tagGay MaleBorn to Suck Ch. 06

Born to Suck Ch. 06


I woke up to the sound of the alarm clock going off in Sven's room. I groggily came awake and sat up on my elbows. I was a little confused at first about where I was but through the early morning light starting to filter in through the windows; it all quickly came back to me; the long bus ride to my aunt and uncles, dinner together with my new cousins, having to stay in the bunkhouse with Sven, and then me sneakily watching him masturbate. Watching Sven stroke that big beautiful hard cock of his to completion had been amazing. I could feel myself smiling as I pictured it again in my head.

"Morning, Kid," he said as he stumbled wearily from his room and leaned against the doorframe. I looked down and noticed right away that he was holding a towel wrapped around his waist. I figured it was probably the same one that I'd sucked his fresh cum off of last night. "Did you sleep okay?"

"I....I think so," I muttered as my eyes ran up and down his muscular body.

"Good. You've got a big day ahead of you. Breakfast will be served up shortly. I'm gonna hit the showers." With that, he headed through the opening into the shower room. I gasped a few seconds later as I heard him start to take a piss. Jesus Christ! It sounded like a fire hose! His piss was so powerful, I could easily hear it as it seemed to pound into the toilet in torrents. I'd seen the urinal they had in there and it was the kind that had some water in the bottom too; he may have been using that. Whatever, the thunderous sound of his powerful stream of piss was incredible. It immediately drew my thoughts back to that huge long cock I'd seen him stroking the night before.

When he finished, I heard him flush and then the shower started. I didn't know if he expected me to use one of the other heads in the gang shower, but I still felt uncomfortable about the whole idea. He hadn't said anything, so I figured it was just best to wait and then take my own shower when he was done.

I rubbed my face to help shake off the cobwebs and then ran my fingers through my hair. One finger kind of got hung up as it encountered a matted piece of hair. I felt around with my fingers and yes, a small clump of my hair was kind of stuck together. I remembered it being so hot last night that I'd taken off my pajamas and just slept under the one sheet. I guess even my head must have been sweating a bit in the night and then I must have laid on it or something. I sat up further and something on my top sheet made my eyes look down at it. There was a darker circular area on the white sheet that kind of looked like a greasy stain. I spotted a second one and then when I held the sheet out tauter in front of me; I could see that there were a whole bunch of similar stains all over it. I had never noticed when I first came to bed because it had been covered by the blanket. It was only after I'd turned the light out that I'd pushed the blanket down after being hot. Based on what Sven had said about the way things were with my aunt and uncle, getting new sheets was probably pretty far down on their list of priorities. Anyways, I'd slept well; I guess that was all that really counted.

"Okay, it's all yours," Sven said as he strolled back out of the shower room with a towel knotted around his waist again. He barely looked my way this time and disappeared into his room and closed the door all the way this time. I pulled on my pajama pants, gathered up my clothes I was going to wear that day and made my way into the bathroom. I used the facilities and then took a hot eye-opening shower. It sure felt good. I thoroughly washed my hair and got out the stubborn knot of dried sweat I'd found there. I quickly dressed and found Sven waiting for me when I was done.

"Come, Kid, I'm starving," he said as reached over and playfully tousled my damp hair. It brought a big smile to my face and I pulled on my sneakers and followed him out the door and over to the main house. When we got there, my aunt and uncle were already bringing the food over to the table. I looked down at an enormous stack of pancakes and a huge pile of sausages.

"Well, Joey, did you sleep okay?" my aunt asked as she poured coffee for Sven and Uncle Ben.

"I slept fine. Thank you, ma'am." I picked up the glass of orange juice in front of my spot and the cold fresh juice tasted delicious.

"Good, good," she muttered. "So overall, your first night was okay?"

"Yes, ma'am, it was very good," I said thinking about watching Sven's hand slide up and down the full length of his virile manhood. I looked over at him quickly and saw him smiling slightly from behind his coffee cup.

"You better dig in before those boys get here and don't leave you anything," my aunt said as she passed me the plate of pancakes. "Oh, speak of the devil...." Brett and Ty sauntered into the room looking pretty groggy. They slumped into their chairs and proceeded to load up their plates with food with barely a word from either one of them. That was okay with me, I was still pretty uncomfortable around both of them.

"So Joey," my Uncle Ben said from the head of the table, "you'll be sticking pretty close to Sven today. The boys have got some work in the south field and Sven will show you around the place and how things work here. You just mind that you do what he tells you and you'll be fine. D'ya understand?"

"Yes, sir," I said as I realized I'd be willing to do just about anything Sven asked me to do.

"Good. Now everybody eat up. We've got work to do." The boys wolfed down their food with barely a word while Sven and Uncle Ben talked about some ranch stuff that didn't make a lot of sense to me at this point. The boys took off back up to their rooms while my aunt started clearing away the dishes as the rest of us finished.

"C'mon, Kid," Sven said as he got up and headed back out the front door. I followed him across towards the barn; I had to almost jog a couple of times to keep up with his long strides. He went straight to the front of the barn and threw open one of the big double doors at the entrance. I could hear the whinny of horses from further inside and followed him over to the first pen. Inside was a horse with a little horse nursing from her.

"Wow, a mama horse and a baby horse!" I said excitedly as I peered between the wooden slats of the pen. I was surprised to hear Sven burst into laughter.

"A mama horse and a baby horse?" he said with exaggeration in his voice. "Kid, you've got a lot to learn, starting right now. A mama horse, as you call her, is called a mare, not a mama horse, got it?"

"Yes, sir," I said shamefaced.

"That's okay, Kid. It gave me a good laugh," he said as he put his arm around me and patted me on the shoulder. He left his big hand there and I savored the warm comforting feeling of his hand upon me.

"Now a baby horse is known as a foal. If the foal is a female, then it's called a filly. If it's a male, it's called a colt. This one here is a colt." We watched as the colt lifted its head from beneath its mother and walked awkwardly around the pen.

"This one here reminds of you," Sven said as we both watched the young animal trying to find his legs. "He's new here, he's got lots of energy, and he's got lots to learn. Just like you." Sven patted me on the shoulder affectionately again. "Oh, but look at that. It looks like he really knows how to suck, too." The colt had lowered his head again and really latched on to one of the mare's teats. You could see him working his mouth as he drew out the warm milk. I felt myself turning red as I thought about how Sven had said the colt reminded him of me. I was picturing how much I wished it was me feeding from Sven's cock, just like this colt was feeding from its mother.

"Yeah, it's important for young colts like you and him to get the nourishment you need into you." Sven said as I turned and looked at him curiously. "Yeah, I'll make sure you have whatever you need, Kid. C'mon, we've got other stuff to do." He moved further into the barn and we came to an area with some other horses in pens. From inside one, I could see a big jet-black horse looking at us boldly.

"This is Rogue. He's your uncle's breeding stallion. Never go in that pen unless you want to get trampled to death. He's a beautiful horse but he can be as mean as they come." I nodded my head as we moved on further into the barn where there were a couple of other horses grazing peacefully.

"This is my horse, Phantom. And you'll be using this horse for a while anyways as you learn to ride. This is Daisy, she's very gentle." He brought forth a brown medium-sized horse and showed me how to stroke her nose. As I reached up to pet her, she licked my hand which made me laugh.

"I think she likes you already," Sven said as he gathered up the gear and started saddling up the two horses. As he did, I kept stroking Daisy's nose and she seemed to enjoy it as she stood peacefully and let me touch her. I started to feel an instant affection for her and I was happy he had chosen her for me to ride. Once we were done, we led the two horses outside and he helped heft me up into the saddle.

"Here, Kid, you're gonna need this," Sven said as he reached into one of his saddlebags and passed me one of his old weathered ball caps. I had to adjust the back down a number of sizes so it would fit on my smaller head, but I was proud to wear it.

I had ridden a couple of times when the counselors from Monroe had taken us for an outing to a horse farm, so I wasn't totally useless. Sven's horse was a beautiful chestnut a fare deal bigger than Daisy. Daisy readily followed as Sven turned Phantom into one of the fields. Under Sven's tutelage and Daisy's natural gentle disposition, it didn't take long before Sven was praising my riding abilities.

He took me on a lengthy tour of the property and I was surprised at how big the ranch actually was. A few of the fields were lying fallow as my uncle just couldn't afford to work them. There were a few rolling hills on the property and from one, we could see Brett and Tyler working on a portion of fence. Or they were supposed to be working anyways. They hadn't seen us at first and were just sitting on a couple of big rocks talking to each other. Brett noticed us and after a quick word to Ty, they both picked up there tools and started repairing the fence. Sven turned the horses and we moved on to another part of the ranch, leaving them to carry on.

We made our way back to the main farm house and had lunch with my aunt and uncle as Sven reported on a few things he'd seen on our tour. After lunch, Sven spent some time repairing a tractor engine while I stood by and handed him the tools he asked for and just generally watched him work. Man, he was so good at everything he did. He had a natural confidence that made everything he did look easy. We spent the rest of the afternoon doing various small jobs and I was given the job of sweeping up in the barn. Eventually Sven came and got me and we washed up in the bunkhouse before going in for dinner.

There was not much conversation over dinner and the boys seemed in a surly mood and I was happy when it finally finished. Sven and I made our way back to the bunkhouse and he told me to go and take my shower first as he had some e-mails and online banking stuff to do. He disappeared into his room and closed the door as I got out a clean pair of shorts and a t-shirt. The hot shower felt wonderful after a day spent outdoors. I wasn't used to the fresh air and I felt incredibly tired. I finished my shower and after dressing, I lied down on my bed and read my book. I felt myself drifting off and I must have slept for about an hour before I felt Sven shaking my foot.

"Hey, don't sleep the night away or you'll be up at three in the morning. And I don't want you waking me up then," he scolded my playfully as he pointed his finger at me. "There're a few computer games there if you want to try any. Your uncle and I have to go through some paperwork tonight so I'll be over at the house for a little while. Feel free to use the computer, I left it on." With that, he ambled over to the door and left.

I went and splashed some water on my face to wake myself up and then went into his room to see what computer games he had. He'd left them sitting on his desk and there were a couple I was familiar with. I picked one and slipped the disc into the machine when a thought came into my head, I wondered what he'd been looking at on his computer when I'd watched him jerk off last night? When the disc booted up, I left it in but turned it off. I felt guilty about what I was about to do but I couldn't resist. My curiosity got the better of me and I quickly ran to one of the windows facing the main farmhouse to make sure he wasn't on his way back.

"Good, I've got a little time," I said to myself. Seeing that the coast was clear, I quickly made my way back to the computer. I clicked on the internet connection button and once it loaded, I clicked on the "History" button. It brought up a site I'd never heard of: "literotica.com". I clicked on it and found that it was a website filled with erotic stories. He seemed to have his own account and when I clicked the "Login" button, it brought me to his own account page on the site. There was a tab marked "Favorites" and I clicked on that. It had a listing of a number of story titles. I felt my heart racing with excitement as I picked one at random. I started reading and it was about a trucker who picks up a young hitchhiker and when the truck breaks down, they are forced to spend the night together in a seedy motel. The trucker teaches the hitchhiker how to suck his big cock, and before long, the hitchhiker is enthusiastically swallowing load after load of the trucker's cum. I clicked on another one and it was about a construction worked who was working with a young apprentice. The construction worked had caught the apprentice stealing some petty cash and the apprentice offered to do anything to avoid being exposed. The big construction worker stripped off his overalls and whipped out his big thick cock and started to push the apprentice down to his knees. Just then, I heard the door to the bunkhouse open.

"How's it going, Kid?" I heard Sven call out from the far end of the room. I hurriedly closed the internet connection and called up the video game I'd inserted earlier.

"So you like that one?" Sven asked as he stepped into the room and looked over my shoulder as I shot some bad guys. I was sweating beneath my t-shirt as I had barely got the game up and running before he came into the room.

"Yeah, I've played this one before. I guess I've had enough though. Thanks for letting me use it," I said as I got up hurriedly and rushed from the room.

"Sure, Kid. No problem. You can use it anytime you want."

I went and laid back down on my bed and picked up my book. I pretended to read it but my heart was racing with excitement at what I'd read on Sven's computer. So he'd been reading stories about what I hoped would happen between us. It all of a sudden dawned on me that the young hitchhiker in the first story had been called "Kid" by the truck driver. I had thought that Sven had been thinking about me when he came, but maybe it was just the character in that story. I was more confused than ever now and wasn't sure what to think.

"Okay, Kid. I'm gonna hit the showers and then get some shuteye." He casually strolled into the shower room and I listened as he took his shower. I was hoping he'd do the same tonight as last night so I got ready by slipping off my t-shirt and shorts and getting beneath my stained sheet. He came out with a towel wrapped around his waist again, just like he had last night. Jesus, but he had an amazing body.

"So I see you took my advice about the pajamas," he said as he stood by the foot of my bed and ran his fingers sensually through his damp hair.

"Yeah, you were right, it was pretty hot last night. I....I'm pretty tired. I think I'll go to sleep now." I figured the earlier he thought I was asleep, the earlier he might start to masturbate.

"Oh sure. You look pretty tired. Goodnight, Kid," he said as he gave me a dazzling smile.

"Goodnight, sir," I said as I reached over and clicked off my light beside me. As the room was plunged into darkness, he stepped into his room and once again removed his towel as he entered. I saw the beautiful round curve of his backside once more before he disappeared from view. He closed the door and this time, it was left open an inch or so more than last night. I waited about fifteen minutes so he'd think I was asleep and then I crawled back across the floor and peered through the slit in the door. Like last night, he was sitting at his computer naked, but the jar of Vaseline was already on the desk beside him. After a minute or so, he turned and his gaze ran past the doorway to something else in the room beyond it. I held stock still again as he turned back to face the computer screen. He must have been enjoying one of those stories because he got that funny little smile on his face again.

I watched as he turned his chair to the left again until his heavy piece of man-meat was pointing right towards me. I licked my lips in anticipation of what was coming as he reached his hand into the jar of lubricant. I sat as still as could be and watched enthralled as he slid his hand back and forth along that heavenly cock of his. Before long, it was sticking straight up, hard as steel. He released it again and I sat mesmerized as it throbbed powerfully with each beat of his heart. After a couple of minutes, he resumed stroking it vigorously. I sat as quiet as I could with my own heart racing a mile a minute with excitement.

"Oh fuck, yeah.....some more for you, Kid," he muttered softly as his cock started to shoot. Once again, the first three or four ropes jettisoned high in the air before falling back down upon his muscular chest. I watched with my eyes big as saucers as his cock kept spewing out gob after milky gob of shimmering cum until his chest, stomach and hand were almost totally covered. He released his cock again and I watched it bob up and down slowly with each heartbeat as it slowly deflated. He gathered up the towel and once again wiped himself clean. This time, he seemed to take extra care to keep the wads of his warm cum as close together as possible on the towel. Maybe he figured it was less likely to leave a stain that way. He tossed the towel onto the floor like he'd done last night, shut down his computer and went to bed. I waited a couple of minutes after he turned his light out before deftly opening the door and pulling the towel towards me. I eagerly scooped it up and plunged my tongue against the warm sticky fabric as I gathered up every drop.

"Mmmmmm," I heard myself softly mewing as I sucked and licked at the damp towel until I had lapped and sucked up as much of his delicious semen as I could. I slipped it back into his room, softly pulled the door back to the position it had been in and quietly returned to my bed. I lay beneath the sheet naked, slowly rolling my tongue all around the inside of my mouth as I savored the delicious manly flavor his cum had left. As I pictured that beautiful hard cock in my mind and thought about those stories I'd seen on his computer, I drifted off to sleep.....

I woke up what I figured was about an hour later and quietly rolled over on my side and pulled the sheet up to my shoulders. I wasn't sure what woke me up but I was just about to fall back to sleep when I heard Sven's voice.

"Hey Kid, you asleep?" I heard him ask in a hushed whisper. Wondering what he was up to, I stayed as quiet as I could and closed my eyes while I continued to listen intently. I heard him quietly step across the room until I sensed he was standing right next to my bed.

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