tagNonHumanBound by Pride Ch. 09

Bound by Pride Ch. 09


Author's note: All characters and companies mentioned in this story have no existence outside the imagination of the author, and have no relation whatsoever to anyone or anything bearing the same name or names. Events portrayed in this story are pure invention and have not been based on any events that have happen in real life. All the characters involved in any sexual acts if their ages are not mentioned before hand; are over 18 years of age. Enjoy.


Here it is, the last chapter of Bound by Pride, I'm sorry it took so long but I did warn you that it might take some time as it is eighteen pages long. Don't get confused with how this ends as the next story Guarded Hearts takes up where Bound by Pride finishes.

So I hope you enjoy this chapter, as always a big thanks goes out to my editor who manages some how to squeeze editing in to her busy life. As normal all feedback is welcome.

Have fun


A day later Electra was reading pack reports quietly in her room, Mayhem was off doing her own reading, trying to catch up on everything that she had missed during her enslavement.

Most of the documents Electra was reading were compiled by Sienna for Amy, with Amy being so busy she had little time to deal with the normal duties of the Alpha female, Sienna had stepped forward and took on most of those duties and no one begrudged her as no one wanted that job. Nevertheless, Amy had to be kept up to date with the goings on of the pack so Sienna complied daily reports on almost everything from births, deaths and everything in between.

Electra's personal phone rung, she sighed and put down the report outlining a new disobedience from Jessa and suggesting sending Jessa to an aunt in a different pack for a while. She picked up her phone and frowned at the caller id; she flicked it open and brought it to her ear. "Jeff?" She said a little confused and surprised.

She was also mentally cursing herself, she had spent a month with Jeff in Vegas chasing leads about both her sisters 'attempted' abduction and his own sister Haley's abduction. She considered him a friend and she had completely forgotten him. She hadn't called to see how he was or how his sister was coping.

"Electra..." Jeff said pleased to have gotten her.

"I'm sorry I didn't say goodbye, everything happened so quickly." She said as she sat forward in her chair.

"I know... my mother is glaring at me... she wants me to thank you for finding my sister." He said hesitantly.

"Tell her I was doing my job and I'm glad she got her daughter back." Electra said with a smile, it broadened when she heard Jeff relay her message.

"Um... that is the reason I am calling, Haley isn't coping. Far from it in fact, she hasn't left her room since coming home. We are afraid for her." He explained, clearly conflicted but he didn't know what else to do.

"Was she raped?" She asked.

"We think so..." He answered.

"What I can do to help?" she offered.

"I was kind of hoping you could work your magic on her..." He said hesitantly, he still couldn't believe how quickly Mayhem had come back to herself and he hoped that Electra could do the same for his sister.

"I don't know Jeff... Haley doesn't know me... I haven't built any trust with her." She answered.

"Can you try...?" He begged.

She stood and started to leave her room. "I will need permission to bring her here, maybe all she needs is to get away, to go to a new place that is different and doesn't relate to her abduction." She walked down stairs and started to move to her mother's office.

"Maybe I just don't know." He replied, pacing slowly in the background.

Electra knocked on her mother's office door, waited several moments before popping her head in. Sienna and Amy turned to her; they were poised over some paper work.

"Jessa?" Electra questioned and got confirming nods. "I have a favour to ask for a friend." She said holding the phone to her chest to muffle her voice.

Amy pushed herself up and stretched. "Okay... shoot."

"Jeff, the investigator who helped shut down the slave ring, his sister was a victim and she isn't coping. He was hoping to send her away, new place and such. Hoping it will help her recover." Electra explained.

Amy clicked her fingers and gestured for the phone, which Electra handed over. "Hi, Jeff right? This is Amy."

"Alpha." He said stiffly.

"Where would you like your sister to go, here as in the manor or to our central Haven?" Amy asked.

"I'm not sure; I just can't bear to see her waste away like she is." He told her. "None of us can." He added.

Amy nodded, "Okay... bring her here and we'll see what we can do, if that doesn't work we'll see what we can do next." She said gently.

"Me?" He said a little surprised.

"Yes... it might ease her transition if you or someone from your family brings her here." She explained.

He nodded, "we will be there in a few days."

"And we look forward to your visit." Amy added before she hung up. She glanced to her daughter, "was she raped?"

Electra nodded, "they think so... she doesn't talk about it."

Amy nodded, "we'll see what a change of scene does and I'll put her in Anna and Maria's care, see how they fare before bringing in the big guns."

Electra gave her mother a puzzled look. "Big guns?"

Amy nodded, "yes, big guns." She said choosing not to elaborate as she handed her daughter her phone back.

Electra paused before leaving.

"Yes." Amy said as she moved back to her desk.

"Something's been bugging me," Electra said.

Amy nodded and waited for Electra's question.

"Maddie... I thought only mated pairs could breed." Electra said seeking an explanation to the existence of her fosterling.

Amy nodded, "I asked Nathanael about that, he believes that the reason mated pairs are more likely to breed is because they are together when one goes into heat, they know when their mate is ready to conceive. However, it happens between unmated pairs and Madeline was young, the body reacts and in order to protect itself it sped up her maturity and conception in the vain hope of protecting itself."

Electra frowned, "I still don't..."

Amy nodded, "Okay... Vivian also has a theory... Fate wanted her born regardless of the situation. So she was born, Fate knew that Madeline would get taken and that this life would kill her but that Maddie needed to live so ensured that she did. That she is important, in some way she will do something great regardless of how she started her life."

Electra nodded, "don't question... just accept it."

Amy nodded, "many things happen when they shouldn't but when they do it happens for a reason."


Jesse found Mayhem, with Thais's help, in one of the lesser libraries. A woman who dragged a large wheeled case behind her followed him. Thais released Jesse's hand and left the room leaving them to their business. Mayhem stood and ran her fingers through her hair, she was just getting used to having short hair. Amy had taken her to a stylist yesterday, the stylist had suggested short, and spiky for a new hair do, he explained that it would get rid of all the split ends and damaged strands, letting only healthy new hair grow in its place if she didn't like the style.

Jesse studied her for a moment then smiled, "that looks really good on you." He complimented, the way he said it made her believe that he was telling the truth.

"Thanks, the stylist wanted to add colours and streaks... I said no and Amy agreed. She said later when I am more confident with my identity and know what I want completely." She approached looking at the new woman wondering why Jesse had brought her here.

"I'm Mira, I make surrogates." She said introducing herself.

"Mayhem," she replied as she offered her hand to Mira, living with a group of people who didn't stand much on formality had rubbed off on her and to be honest she loved being treated just like any normal person.

Mira blinked for a moment surprised, her hazel eyes wary as she knew Mayhem's status as an Alpha but she took Mayhem's hand and shook it firmly as she tucked her shoulder length brown hair behind her ear. She was dressed simply in a pair of faded hip hugger jeans with a tight black t-shirt with Magic Happens across her bust.

When Mira released Mayhem's hand, Mayhem jammed both her hands into the pockets of her tight jeans.

Mira smiled, "Okay so Jesse told me you are a white tiger, so I brought only tiger surrogates. I will however have to see you in shifted form." She moved to lay the case down; as she knelt next to the case, her tight shirt rode up a little to expose part of a complicated tattoo on her lower back that involved a wolf and a Celtic knot. She turned and smiled as Mayhem's eyes shot away. "I am an Elemental, my mate is a Wolf." She explained.

Mayhem rubbed the back of her neck, "Sorry."

Mira smiled, "Don't worry about it." She turned back to the case and opened it.

Mayhem undid her belt and kicked her shoes off. Mira finished getting ready and turned to watch Mayhem change. Mayhem took off her shirt and tossed it onto a chair, her bra, jeans, panties and socks joined her shirt. Mira suddenly jerked her eyes away, she had seen many naked Were but she hadn't meet anyone who bore the scars of abuse like the ones Mayhem had.

Mayhem guessed what had made Mira jerk her eyes away, "Mira... don't worry about it." Mira's eyes returned to Mayhem's, "they're just scars." Mayhem said with a shrug she then pulled her cat forward and shifted. Moments later she was stretching her long body being careful not to extend her claws, having heard Bastion tear strips from Amy for destroying yet another mattress with her claws, she didn't want that to happen to her. She sat and started to groom herself.

Mira stared in surprise, she knew what Mayhem was, she didn't need to ask how or why Mayhem was so big... she was immortal. "Umm... I don't have a surrogate that big with me." She said with a slight quiver to her voice. Immortal Were were an intimidating bunch, she had helped her mother make the surrogate for Electra and had meet Amy in her were form when she came to deliver it, scared the crap out of her.

Electra walked in having come from Amy's office and smiled, "Hi Mira."

Mira smiled and turned back to Mayhem. "Okay so what I'm going to do is let my magic wash over you, it'll help me get an idea on how big your surrogate needs to be. Try not to move." She walked forward holding her hands out. She took a deep breath as she closed her eyes, she let her power surge up her body from that hidden place within, she let it build until she condensed it in her chest before letting it flow to her hands and over to Mayhem.

All this took moments, Mayhem twitched as she felt Mira's power creep over her. She hoped this would be over soon as having magic creep over her body was unsettling. She felt the power leave her and return to Mira who kept her eyes closed committing what her magic told her to memory.

She opened her eyes and smiled, "Give me a couple of days to get this made." She told Mayhem.

Mayhem nodded her head then approached Electra; she knocked her down and pressed her nose to Electra's crotch, breathing deeply. Electra tried to push Mayhem away from her but Mayhem was just too big.

Amy walked into the room, having finished pack business she wanted to sit with an Anne Rice novel and read. She chuckled for a moment before going serious. "Electra, Mayhem... go to your room to fool around, the cubs are around."

Electra turned to her mother, "since when did that stop you... cut it Mayhem." She tacked on when Mayhem's tongue found a gap between Electra's jeans and her stomach, her tongue snaking in and wriggling around scraping against sensitive skin.

Amy chuckled, "I at least lock the library when Wolfgang jumps me."

Electra had to concede that her parents had tamed their antics as the cubs got older, but they could still be found in compromising positions all the time.

Amy turned to Mira, "are you done with her?"

Mira nodded.

Amy smiled and willed the two women back to their bedroom. Electra managed to get free, and started removing her clothing, as Mayhem glanced around surprised. Mayhem was instantly human again and her eyes hungrily devoured her mate as she stripped.

The moment the last piece of clothing was dropped to the floor Mayhem pounced and landed on Electra sending them both crashing onto the bed. Electra didn't have a chance to complain as Mayhem's lips covered hers. Electra groaned as her hands sought out Mayhem's breasts, they weren't big only large enough to fill her hands but they were something she felt drawn to, she needed to touch them and Mayhem's response only encouraged her.

Mayhem tore her lips from Electra's and groaned as Electra started to pinch and tweak her sensitive nipples. She pushed herself up higher and offered one of her breasts to Electra who didn't waste time and started to lavish attention on that soft pink bud with her tongue.

Mayhem groaned and started to hump her hips against Electra's stomach. Electra noticed and slid a hand down between their bodies. Two of her fingers quickly made their way within Mayhem and her thumb started to stroke her hardened clit. Mayhem's groan grew louder as she started to hump the fingers within her, getting faster and faster as her need to cum increased.

Electra gently bit down on the nipple between her teeth and curled the fingers inside Mayhem. Mayhem yowled as her climax was suddenly upon her, and then she cried out as Electra started to rub her fingers against her g-spot, trying to build her mate's climax even further.

Mayhem tensed as her body arched, then suddenly her climax exploded causing her body to shudder violently, still Electra rubbed that spot not letting Mayhem recover from her climax and pushing her to another more intense one. Mayhem's body started to grind herself against Electra even as her body continued to shudder.

Electra released the nipple so that she could speak, "Come on, cum for me again." She said with a soft seductive growl. Mayhem's breath hitched at Electra's pillow talk. Mayhem felt her body tense again as she came only minutes after her last one. Electra kept thrusting, sending the already sensitised girl into yet another climax. She couldn't cum anymore and tried to pull away but Electra's fingers followed her.

"Stop... please..." Mayhem pleaded as her hands grabbed Electra's wrist and tried to pull it away.

Electra stopped and pulled her hand from Mayhem's womanhood, and brought her fingers to her mouth to suck Mayhem's juices from her fingers. Mayhem collapsed on top of Electra and took a deep breath as Electra started to stroke her back.

Mayhem started to purr and fall asleep; she tried to get up as Electra had yet to experience bliss.

Electra tightened her arms, "Sh... sleep... I don't mind."

Mayhem sighed and started to drift asleep on top of her mate. Electra just kept gently stroking Mayhem's back, finding the places, which caused her purring to get louder or for her to arch her back to increase the touch. She smiled when she found a ticklish spot; Mayhem squirmed for a moment then relaxed as Electra moved her fingers away. Electra took a deep breath and started to drift all the while she stroked her mate's back.


Electra took a deep breath and groaned as sweet waves of desire and need washed over her. She groaned but she didn't wake from her delightful dream where she was laying on a rock, naked with a playful breeze and a warm sun. The tingles of need started to spread out from her womanhood.

She opened her eyes slowly and glanced down her body, Mayhem was between her legs gently lapping at her sex. Electra slid a hand down and fisted her hand in Mayhem's hair. Mayhem smiled and shifted her tongue slightly making it rougher. She licked the entire length and Electra nearly jumped off the bed as she came powerfully at that one motion. Mayhem growled and shifted her tongue back to lick up every drop of her mate's juices.

"Fuck Mayhem that wasn't fair." She panted as her body finally started to relax.

Mayhem removed her mouth from between Electra's legs, "who said I was meant to be fair?" She said with a sexy drawl to her voice.

Electra chuckled and released Mayhem's hair, "that is one hell of a way to wake up." She breathed. Mayhem crawled up her body gently rubbing her face against Electra's skin as she went. When she was at Electra's chest, she laid down nuzzling her face into Electra's chest. Her lips sought out a light brown nipple and when she found one, she sucked it into her mouth.

Electra took a deep breath. There was a heavy knock on their door. They jerked apart and turned to the door as it clicked open, Anna popped her head in. "I know you're new mates but Mayhem isn't allowed to skip meals and dinner is almost ready." She told them before ducking back out of the room and closing the door.

They both sighed and got out of bed, dressing quickly so that they would be at the table in time and less likely to be teased for their tardy manner. They raced out of the room and into the dining room, almost everyone was there but as food had yet to be served, they weren't late. They made their way down the table towards Jesse who had two vacant seats next to him.

Mayhem sat next to him keeping herself between him and her mate. He smiled at her and offered her his comb to try to get rid of her tousled look. Mayhem blushed and quickly ran it through her short locks before handing it to Electra who also quickly ran it through her hair before passing the comb back to Jesse.

"So, tomorrow..." Jesse said reminding the two women that tomorrow Mayhem would face her pride and as Electra was Mayhem's mate it was her duty to be there for her. He couldn't say he was pleased with Mayhem and Electra mating, but he was coming to terms with it and what he saw when it came to Electra was that she truly cared for Mayhem and treated her with the love and respect he believed she deserved.

"Yes... tomorrow..." Mayhem suddenly felt queasy. Tomorrow she would present herself to her pride and they would either accept her or denounce her. She felt a hand grip hers as food started to be passed, she turned to Electra as Electra squeezed her hand tighter for a moment, silently telling her that she would be there for her and that no matter what she loved her.

Electra released her hand to take the plate piled high with slices of thickly cut roast beef as it was being passed around the table. She used a fork to spear several of the juicy slices and transferred them to Mayhem's plate before transferring several more to her own. Jesse watched amused as Electra continued to pile food on Mayhem's plate before serving herself.

Jesse turned and watched as Mayhem ate. "Don't be nervous." He told her quietly, "they put up with so much to be in your pride, they will not turn from you... not now that they are free of your father."

"But I'm not strong... I can't fight." She told him.

Electra rested a hand on her thigh as she swallowed her mouthful, "they will understand... they probably already know why they haven't been able to see you, they'll know you've just been freed and that you must recover. Soon you'll be strong and soon you'll learn to fight."

Mayhem gave Electra a concerned look.

Jesse tapped her other arm and she turned to him, "they chose you when you were still a child, they won't care and I agree with Electra, they probably know what happened and will give you the time you need to become the Alpha you were born to be."

Everyone turned their heads towards the front doors a moment after the doorbell went off, as they weren't expecting anyone. Bastion stood to answer the door his eyes on Amy, she had asked him to set two extra places and now he knew why. He also noticed the secretive smile she sported.

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