tagLoving WivesBoston to Birmingham Ch. 05

Boston to Birmingham Ch. 05


Remember, this is a tribute to DQS1. Did you really think I would stop this soon?


She sat there, shocked so badly she couldn't even cry. He really was gone. She looked over at Bill.

"Is it really over?"

"I'm afraid so. For what it's worth, there was a couple of times when I thought you two would make it."

"But why? I've grown up, changed into a better person, didn't he see that?"

"Yes he did. He once told me how proud he was of how you matured, and the way you took to family down here."

"Then why?"

Bill sighed. What he was about to tell her would be painful, but if he got her to understand maybe it would bring her some peace.

"First, let me say he still loves you, he was serious when he told you that. But Gwen, look at it from his side. You were the world to him. YOU were his validation that he had transcended his dark past, that he was a good person worthy of happiness. The fact that you chose him gave him an enormous amount of pride."

"Then, when you started slighting him, acting embarrassed to be in his company, his perfect world starting cracking. When you cheated, it destroyed him. He told me in his solo session that he was proof 'no one gets above their raisin'', an expression meaning that when things get bad one reverts back to their upbringing. What he did when he caught you and that man together shocked him to his core. In one second, the world he had worked so hard to create was gone."

"In his youth, trust was everything. You know what he did, so he had to have people around him he could absolutely depend on. A violation of trust could have very dire consequences. So he learned to be very careful who he let in, for fear of being betrayed."

"You betrayed him, in his mind, in the worst possible way. I know we've talked about it several times but could never get you to understand."

"Sign the papers, Gwen, give him some peace."

Then the tears came. She wept for Hardy, for herself, for the future she no longer had with him. In the end she signed the papers and left them with Bill.


She did what any young girl does when faced with traumatic events. She ran home to daddy.

Greg comforted her as best he could, sad that her marriage hopes finally died. She stayed two weeks, visiting old friends who welcomed her back with open arms. She was experienced enough now to wonder if they were really glad to see her. Not one had called of visited during what they called her 'exile'. They seemed vapid and shallow to her now.

She couldn't bear to live in her townhouse, too many bad memories, so she took a suite in a five star hotel. The more people catered to her the more irritated she became.

Finally realizing all her true friends were back in Alabama she told her dad she was taking a little vacation before she went 'home'. He understood, realizing his hope of her taking over the firm was probably gone, but glad she was finding her own happiness.

The idea came to her while she was transferring items from her old purse to a new designer handbag she had purchased in a fit of boredom.

A card fell out, Capt. Anne Burnside, U.S. Army.

She called, and to her surprise, she answered on the second ring.

"Anne? This is Gwen Wil...I Mean Canaday. Remember me?"

She could hear the smile in her voice when she spoke.

"I always remember beautiful blonds I sleep with. How are you?"

"Divorced. Lonely. Distracted. I need a vacation, and some companionship with someone not associated with my old life. Can you get some time off? I'd love to go somewhere warm, with white sand beaches and clear blue water. Please come, my treat."

"Define companionship."

"Whatever comes. I don't have anyone to answer to but me any longer. I'm not leading you on here. Expect everything and nothing, and you won't be disappointed."

"Well, what an intriguing offer. Let me call you back this afternoon. When would be better for you?"

"I'm not working right now so anytime soon is fine."

Anne hung the phone up. It was an attractive offer. She did a little checking and found that though the divorce hadn't been officially filed, it was signed off on. Due some leave time, she decided to go for it.

After a few calls, they decided to leave the next Wednesday for four days. Gwen wouldn't tell her the destination, wanting to surprise her.

Anne wanted to know what flight they would be on, and was shocked when Gwen told her it would be a private jet, and gave her the time and runway.

"Did I mention I was a trust fund baby? Don't worry about a thing, this is all on me."

She was suitably impressed with the jet, but blown away by Gwen. A new hairstyle, a much shorter skirt, four inch heels. They kissed as friends.

After she had settled in she asked where they were going.

"Oh, just a little resort in the islands I used to go when I was single."

The place was beautiful, everything a tropical paradise should be. The suite was impressive, two bedrooms, top of the line everything.

"What's first on the agenda?"

"Gwen grinned.

"Shopping! I need a few new bathing suits, and we need some really sexy clothes. We'll knock'em dead in the lounge tonight!"

The resort had several upscale shops, and with money being no object, they spent with abandon.

Anne got her first surprise when they looked over bathing suits.

"Where are the tops?"

The salesgirl and Gwen smiled.

"Honey, these beaches are topless or nude. No one wears a full suit, but if you're embarrassed, I sure they could find you something."

They picked out several thongs apiece, so small they may as well have been nude. Anne told Gwen she needed razors if she was going to go out with them on. She just smiled, and after hitting the shops and picking up a few dresses and lingerie, they spent the day at the spa, being waxed, massaged, and pampered. Anne decided being rich was not a bad thing.

Even in a place catering to beautiful people, heads turned when the tall blonde and petite redhead entered the restaurant. They ate well, vowing to spend time in the gym the next morning.

They danced with abandon later, rubbing their partners into a frenzy, and even danced together a few times. Anne felt the heat between them.

Gwen was drinking hard, so Anne backed off to keep an eye on her. There were a lot of disappointed men when they went back to the suite alone.

She undressed a very drunk Gwen and got her into bed. She looked at her sleeping, stroking her hair. Gwen was still very devastated over the end of her marriage, she had to wonder if she really wanted this weekend.

Whispering "Everything and nothing", she slipped her clothes off and snuggled into Gwen, who immediately spooned into her.

Sometime before daylight she felt her leave the bed, answering the call of nature. When she returned, she slid back the sheets and just stood looking. Anne wriggled and spoke.

"Come back to bed, honey. I'm cold."

Gwen slipped in and Anne immediately spooned into her. She was almost asleep when she felt Gwen slowly fondle her breasts. He nipples immediately hardened and she pushed her hand onto them, firmly.

"That feels so good, baby, keep going."

Gwen stiffened, she had thought Anne had gone back to sleep, then slowly massaged her breasts, stroking the rock hard nipples. Anne rolled over.

"Know what's better than fingers? Lips."

Gwen felt her tongue gently circle her nipple before latching on, sucking with urgency and passion. Her hand slipped between them, fondling her smooth skin. Her lips were puffy with desire, and a small amount of liquid seeped down her thigh.

"Ooh, it looks like someone is ready for some loving. Let me do you first, baby, teach you how good a woman's touch can feel."

She raised up, locking her lips onto Gwen. Soon they were kissing passionately, rolling tongues with abandon. Breaking off, Anne kissed her slowly down he body, savoring the feeling. Both nipples got a full working over, leaving them distended and sensitive. Her fingers had been lightly caressing her, sliding over her clit, slipping inside for a few seconds now and then. Gwen was moaning, and when her lips finally made contact with her clit, rolling it roughly, she exploded, gripping her hair tightly.

Anne never stopped, using her tongue and fingers very effectively, until Gwen begged and pulled her up.

"No more, I'm so sensitive now if you blew on it I'd probably pass out. Thank you, thank you, I never knew it could be so good."

They lay for a moment, then Anne felt her lips on her left nipple.

"You don't have to, you know", she said quietly, stroking her hair.

Gwen raised up and looked her in the eye.

"I don't have to, I want to. Anyone who can give me that much pleasure deserves a reward. It's been a year since anyone besides myself has touched me. You're a perfect fit for post divorce sex. Beautiful, caring, and most importantly, not a man. Now give me some direction, I'm new at this."

Anne did give her directions, more with motions and touch than verbally. For someone new at it, she did a really good job.

They finally dozed off in each others' arms just before daylight.


Gwen woke with a start, holding Anne in her arms.

Was last night a mistake? Why did she feel like she was cheating?

No, damn it! He threw her away. She was free now, she could do what she wanted with who she wanted.

She found herself crying softly, and Anne woke to tears on her shoulder. Turning, she embraced Gwen as the crying became sobbing. She held her, whispering words of comfort in her ears. When she finally subsided she asked.

"Feeling regret for last night?"

"No, not at all. It's just for the first time, I know it's really over. I'm single now, it shouldn't matter who I choose to sleep with, but I just feel so guilty."

"Baby, baby, It's understandable. It wasn't your choice to be single. I know you still love him. But it's all right, you'll get on with your life, even find love again. You're young, beautiful, and apparently filthy rich. Give it some time."

"I know you're right, it just doesn't feel like it right now. Thank you for being with me. Feel like breakfast?"

They showered, ordered breakfast in. Then they talked.

"How did last night make you feel?" Anne couldn't help but ask.

"Fulfilled. Happy. You were my first woman, you know. I never would have thought it would be so intense."

Anne cooed happily "Oh honey, it just gets better. I'm gonna show you so much, if you'll let me."

"If it gets any better, I don't think I could stand it. Ready to hit the beach?"

When they reached the beach and got situated, Anne slipped off her robe, twirling around for her benefit.

"Do you like it?"

"It makes me want to have sex right here on the beach, does that answer your question?"

"Come on babe, show me yours."

Gwen hesitated and felt foolish. Before Hardy, she was never self conscious, preferring nude beaches when she vacationed. She quickly slipped off the robe.

"Oops! Forgot to put it on. Oh well."

"Show off!" Anne giggled, sliding the thong down her legs. It took her awhile to get used to, all the bronzed bodies of both sexes stimulated them no end.

Gwen noticed her hardened nipples.

"Now that I go both ways, it's like looking at a sexual buffet. Isn't that blond stunning?"

"She is. And so is she, and him, and him, and her, and, oh my."

Her eyes were riveted to a light skinned black man, muscled, hairless everywhere, shining with oil, and very, very well endowed.

Gwen snickered.

"If you want him, go get him, we're here as friends, remember? Just use protection, we don't need a gift that keeps on giving."

Anne squirted some lotion in her hand.

"No, I want to be with you right now. Maybe later we can share him. Now, roll over so I can lotion you up. We won't have any fun if you're sunburned."

They lotioned each other, missing nothing. It drew a few admirers. They introduced themselves, flirting lightly. Promised a dance or two at the club.

Gwen would relax for awhile, then tighten up remembering. She wished Hardy would have come with her just once, she would have loved flaunting him, knowing he was hers alone.

For the next two days, they dined, sunbathed, danced, made love.

The last night they had a group around them. They had made plenty of friends and she was finally relaxed.

Stopping to sip her drink, she saw Anne dancing, grinding actually, with the black man she had been admiring. She looked over at their table and whispered in his ear. The whiteness of his smile showed all the way across the darkened room. Holding his hand, Anne brought him over.

"Last night, lover. Let's make some memories."

Agreeing to nothing, Gwen followed them to their suite. They were both naked before the door opened.

Anne dragged him to the bedroom, stroking his erection. Gwen arrived just in time to see her swallow as much of his cock as she could, bobbing furiously. Looking up, she removed her mouth long enough to speak.

"Come on over here and help me get him off quick so he'll last for us next time, then while he recovers we'll give him a show."

Gwen dropped her dress to the floor, and walked over, wearing the briefest of thongs. She dropped to her knees and Anne aimed his cock in her direction. Suddenly she had a vision of Hardy.

She shrieked and ran from the room. Anne left him throbbing and followed her into the other bedroom.

"I'm sorry, Anne, I just can't do it. It would feel like the final betrayal, and I just can't."

Anne wisely soothed her , cuddling her to her breast.

"I understand, baby. But sooner or later, you're going to have to admit it's over. I'll send him back to his room and put you to bed."

Gwen took her hand.

"Don't. I know you've been wanting him since you saw him. I want to sleep alone tonight. Go, enjoy. We'll talk in the morning. Make him remember you for the rest of your life."

Bending down to kiss her deeply, Anne left with a parting shot.

"You're a complicated woman, Gwen Canaday. I hope someday I find someone I can love like you loved him. Goodnight."

As Gwen lay there tossing and turning, listening to the sounds of unbridled passion from the bedroom next door, she mentally corrected Anne.

"It's love, Anne, not loved."

The flight back to Savannah was quiet for awhile, until Gwen started teasing her about the night before.

"You must have destroyed that poor man. He practically crawled out the door this morning. You hot little bitch, you."

Anne brightened.

"Don't you know it. It's a good thing you didn't join us last night, he might have had a heart attack. I bet he hurts when he takes a leak for awhile."

They both giggled before Anne turned serious.

"What are you going to do now?"

"Go back to Birmingham, resume my life. Stop and smile at the memories I made this weekend. Thank you, Anne."

"I should and do thank you. This was the best adventure I've ever been on. The best resort, the best sex, the best everything. I could get used to this. If you ever want a kept bitch on the side, keep me in mind. I could be very submissive for the right woman."

She was laughing as she said it, but in her heart she hoped it sparked an idea. She found herself in the most unusual situation of her life. She was in love with two people, and they were husband and wife. She was sure being a wife to both of them would be heaven. Putting away her daydreams she asked Gwen a favor.

"If you and Hardy ever get back together, keep our little adventure a secret. Most men are uncomfortable if they know their woman is attracted to both sexes. It's hard enough to keep the male predators at bay, adding females to the mix is sometimes too much for them to handle."

Gwen reflected.

"You're right. and I'm not attracted to women. I'm attracted to you. And, I'm not ashamed of what we did. Best, though, if he never knows."

"You know, not to give you false hope, but I know four couples who have divorced and remarried. If you want him, find a way to chase him. Show him the new you that took so much to build. Go slow, let him get used to you being around, and gradually move in. You've got an advantage, you know him better than anyone alive."

Gwen reflected on that while the jet left Savannah, formulating a plan, vowing if this didn't work she would never try again.


She went back to her little apartment. Soon she would go house shopping, but right now she wanted the comfort of the familiar. She visited Aunt Daisy a lot, helping her with family research while Marcus was in school. She spent almost every Saturday with Joshua and Hildy, carefully not mentioning Hardy. They understood, but occasionally his name would pop up.

Once she overheard the female cousins talking about Hardy and some woman named Bonnie.

"How does he do it? First he marries a rich Yankee, now he's dating a state senator. What does he have that makes successful women swoon for him?"

Gwen almost swooned herself, when she picked up a copy of the Sunday paper and saw the woman pictured in the paper at a fundraiser, Hardy standing at her side.

"Local girl and now esteemed State Senator Bonnie Parker will be hosting a fundraiser for educational endowments in two weeks at the Country Club. Dinner, dancing, and a silent auction will be featured. Only twelve hundred tickets are available, so purchase them this week, before they're all gone."

There was no mention of Hardy.

She made sure she had two of the best seats in the house, dressed to the nines, with a date. He was the new a.d.a. brought in to replace her. Paul took her aside when she went to visit Karen and offered her a job.

"What about the new guy?"

"He's on probation, I can already tell he won't work out. He's, to put it politely, a pussy. Defense lawyers are running over him faster than fat people rushing a free buffet table. I couldn't get you to tutor him, could I?"

She was bored and it seemed like a good idea. She became an unpaid 'consultant'. It didn't take her long to agree with Paul. He was a pussy. She held it as long as she could, dragged him into an interview room, and ate him up.

"Grow some damn balls, Jerry, or you'll never make it past probation! These aren't nice people, they're mostly scum of the earth, and would rape and kill their momma if the payoff was worth it. Most are past rehabilitation, and it's your job to keep them off the street and away from decent people. Grow the fuck up and do your job! Otherwise, I hear real estate lawyers make a decent living."

She stomped out of the room and slammed the door. Paul was standing in the hall smiling.

"Still think you wouldn't make a good district attorney? Think about it, I plan on retiring at the end of my term, and the field would be wide open. The Escobar case would still be fresh in people's mind, and you're still a hero for standing up to the drug lords and getting him behind bars. Gotta go."

He walked off, whistling.

She stopped by Jerrys' cubicle the next day.

"Jerry, I need a date Saturday. Dress in your best suit, get a haircut, and be waiting at seven. I'll pick you up. And Jerry, it doesn't mean anything, I just need a body for a few hours.

You don't have a chance in hell of getting lucky, but the exposure would do you good in the community. You're not bad looking, and it may attract a few ladies. Don't disappoint me."

He never got to say a word before she was gone.

Karen was in the office when she came in and barely held it together until she left. She exploded in laughter.

"Guess she told you. Better not disappoint her, her balls are a lot larger than yours. Here's a heads up. She's doing this because her ex husband is escorting the guest of honor, and she's still hung up on him. Be careful, he's one big mean sonofabitch, and he still has feelings for her."

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