tagNonHumanBought Ch. 02

Bought Ch. 02


I had to do a fair amount of setting up with this part of the story, but in the end, what you are looking for is here.


–The City of Union–

Though species tended to stick to their own in several different cities along the western continent, one became home to all the species. The City of Union was home to all creatures. Now, this wasn't a cozy setting to say the least. Hostilities were rampant.

Over the years, the Fey came to Union less and less, especially with the rise of a potent drug made from their blood. Their people had been disappearing more and more over the last few years. Of course, it had the beautiful creatures frightened. Now, the Fey have been pulling out of Union, much to the dismay of humans who, in a way, had their protection. This created tension between humans and the vampire/daemon factions.

Not only had the Fendilian caused tension among the groups, it caused general chaos. People stole to get it. They killed to have another taste. Times had become dangerous. Walking down the street after dark was a thing of the past. No one was safe. Nothing was sacred. Not anymore.


Areica huddled in the corner of Rhoe's carriage for the rest of the ride to his home. Her body was still slick and wet from the touch he'd given her . . . those spasms he'd caused her body along with pleasure barely endurable. She trembled as her body warmed and twitched from the thought of it. How could her body betray her like this?

Rhoeshard watched her with a teasing smile. Those emerald orbs of his watched from his darkened corner. Naturally, he was pleased with himself. He could smell her arousal on the air. His poor pet. That desire remained in her. That drive to feel the throws of orgasm once more. Oh, how she hated Rhoe for that. He knew, of course.

They pulled up outside a moderate sized home on the east side of town. It was a rough area to live in. Not as terrible as the section closest to the docks, but many unsavory characters dwelled near the home.

Once the carriage opened, the girl peered out into the street. Immediately recognizing the area for what it was, she hesitated. Rhoe grabbed onto Areica's arm and began pulling her down the carriage stairs. Though she'd finally stopped fighting him, she gave him the angriest glare he'd ever seen. He pinched her cheek and called her adorable for it. She, in turn, stomped on his foot, hard.

"Ooph! Naughty naughty, pet . . . naughty naughty . . . " he said as he pulled her through the lavish doors of the home

Inside the home was just as lavishly beautiful as the doors. Almost everything was black or blood red upholstery, everything else was made of solid, dark woods. It was actually beautiful and strangely romantic. The very thought made her queasy.

A few humans walked by with almost ghostly silence. They seemed sort of sickly and one or two of them had bite marks on their necks. When they noticed her, they looked at her wearily. The need for escape was on their faces. Areica felt a tremble of fear go through her. Would she become like them if she couldn't free herself from Rhoeshard's hold? It had to be a fate worse than death.

Rhoeshard cleared his throat. The servants got back to work, scampering so that they wouldn't catch their master's attention any more than they had.

" These are some of our employees." He told Areica, "I'll introduce you to them later, if you'd like . . . but first you must meet my sire . . . "

Another wave of fear went through her. Two of them. Two evil vampires that would make her meat and force her to do whatever they wished. How had it come down to this?

"Joy . . . " she mumbled under her breath, as Rhoe dragged her along to a large sitting room.

He placed his hands on her shoulders, forcing her to take her place in a plush velvet chair made of dark mahogany. On the other side of the room, a man was turned to the outside, looking out the large window.

Even from the back, Areica could see how wealthy this man was dressed. Who did he think he was? Some sort of king? Everyone knew how monarchs treated their servants. This was looking worse and worse for poor Areica by the moment.

"Look what I bought today, Master Khelman." Rhoe said joyfully

The man turned around, slowly. When his eyes met hers, it seemed as though he were inspecting her. In a flash he moved in front of her, raising the back of his hand to her cheek. For a moment, she thought he might strike her. Instead, his hand moved down her face, tracing her features.

A weird energy passed between them. Something called to her. His eyes, maybe? Vampires were known for that. She swallowed hard as she tried to look away. It didn't work.

"A succubus?" the new vampire questioned his servant, "No. A halfling." The creature smiled at her, almost fatherly, "Ah, yes . . . she will do nicely . . . Welcome, girl. Welcome home." He whispered while he continued to touch her

His hands were so cold against her skin like touching ice after a snow storm. Of course, that was not surprising. Not unsurprising because he was a vampire, but because he looked how one would imagine the night would look if it somehow became a person.

His hair was coal black, and his eyes were just as dark, if not more. Unlike his very blonde and pale companion, his hair was dead straight--no wavy fullness like Rhoe. And his face showed dignified maturity, whereas Rhoe had the look of perpetual youth to him.

The energy over her passed, so she tried to move her face, but he grabbed her chin, holding her steady. He coaxed her out of the seat, rising before him. That's when she realized how big he was . . . not fat, just large like a dutiful, long-term farmhand.

"W-wha-what do you people want from me?" she whispered with a tremble

Khelman's eyes followed the line of her neck. Areica was sure he could see the pound of her blood as her heart beat with fear. Of course, he could probably hear it. Everyone knew that vamps could hear a heartbeat a hundred feet away. Damn.

Master Rhoe laughed from behind her, while Master Khelman simply smiled. It still had that almost fatherly look, which unnerved her more than being in his actual presence.

Rhoe shook his head after that horrible, hearty laugh at her expense.

"Trust me, Areica dear, it is not as bad as I'm sure you are thinking it."

She shot him a look before Khelman turned her face back to him again.

"It's simple." Khelman answered as he handed her back to Rhoe, "First, Rhoe has been searching for a suitable companion to occupy his time. Nothing fancy or complicated, just . . . a friend." The darker vamp smiled with a hint of a leer, "I, however, need someone who can assist me. A person to take care of my business during the days, and protect us while we nap."

"Yes . . . our servants are capable, of course, but considering what we do and how many colorful associates we have been gaining as of late . . . " Rhoe teetered his head side to side, seemingly mulling the situation over.

His hand ran down her sides, cupping her rear with a squeeze. Areica tried to push away, but the man held her firmly. His groin rubbed against her as he smiled, showing those evil pointed teeth.

Khelman sighed, then continued. "So, you see, he and I were taking care of two situations at once. That, princess, is why you are here."

Rhoe turned Areica around in his arms. Now he was pressed into her rear with hands traveling the expanse of her stomach. His thumbs tickled at the underside of her breast. And worse, his lips kissed at her neck. She honestly wanted to cry. He was going to bleed her again. She desperately tried to not think on it. Instead, she asked questions to distract herself.

"Protect you? I am no fighter . . . And what business do you speak of?"

Khelman chuckled as he took a seat on his desk.

"The proficiency toward war and battle are in your blood, halfling. With the right training, you could rival some of the bravest knights. I've seen it happen with your kind. That is the beauty of the Daemon." He said

Rhoe licked her neck before adding his own sentiments.

"And with one already as stunning as yourself, that could be a wonderfully dangerous combination." He rubbed himself into her like he was trying to mark her as his own. "Oh, I can see you now, breaking hearts as well as bodies. And, considering what you are, sex can be quite the weapon, can't it, pet?"

"I could never harm anyone. It is not in my nature." Her voice trembled

Rhoe laughed. "Nonsense, Areica . . . Daemon are killers as much as vampire."

"With the proper technique, you won't have to kill, princess." Khelman added, "As for our business. Well, let us just say, we endeavor to spread happiness."

Rhoe laughed, then reached into his pocket. He pulled out a little vial, showing it to Areica. It was filled with a reddish purple serum.

"My Gods! You two . . . you sell that? So many people lives have crumbled because of that . . . elixir of yours."

"Only because they are foolish!" Rhoe scoffed. "We just supply what they ask for. How they get the money for it, well, that is not our concern. Hell, I've seen people sell their children into slavery just for a decent supply." He said whimsically

Areica's eyes widened.

"No . . . " She gasped

"I am sorry that you found out this way, but your father has been a long time customer, dear. One of our smarter ones at that." Khelman said with a shrug

"I was going to simply take the money he offered, of course, but I saw you and thought you'd be perfect for us. So I gave him half the lira back, in exchange for you. He jumped at the offer. Pity for him, splendor for me and my sire." Rhoe kissed and licked her neck again. This time, Areica whimpered with fright.

"What makes you think I'll help you? You two are disgusting for what you do!!" she said, trying to ignore the feel of this beast at her skin

"Princess, do not speak that way . . . " Khelman stood and began to walk closer, "All we offer is some peace of mind to those whose lives seem bleak."

"And let's face it, pet. We can offer you a better life than the one you've been living. No more tattered clothes. No more whippings. Simply your protection in exchange for our companionship and . . . our love . . . "

Khelman was on her now, his hands stroking her shoulders. Sandwiched between two vampires was a nightmare. Especially with both touching intimately. Khelman's hand held her face to him, tilting it toward his face. His coldness touched the edge of her body's heat, sucking it in. To make matters worse, Rhoe's hands now cupped her breasts, squeezing them both possessively.

"I cannot . . . I cannot stoop so low." She meant this in more ways than one, "I may be worthless, but I have to mean more than being a party to this. Any of it."

"Worthless? Hardly . . . " Rhoe said, aghast as though she had committed some great sin, "My, why did your father keep you if he thought such things? Or was it that bitch of a sister? How she makes my blood curdle."

"If you feel that you cannot help us . . . then we will have to let you go." Khelman said quietly

Rhoe scoffed.


Khelman hissed and raised a hand. "But think of what we can give you. A roof over your head. Clean clothes. Good foods to eat. Partners who will give you lust anytime you crave, and give you all that you need. And think of how you would live otherwise."

She looked sad and frightened. Khelman placed a hand under her chin. Why did he have to look so sincere?

"I'll not see you waste with your abusive family. I'll not see you broken by the trash at a whore house. No. Give us this chance. Let us give you a life."

Tears trickled down her cheeks while her perfect mouth trembled at him. Khelman's thumbs traced the lower lip while he watched her.

"Give us the opportunity to prove who and what we are. If in three days you wish to leave, so be it. We will have no choice."

"Three days. That's all we ask, pet." Rhoe added as he rubbed her neck with his nose

Areica turned her head away as she tried to make sense of everything. These two were part of the reason why poverty was so damn rampant in Union. And apparently they were the reason why she rarely saw her father . . . why he stayed locked in his home while her sister beat her regularly.

Now they were asking for her help?

Was it worth the food and drink? The clean clothes? The lack of beatings?

Three days was all they wanted. Maybe she could give that. Maybe it WAS the other people's fault. They just provided for the idiots that asked for it, right?

"A-alright . . . Three days. I can't promise more . . . " she whispered

She could feel Rhoeshard's smile against her neck moments before he finally released her. Both he and Khelman let her move from between them.

"Excellent decision, pet." He grabbed her hand, kissing it softly as she passed.

He could sense her hesitation. She wanted to pull her hand away, which made him hold her even tighter. Something vicious in his eyes glimmered at the girl, something dark. As quickly as it came, it ended and his expression returned to normal.

"Let me show you your room."

"My room?" Areica asked with surprise

"Well, it's not like we weren't prepared for you, pet. We've had this planned for some time."

He turned, placing a hand on her back, escorting her out of the room. For a moment, he turned back to his sire with a dark smile on his lips. Khelman returned it with a smaller, but equally as dark smile.

Master Rhoe led her upstairs and down the hallway to a moderately sized bedroom. It was obviously made for a lady of class, which she wasn't. Much like the rest of the home, it was decorated in dark, rich colors . . . frilly and feminine on top of that. All in all, it was stunning. Just not something she would have picked out herself. It was so . . . expensive looking.

"Is this my room?" she asked with surprise

Rhoe stood in the center of the room, near the overlarge canopy bed. He gestured from the side of the room to the other.

"Yes, of course, pet. All this is yours . . . It's all yours, even the attire in the closet."

She wanted to rush over to the closets, but she didn't want him to think she was eager or excited. That gave him too much of an edge. So, she walked calmly to the opened door, finding fine dresses, expensive shoes . . . and other "interesting" articles of clothing. Those interesting things were obviously picked out by a man with intimacies on the mind.

"You expect me to wear . . . this?" She pulled out a black leather outfit, which wouldn't leave much to the imagination, especially the metal bra portion of it that looked like a hand cupping a bosom.

He smiled at her as he crawled into the bed, making himself at home. Curse him for already sullying this experience for her. But then, why was she even worried? She wouldn't be staying here long.

"Well, not for everyone, but maybe someone special." He gave her a look that reeked of sex.

Areica nervously watched the vampire in her bed. That look was entirely too dangerous. Noting her fear, he moved to her, placing the outfit in the closet. His hand rested on her shoulder.

"Anything else you need or want will be provided for you, pet. Nothing's too good for our girl."

She moved her body away, quickly.

"No one said I was your girl yet . . . "

"We'll just have to wait and see, won't we?"

He captured her again, holding her still by the shoulders. His face hovered near hers. She, of course, immediately tensed up. In time, she would learn better.

"You're such a pretty little thing, pet . . . " he whispered into her sweet face

With a look of indignation, she stood positively still, and surprisingly haughty, considering her situation.

"If you say so." Her tone was cool. That pleased her

"And I do, too . . . " He moved a little closer, just enough to brush the side of her brow with his cold lips.

A delicious tremble of fear went through her. Rhoe brushed against her more to evoke more of that wonderful reaction.

"Please . . . " she whispered with undisguised fear

She didn't have to say why she was begging, he knew. He really didn't care what she did or didn't want, honestly, but for now he'd respect her fear. Hell, he'd even use it against her.

He continued to hold her, but now pushed her toward the bed.

"No . . . don't . . . please . . . " she whimpered. It sent a shiver through him right down to his groin.

Rhoe loved that fear in her voice. It made him hot (or relatively so, just not in a physical sense) with desire. He'd have to take advantage of that.

He pushed her down in the bed, hovering above her, as he watched tears spill from those violet eyes. He loved that response she made to him. Wonderful.

Rhoe reached above her head, grabbing something from behind. There was a slight metallic clanking sound as he shuffled around. With a triumphant smile, he found what he was looking for. His hand came into view with a chained hand cuff, which he wrapped around her wrist, then locked with a key around his neck.

"There now . . . Wouldn't want you trying to escape, pet."

There was a relief in her eyes for the moment. He was only trying to prevent her escape. Good.

"Come now, am I that repulsive to you?"

Smartly, she didn't answer. That wouldn't save her, though. He leaned down to her ear to whisper.

"I can make you want me, pet." He licked her ear, "I can make you want me more than you'll want to take air into your lungs." He bit at her cheek

He lifted his mouth from her cheek, turning it so that she could look into his eyes. She wanted to look away, but immediately, she was caught. Those emerald orbs seemed to glow, like cat's eyes from a darkened alley. She couldn't turn. The worst part was that her body was totally calm. Inside, the fear was nearly overwhelming.

And, of course, Master Rhoe could smell that fear. The girl was at his mercy now. Her body completely still. Her mind a terrified wreck. If only she knew how perfect it was, she could enjoy. He knew he would.

"Now, my pet, let's see what is under the entirety of these tattered clothes." He smiled

His hands grabbed the edge of her collar. With one very rough movement, he ripped the clothing from her body, straight down the middle. Beneath the dirty old clothes was a masterpiece.

She was warm and supple. Breasts more than a handful. Large caramel mounds with large pink/brown nipples dying to be touched. His ice cold hands grabbed two fist fulls of her soft flesh. Her nipples became tight underneath his palm, no doubt thanks to the change in temperature. He squeezed the breasts together and moved them apart over and over, as though using the controls of a machine. He kneaded them as though making bread.

"Mm, now these are the best ones I've seen in some time." He moved his hand so that his fingers could trace the pebble nips, "Do you like that? I bet you do."

He was right. She did. The sensations it gave made her tingle. The fear only increased that fact.

Rhoe's mouth lowered to her breasts, taking one nipple into that space. Those horrible, sharp teeth brushed against her sensitive skin, almost nicking her. One of his eyes stayed on her with an arrogant gleam while he continued to violate her body with tongue and teeth. Meanwhile, one hand cupped the free breast, pinching at the hardened tip.

Why did this cold touch warm her, particularly between her legs? It was like everything he did to her bosom snaked straight there. If he kept this up, the events in the carriage would repeat themselves. Her eyes narrowed at him as much as they could. Damnit, she didn't want to give him that sort of satisfaction again.

"You feel warm and moist between your legs, do you not, pet?" he asked when he rose his head, "Like in the carriage. Can you feel your walls tightening? Pleasure and desire growing?" he laughed a very cruel laugh, "I bet that little jewel between your folds is begging for my attention."

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