tagGay MaleBorn to Suck Ch. 10

Born to Suck Ch. 10


"C'mon Kid, wake up." I heard a voice in my dreams that sounded very much like Sven. I rolled over on my side, anxious to hear what he was going to say next.

"Wake up." I felt a hand shaking my shoulder and slowly came awake. I partially opened my eyes and in the soft moonlight drifting into the bunkhouse, I saw Sven's tall form standing next to my bed, his hand slowly stroking his long hard cock. I realized the voice I'd heard was real, and not a dream. The pale moonlight was reflecting off the glistening shaft of his cock, and as I breathed deeply, the delicate aroma of the Baby Fresh Scent Vaseline registered on my senses. The gentle wet slapping sound of his big hand moving back and forth told me that Sven had already been working at getting another load out.

"Wh....what time is it?" I mumbled as I raised myself up on one elbow. My throat and whole body were still tingling from the workout he'd given it earlier.

"What time is it?" he said, repeating my question. "It's the middle of the night, but don't worry about that. As far as you're concerned, it's sucking time." He slung his big leg over me and hoisted himself onto my bed until he was straddling my much smaller 18-year old body. He reached beneath my head and pulled my pillow up until it was supporting my head in a more upright position against the wooden headboard on my small bed. I looked up as his gripping hand pulled down on his massive erection until it was pointed right at my face.

"I know you're pretty tired so I've been working on this awhile myself. I figured you wouldn't want me to waste this load by not giving it to you, right?" he asked teasingly as he drew the dripping head of his cock all around my soft full lips. As I listened to what he said, a shudder of desire went through me and I slid my tongue out from between my lips to lick up a thread of the silky nectar already flowing from the tip of his cock.

"No sir....er...I mean yes sir." I wasn't sure what I was saying. "I mean, I'm glad you're giving it to me, sir."

"Good, that's what I thought. Now open wide. I want you to suck on it while I jack it off right into your mouth."

"Oh Jesus," I thought to myself. This stud was so fucking hot! He seemed to have a permanently hard cock and an endless supply of cum for me. He had talked about his doctor telling him he suffered from 'abundance of production'; or something like that, and needed to get off multiple times a day. I was only too happy to find out I was going to be the one benefiting from his problem.

I opened my lips and he looked down at my inviting mouth as he slid the greasy lube-covered head right in between my lips. My soft pillowy lips followed the sloping contours of his long wide helmet until I felt them slip over the pronounced ridge separating the glans from the rest of his cock. Oh man, I loved the feel of my lips clamping down and securing that beautiful big knob within my mouth. There was nothing I liked better than knowing that his cock, enveloped within my hot sucking mouth, was going to feed me another big load of cream that I loved so much. I slid my tongue up and followed the ridge of the rope-like corona right up the inverted V on the underside of his cock-head, and then slowly bathed the spongy membranes of his cap with a mouthful of saliva.

"Oh yeah, that's it," he said with a low guttural growl as he started to slide his hand a little more vigorously back and forth along the lubed-up shaft, "now suck it." I vacuumed in my cheeks so they were pressing sensually all around the enflamed head. His hand was bumping into my lips with each forward stroke now as he pumped a continuous flow of pre-cum right into my mouth. I sucked and swallowed as the masculine flavor and scent of him became a welcome assault on my senses.

"SUCK IT......OH FUCK.....HERE YOU GO," he said with a groan as his cock started to erupt inside my mouth. His cum seemed to positively gush into my mouth and once again I was amazed at the amount he was capable of producing. I swallowed as fast as I could but still couldn't keep up. I felt it leak from the corners of my overflowing mouth and run down my chin as he continued to jack off right into my mouth. I kept sucking at the spitting knob until he slowed his pumping hand and took one last slow stroke as he drained every last drop onto my welcoming tongue.

"Oh fuck, that was good," he said as he released his cock and let me nurse at it softly. After just a few more seconds, he pulled his cock out of my mouth with an audible "POP" and lifted himself off me.

"Get some sleep, Kid," he said as he turned and without another look back, walked away and disappeared into his room. Even though his visit had been like a hit and run, my own cock had become rigidly erect while I'd been sucking him. As I reached down and wrapped my hand around my cock and started to jerk it, I ran my tongue out from between my lips and lapped up the trickles of cum at the corners of my mouth. Oh man, did Sven's cum ever taste good; the flavor was so strong and masculine, and it felt so deliciously thick as I let it settle on my tongue. I swallowed once more, and as the thick wad of his pearly semen slid down my throat, I felt my own cock twitch and then my hand brought me off as I pictured Sven's enormous cock blasting his cum all over my face. As I pumped, my stomach and chest quickly became a mess of my own young semen. When I was done, I lay back and used my fingers to scoop up my own cum and bring it to my mouth. It didn't taste nearly as good as Sven's, but I loved it just the same. With the combined flavors of both our loads settling on my taste-buds, I drifted back to sleep.....

"BUZZZZZZZ!!!" I was awakened by the sound of the alarm going off in Sven's room. It stopped pretty quickly as he must have reached over and turned it off. I opened my eyes and looked at the first traces of morning light seeping into the room. It seemed a little darker than when we got up yesterday and I wondered if it was cloudy out or why it seemed different.

"HEY KID!" I heard Sven call out from his room.


"GET IN HERE," he commanded. I slipped out from under my sheet and groggily made my way to the door of his room. As I stopped at the door, I could see him lying on his back propped up on a stack of pillows against the headboard, the sheet covering him to his waist. He reached to his side and as he turned on the light on his bedside table, I took a sharp intake of breath as I noticed how tented the light-colored sheet was over his groin. Obviously, Sven had woken up with another massive erection. I just stood at the door, mesmerized by the slow bobbing of his enormous cock beneath the sheet, unsure of what to do.

"I set the alarm fifteen minutes earlier than usual," he said by way of explanation. Aaaahh, that would explain why it seemed a little darker than yesterday. "Every morning, when that alarm goes off, I want you to come in here and give me a blow-job. That'll be the way we start every day." Wow! I couldn't think of a better way to wake up in the morning!

"Now, come closer," he said as I hypnotically walked over until I stood at the side of his bed, my eyes never leaving the throbbing cock bobbing teasingly beneath his sheet. He started to slowly pull the sheet to the side and I watched wide-eyed as more and more of his gorgeous body came into view. I felt my mouth watering in anticipation of getting that hard powerful cock back where it belonged; deep inside my hot sucking mouth.

"Yeah, I've got a little breakfast for you, right here," he said as he gently slid the sheet right off his midsection. I gasped out loud as I looked intently at his rock-hard erection; 11 thick long inches pointing straight up, just waiting for my attention. My eyes were big as saucers and I watched as he flexed his cock and stomach muscles. As he did, a shimmering milky gob appeared at the tip of his cock and started to roll sluggishly down the underside.

"You hungry, Kid?" he asked teasingly as he flexed again and another pearly gob burped forth to follow the first in a silvery trail sliding slowly down his rigid shaft. I was too enraptured with the wanton spectacle going on before me to even say a word. My mouth gaped open and I nodded as if in a trance. As his knees came up and rolled apart to each side, I felt myself drawn magnetically to that powerful long erection of his. I crawled onto the bed unconsciously and took my place on my knees between his spread thighs. I reached forward and it seemed like my hand was moving in slow motion as I wrapped it as far around the velvety smooth shaft as I could and drew it towards me. With the enflamed tip pointing right at my mouth, I instinctively let my tongue slide out and run wetly around my soft pillowy lips. He flexed again and another pearly drop pulsed to the surface. I couldn't resist any longer.

"Mmmmmm," I let out a deep groan of desire as I slid my full pouting lips right down over the massive head. My tongue pressed against the underside of his cock and quickly lapped up that drooling trickle of silky cock-honey.

"That's my boy," he said soothingly, "we'll start your day off with a nice mouthful of warm cream." I felt him settle back into the stack of pillows behind him as I started to bob my head slavishly up and down on his stallion-like cock. I used both of my little hands to stimulate the lower part of his trunk-like shaft as my mouth made sweet oral love to the massive cock-head filling my mouth. I worked up a mouthful of saliva and bathed the sensitive membranes of the crown before opening my lips slightly and letting it trickle down the upright shaft. I put my thumbs on each side of the protruding ventral ridge on the underside of his cock and rubbed them up and down in unison.

"Oh fuck," he groaned loudly as my flowing spit began to act as a soothing lubricant beneath my sliding thumbs. "Jesus, those thumbs of yours are gonna coax that load right up into your mouth." As my sucking mouth and sliding thumbs stimulated his rampant libido even more, I watched as he took hold of the sheets on each side of his body and gripped tightly. I swirled my tongue slowly all around the smooth surface of his spit-covered helmet and as he let out another low groan, with my thumbs still rubbing on the underside of his shaft, I dragged my fingernails teasingly around the base of his shaven groin.

"Fuck, that's good," he said as I felt his cock seem to stiffen even more under my stimulating hands. I kept this up for the next few minutes as he lay quietly and groaned as I continued to worship his tremendous cock. It felt wonderful to me to be where I was, kneeling between this big stud's splayed thighs, my mouth and hands working to service his massive erection. I was thrilled to think that this was how I was expected to start every day from now on. As I let another mouthful of saliva ooze from the corners of my mouth to lubricate his thick veiny shaft under my pressing thumbs, I looked up to see a blissful expression of pleasure on his face.

"Oh fuck, I'm close," he growled. "Keep doing that with your thumbs and fingers, but take your mouth off the end." I reluctantly slid my mouth off the engorged spit-covered helmet and sat back slightly as his throbbing cock pulsed right before my very eyes. He took an even firmer grip on the sheets at each side of his body and he was pulling at them so hard, it looked like he was on the verge of tearing them right off the bed. I looked past his thrusting erection and saw the pronounced ridges of his stomach muscles rippling as he flexed his cock and abdomen.

"OH YEAH," he let out a low deep growl and then as I felt a surge go through his cock beneath my pressing thumbs, I looked up to see a long white rope shoot forth powerfully from the tip of his cock. I gasped out loud as I watched the thick ribbon of cum shoot almost to the ceiling of the bunkhouse before cresting and dropping in a glorious display onto his stomach. I slid my thumbs up and down on each side of his large ventral ridge as a second, third, and then a fourth massive rope spewed forth. I watched the muscles in his "six-pack" rippling as he continued to shoot. The creamy wads of cum continued to rain down on his stomach and some fell right back onto his spitting cock as his milky semen continued to shoot forth like an erupting volcano. I counted nine big shots before his ejaculating cock slowed and the remaining cum oozed forth to drizzle enticingly down his throbbing shaft. His hands finally let go of their tight grip on the sheets and he looked down at me with a look of pure contentment on his face.

"There's some breakfast for you, Kid," he said as he nodded towards his cum-covered stomach and cock. I didn't have to be asked twice and dove into his crotch and lapped up every drop of his silvery seed that I could. I was purring with pleasure as his strong masculine semen slithered down my throat. I licked his cock from top to bottom and he lay there with a big smile on his face as I completely bathed his entire groin with my sucking lips and tongue. Once I was sure I'd gathered in every creamy morsel, I sat back and almost smacked my lips with satisfaction.

"Did you like that, Kid?"

"That.....that was amazing! I never saw anybody cum like that in my life. It was so incredible to see it shoot off like that. I couldn't believe how high in the air it shot, and how much there was of it."

"You love cum, don't you, Kid?" he asked with a wry smile on his face.

"I love yours, sir."

"That's good." He paused and we both looked down at his huge cock. I was amazed that it was still fully erect; he'd blown a huge load and it hadn't seemed to have gone down in size at all. "Want some more?" As he asked, I watched him flex his stomach muscles again and another silky gob of pre-cum pulsed to the surface.

"Oh wow!" I gushed as I looked at the appetizing morsel of pre-cum sliding down his rigid shaft. "You.....you have more?" I asked incredulously.

"Yeah. I can tell I've got another load right there waiting. Just a little help from that sweet mouth of yours, and you'll get your second helping of breakfast right now."

"Uuunnggghh," I let out a deep groan of desire as I swooped down and dove onto his cock. I was enraptured with love for his cum as I quickly got my head into a wet sucking rhythm as I bobbed up and down on the top half of his cock. My flowing spit had the rest of his shaft simply glistening as my hands spun, twisted and shucked up and down as he sat back and let me pleasure him. I sucked and lapped up his ongoing flow of pre-cum until I felt him tense up.

"OH YEAH.....THAT'S IT......THAT'S IT......HERE YOU GO," he warned just before he went off in my mouth. Another huge load filled my hot oral cavity and I swallowed as it threatened to overflow my stretched lips once more. The musky taste of his cum coated my throat as it made its way to my welcoming stomach. He lay there giving off a continuous low growl as I sucked every last drop out of him until he was totally drained.

"Okay, Kid, we better hit the showers and get over for breakfast before somebody comes looking for us," he said as he lifted my head off his cock. He swung his legs to the side and got up from the bed, his long heavy cock hanging majestically between his legs. I wondered what was wrong with me; I couldn't take my eyes off it. "Now pull those sheets off the bed and throw them in the laundry; there's cum stains all over them."

"I....I don't know where the laundry is," I said as I looked at him questioningly.

"There's a stacking washer and dryer in the last cupboard across from the shower area. I'm gonna use the can, so you get those sheets going and then join me in the shower. And be quick about it."

"Yes, sir," I said as I started to strip the sheets off the bed. I had done laundry duty as one of my chores at Monroe so I wasn't worried about screwing this up. I found the cupboard he'd mentioned and saw the laundry soap on a shelf next to the stacked appliances. I stuffed the sheets into the machine and got it going just as Sven came out of the toilet room and started the two showers side by side that we'd used last night. I went in and used the toilet after him and then joined him in the shower.

He looked incredibly sexy with the water running off his muscular body as he tipped his head back and rinsed the shampoo out of his hair. I watched as some of the foamy lather ran down his shoulders, then followed the rippling contours of his taut stomach, and then ran along the length of his heavy flaccid member before dropping to the floor and swirling down the drain like a milky river of cum.

"Here, Kid," he said and his voice broke me out of my voyeuristic reverie. He passed the big bar of soap to me. "I washed up here, but I figured you'd want me to save my cock and ass for you."

"Thank you sir," I said sincerely as I quickly lathered up my hands. He leaned back into the pelting spray as I moved closer and let my soapy hands roam over his midsection. The muscles lying beneath his skin felt wondrously firm under my hands as I cleaned his belly and firm round bum. He turned around and I slid both my soapy hands deep into his warm crevice and slid them back and forth until he was satisfied with my washing job. He turned around and I re-lathered my hands before I went to work on that long beautiful cock. It felt so heavy in my hands as I slid my soapy hands slowly back and forth, being careful not to get any of the stinging soap in the very tip. I felt like I could have just stayed there and slowly stroked that amazingly beautiful cock all day long.

"That's good, Kid," he said as he turned back into the steaming spray from the shower, his cock pulling itself out of my gripping hands as he turned his body. "Hurry up; we better get over for breakfast." I turned into my own shower and quickly shampooed and washed myself. I hurried so as not to disappoint Sven and then I did my duty and toweled off his big rugged body before attending to my own. Sven disappeared into his own room as I hung up our towels to dry and then pulled on my jeans and a t-shirt; leaving off any underwear as Sven had instructed.

Sven came out of his room looking incredibly sexy in a pair of well-worn jeans and a faded plaid work-shirt, the first few buttons open to teasingly reveal the contoured swells of his muscular chest. I grabbed the old hat of his that he'd given me, pulled it on my head and followed him out of the bunkhouse. I had to almost jog to keep up with his long strides as he ambled towards the main farmhouse. When we got into the house, Aunt Claire, Uncle Ben and the two boys were well into their breakfast.

"I was wondering what happened to you two sleepyheads," Aunt Claire said with a playful twinkle in her eye as we took our seats and I hung my cap over the back of my chair.

"Little Joey here found it hard getting up this morning," Sven said with a grin as he helped himself to some scrambled eggs. I almost spit into my glass of orange juice as I listened to what Sven had said. Yes, I definitely had found it VERY HARD this morning. "He was pretty worn out after yesterday. Did I work you too hard, Joey?" Sven looked at me a devilish grin as he forked some sausages onto his plate. Sven was right about one thing, by the end of the night and with seven of his loads either in me or on me, I had been pretty worn out. Did he work me TOO HARD? No way! I had loved every long hard second of it!

"He's gotta learn to pull his weight around here, you know," Uncle Ben said with a scowl on his face.

"Oh Ben," Aunt Claire said poking her husband in the arm, "leave the boy alone. This is a big change for him." She turned and looked directly at me and for the first time, I really noticed how pretty she was. In a real country, wholesome kind of way, she had a very pretty face and beautiful caring eyes. The gentle smile she gave me could light up a room and today she'd left her long hair out of a ponytail, the soft brunette curls swirling about her shoulders, framing her pretty face attractively. "You're gonna be fine, Joey. Don't you worry about your Uncle Ben. You just do as Sven tells you, he won't lead you wrong." Her eyes flicked up to Sven's before she turned back to her own plate, but in that split second, I thought I saw something pass between them in that quick glance. I wasn't sure what it was, but I felt something.

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