Bottle & Spin


"Personally, I'm offended that you even felt you needed to ASK my permission to include me," the dark-haired male grinned. "I mean, COME THE FUCK ON!"

"Sit down and shut up," the young girl grumbled. "You're annoying when you're drunk."

"I, unlike some people, can hold my liquor," the male winked. "I'm not drunk."

"Dude, I love your hair black," Benji sighed as he ran his hands through his best friend's tresses. "It's perfect."

Tony winked. "Why thankya."

"It looks better than the green," Lili offered. "I mean, the green was...."

"Kermit-like," Fallon snorted. "You looked like a Jim Henson character in the pics I saw."

"What died up your ass?" Tony demanded, glaring daggers at the raven-haired female.

Fallon shrugged.

"Dude, chill out," Benji instructed. "Be nice to her."

"Why?" Tony demanded, taking a long swig of his beer.

Benji smirked. "Because if you play nice, we may get laid."

Tony nodded and belched loudly. "I want some pussy, but not that bitch's pussy."

Fallon slammed her beer down onto the coffee table, nearly breaking the glass and spilling the bottle. "I'm sorry, Lili, but I'm out of here."

The younger girl grabbed her friend's wrist and tugged her back down. "Please?"

"Lee, he's a fuckin asshole! You said he was hot- and he is- but I can't do this."

Lili leaned into her friend and whispered, "Please?"

Fallon stared into her friend's frightened eyes. "You want this guy Benji this bad?"

Lili nodded.

"Alright," Fallon sighed loudly. "I'll stay, but I promise nothing!"

Lili clapped and kissed her friend on the cheek. "I love you!"

Fallon smiled and swigged her beer.

"You two done with your little pussy powow?" Tony snorted, staring at the two girls. "Can we move on?"

"I really dislike you," Fallon grinned at the male. "So I suggest you attempt, in some small way, to get on my better side....or you can kiss your thoughts of pussy goodbye!"

"There's always her!" Tony grinned and pointed at Lili.

"Dream on, assfuck!" Fallon hissed. "She's only here because she adores your unworthy friend."

Benji's ears perked up. "What'd I do?"

"Nothing," Lili answered timidly. "Can we, umm, can we do something other than argue?"

"We're going to play Spin The Bottle," Tony nodded, setting his empty bottle down on the rug. "Ready?"

"I never agreed to this," the two girls said in unison.

"That was creepy," Benji laughed as he smiled at the girls. "Umm, we don't have to?"

Tony slapped the other man's arm. "They have to!"

The girls stared at each other then toward the bottle, which Tony already had spinning across the carpet. "I'm first!" he called as the bottle came to rest facing Benji.

Benji stared blankly.

"I get to....Kiss you, with tongue."

"That's not how the game works," Fallon objected as Tony tried to pounce on the other dark-haired male.

Benji giggled and moved away.

"Are you two homos?" Fallon groaned. "Because I object to this already."

Benji and Lili stared at her, questioningly.

"Well, how am I going to get cock if it's all shoved up someone's ass?" Fallon sighed as she lit a cigarette.

"Damn," Tony smiled. "You're foul."

Fallon shrugged and exhaled.

"I like it," Tony purred. "I like it a fuckin lot."

Fallon stared at the male tauntingly, blowing a slow plume of smoke into his glowing blue eyes.

"Share?" he cooed and reached his hand toward Fallon.

"With you?" she huffed. "I don't think so! Who knows where your lips have been!"

Tony grinned fiendishly. "I can tell you where they'll be later."

Fallon laughed at his cocky declaration, and passed him the lipstick-stained cigarette.

"I win," Tony grinned, inhaling a large drag, then slowly exhaling the smoke. "I win and you're now mine for the taking."

Fallon cocked her perfectly manicured eyebrow. "You think so, don't you?"

Tony nodded.

"You're a cocky shit," she groaned, grabbing her purse and nudging the male to his feet. "I don't like it."

Tony grinned as he followed the smoker up the spiral staircase.

"What was that all about?" Benji stared at Lili, speechless.

Lili continued to stare at the staircase in disbelief. As Benji's words snapped her back to reality, she shrugged her shoulders and laughed. "They hate each other, but they're going to...."

"....fuck," Benji finished her thought. "And knowing Tony, it will be loud!"

"Fallon's the same way," Lili giggled nervously.

Benji grinned. "I guess we're in for a show then."

"I guess," Lili sighed, uncomfortably.

As he watched her nervous movements, Benji leaned against the sofa and sighed loudly. Lili watched as he ran his large hands through his plush dark tresses, noting that his hair was now nearly shoulder-length and flowing. Something she rarely saw, thanks to his overabundance of trucker hats.

"So," Benji yawned. "What's the deal, Lee?"

Lili straightened her spine and stared into her crush soulful chocolate brown eyes. "What?"

"I dunno," he shrugged. "They left us alone. We should talk...or something."

Lili nodded. "About?"

"Throw me a bone here," Benji chuckled and ran his hand nervously through his hair. "What's new?"

"Not much," the small girl shrugged. "You know, same ole."

He nodded in appreciation. "Lee?"

"Yeah?" she nearly whispered.

"This is boring. What would you say if I spiced things up a bit?"

Lili felt her heart drop into the empty pit of her stomach. "Oh?" she managed to croak.

Benji grinned as he rose to his feet. "I'm gonna go spy on the fuckers."

Lili watched his muscular body bound up the stairs two at a time, feeling her heartbeat continue to race ragged in her petite chest.

"Darn," she sighed loudly as she climbed to her feet.

* * *

"FUCKHEAD!" the male hollered, slapping the other male across the back. "Get your ass in here."

The drunken man managed to stumble into the bedroom, collapsing atop the king size bed.

"And who, pray tell, is this?" the dark-haired girl grinned, eyeing the new addition. "He's quite..."

"He's my cousin," Tony offered, grinning like a child at Christmas. "Play nice!"

"I was going to say," Fallon raised her voice a notch. "He's quite the specimen."

Tony wrinkled his nose and swigged his beer. "Yeah, well, it's the Lovato charm."

"The wha?" came a feeble objection from the bed.

"DUDE!" Tony shrieked. "Just agree."

Matt raised his beer into the air. "What he said!"

Fallon shook her head condescendingly at the pair, and returned to searching her purse.

* * *

"I don't hear anything," he whispered softly. "Do you?"

Lili pressed her ear against the thick door and strained to hear.

"Maybe they're asleep?" he offered with a slight wrinkle of his perfectly upturned nose.

"Fallon doesn't sleep," Lili giggled quietly.

"Ever?" Benji grinned.

"No!" Lili laughed.

Benji laughed at this and shook his head. "Neither does Tony."

"Maybe that's why they're so...." Lili searched for the word.

"Irritable?" Benji winked.

The pair erupted into soft bellows of laughter.

"I HEARD THAT!" came a familiar shriek from the opposite side of the door.

"Aww shit," Benji smiled and took a step back before the door opened.

"Dude, what the fuck?" the stocky male laughed jovially. "You could have knocked!"

Lili took a step behind Benji.

"Who's she?" the man pointed and grinned. "She's a babe."

Benji shoved Lili in front of him and grinned. "This is Lili."

"Hi," Lili waved pitifully, an embarrassed smile across her pale face.

The energetic male winked. "Hi Lili!"

Lili giggled as he took her hand and kissed the top slowly, turning it over and trying to lick her palm.

"Eww," she laughed and pulled away.

"This is Nick," Benji sighed and shoved the male back inside the room. "And we have the wrong door."

"Oh!" Lili exclaimed, truly shocked.

"Who you lookin' for?" Nick sighed, still eyeing Lili hungrily.

"Tone?" Benji sighed. "And this chick Fallon."

"Oh OH!" Nick laughed. "Chick with the huge titties?"

Benji nodded, Lili slapped him.

"She and Tony and Matt are having a private party, you know what I'm sayin?" Nick smirked. "Over in Tony's bedroom. It's that door, over there."

Lili's eyes followed Nick's hand, pointing out a large white door at the end of the hallway.

Benji slapped the other male a high-five. "Thanks, man."

"No prob!" Nick grinned. "So Lili, you wanna come join me?"

Lili felt her muscles freeze, her body frozen in place.

"She can't, man," Benji interrupted, rescuing her from further embarrassment.

Nick raised an eyebrow.

"She's spoken for," Benji offered, grabbing Lili's tiny hand.

Lili heard Nick erupt into a large bout of laughter as Benji lead her down the hallway. Without so much as a knock, he thrust the large door wide open.

* * *

"The bottle landed on you, dude," Tony argued. "Dude, just fuckin kiss me!"

"Why are we playing this shit anyway?" his cousin growled. "This is fuckin lame."

Fallon nodded and puffed her cigarette. "I'll say. Childish fuckin nonsense."

"EXACTLY!" Matt shrieked and slapped her thigh. "Exactly!"

"What say me and you bail on loser boy?" Fallon grinned, blowing a slow trail of smoke into Matt's face.

Matt stared at Fallon, then to his obviously upset cousin. Without taking the time to rethink he decision, he sighed and removed his hand from Fallon's thigh. "I can't."

"Why not?" Fallon argued, taunting him and pouting her plump lips.

"Tony's my cousin," Matt defended.

Fallon shrugged. "So?"

"FUCK THIS!" Tony hissed and threw the bottle across the room. It struck the far wall, just left of a large Britney Spears posted, and exploded into a million tiny glass shards.

"That was mature," Fallon stated simply, swigging her beer.

"WHATEVER," Tony spat and stormed across the room, headed for the door.

"What the fuck?" Benji exclaimed as he threw open the door and was nearly trampled.

"Dude?" Tony questioned, staring dumbly at his best friend and Lili.

"We were bored," Benji offered.

"This sucks," Tony frowned and glared over his shoulder at Fallon. "Let's bail, man."

"Cool," Benji smiled and began to bound down the hall after Tony.

"Benji?" Lili called softly, almost inaudibly.

Neither of the men heard, and she watched as Tony shoved Benji and the two tumbled clumsy down the stairs and out the front door.

* * *

"Lili?" Fallon frowned, running her hand through her friends newly cropped, shoulder-length hair. "Lee, what's wrong?"

"Benji," Lili sobbed. "Benji's gone."

"OH FUCK!" Fallon groaned and stared down at her sobbing friend. "He left?"

Lili nodded.

"Oh jesus, alright," Fallon sighed and placed her beer bottle down on the nearest table. "MATT?"

The confused male raised his head from the tangle of pillows and groaned. "Yeah?"

"Where did your asshole cousin go?"

"How the fuck should I know?" Matt grumbled and lowered his head back to the bed.

"MATT!" Fallon demanded.

"WHAT?" he growled loudly.

Fallon tapped her foot on the hardwood floor. "Where are they?"

Matt groaned. "Tony likes to drive around in his Cadillac. They go to the lake."

Fallon grinned and patted Matt's ass. "Good boy."

"Hmmph," Matt frowned and attempted to fall back to sleep.

With an answer and a destination, Fallon turned back to Lili's shaking, sobbing frame, resting against the wall in the far corner. "Lee?" Fallon sighed, grabbing her shaking friend. "Come on, get your things."

"Why?" Lili sobbed.

"We're going after them," Fallon sighed. "Come on."

* * *

"See that?" Tony sighed and pointed into the sky. "That's....some fuckin thing, and if you wish on it, you..."

"Tony?" Benji interrupted, turning his gaze from the sky to his best friend.

Tony's eyes grew wide.

"Tony, I don't fuckin care about stars and constellations and shit," Benji sighed loudly.

"Oh?" Tony swallowed back the lump in his throat.

"Kiss me?" Benji pleaded. "I want it now. I know I didn't want it then, but I want it now."

Without another word, another gesture, Tony reached across the large front seat of the Cadillac and pulled his best friend towards him. Placing his lithe body firmly against Benji's larger frame, he brought his plump lips into contact with the other man's.

"Perfect," Tony grinned as he ran his hand through Benji's hair. "Perfect."

"Kiss me," Benji begged. "Kiss me."

There was no hesitation as Tony learned into Benji's warm body, penetrating the heated depths of his best friend's soul with his tongue. He searched Benji's mouth, tasted him, drank him in, felt his friend begin to respond to his plaguing search.

"Tony," Benji moaned softly. "Mmmm."

"Let me?" Tony pleaded, pushing Benji back in the seat. "Let me?"

Benji nodded, and Tony begin to tug his Rancid t-shirt over his head. Within seconds, Tony too was topless and the two men slowed their oral assaults to gaze into each other's eyes.

"So beautiful, Benjamin," Tony smiled.

Benji blushed.

"And I want to make you-" Tony's voice trailed off into silence as he turned to glance over his shoulder. "What was that?"

"You two ARE homos," Fallon snorted as she stepped into view and banged the hood of the red Cadillac.

Tony glared at the female as Benji returned to a sitting position and stared questioningly.

"I followed you," Fallon sighed and tossed Tony and Benji each a beer. "I didn't want the party to end."

"You hate me, bitch, remember?" Tony growled, as he opened the bottle and chugged its contents.

"So," Fallon winked. "Who's up for some Spin The Bottle?"

"LAME!" Tony shrieked and tossed his empty beer bottle out of the car, the glass smashing against a nearby tree.

"Fine," Fallon growled, grabbing Tony by the throat. "Then just fuck me!"

Tony's blue eyes went wide. "Now?"

"Yes," Fallon purred. "In the backseat."

* * *

His voice echoed through the darkness, his confusion rippling off the soft surface of the lake. "Lili, where you at? Lee?"

The soft groan coming from the alcove of trees to his right gave away her location, and he treaded slowly across the mucky landscape. "Go away!" came a familiar sniffle.

"Lee? Lee, I can barely see you!" he called into the void. "But I know you're there."

"Benji, go away!" she demanded, and he discerned that she was no more than ten feet to his right.

"Lee?" he grinned, tossing himself into the grass beside her. "You shouldn't be out here alone."

"I didn't want to watch Fallon and Tony fuck!" she groaned and turned her back to him.

Benji sighed and reached a hand out to touch her tense shoulder. "Me either."

"Of course not!" Lili sniffled. "He's cheating on you...with her!"

Benji stared at the back of the young girls head, suddenly erupting into a large bout of throaty laughter.

"What?" Lili sighed and turned to glare at him. "What's so funny?"

"I'm not dating Tony!" Benji coughed and continued to giggle.

Lili blushed. "You're not?"

Benji nodded and wiped away a tear. "Why THE HELL would you think that?"

"You were...I him!" Lili stammered.

"Oh," Benji squeaked and looked to the ground anxiously.

"But it's okay," Lili offered, patting his hand. "I don't care if you'"

"I'm not gay," Benji whispered softly, continuing to stare at his hands. "I'm not gay and I'm not dating Tony."

Lili nodded and took interest in her own hands.

"Lee?" he whispered softly, turning to eye her.

She regarded her hands slowly, only turning to meet his gaze after she'd allowed several long seconds to pass.

"There's someone I really like," he offered, a genuinely warm smile crossing his lips. "And it's not Anthony Lovato."

Lili nodded, a blush creeping further across her lips. "If you tell me it's Joel, I'm going to shriek."

Benji snorted and inched closer to her. "It's not Joel."

"If it's Fallon, I will die," Lili sighed.

"It's not Fallon," Benji grinned, bringing his lips within an inch of Lili's petal soft skin.

Lili felt his breath on her skin, so warm and ragged; exciting her every nerve impulse with its masculinity and proximity.

"Lee," he practically purred. "I have to ask you something."

* * *

"OH FUCK OH FUCK OH TONY," she screamed, her animalistic yells filling the open air around them.

"Jesus," he grunted, thrusting inside her as violently as he could muster. "So fuckin...such a fuckin...whore."

"FUCK ME YOU FUCKIN MANWHORE!" she shrieked, tearing at his hair. "FUCK ME WITH YOUR BIG FUCKIN COCK!"

Tony stared down at the thrusting female, her body trying desperately to impale him further inside her tight folds. "Whore," he grunted and leaned forward to tug at her nipple with his teeth. "Fuckin whore."

"FUCK ME YOU FUCKIN HOMO," she shrieked and clawed at his back viciously. "COME ON PUSSY!"

Tony responded to her jibes, pummeling her body with a passion he never knew he possessed. He watched her expression turn from pleasure to unworldly excitement, heard the faint sounds of her head crashing softly into the door as he thrust her entire body forward roughly.

"Whore," she cooed. "Such a fuckin whore."

"Fuckin...tight....fuckin....cunt," Tony panted in response, grabbing her large breasts and groping them feverishly.

"Fuck me, Tony," she cooed softly. "So fuckin close. Make me fuckin cum. Tony, Tony."

Tony nodded and reached his hand down between her legs, a finger gliding toward her sopping wet lips. Reaching his target, he slowly circled her clitoris and was rewarded with ragged breathing and frantic mewls of pleasure.

"Cumming," she panted. "So fuckin cumming, fuckin Tony, fuckin hot, fuckin cock, big so fuckin big," she rambled insensibly.

"Fuckin cunt," he panted and released inside her as she bucked upward. With his release, he collapsed atop her, allowing her to roll out from under him and massage his scalp as he panted for breath.

"Fuck you're a hot bitch," she grinned, continuing to massage his moist scalp.

Tony winked and continued to try to catch his erratic breath.

"But you called me a cunt," Fallon frowned. "You shithead!"

* * *

"I want to show you how hard you make me," he purred. "You frustrate me, Lee. I want you to see it!"

Lili couldn't help but giggle nervously as she watched him begin to lower his oversized Dickies.

"I think about you," he continued, pausing only to lick her ear slowly. "I think about you all the fuckin time, Lee. I think about that tight little body of yours, and your gorgeous eyes. Your laugh, your smile. The way you shake your hips when you’re dancing to the radio."

Lili felt herself blush purple.

"Every time I think of you," he cooed, inching his pants toward his knees. "I end up so hard. So hard, Lili. I ache for you."

Lili felt her heart race as he placed her tiny hand in his own, and lowered them toward the opening in his boxers. She felt her body grow tense as he placed her hand firmly against his erection, only the thin cloth separating her from his hardness.

"Lee," he purred. "Touch me."

She licked her lips reflexively as he pushed her hand inside his boxers, pulling his own away and moaning deeply.

"Fuck, Lee," he groaned. "You're killing me."

"Benji," she purred back at him, taking his quickly growing length into the warm grip of her hand. "Benji, you're so beautiful."

He blushed noticeably at this, thrusting his hips further forward and bringing more of his flesh into contact with her soft hands. "Please Lee," he pleaded. "Please love me."

Lili stared at his glowing irises, wanting his plea to be genuine; longing to feel his thickness deep inside her most private hotspots.

"Please Lee," he reiterated. "Let me fuck you now."

She spoke not a word as he yanked her tiny knit top over her head. She allowed him to unbutton her fly, and she never once removed her hand from between his firm legs as he tugged her jeans off and tossed them into the darkness.

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