tagNonHumanBound to My Mate Ch. 06

Bound to My Mate Ch. 06


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Sunday blended quickly into Monday with a flurry of activity. I was kept very busy and in Joel's rooms. We hadn't really talked about my work schedule yet. As he left our rooms Joel had told me he had called in for me this morning. His arrogant assumption of my life really pissed me off.

Shawna came up to discuss my schedule with me about mid-morning. According to her, I would be leaving Joel's apartment only under supervision and never leaving the den. My temper burst out of control and I yelled for Joel as loudly as I could. I carried my tantrum into the hall where Shawna dragged me back from the stunned guards.

I continued to call for the bastard at the top of my lungs as she pulled me back through the doors. A small group of women stopped with arms full of laundry and watched my outburst, but I didn't care. Once Joel arrived, Shawna bowed politely and then slipped out the large double doors smirking.

I had worked for years to get a job I could be proud of and I wasn't willing to give it up. No man was worth giving up four years of medical school and three years of residency. Danger or no, I was going back to work.

Joel wouldn't budge on his position, I wasn't going where it wasn't safe. I was beside myself I was so angry. It soon became apparent I couldn't bully my way past him to get to the door. Instead, I screamed at him calling him every bad name I'd ever heard. When I ran out of names I ran through the list a second time.

A long time ago I'd learned the value of persistence. Apparently, Joel had too. We came to a grudging compromise eventually. I kept my job, but only a couple days a week and the pack was coming with me when I went. Joel's argument that I was in mortal peril was persuasive.

Joel determined me going to work would require a team approach. Later in the day I met my new radiology tech and medical assistant. Both were wolves and would accompany to and from work every day. Joel also had another four wolves he wanted to just sit at the ready in the parking lot.

Not surprisingly, Joel had an ace up his sleeve. Besides his pack members a young wolf arrived later in the week with great fanfare. He was the son of an Alpha on the other side of the country and was attending medical school. He would be spending at least a month shadowing me at the clinic. I would be 'training' him, so his following me everywhere would seem normal.

I could see the Alpha in the young man, even with my inexperience. The boy was huge and when I talked to him he was smart. According to Joel he was the son of a trusted friend and was repaying a large favor.

"He is the best protection I can give you without being there myself," Joel said scrutinizing the young man.

They say money can't buy happiness, but apparently it can buy anything else. My loans were a thing of the past by Tuesday night. I spoke on the phone to my Medical Director who gushed about the generous donation made in my name to the clinic. She said she had been more than glad to hire the people the donor had asked her to and anyone else if that was needed. No mention was made of my contract which had been dissolved. I wondered how much that little change had cost Joel.

I would be spending my remaining time at the den but that was not going to be wasted. Learning how to interact in a pack was going to take time. I was also going to be receiving a great deal of training in self defense and self preservation. Since I had not agreed to let Joel change me this education was non negotiable.

My new schedule at the clinic didn't start for several weeks, so I thought I had a vacation. That was not the case, self defense was starting immediately. Five in the morning on Wednesday I was bustled out of bed by Joel, dressed, and delivered to Shawna in the kitchen. We ate in silence as we were watched by a two imposing looking men.

The kitchen was huge and meant for mass food preparation, huge stainless appliances reminded me of the year I spent working in a restaurant. There was a casual area for eating set to the side though. It looked well used and according to Shawna it was a common place for pack members to gather and eat on off times. Food was served at regular hours in the dining hall I had sat in Sunday night.

A couple young guys sauntered into the kitchen and eyed me curiously. From the sound of their conversation they were going out on a morning run. One of them even asked the surrounding guards if we would like to join them. I heard a snort from the guard before he told the kid to get lost.

"Everyone just wants to know who you are," Shawna sighed. "It won't get any easier until Alpha Latro relaxes. We've been waiting a long time for him to find a mate."

"How long?" I asked. I choked on my eggs at her answer.

"He's been waiting for you for a hundred years. Sometimes it takes that long for the wolf to find a mate," she said pounding on my back. "He's been particularly difficult for the last twenty years, so I'm glad he found you finally."

After breakfast my group traveled to the pack's large and well equipped gym. It was fairly quiet, but everyone else there seemed to get a kick out of my training session. I learned to jab and evade faster than I would have thought possible.

As we ate lunch I commented to Shawna, "I don't know how much good it would have done to be good at this. I was in the van and bound so fast the only fighting back I could have done was as a worm."

Shawna looked up and nodded, "That's why Katrina is joining us after lunch," she said.

I groaned inwardly at getting beat up by the perky little giggle monster. She was nice enough, but I had a feeling she had an evil streak.

"Does Katrina get to beat up on me now?" I laughed imagining the sprite springing on me.

"No," said Shawna as we walked back to the gym, "she gets to teach you how to get out of restraints. Alpha Latro doesn't want you left defenseless ever again. He wants you prepared for anything."

"How did Katrina learn to get out of handcuffs?" I asked curious.

"She was a thief," Shawna answered. "She came here to steal from the pack, almost got away with it, too."

"She had been told we were a freaky cult that worshipped the moon and would be out of the 'house' all night on full moons."

"She was caught, but saw some of the pack members change first. She was placed in one of our holding cells. Alpha Latro was called to decide her fate. He brought several Betas with him including Saul. Saul took one look and fell to his knees in front of the Alpha and begged him to spare his mate."

"Wow," I gasped.

"Katrina was terrified and thought she was being kept as Saul's slave. Saul tried to keep her in his quarters and talk to her. She convinced him she was fine with it and as soon as she could she ran. We couldn't find a lock that would hold her after that."

"She finally allowed him to mate her and was changed begrudgingly by the next full moon, but we all wondered when she was going to run next."

"Once the mate bond was full and she was a wolf she was able to understand his intentions. After that she's been devoted to him and the pack. She helps us train in, well, getting out of sticky situations."

"Why did she take him 'begrudgingly'," I asked.

Shawna shifted uncomfortably, "It's complicated. Humans that stumble upon us are given a choice: change or die. Katrina was stealing from the pack which usually would have resulted in death automatically. The fact she was Saul's mate was problematic. The Alpha decided to give her the choice of becoming a wolf."

"So when Joel found me at Lucas's cabin..." I said reality suddenly dawning on me, "He should have changed me that night?"

"No, he could have given you the same option that's given to every human that stumbles onto us. He is the pack Alpha though. The decision is his to make."

"There aren't humans here except me, because any human that didn't decide to change died..." I trailed off feeling shocked.

"Don't think of it like that. Most humans that stumble on us find their mates here, it's like they've been directed by Luna to us. It's very rare for one of you to take the option of death."

I was still digesting this new information when Katrina bustled into the gym with a large duffle bag. She was stopped by my guards who went through the contents piece by piece. The bag was full of things like handcuffs and doorknobs. I wasn't really excited about being tied up again but maybe I could at least learn to get out of them.

In preparation, I was even given a metal key to hold in my clothes in case I was ever in handcuffs again. Katrina made sure I knew how to clasp the key discretely between the sides of 2 fingers so no one could see me holding it. It scared me realizing what a drastic change my life had taken.

That made up the rest of the week and weekend, getting beaten up aka trained by Shawna. I struggled with the moves, but enjoyed the challenge. Every afternoon I spent getting tied up by Katrina. I hated it. By the fifth day I could almost get out of handcuffs when my hands were bound in front of me.

Katrina did not fight fair. She continually changed the game by putting my hands behind my back, blindfolding me, or licking my neck while I struggled. She was persistent and distracting to say the least.

"You have to learn to do it sidetracked," she whispered biting my ear and flicking a nipple. The woman had absolutely no personal space issues. Despite myself I felt uncomfortably stimulated by her insistent ministrations.

In spite of my best efforts I could not get away from Katrina most of the time. I hated being controlled like that. The more irritated I got, the more relentless she was, pushing all my buttons. "If you don't like it, figure it out," she'd say.

When I wasn't in the gym I was with the pack's healer. Initially, Joel refused to let me work with her, but I was as stubborn as him. Despite his ferocious glare I wouldn't relent in my position that I should be useful while I was in the den.

I spent hours in the healer's quarters, with Will there to protect me of course, and learned about medicine a la wolf. I wasn't a very skilled surgeon, but adapted quickly. Sure, I knew how to set a bone and stitch a wound. The wolves, however, seemed determined to actually kill each other in fun. Under the healer's instruction I became more proficient in repairing deep abdominal injuries and fixing complicated lacerations.

As my time with the healer wore on it became apparent the wolves weren't all coming in for treatment. One afternoon was particularly brutal. Even the healer, a notoriously patient woman, noted there was way too much traffic. Our last patient had left and we were waiting for Will to lead the next one in.

"Wolves don't get sinus infections," I heard him say from the adjoining room. "If you want to meet the Alpha's mate, you need to talk to him."

I'd never been good at sitting in the office and letting the staff take the heat. Casually drying my hands I stepped out of the back room and into the hallway. The area was crowded. I noticed quickly some were injured but most weren't and they were all watching me.

"If you don't really need help and are just here to be nosy, I'll tell Alpha Latro," I said flatly. In short order two-thirds of the group dispersed, the rest seemed injured.

Will glanced at me and I could see his frustration building. I had promised to stay in the back room and I wasn't playing by my own rules. His wolf was starting to show. About half the group slunk off in reaction to his building irritation. Grinning at him I walked back in with the healer. Man, it was easy to get under his skin.

Learning to fight was difficult. Learning to be a trauma surgeon on short order was near impossible. In addition, I felt like there was an axe hanging over my head from some unknown source, but Joel made it all worthwhile. I'd never met anyone I meshed with like him.

I talked more to Shawna and to Joel about the mate bond. I kind of understood it. Honestly, I had nothing to compare it to. I knew I felt drawn to Joel. He told me what he felt was far stronger than that. I couldn't imagine the pull being more powerful than it was.

For me, being around Joel was like breathing. It felt natural. We talked endlessly. It felt like I had known him my entire life. The more I learned about him the more I loved him.

We shared common interests and similar views on things. Shockingly, we could talk politics and religion without offending each other. I thought that was an awesome accomplishment.

Joel had been just as hard a worker as I had been all his life. I introduced him to late night television and pizza, a habit from night call in residency. He got a huge kick out of the raunchy cartoons that come on at two in the morning. When he didn't have to be anywhere too early we'd sit on the couch talking and laughing late into the night.

We spent time everywhere in the den together on his off time. When I was with him, he introduced me to everyone. I could meet twenty new people walking to dinner. His pack lined the hallways where ever we were going just to get a handshake and a sniff.

Joel would even take me to the gym while he worked out. He wasn't much for free weights or the exercise machines. The Alpha liked fighting. I soon learned his idea of exercise was pummeling his Betas. They took him on three at a time and he still bested them. Wolves are weird creatures. They never won when they fought him, but it never did stop them from volunteering.

Shawna often came and sat with me as I watched Joel. She was watching Nate, who was usually getting the tar beat out of him. She didn't flinch or make much noise. Shawna told me she knew the Alpha would never intentionally hurt her mate. Having patched up Nate on at least one occasion, I was silently glad Joel never wanted to fight with me. When he was really getting into the battle I felt a little afraid of him.

"I would never harm you," the soft voice came from directly in front of me. I had forgotten he could hear me when I concentrated. Joel had climbed out of the ring leaving his confused Betas to spar without him.

"I've had enough of this for tonight," he said pulling me to follow him. "I say we go do something else."

"Joel, you are welcome to fight. I know you like it," I said embarrassed. How I wished he couldn't hear my internal monologue.

"Let me pamper you tonight. I'll show you how gentle I can be," he said quietly as we went up the stairs. I followed him willingly, if not a little confused.

As he stripped off my clothes he pushed me toward the bedroom. "You know, I've never really taken the time to get to know you," he said grinning.

"How exactly do you plan on getting to know me?" I asked as I backed into the bed.

"Your fingers," he said licking and sucking each one in turn, "I've never gotten to know them."

My knees got weak and I sat down heavily. I watched him slowly make his way up my arm. All his attention was getting me really excited. I giggled as he kissed a ticklish spot on my elbow, "Come on, let me explore you," I begged him.

"Not done yet," he growled playfully, "I've waited a lot longer and it was my idea."

Realizing I wouldn't win that argument I laid back in the bed and let him have his way. He kissed and licked everywhere, including my armpits. I tried to argue that wasn't necessary. He said it just smelled strongly of me. He enjoyed my breasts, but only briefly. Moving down my stomach he virtually made love to my belly button.

Joel continued to take his time. My body became his treasure map, he found every spot that made me squirm with desire for him. To make matters worse he was full of questions. How old was I when they took out my appendix? How did I get the scar on my left knee? It was endless.

Deciding he was giving the front too much attention, rolled me over on the bed. He licked along my spine and then rubbed out all the tight places Shawna's training had put there. He gave the backs of my legs the same generous treatment all the way down to my feet. Lazy flicks of his tongue across the arch of my foot almost drove me out of my mind.

"Please," I begged him rolling over, "I can't wait anymore, you're killing me!"

"I was ready for you a hundred years ago, love. I think you deserve a little torment for making me wait so long."

Running his tongue in lazy circles up the inside of my thighs he continued to tease. Finally he reached my center, spreading my legs as wide as they would go and burying his face in my heat. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. His tongue was everywhere.

I arched my back and spread my arms on the bed. Raising over me he admired the flush he had caused.

"You are mine," he whispered running a hand over my belly. "One day you will bear my young."

"Yes, Joel, I am yours. Now please come take me," I begged him. I had forgotten about getting pregnant, it didn't seem to be a bad thing anymore.

"You are defenseless before my powers, mate," he teased settling over me.

"Mm-hmm," I agreed as he slid inside of me.

He was warm and loving, cradling my face and spreading kisses across my cheeks. I couldn't get enough of his gentle rocking and tried to push him to speed up.

"More," I moaned as he slowed his pace even further.

"You have no patience, love. Learn to enjoy the build up. It makes the end so much more enjoyable," he whispered in my ear.

Pulling himself out slightly he leaned down and licked at my nipples, nibbling his way back up to my lips.

As he started to move inside of me again, I sighed. There really was no way not to enjoy the delicious way he melded with me. Sliding my legs up I wrapped them around him and held him close. Each time he slid into me he rubbed my center with agonizing precision. I used my legs to pull him to me and grind a second longer.

He looked into my eyes and smiled at me. "So impatient," he said as he stopped thrusting and just held me tight and allowed me to grind my ready flesh on him. I was so close for so long the orgasm came out of nowhere.

The fire started in my belly and spread to the tips of my toes. I might have screamed. It felt like I was having contractions around his shaft. I was limp in his arms and then I remembered he wasn't done.

When he started to move again, I jerked and trembled with every thrust as tiny aftershocks rocked me. Every time one hit I clawed at what ever piece of his back I was grabbing onto. His laughter cut through the sexual haze.

"What's so funny?" I asked feeling my hips jerk as another wave shot through me.

"The marks you are so insistent to leave on my back, love. They have become quite fashionable."

The look on my face must have explained my confusion, because he sighed and continued.

"The women have started marking their men this way. Of course it heals quickly, but no one seems to mind repeating the process. You are quite the little trendsetter," he finished picking up his pace.

I tried to focus on what he had said, but he made it difficult. His hips started the relentless motion I had been craving earlier. He was done playing with me now, grunting and thrusting hard.

There was nothing else to concentrate on when I felt him start to swell inside of me. Those tiny aftershocks started to run together until I was screaming his name. He was a tight fit anyway, but with the orgasm he felt unbearably large. I wanted more, I wanted less; I couldn't decide.

Joel was breathing hard and hot on my neck, as close to me as he could get. Pushing past my convulsing tissue he grabbed my hips in a vice and held me as he unloaded. I tried to move and he growled at me pressing in farther.

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