tagNonHumanBound to My Mate Ch. 12

Bound to My Mate Ch. 12


Thanks to all that waited! Enjoy this submission and please let me know what you think. Special thanks to mokkelke for support – DW


The next several weeks were stressful for me. Joel and I spent almost all day in meetings of one form or another. I leaned about the shipyard business and the pack business. Security continued to be a hot topic and I started to get the hang of that. Unfortunately, sitting around all day was frustrating to me.

The only real break I got from the meetings was my time with Emily. That was far from relaxing. As a human physician I had tended to leave the counseling to counselors, I never did it myself. Now I scrambled to read up on the subject in order to help my new family.

"I just feel worthless," Emily would tell me every time I asked her. "I turned on my pack. I attacked my Alpha. If the pack had suffered, it would have been my fault."

The rogues had treated her badly, physically and mentally. As they abused her, they had explained to her how she had helped destroy her pack. The mental wounds that related to her traitorous behavior were devastating, the physical stuff didn't really phase her.

I wasn't making any progress and she seemed to be getting worse. Finally, I called in the cavalry.

"So nice to see you, Lucas," I said opening the door to our suites.

If I needed to know how to deal with a wolf that accused herself of treason, then I needed to know what happened to a wolf that had been accused of that offense.

"Madam Alpha, you called," Lucas said bowing his large head.

He looked better now. His eyes weren't sunken. He had his hair cut in a modern style and his dark beard was trimmed close to his face. Even his burly physique seemed healthier. Shockingly, he looked younger overall.

Standing in my doorway, however, Lucas looked twitchy. He wouldn't stop moving his eyes side to side as though waiting for an assault.

"Lucas, no one is going to attack you. These suites are my home and I don't want to fight in them. I just need to talk to you," I said ushering him inside.

"I know Madam. It has been a hard habit to break," he shrugged stepping in.

Joel had insisted to be present for this meeting and was sitting in his office doing paperwork. When Lucas passed the door and caught a glimpse of my mate, he bowed his head and greeted him politely.

I directed Lucas across from me in front of fire to talk. As a way to make him feel welcome, I had the kitchen bring up a tray of snacks. Lucas spotted the tray right away and pulled the entire thing onto his lap. I sat across from him and watched him, amused at his behavior.

'Joel,' I called to him in my mind, 'Lucas is eating the snacks, all of them,' I laughed inwardly and showed Joel the image.

'Do not move,' Joel ordered. 'Lucas is still more feral than I realized. If he thinks you are trying to take his food, it may inflame his beast.'

I felt Joel come to stand beside me as I heard his voice in my head. He stood casually by my chair and didn't move a muscle. I followed his lead and just sat quietly until all the food was gone.

Lucas let out a little burp and placed the tray back on the table. He seemed to notice us suddenly and remember where he was.

"Pardon me, my Alphas, I apologize for my behavior. Having enough to eat every day is such a privilege and I am not used to it yet," he lamented hanging his head.

Joel stepped over and patted the big man's shoulder to comfort him. "We understand, Lucas, you'll need to start curbing those impulses, though."

"Yes, Alpha Latro," Lucas answered nodding.

"Enjoy your talk with my mate, I have work that needs tending to," Joel said turning to go back to the office.

I talked with Lucas for a long time. He had felt being cast out was what he deserved all those years ago. The anger came later, when he realized he would not die from it; he would just survive alone.

"You have healed quickly being back with the pack," I told him and then admitted my problem, "Emily Swift never left and she seems to be getting worse."

"It wasn't being back that helped me so much," Lucas said. "It was helping you. I served my Alpha and cared for his mate. Being there when you needed me was my purpose in the pack. I have continued to do whatever I can to serve my Alphas."

"Service to the pack is what makes you feel better," I said starting to understand.

"Yes, Madam, I am not a traitor when I am working for the benefit of those in the den, specifically the Alphas," he said.

I watched his eyes for a moment and considered the implications of my next question.

"Were you ever a traitor, Lucas?" I asked him.

Lucas didn't seem fazed by the question, which surprised me. He just answered it.

"No, I never did anything directly. I did not know exactly what Linda, my mate, was doing at the time. I knew I didn't like her new friends. She hid her thoughts from me very well. There was always a sense something was wrong, though. I was aware of the way her attitude changed. I should have paid it more attention," he sighed.

"Do you still miss her?" I asked.

I almost missed his answer because Joel's voice boomed into my mind demanding I stop with this line of questions.

"It would be inappropriate to speak of her like that, Madam. I will answer honestly because it is you asking; I still think of her, but not all that often," he answered politely.

"Thank you, Lucas," I said rising from the chair. "You have been remarkably helpful today."

Lucas rose and shook my hand heading for the exit. He bowed as he passed the office Joel was in.

I heard Joel's voice and was surprised. "You up for a little sparring today, Lucas? I need to get a couple guys together for a practice in the gym tonight," he called.

"Of course Alpha Latro, what time would you want me there?" Lucas answered.

"After dinner, around seven, I'll let Nate know to expect you," Joel told him.

After Lucas left I went into the office and flopped into one of the chairs. Joel stopped writing and looked up at me.

"It is tradition we don't speak about rogues once they have been dispatched. No one would ever ask if they missed someone like that. Saying yes would indicate allegiance to the rogue and lack of allegiance to the pack," Joel explained.

"Maybe you should just send me back to work in the clinic and limit my wolf related activities," I groaned.

"I'm sure the staff at the clinic would find your new habit of growling when you are displeased very interesting. I shudder at what would happen if you took a nap at your desk. You can't go back into the human society until you have your wolf completely under control," he said.

I grunted and accepted the jab about my restraint. I knew what he was talking about. Besides the ever present growl, I'd developed a nighttime issue and it was frustrating both of us.

The problem was that I had taken to sleeping out of doors. I usually walked out there after I had gone to sleep. Most mornings I woke up in the woods with Joel snoozing beside me. I'd always been a sleepwalker when I was anxious, just never this bad.

Joel said it was the oddest thing he'd ever seen, but he was a good mate. He always went with me. He said he tried to talk to me when I was like that, but I was persistent about where I wanted to be. If he put me back in bed I just got up and walked out again.

It was so frustrating. I'd tried human sleeping pills, nightly sex, and exercising until complete exhaustion. Embarrassingly enough, I'd even had Joel put that chain back on my leg. That last idea had been disastrous.

I put on the chain and went to sleep. About thirty minutes later I got up to start my nighttime trek. When the wolf found herself chained, she had howled her displeasure for an hour before I woke up enough to stop it. I went back to sleep and the whole thing started again. Nothing seemed to make this behavior stop.

Joel shook me out of my musings by throwing his legs up on the desk and stretching.

"That meeting shed any light on your Monday/ Friday problem?" he asked me.

"Sure, she needs to feel she is serving the pack and specifically, us, in an important way. That should be easy for a young, depressed Omega with no particular skill set," I said putting my head in my hands.

"And, by the way," I continued looking up, "Emily's not just a Monday and Friday problem. She's a problem every day of the week. I've talked to her mother. Most days she won't eat and when she does it isn't enough. She can't keep up with the pack anymore and she won't defend herself. I don't know what job to give her. I'd send her back to the kitchen, but I'd probably just find her curled up in a corner."

We sat lost in our own internal thoughts for a moment.

"You need a personal assistant," Joel finally said.

"To do what?" I asked.

"Personal assistant do all types of things," he told me. "They get you coffee, take notes in meetings, and help organize your day. It's meant to relieve your stress level but it's a lot of responsibility for whoever you choose."

"You've lost me," I answered him confused, "I have a day planner on my PDA. I take notes at meetings. Why do I need someone to do this?"

"Something is stressing you and you're sleep walking because of it, this might help. Also, it's the perfect job for a wolf that needs constant reassurance about who she is serving," Joel said grinning.

"It's the perfect job for wolf like that," I agreed grudgingly.

I hated the idea of giving up the mechanics of my day to someone else. I wanted to do those things myself. From what Lucas had said it made sense to do this. Emily would be busy all day serving her Alphas and the pack. Hopefully, it would break her of her depression.

I rose to go find my phone and then turned. "I'll go call her and shouldn't you be calling Nate? By the way, why are you working out with Lucas now?"

"Lucas was slated to become one of the pack's warriors when he was shipped off. My father used to talk about his potential. If he's good, I'll make him a Beta. I think his talents are being wasted doing the menial labor he's been doing around here," Joel said picking up his office line.

I trudged out into the main rooms to think about how much having a personal assistant could suck.

The next morning, bright and early, Emily's mom dropped her at our door. I let her in while I was still dressed in a robe and escorted her into our bedroom. Giving up this much control to someone else was going to take some getting used to, but I was determined to fix Emily.

"I have to take a shower. Go in my closet there," I pointed, "and find me an outfit to wear today, something business casual. We have to go into town later, so I can meet the vendors the head of the kitchen uses. There will be a lot of walking involved," I told her.

"After that call for breakfast, you know what Alpha Latro likes, just order two. Once you are done, go to the desk in the office," I instructed pointing, "While Alpha Latro and I eat you can go through the folders and pick out the demographics on ten wolves. I'll need you to quiz me on them all day. I'm trying to learn about the pack's members."

Emily looked stunned and confused. She turned toward the office and then toward the closet door. It was like she couldn't remember what I had said. From my experience with her, the depression had clouded her thinking. I'd probably have to repeat myself all day.

"Do you need me to repeat my instructions?" I sighed.

"No, Madam Alpha, I remember. Clothes for today, call for breakfast, and pick out ten wolves from the office files," she said nodding. "May I ask why I am doing this, Madam?"

"You are my personal assistant now. I needed one and you don't currently have a job to do," I said and moved toward the shower.

Explaining this was her therapy may defeat the purpose, so I didn't want to answer anymore questions.

I joined Joel in the shower and washed his back. He turned and raised an eyebrow at me sending the question into my mind.

'Well, how is she doing?'

'We'll see,' I thought back to him doubtfully.

As we bathed in the large shower I fretted about today. I'd never had a personal assistant, but in movies they always seemed to be people that knew what was going on. Emily didn't strike me as particularly bright young woman. This could be a disaster.

I was interrupted from my thoughts when Joel kneeled before me and lifted my right leg to sit over his shoulder. He literally attacked me with his tongue as his fingers splayed my lower lips wide. I moaned and grabbed the shower walls to keep from toppling over.

"Joel," I moaned, "busy day ahead, please stop-" he cut me off by circling my tight rear sphincter with the flat of his finger.

It was oddly stimulating.

"I hate it when you shower in the morning and wash my scent off," he told me. "I've decided to do something about that. Resist me and I'll tie you to the bed and pleasure you until you can't resist me."

He watched my face as he rubbed his thumb over my clit. I could barely think, so my words came out a little stuttering.

"You're threatening to tie me up and fuck me in the morning?"

"Yes," he said returning his tongue to my weeping slit. "Your assistant can handle your mundane preparations in the morning. You can't tell me you don't have time anymore."

Joel tongued me for several minutes as we stood in the warm rushing water. When I was nearly peaking he dropped my leg off his shoulder and stood up. Turning off the water he faced me with a wicked grin.

"Go lie on the bed and let me mark my mate," he said pointing, "and no shower afterwards."

I growled at him. He knew I hated to feel unclean when I started my day. Right now I was so wound up I would do anything he asked. I stalked naked into the bedroom thinking of ways to torture him the entire way.

There were clothes on the bed. Two outfits neatly laid out for inspection when I got there. I'd forgotten Emily was here. Joel saw the outfits the same time I did. I figured our fun was over.

I started to move toward them and he grabbed my hair, holding me back.

"Emily, in here now," he called sharply, leaning down to lick at my neck as his other hand splayed over the front of my stomach.

She was there in a split second hovering in the doorway.

"I like that outfit," Joel said pointing to the one on the left. "Please move them both," he ordered.

I was still getting used to the pack's ideas about what was appropriate, but Emily had been raised here. She acted like it was no big deal we were about to fornicate on the bed. She moved the one outfit to hang outside the closet and took the other back inside it.

Joel nibbled at my neck as he pushed me toward the bed.

"Were you thinking of stopping because your assistant is here?" he asked with an evil tilt to his voice. "Should I punish you for that?" he asked rubbing my ass cheek with his big hand.

I had been the recipient of one of his spankings and I knew what he could do with that hand. I wanted to sit down today.

I twirled in his embrace and knelt before him. As I licked and sucked the head of his cock, I heard Emily exit the closet and then the bedroom. I relaxed thinking we were alone and started to take him deeply into my throat. It was talent I was acquiring and I was proud of it.

Joel jerked me off his staff and threw me back onto the bed. He crawled over me with purpose and settled his weight between my thighs. His tongue tangled with mine and I knew he could taste himself in my mouth.

"You will smell like me all day, mate," he whispered in my ear. "You won't speak to a wolf who will wonder who you belong to."

Joel plunged into my depth and my head rocked back and to the side. He filled me so completely. It was like heaven.

I opened my eyes and saw Emily watching us from the main room. Part of me was embarrassed, but part of me didn't care. If the pack saw me being taken by my mate, so much the better. We were stronger for the love we shared. I rolled my head to look at Joel and decided it didn't matter at all.

Joel was voracious this morning and demanded my full attention. He ground into my center and stroked his hands along any piece of flesh he could reach. The man was incredible and he was mine.

I felt like the wolf as I eyed him. He wasn't marked. That would be fixed right now. As Joel started to throb inside of me, I struck.

My canines elongated and I drove them into his the flesh beside his neck. The pleasure of marking him like that pushed me to grind against him and find my own release. We lay on the bed slowly moving against one another for a few moments. Finally, he relaxed on top of me. I whimpered pleasured grunts into his ear as I continued to spasm around him.

Looking up, I saw the bloody wound I had left on him. My tongue shifted involuntarily and came out to heal the area. I loved the taste of him and licked much longer than necessary.

Joel raised a hand to feel the scarred mark beside his neck and grinned at me.

"That actually hurt," he said sounding surprised.

"It's a bite," I told him, "they always hurt a little bit."

"You never complained when I marked you," he remarked rolling off the bed and stretching.

Joel walked to the mirror and examined the mark. He looked thrilled. "Thank you," he said smiling, "I've been waiting for you to do that."

"Well, I didn't know I was supposed to. You could have told me," I responded getting up to examine the mark with him.

"I could have, but that felt wrong to me," he said, "I wanted you to do it when you felt it was right. It's just not something you ask someone to do."

I shook my head at him and headed for the bathroom. He stopped me with an arm around my waist a moment later.

"Nope, no shower," he demanded sounding firm.

"Alpha Latro," I said in real frustration, "my deodorant is in there. My hairbrush is in there. In addition, my favorite set of earrings is in there. I will not shower, but I would like to use the toilet."

Grudgingly, he released me and I moved to finish getting ready. Much to his pleasure I didn't even look at the shower. I guessed I'd have to start doing that at night.

After breakfast Joel left to go handle a strange crisis with the shipyard business. There had been a break in. Luckily, the shipyard used the best modern technology for security and the thieves were caught before they took anything.

The human police that responded to the burglary didn't notice anything amiss. The pack security that responded noted the thieves didn't have any odor to them. Unfortunately, they didn't get a chance to ask many questions. The wolves had to watch as the burglars were hauled off to the county lock up.

Nate said he had called the police and been told the men must have been high on something, although their toxicology screens were negative. The burglars had kept saying they should be invisible. The police found it par for the course. The wolves were concerned. The only other time they had come across a human with no natural scent was Ryana.

Anthony and several other pack members involved with human law enforcement tried to get in and talk to the thieves. In an unfortunate turn of events the would be thieves were killed during gang related fighting in the jail. The wolves were again left with no leads.

While Joel dealt with that, I was left with much more mundane tasks. As Joel's mate I should know everything about the pack. I'd spent the week before working the pack's house officer, who assigned and monitored the living quarters. Today I was spending with the woman who ran the kitchen.

Margaret was a nice older woman who had been in charge of the kitchen for the last twenty years. She was taking me to meet some of the vendors she used and teaching me how she did the ordering. Although I would probably never do any of that; it was considered part of my education to understand it.

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