tagBDSMBound to Happen

Bound to Happen


This started out as a Niece\Uncle incest story but something wouldn't let me write it that way. So I made an admittedly contrived change, added some mild bondage and came up with this. I don't think it's the end of the story for these two though; I have a couple of angst-ridden ideas that may make a sequel.


Clara turned up outside my door, tears pouring down her face, a bruise blossoming around her right eye, and a suitcase in either hand.

"Uncle, can I stay here tonight? Mom and me have had a fight and I've left home." She asked.

"Of course you can stay. Tell me what happened." I was horrified to see the bruise. I knew that I couldn't just send her packing, even though I wasn't sure about letting her stay.

I wasn't really her uncle. My older brother had married her mother and gained a stepdaughter. A couple of years ago he'd killed himself driving his car too fast around a corner. The inquest had said he was well over the legal alcohol limit. Clara's mother had retreated to the bottle herself. We had all tried at one time or another to bring her out but we had all failed. These days only I visited them at all; and that was only to see that Clara was all right. Clara was bright and pretty, six months away from leaving her teens behind, and trying hard to help her mother. That had changed tonight though. She told me about the argument and how her mother had hit her in her drunken rage. Clara had packed her bags and left, heading for the only safe place she knew: My place.

I let her pour her heart out to me, the one older person she felt she could trust, and told her she could have the bed and I'd sleep on the couch. I told her maybe things would seem different in the morning and we'd decide what to do then. She thanked me and stumbled off to bed leaving me wondering what would happen the next day.


The morning arrived. I'd spent an uncomfortable night on the sofa trying to sleep. Instead I'd worried about what I could do for Clara. She was old enough to make her own decisions now, but obviously needed some sort of guidance and I wondered if I was up to it, never having been a parent. Clara had awoken feeling much better she said. That didn't extend to going back, she was positive about that. When I asked her where she was going to go Clara looked at me in surprise.

"Go? I don't want to go anywhere else. I was hoping to stay here."

"Here? What, with me? Are you sure?" I asked, already wondering what people would think.

"You're the only person who really cares about me. Don't you want me to stay?"

"It's not that." I replied helplessly. "It's that this is only a small flat and what will they say?"

"What will who say?"

"You know, everybody." I shrugged ineffectually. "A young woman and an older man living together in such a tiny flat."

"I don't care about this mythical 'them', as long as you don't mind. If you don't want me here just say and I'll go." Clara looked at me sadly with puppy-dog eyes. I couldn't stand it and caved in.

"You're welcome to stay as long as you like Clara, but if you are going to then I insist that you have your own bed."

"Of course. I can use your spare room." She smiled for the first time since she'd arrived. The 'spare room' was more like an extended cupboard where I kept my accumulated junk.

"All right." I sighed. "Have some breakfast and then we'll go and get you a bed from somewhere.


It didn't take us too long to clear out enough space for a bed in the box room. I personally moved the more 'sensitive' boxes, the ones with my stash of bondage mags and suchlike, to my bedroom and then we put up Clara's new bed. I left her to put the sheets and duvet on how she wanted and went to the kitchen to make some coffee. Waiting for the kettle I heard her shifting things around to make some more space. I called out to her once the drinks were ready and leant back sipping mine. Clara came into the kitchen looking thoughtful and waving a couple of Polaroid photos around absently. A quick glance at the pictures gave me a sudden pang as I realised that I must have missed one of the boxes that I hadn't wanted Clara to see.

"Uncle, I found these pictures." She said. I waited for what was sure to be an embarrassing question. When it came it wasn't one that I was expecting. "Have you tied many women up?"

"One or two." I replied quietly after a stunned silence.

"This one seemed to be enjoying it." She said, looking at the pictures.

"Yes, she did." I wondered where Clara was going with this.

"Could you perhaps tie me up?"

"WHAT!? NO!! Why?" To say that I was shocked was an understatement. Clara just looked at me, amusement at my reaction dancing across her face.

"There's no need to have a coronary. I wasn't suggesting I act out a chapter from 'The Story Of O' or something. I just wanted to find out what being tied up was like." She gave me her sweetest smile and I calmed down a little. "I thought it might be safer for someone I trust to tie me up that's all, and I trust you more than anyone else." Again she gave me the smile. She had a point, that I had to concede. "And it's not as if you'd be doing anything wrong as you're not really my Uncle." That was also true, if somewhat irrelevant. "Please?" Clara fluttered her eyelids and my resolve just caved in.

"Okay," I sighed, "you win. But there are conditions."

"Go on."

"You'll be fully clothed at all times, I will not tie ropes anywhere near any of your intimate areas, and if you don't like it or it begins to hurt, you are to say so and I'll stop." I counted my rules off on my fingers.

Clara smiled. "I accept your conditions, and want to add one of my own: You tie proper, tight knots."

"Oh all right, I agree." I sighed.

"Good. So when can we start?" She grinned a grin that told me she had won, and I hadn't even known it was a competition.

"Hold your horses, I'll need to get some stuff together first." I made a feeble protest.

"I think you'll find what you want in those boxes you moved into your room earlier." Clara gave me her most wicked smirk.

"You're bloody eager aren't you? All right; thirty minutes time, in your room. Be ready." I tried to sound stern.


When I entered the room carrying a box with the things I thought I'd need Clara was sitting demurely on the edge of her new bed waiting for me. She was wearing a sweatshirt, a pair of denim shorts and a pair of those thick black tights teenagers seem to like wearing. She looked up eagerly.

"Are you sure you want to do this Clara?" I asked one last time.

"I'm absolutely sure, I wouldn't have asked you otherwise." She gave me the eyelids again. "Please?"

"All right." I gave a sigh. "Hands behind your back."

She turned her back to me, presenting her hands crossed at the wrist. Taking a shortish piece of rope I deftly tied them together. Carla strained a little against the knots, testing them.

"All right?" I asked.

"It doesn't seem very tight." She sounded a bit disappointed.

"It's tight enough, and I haven't finished yet."

"Oh, okay, carry on then."

I took a longer piece of rope and looped it around Clara's waist a couple of times before tying it off to her wrists.

"See?" I said.

"I see now, sorry."

"One more rope and I'll be finished with your arms." I said partly to myself, before binding her elbows together. Normally I'd wrap some more rope around your upper arms and chest, but that would be infringing our 'no intimate areas' condition."

"I wouldn't mind." Clara said with a surprising hint of hope.

"No. We made the rules and we must stick to them."

"Oh all right then. What's next?"

"Now I'm going to immobilise those pretty legs of yours." I stopped for a second, wondering why I'd said that, other than the fact that she did have pretty legs. Maybe I hadn't noticed before, or, maybe I had noticed but hadn't let myself think of Clara in that way. Whatever, I shrugged and picked up some more ropes. With three pieces I bound Clara's legs together; at the ankles, below the knees and above the knees. She wriggled her legs, again testing my work. Her face was now becoming a little flushed. "One more rope sweetie." I told her.

"Where?" She asked, a little puzzled.

"Lie face down on the bed and I'll show you."

"Oh! I get it; a hogtie!"

"Not a classic one, but yes, a hogtie." I looped the rope between her ankles and then her elbows, pulling them towards each other but refraining from making it too tight. "Okay, that's it." I said sitting back. Clara squirmed around a little, testing the knots again. "How does it feel?" I asked.

"Well, I certainly feel restrained." She replied.

"Should I untie you then?"

"NO! Not yet. You've got to leave me like this for at least an hour if I'm going to find out what it's like."

"Well, okay." I said with a hint of worry. "But if it starts to hurt you have to call me."

"I promise I will." She said. "Now leave me to it."

I reluctantly left and went to try and find something to take my mind off the act I was perpetrating.


It didn't work. I kept seeing the image of Clara all tied up in my mind and was surprised that I wasn't disgusted with myself; but I was intrigued. I looked at my watch for the umpteenth time and saw that finally Clara had had her hour. I went to her room and tentatively pushed open the door. There was a scent I hadn't smelt for a while in the air; the scent of arousal. Clara looked round at me, a flustered look on her face.

"Uncle, when you untie me please don't turn me over."

"Please don't call me 'uncle' when you're tied up. We should have made it condition number five."

"What shall I call you then? Master?"

"Almost as bad, but better." I said, beginning to release her by undoing the hogtie. "And why shouldn't I turn you over?"

"It's embarrassing." She muttered, going redder.

"I think I'd better investigate." I said as I loosened the ropes around her wrists and elbows. I rolled her over as soon as the ropes feel free. Her hands flew to cover the crotch of her shorts but it was too late, I could see the damp patch that was between her legs that had soaked through her knickers, her tights and her shorts. "It seems a bit pointless to ask you if you found you like to be bound." I said wryly.

"Being tied up made me so horny. And wet." She said, looking up at me with her flushed face.

"So now you know." I smiled.

"Yes, I do. And I want to try some more." She replied with a glint in her eyes.

"No Clara, I won't do it again."


"No. It's not right. Never again." I was as firm as I could be.

It didn't work.


Over a month had passed since Clara had moved in. She had found herself a job because she said she didn't want to feel that she was sponging off me. And we had settled into a weekly routine. All through that first week Clara had worn down my resistance until we reached a compromise. I would tie her up once a week at the weekend. She had made me see that she wasn't a child anymore, but a young woman who knew what she was getting into. In a way that was almost as bad because it made me look at her differently; as a woman and a fairly attractive woman at that. Oh, she was never going to be on the cover of a magazine, but was more than capable of drawing admiring glances. I just couldn't help feeling that it was wrong of me to think of her in that way though.


For the previous three weeks I had simply tied Clara's hands and feet to her bed on a Friday night and released her again in the morning. However this Friday she was being awkward to my mind; she wanted to change the parameters of our agreement.

"It's just too warm to be wearing pyjamas AND underwear!" She declared with a pout. It was a marvellous pout, and it was working too. "I mean, I'll still have my bra and panties on so you won't be able to actually see anything."

"That's not the point. The point is that it's against one of the conditions we agreed."

"But it's me that wants to change the conditions not you."

"What's the point of agreeing to rules if you're not going to stick to them?"

"What's the point of them if they interfere with the basic idea of me enjoying being tied up?" The pout was working overtime. "That reminds me; in your magazines some of those women have ropes criss-crossing their bodies and I'd like to try that."

"And that would be a 'NO' because it transgresses condition two about intimate areas." I said patiently.

"But it's ME that wants to change things." The pout developed a wobble of the lip.

"And it's me that's saying no." I said smugly, thinking I was on to a winner.

"I could always get someone else to tie me up." Clara said slyly. That had me torn. I was fairly certain she wouldn't want someone else to bind her, but she might. It was a big 'but'. I had introduced her to the world of rope and would feel responsible if got hurt, even if it was someone else who hurt her. These thoughts ran through my brain and I sighed to myself. Clara had won. Again.

"Okay." I said quietly. "I'll do it."

"Goody." She said, slipping off her pyjamas and looking at me expectantly.

For a moment I couldn't help but look at her lithe young body in front of me. My god, how had I not noticed how wonderful she looked before now?

"Uncle, are you all right?" She asked.

"Not 'Uncle'." I croaked.

"Yes Master." She said with a cheeky grin.

"Okay," I grinned back, "I suppose I can live with that for a couple of hours a week." Clara was leading me, I knew. But the deeper in I got the more I wanted to be led. And the whole thing of thinking up ways to drag me along was obviously giving Clara pleasure. I got out a long rope I hadn't had cause to use before and began to tie her in the way she wanted to try. I looped the rope around her neck and proceeded to tie it so that it gave the 'tortoiseshell' effect that she was on about, being careful around her breasts so as not to touch them. She might have been all right with that but I wasn't; at least, not yet.

I stepped back to check how it looked. Not too shabby, I thought. Clara peered down at what I had done.

"That looks more like it." She beamed. I nodded; it did look good on her.

"Okay, lie down and I'll get you settled for the night." I said. She quickly got into position on the bed, spreading her limbs to the corners of the frame. "What are you doing?" I asked.

"I just thought a different arrangement might be nice." She replied with a glint in her eye.

"But spread-eagled?"

"Why not? A classic position."

"Oh, if you insist." I gave in again.

"And can you leave the duvet off? It really is warm tonight."

"Anything else?" I asked in exasperation as I bound her wrists and ankles to the corners of the bed frame.

"Master can I ask why you never gag me?"

"I'm beginning to wonder myself." I sighed. "Condition three, remember?"

"Oh yes. What about a blindfold then?"

"You are pushing it tonight missy." I said, but without rancour.

"Please?" This time there was a fluttering of eyelids.

With yet another sigh I grabbed a piece of material and covered her eyes, eyes that were shining with excitement, and tied it behind her head.

"Happy now?" I asked a little sarcastically.

"Yes thank you," there was a slight pause and then with a grin, "Master." I couldn't help but smile at the inflection she put on the word. I turned out the light, but instead of leaving as I had before I stopped and looked down at Clara spread out before me. Even in this poor light she made an astonishing sight. I realised I was falling for her. Falling for a girl to all intents and purposes I considered my niece. What sort of person was I? The thing was, it was feeling less and less wrong. I closed the door and went to my room, pulling out some of my magazines. It looked as if I was going to have to brush up on some of my techniques.


I was right about that. For the next few weeks Clara kept coming up with ingenious ideas about how to be tied up and I had to adapt what I knew to fit in with her plan. About six weeks after the 'spread-eagled' night Clara came to me on the Saturday evening after our usual Friday night session. I lowered the newspaper I was reading.

"Master." I raised an eyebrow; she usually only called me that when she was tied, but she ignored the movement and carried on. "Do you mind if I tie myself up? Only I bought these handcuffs and I'd like to try them out." She dangled the cuffs in front of me.

"If you really want to, carry on. I suppose you want me as a safety net?"

"Please." She smiled, although there was a wicked glint in her eyes. "I thought I might try a crotch rope too." I raised my eyebrow again. "It's not against condition two if I do it myself."

"I suppose not." I smiled back. "Go on, enjoy yourself. I'll check up on you in a couple of hours." I said and raised my paper again.

"Great! Thank you." With that she shot off to her room.

I suppose I must have dozed off in front of the TV, keeping up with Clara was taking it out of me a bit. I was awoken by a warm moist feeling in my groin. My eyes struggled open to see Clara bobbing her head up and down, my cock in her mouth.

"Clara! What are you doing?"

She sat back on her heels and looked up at me.

"Am I doing it wrong?" She asked.

"You shouldn't be doing it at all."

"Why not? It's not illegal."

"Illegal. Maybe not, but possibly immoral I'd say."

"Can't see it myself." The pout was back.

"You're practically my niece for gods sake."

"But not actually your niece." She said smugly.

I was about to reply that I didn't think of her in a sexual way when I realised that wasn't true anymore. My mouth opened and closed for a moment and then I noticed something else; Clara was topless and even appeared to have a clothes peg on each of her nipples. Her pert pink nipples. I closed and then opened my eyes in the hope I was wrong but I wasn't. This was in addition to the crotch rope she'd already said she was going to try.

"Are you trying to break all the conditions in one go madam?" I said tiredly.

"Just showing you what you're missing." She grinned.

"I KNOW what I'm missing dammit."

"Still to soon for this then?"

"You mean..." I trailed off as I caught on to what she was implying.

"Of course. Girls love a father figure and mine is available."

"I'm sorry Clara, I just can't, at least not yet."

"So you don't want me to finish what I started?" She nodded at my still hard dick.

"Not while I'm watching." I smiled.

"Close your eyes then." She said cheekily.

"I'll still know dozy."

She sighed and struggled to her feet, her hands still evidently cuffed behind her back.

"I'd better go back to my room. It seems I was premature." There were tears welling in her eyes. I stood up, put my hands on her shoulders and looked her steadfastly face to face.

"Clara, in a way you're right; technically nothing you're doing is wrong. It's me, my mindset. But even that is changing. When you turned up at my door I saw a girl who was practically my niece. I look at you now and see a beautiful sexy young woman who is unfortunately practically my niece. Who knows what I'll be thinking in another couple of months."

"So my wicked wiles are working." She brightened up.

"Slowly. Just give me time to adjust my thinking Clara." I glanced down at the pegs on her sweet tits. "By the way, it's gonna hurt when you take those off."

"Maybe I can find someone to kiss them better?" She said with a hopeful smile.

"Someday maybe."

She gave a sigh, turned and padded off to her room. As she did, I could see for the first time that she had threaded her new handcuffs through her experimental crotch rope. You little devil I thought to myself as I watched as she walked away.

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