

"Oh, Karl," she gasped when he stripped her to her waist before correcting herself for the benefit of her husband. "No Karl!"

"You have a beautiful body mother," he whispered with adoration.

No doubt, with both of them feeling it, there was something so intoxicatingly sexual and heatedly arousing about a man taking what he wants and when he wants it from a woman. Moreover, especially when that man was her son and that woman was his mother, Olga was not so genetically different from being incestuously aroused in the way that Karl was.

"I love it when you force me to do the things that I want to do to your body," she whispered.

Living in a man's world, although not much has changed, it was more of a man's world then than it is now. Yet, unbeknownst to most men, even more so back then, women were always willing to comply with the sexual advances of a man, especially if the woman knows that the man will show her a good time. Olga's son, Karl, was a not only a loving son but also a good and unselfish lover. Where his father was always in a rush to satisfy himself, Karl enjoyed taking his time to satisfy his mother first. He was so much better than his father ever was.

"I love your body mother," he returned her whisper as if they were talking in church.

Even if it meant that she had to endure a beating from her husband, she was looking forward to something her husband never gave her in all he years they were married, an orgasm. Even if she had to endure a whipping from Hugo later after having sex with Karl, she was looking forward to the sexual satisfaction that her son always gave her. The pleasure that her son gave her was worth whatever pain her husband gave her.

"Thank you, my sweet son," she said whispering while watching to make sure that her husband was still more interested in his bottle than in what they were doing.

Topless, still tied to the horse stall, and at the mercy of her powerful son, willing to do whatever he wanted her to do to sexually please him, Olga was so vulnerably exposed. With her large breasts immorally and immodestly exposed to him, Karl stepped back to stare at his mother's naked chest before reaching out his horny hands to touch them, feel them, fondle them, and caress them.

"I love your tits mother. You have such big, beautiful breasts. I can't get enough of them," he said returning her whispers.

Showing him as much incestuous lust in her eyes for him as he showed for her, she watched him stare at her nakedness. Giving him a sexual look without any sense of embarrassment for being topless before her son, obviously by the sexy look on her face and the perverse look on her son's face, she enjoyed exposing her breasts to her son as much as he, no doubt, enjoyed seeing his mother's tits.

"Thank you Karl. It makes Mommy very happy that you love her big breasts," she whispered with a smile for his compliment.

Only, her erected nipples were her excited undoing and her telltale sign of being sexually aroused. Seeing Hugo watching her reaction to her son staring at her tits, fondling her breasts, and fingering her nipples, she recoiled with feigned shame before looking down at her hardening nipples.

"No Karl! You mustn't touch Mommy in that way," she said as if she was an actress on stage playing the role of an embarrassed mother instead of a grateful lover.

No doubt, if her hands were free to make her part of feigned embarrassment more believable, all part of her incestuous game of shame, as part of her unwilling victim role, she would have tried to fight off her son, slapped his face, and covered her nakedness with her hands. Only helplessly and defensively tied to the horse stall and limited in her show of outrage and humiliation by her vocal indignation and her facial expressions, she wasn't free to do any of that. Then, when Hugo looked away and busied himself drinking, welcoming the amorous touches of her son, she stuck out her chest with pride. She looked up at her son to give him a sexy smile of sexual arousal instead of a feigned look of shame as he stared down at and felt her breasts while fingering her nipples.

"I love you mother," he whispered turning to make sure his father wasn't looking first.

Karl cupped her entire breast in his big hand while leaning his big body down to French kiss his mother. While exploring her open and welcoming mouth with his tongue, something her husband seldom did, he teased and coaxed her nipples to erect more. Then he slowly ran the palm of his hand across her nipples before fingering them, pulling them, turning them, and twisting them.

"That feels so good. I love it when you play with my nipples," she whispered.

Filled with incestuous lust and unbridled passion, there was something more erotically sexual about a son having sex with his mother when his mother welcomed his sexual advances. Sexually forbidden, it was the wickedness of incest that made their union so much more erotically exciting. One could only imagine their passion if Hugo wasn't present in the barn. Perhaps more and perhaps less, no one would ever know but one could only imagine their passion if they weren't mother and son.

"You have such big nipples mother. I love your big nipples," he whispered in her ear as if telling her a secret.

Olga looked down to watch her son finger, pull, turn, and twist her nipples with his right hand while feeling, fondling, and caressing her other breast with his left hand. Teasing him with her eyes, she looked up at him with sexual desire when he excited her. No doubt, if her hand was free and Hugo wasn't there with them, she would have been feeling and stroking her son's cock in the way that he was feeling her breast and fingering her nipples.

"Kiss me Karl while fingering my nipples," she said in a low whisper.

With Karl's big back blocking his father's view, he leaned down to French kiss his mother again. This time Olga returned her son's passion with her own by kissing him harder and deeper once he excited her by hardening her nipples. Even if Hugo had seen his wife's passion for her son, obviously too drunk to realize that his wife was enjoying her son's sexual attention as much as his son was enjoying having sex with his mother, father was to blame for putting mother and son together in this unholy, forbidden position. Only, before the invention of the radio, television, and the Internet, what else was there to do on a lonely farm in the middle of nowhere?

"I love your big tits mother," he said whispering his lust for her in her ear while caressing her breasts and fingering her nipples.

The more he played with her nipples the more excited she became. Turning, twisting, and pulling her nipples again and again, he leaned down to suck her nipple, first one and then the other.

"Thank you Karl," she said standing on her toes to whisper in his ear. "I love when you feel my breasts and finger my nipples. I love it when you take my nipples in your mouth and suck them before gently nibbling them."

"You have amazing breasts mother and your nipples are so big and so hard that I just want to bite them while sucking them," he said whispering in her ear so that his father wouldn't hear the erotic game they played.

"Bite my nipples Karl. Bite them but not too hard. Nibble on them," Olga whispered. "I love it when you bite my nipples only not too hard."

Licking and blowing his hot breath inside of her ear, he aroused his mother's sexual desire for her son. He undid the clips that held her hair up in the way she arranged it when sleeping and watched as his mother's hair fell from her head, collected over her shoulders, and cascaded down her back and across her breasts as if she was Lady Godiva riding horseback naked.

"You look so sexy with your hair down mother," he whispered. "With your long, chestnut hair and shapely body," he said grabbing a handful of her round, firm, nightgown clad ass in his hand and pulling her to him, "Rachel looks just like you. When I have sex with you mother," he said whispering his incestuous, sexual lust for his sister in his mother's ear. "I imagine I'm having sex with my sexy, beautiful sister."

She recoiled at the sound of her daughter's name coming from her son's lips at a time like this. Rachel had everything. Youth, beauty, and freedom from having to cater to every whim and whimsy of a husband. All Olga had was Karl and she didn't want her daughter commanding the misplaced attention of her son's lust in the way that she commanded the attention of her husband's misplaced lust. Having heard enough of the incestuous, sexual lust that her husband held for his daughter, she didn't need to hear the same incestuous sentiments from her son. Only, not wanting to ruin a good thing, she needed to tread lightly when it came to Rachel.

"Promise me you won't touch your sister Karl," she said after hearing a familiar sexual fantasy from her son that she's heard so many times before from her husband. "Promise me you won't touch Rachel," she whispered staring up at her son with the same green eyes of her daughter. "For the future of our family and for the financial security of all of us, we must keep Rachel pure. Promise me you won't touch your sister," she whispered again moving her lips closer to his ear. "If you promise me not to touch your sister," she said with anticipated sexual excitement, "I'll make you happy with my mouth." She impaled his ear with her tongue before running her tongue across her lips while seductively staring up at her son before whispering. "Would you like to cum in Mommy's mouth again?"

"Oh, yes, mother. I so want to cum in your mouth," whispered Karl while touching his mother's lips with his dirty fingers.

"Would you like Mommy to swallow you again?"

"Yes, mother, I'd love for you to swallow me," whispered Karl again.

"Promise me then Karl," she whispered in the way of a prisoner making a deal with a prison guard for special treatment. "Promise me by swearing on your soul that your sister will remain safe from having sex with you."

"Yes mother. Anything. I'll promise you anything for you to suck me and for me to cum in your mouth again," said Karl with as much sexual excitement as he had for her the first time she sucked him.

"Promise me that Rachel is safe from you and promise me that you'll protect her from her father. It's important that Rachel remains a virgin," she said again and again in her attempts to penetrate the dimwittedness of her son. "With so much turmoil happening in Germany and for the financial future of all of us, she must remain a virgin Karl. Rachel is the only hope we have of living a better life. Do you understand? By marrying someone rich and powerful, Rachel is the one who can protect us from harm."

"Yes mother, I understand," said Karl looking down at her with even more excited lust as he had before she agreed to suck him and allow him to cum in her mouth.

"Promise me then Karl. Promise me that Rachel is safe from you and her father," said Olga.

"I promise I won't touch Rachel, Mother. I promise I'll protect her from Papa," whispered Karl while touching and feeling his mother everywhere before running a slow finger across her full lips. "I promise to keep her safe so long as you suck me, allow me to cum in your mouth, and swallow my cum," he whispered with delirious with incestuous passion for his mother.

"Thank you Karl. You won't regret your promise to me to protect your sister," she said with a sexy smile. "I promise to make you happy, very happy," she whispered.

With those few men who have ever seen Rachel, lusting over her in the way that dairy farmers lust over a prized bull, Hugo kept his daughter locked away until he was ready to marry her to a wealthy man. No doubt, as he had done wooing Olga so very long ago, fearing that his daughter would flee his farm for the first man that asked for her hand, he didn't want men coming to his farm to woo his daughter and ask for her hand in marriage until he had arranged a union. Just as Karl promised his mother not to touch his sister and to protect her from his father from touching her, Hugo already made the same promise to himself to protect his daughter from the horny hands of his son.

Being that he was her father, being that sexual abuse was his God given prerogative, of course, he may touch, feel, and strip Rachel naked but he'd never violate her in the sacred way that he allowed his son to violate his wife. Further, not a stupid man, Hugo was fully aware of the financial rewards, the promised security, and the influential protection that a wealthy family wielded in Germany, especially during such a bad economic climate. By marrying his virginal daughter to a family of wealth, power, and influence, she'd finally make him happy that he had such a beautiful daughter instead of another strong, dumb son.

Without doubt, he'd protect his daughter from being violated by his son or by any man. Obviously by not dragging her from her bed and having Karl carry her out to the barn, as if it was his own idea, he had silently agreed with his wife's commonsense that Rachel was worth more to a wealthy man as a virgin than as a scorned women that was sexually abuse by her father and brother. For the time being, she was worth more as a maiden than as a deflowered woman. For the time being, Rachel was safe from the penetration of his cock but not from his incestuous stares, gropes, touches, and feels of his horny hands.

"Suck me mother. Suck my cock. I need to cum in your beautiful mouth," whispered Karl.

When Karl moved his finger slowly across her lips, as if his dirty finger was his cock, Olga licked her son's finger clean before taking it past her lips and inside her mouth to suck. Swirling her tongue around his finger and licking his fingertip in the way she'd suck and lick his cock, she teased him with her mouth and tongue. With her husband, oblivious to their incestuous antics, napping against a support beam, they were safe to continue their forbidden, sexual union. Gently and silently moving her head back and forth and side to side, as if she was sucking her son's cock instead of his finger, she stealthily and silently sucked and licked his finger in a secretive way so her husband wouldn't awaken and notice their incestuous passion for one another.

"I can't wait to suck your big, hard cock Karl," she whispered her sexual excitement with delight.

"I'd rather be with you, mother, than with Rachel. You're so beautiful. You're so sexy. I love your shapely body," he whispered his lust in her ear while reaching his horny hand down and around to touch his mother's ass beneath her nightgown before moving his hand forward to feel her between her legs. He cupped her pussy before parting her bushy lips with his big finger to penetrate her wetness. Suddenly the barn was filled with the musky odor of Olga as Karl fingered and rubbed his mother to a silent orgasm. "I love you Mommy," said Karl kissing her, feeling her breasts, and fingering her nipples again with his other big hand.

Where Hugo was a slam bam two minute fucking kind of man, Karl was the master of slow, erotic foreplay. Taking his time touching and feeling his mother's body, it was just as obvious that he loved feeling his mother as much as she enjoyed being touched by her son. Only, when Hugo abruptly awakened from his short catnap to take another drink, playing the abused victim, Olga voiced her displeasure with her son for the sake of her husband. Hugo suddenly stopped drinking and leaned to peer around Karl. Hugo watched his son incestuously feel his mother while he fingered his cock through his pants.

"Karl, stop. Please stop. Don't touch Mommy in that way. How dare you! That's so wrong. I'm your mother and you're my son. I'm not some cheap, dance hall whore you'd find in a bar in Munich," she said talking louder for Hugo's benefit before looking around her son to give her husband a practiced look of shame and humiliation. "You mustn't touch Mommy's breasts. Please don't finger my nipples. How dare you finger my pussy! I'm so embarrassed. I so humiliated."

"Judging by the size of your nipples Olga," grunted Hugo while sitting up and leaning to the side to peer around his son again to watch him sexually abuse his wife. "I think you're enjoying this mother and son moment of togetherness a little too much," he said with a sick laugh and a big burp. "It appears to me that you want your son as much as your son wants his mother."

"How dare you, you filthy, fat pig! You're the one who commanded Karl to tie me and for you to--"

"Silence woman! You're giving me a headache," said Hugo temporarily stopping verbally abusing his wife to fortify his thoughts with another long drink from his bottle. "Is it because my cock is no longer hard for you that you suddenly want your son? Is that it? You're nothing but a cocksucker, a dirty, whore of an incestuous cocksucker," he said with contempt. "I know you love it when Karl touches you in that way, just as I know you love sucking his cock especially when he shows his desire for you by cumming in your mouth. As are all women, including my still virginal daughter, you're all such wicked, conniving whores."

Suddenly, as if being hit with a bucket full of cold water, Hugo became lucid enough to take control of the cruelty that obviously manifested within him and within his barn. Fueled, no doubt, by his misplaced frustrations along with copious amounts of alcohol, Olga was the one who needed to pay for her to obey. Having already voiced his agitation and his annoyance with the quickly changing events of a modern day Germany unfolding before his eyes, with everything in his daily life changing and with everything now so confusing, he was obviously angered that he was unable to control anything other than his family. Now, even with trying to control his family, he was having difficulty controlling his wife.

With women wanting more rights and becoming more independent controlling his family, especially his wife and daughter, gave him a obstinate time. They wanted equality, they wanted freedom, they wanted to be treated better, they wanted what he was born to have and what he could never give them. Even though he allowed his wife the pleasure to service her son when he was no longer able to pleasure her, not that he ever did, obviously blaming her for seducing him and as if everything was all her fault, he looked at Olga with a face full of jealous rage.

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