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Boss Humiliated


This is a fantasy written by myself for fun. It contains spanking, humiliation and fetish; if this bothers you please seek other authors. All characters are 25 years old or older.


He spanked me. I am a 43 year old owner of a thriving business and he spanked me in front of my employees. I know I disobeyed him. I know I was rude. I know I yelled at him and stomped my foot. He told me if I act like a naughty little girl I will be treated like a child. Did he have to take my ear and march me in front of the office?

Did he have to make me stand in front of everyone as he scolded me quietly and firmly like a Daddy with a 6 year old? My hands were behind my back with my heels together and head down. He then took the straight backed chair and turned me so my backside was facing my employees and turned me over his lap. My face turned bright red, as I felt him lift my blue skirt over my hips exposing my pantyhose and white thong to everyone. I tried to kick and twist away, but two slaps on my cheeks stopped me. My pantyhose were rucked down to my knees followed by my underpants turned inside out. My two cheeks were now exposed to everyone in the room.

I could feel the air-conditioning on my exposed bum. I felt the goose bumps forming on my cheeks. My nose nearly touched the thick rug and my fanny waved high in the air. I could hear my employees' commenting "how humiliating,' 'she must be mortified,' 'she is rounder than I thought.' 'How embarrassing to be in that position.'

He leaned over and whispered in my ear," If you clinch your cheeks I will put an anal plug in your rectum to stop you." I whispered back to him "Yes Daddy I understand.'

He adjusted me on his lap once more and rolled up his sleeves. He started to spank me in front of everyone. His large hand started slowly but steadily land swat after swat alternating cheeks. At first it did not sting so much, but he kept a steady rhythm of one cheek to the next. I began to whimper and sniffle kicking my legs. He swatted my upper thighs and told me to keep still. The spanking continued and my rear felt like it was on fire. I began to sob as I felt the first tears forming. He did not stop causing more stinging pain. I started to cry as tears ran down my cheeks.

I could feel my makeup and mascara running down my face. I began to cry in earnest now as the fire on my fanny grew hotter. It must be fire engine red. I was crying so hard I began to hiccup. I felt humiliated. The spanks kept coming one after another. My employees looked on with amusement. My hair was a mess as was the makeup on my face. I did not look like the business owner, but a naughty little girl.

He stood me up on my feet facing the room. I had to hold my skirt above my hips with my pantyhose and panty at my knees. Everyone could see that my pelvic area was clean shaven like a child. My mascara had run down my cheeks and my long blond hair was a disheveled. He instructed me to apologize to everyone in the room for causing such a scene. I did so very slowly and in a low voice. He had one of the girls go to my purse to get my pacifier, which he inserted into my mouth and told me to 'suck on it.'

I died with embarrassment, when he had one of the girls go get my potty located in my private restroom in my office. She set it next to me and watched as I squatted over the potty chair in front of everyone. He knew I had to wee-wee. I always do after being spanked. I squatted over the potty like a naughty little girl, as everyone watched me go pee-pee. I will never be able to face them again. Susan wiped me and stood me up. I was still crying and sniffling. He took out his handkerchief and had me blow my nose.

He found my posture collar and leash and attached both. I could not move my neck up or down or to the side. Everyone now knows I am a submissive. He took my leash and swatted my bare bum to make me move. I shuffled my way to his car in the parking garage. I had to waddle because my pantyhose and panty were at my knees.

I heard him say "cock sucking position slut." Is he really going to make me suck his cock in this parking garage? I follow his direction and squat with my legs wide apart. My mouth is wide open with my tongue dangling outside my mouth. The back of my head is against his BMW. He has removed my pacifier. I am drooling down my chin onto my throat and blouse. I cannot move my head because of the posture collar. My backside is still burning from his spanking me.

He unzips and pushed my head and mouth onto his large thick hard cock. My hands were clasped behind my back, as he controlled me as usual. He took a hold of my hair and held me tightly as he thrust deep into my mouth. He is so long and thick I gagged immediately, as he filled my throat. My head can't move, as it is fixed against the car. The collar holds me tight. In and out he thrusts like a piston. I feel his cock touch the back of throat. My mouth rests against his belly. Suddenly I feel his thighs tighten and know he is going to cum. He explodes into my mouth and down my throat. His precious nectar fills my mouth. I gag again as it dribbles down my chin.

"No swallowing slut until I tell you now into the car for the ride home. You will be in diapers for the rest of the week." He says.

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by Anonymous

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by kylie7408/11/18


As always fantastic description and writing
Made me blush a little as i got deeper and deeper into it

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by pip4608/10/18


Fantastic story and so well written

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