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Bound to Please


It had been a great day. I'd already put in over 50 hours this week and completed a couple of important projects so at two o'clock Friday I headed to the house. I was looking forward to spending a good chunk of the weekend working on my new project, restoring a 1972 Chevrolet Camaro for my wife. It had always been her favorite car and working in the garage with wenches and greasy parts was great therapy after spending long hours with computers and tense meetings.

At six o'clock I was struggling to remove the remaining bolts holding the transmission in place. I was on my back under the jacked up car on the creeper when my wife walked into the garage. I didn't get the normal hello but rather an earful of bellyaching about the dodos at work and the dumb things they had done that day. She quickly turned her wrath to me. First complaining that the food I picked up for dinner wasn't healthy - needless to say she hadn't looked in the refrigerator to see the grilled chicken breast salad with raspberry vinaigrette low calorie dressing that I have gotten for her. She next complained that the bills on the desk had not been paid - when in fact they had been paid online two days earlier. As I rolled out from under the car to respond to the accusations Cheryl started yelling about why I bought the "expensive looking" engine hoist sitting in the adjacent garage bay.

I had had enough. I quickly wiped my hands on a rag then approached Cheryl. Without saying anything I grabbed her hands and rather firmly pulled her toward the workbench where I reached in the bin of towels and grabbed a towel, quickly wrapping it around Cheryl's wrists. Before she was aware of what was going on I had the first towel tied tightly and began wrapping each wrist with a second towel. I grabbed a roll of duct tape and pulled Cheryl into the second garage bay and pulled her tied wrists up over her head hooking them on the hoist arm from the engine motor hoist.

By now Cheryl was a vociferously demanding to know what I was doing. I ignored her completely, focusing on using the duct tape to secure her tied hands on the motor hoist arm. She was quickly secured, her arms extended over her head and her hands immobilized. I smiled as I then ripped off a 5 inch piece of tape from a role of sports tape and very intentionally placed it over Cheryl's mouth. A second larger piece followed to secure the gag and ensure it couldn't be easily removed. I stepped back to admire my handiwork.

Cheryl, my beautiful wife of nine years was squirming and thrashing about attempting to release herself from her predicament. I, of course, had been very careful not to hurt her. I smiled at her and commented, "It seems like you have had a bad day so far? I on the other hand I had a good day. The bills were paid two days ago online - if you check the statements you will note I marked paid and dated them. Your favorite salad from Josephine's restaurant is in the refrigerator. I fixed your broken laptop and mowed the backyard. I was trying to relax and work on the car I am restoring - for you!"

Cheryl finally settled down and looked a little chagrin as I cleared the record. "But now I think I'm going to do something else." I walked over to Cheryl and patted her firm ass. "This might need a little spanking since you have been so naughty." I said.

As much as I wanted to fondle her I was reluctant as I had only wiped off my hands and had not used grease remover. Cheryl turned around and took a swing at me with her foot. I quickly moved out of her reach and chuckled as I walked back to the workbench and grabbed more rags. I put a blindfold on Cheryl next then took a strip of fabric and tied one of her legs to the leg of the hoist. As she needed her remaining leg to stand on she was unable to kick any longer.

I headed into the house leaving Cheryl standing there. I went to our laundry room and scrubbed the grease off my hands then to our master bedroom and retrieved a small travel bag that we used to store our sex toys. When I got back to the garage I opened the bag and retrieved a medium-size butt plug and a tube of lubricant. I walked up behind Cheryl. She was squirming again as I struggled to lift her tight pencil skirt. I gradually work her tight skirt up to her waist then placed a dollop of lubricant on the butt plug. I pulled her white satin bikini panties to the side - a very nice choice for work lingerie - and pushed the tip of the butt plug between her cute butt cheeks. Cheryl continued to squirm as I gently probed until I found my target then slowly proceeded to work the butt plug ever deeper into my wife's ass. Cheryl grunted and wiggled aggressively to no avail. It wasn't long before the plug popped into place with the tapered section near the base squeezed by Cheryl's anus muscles and holding the 4 inch plug snuggly in her ass. I patted Cheryl's ass cheeks and slipped her panties back into place.

Cheryl was shaking her head and squirming but I just ignored her. I proceeded to the travel bag and extracted a pair of Ben Wa balls. I walked around Cheryl's front and told her she looked lovely. I softly kissed her neck and fondled her breasts. Cheryl has full firm 36 C cup breasts that are perfectly proportioned for her figure. I gently massaged the front of her panty. Then I slipped my hand in her panties. I slowly worked one then the second Ben Wa ball into her pussy as she squirmed.

I had no sooner finished when I heard the house doorbell ring. I quickly untied Cheryl's leg and pulled her skirt back in place. I covered the bag of sex toys on the workbench just as Joe walked in the garage side door. It was common for Joe to let himself in as we were very close friends and neighbors and worked on cars together regularly.

The blindfolds and gag covered most of Cheryl's face but what little showed turned beet red as she heard Joe's familiar voice and became aware of Joe entering the garage. It only took a few moments until Joe noticed Cheryl. He looked at me and laughed as he apologized for interrupting. Laughing hysterically he proceeded to tell me the hoist he lent me was to pull the motor out of the car not to play bondage games with my wife. He quickly acknowledged that the lift seemed to work well for the other purpose as well. Joe gave me that curious look as I explained that Cheryl had come home and started complaining and had somehow ended up tied to the engine hoist that he had borrowed from his father-in-law to lend to me to use.

I continued, "In fact one of the things she accused me of was wasting all our money on the fancy engine hoist. She needed to be punished for being so ornery." I joked.

"Perhaps a spanking would be in order but I know you and Cheryl don't believe in corporal punishment." Joe joked. He continued saying how much he was looking forward to telling his father-in-law and the guys at work about my new uses for an engine hoist. All the while Cheryl continued to squirm and wiggle attempting to free her hands.

"I thought about how to get her in a better mood and thought that maybe I could just tickle her to make her laugh. It's hard to do a good job tickling with a blouse on." I responded.

"I think we need to think about this over a beer." I said as I pulled out two folding lawn chairs and grabbed a couple of beer from the garage fridge.

For the next twenty minutes we talked about the car project, work, weekend plans and other unrelated items as Cheryl hung from the hoist occasionally squirming.

Finally Joe said, "You could always cut her blouse off to tickle her better."

It took me a moment to recognize the change in topic and decide on a reaction.

I responded, "Good idea, grab the scissors from the workbench and cut the arm sleeve holes to her neck on both sides and then the front."

Cheryl squirmed and made loud but unintelligible noises thru her gag indicating that she heard our discussion.

Joe egged her on by commenting, "It will be a real treat to seeing Cheryl in her bra, I hope I have enough memory left on my phone memory card for some good pictures."

I grabbed the scissors from the workbench and said, "Here Joe, you do the honors."

I noisily snapped the scissors and walked toward Cheryl. Joe had quietly walked toward the garage door and gave me the thumbs up sign as he quietly slipped out of the garage. I started on Cheryl's blouse. Without making any sounds to give away my identity I first snipped Cheryl's left sleeve to her neck line then repeated the same steps on her right side. As the blouse shoulders fell apart the blouse revealed Cheryl's cleavage but the body of the blouse was held up by her bust. A few more snips from her waist to the neck line and the blouse was now a rag lying on the floor. Cheryl's bra was a white, satin, underwire, lace trimmed number that matched her panties and struggled to contain her breasts. Her chest was heaving as she was panting for breath through her nose as her mouth remained taped.

I couldn't resist, another snip and the bra's left shoulder strap was sliced and the bra cup sagged revealing more breast. The remaining shoulder strap quickly followed. I delicately traced my fingers along the top of her breasts. Cheryl shivered as my fingers lightly navigated the valley of her breasts. Then the elastic fabric holding the two cups together yielded to the scissors. The bra cups fell free joining the blouse on the floor and revealing Cheryl's proud firm breasts.

Her nipples were fully aroused and there were goose bumps on her cleavage. I took in the sight only briefly before giving in to the temptation to touch her bare breasts. A little nipple fondling followed by a few kisses then I turned my attention to the zipper on her skirt. Once unzipped, I pulled the tight skirt over Cheryl's hips and it soon settled around her ankles. I looked at Cheryl's shapely body clad in nothing but the bikini panties. I walked to the workbench and reached in the travel bag and retrieved a bullet vibrator - one of Cheryl's favorites. I returned to Cheryl, turned on the vibrator, and slipped it into her panties placing it so that the vibrator was held in place by her pussy lips and it rested on her clit. Cheryl squirmed as the vibrator did its job.

I didn't have the heart to torture her any longer. I gently kissed each breast then leaned in and whispered in Cheryl's ear that Joe had left but I was not done enjoying her yet.

Only moments after I revealed that Joe had left earlier Cheryl erupted in orgasm - the butt plug, ben wa balls and vibrator doing their job. Her body shook and she moaned and quivered. I removed the tape from her mouth so she could catch her breath. After 3 or 4 minutes Cheryl finally caught her breath. The first words from her mouth were, "I can't believe you did this. You'll pay for this."

"You're in no position to be making threats." I said. "You better behave or your punishment will last all weekend."

I couldn't resist - taking the scissors again, I snipped the waistband of Cheryl's panties, first on one side then the next. The satin panties joined her bra on the floor and Cheryl was naked except for a blindfold and shoes. I stripped out of my own clothes as I admired Cheryl's body. She's kept herself in great shape over the years. Her breast displayed prominently on her chest especially with her arms tied over her head. Her slender waist and shapely hips were perched on a muscular but feminine pair of legs. Her smooth skin had a nice brown summer tan that contrasted enticingly with her pale bikini shielded breast and panty area. I approached Cheryl and wrapped my arms around her clutching her ass cheeks in my hands as I gave her a forceful deep passionate kiss. She did not resist. My aroused cock was nestled between her legs as I passionately fondled her body and kissed her.

The vibrator had fallen to the floor when I had cut off Cheryl's panties but the butt plug was still firmly in place as were the Ben Wa balls. I kissed Cheryl sensitive neck, teased her aroused nipples with one hand, and fondled her ass cheeks and gently manipulated the butt plug with the other hand. I was rock hard. I grabbed my mechanics creeper and placed it between Cheryl's legs and sat on it. My face was aligned perfectly with her pussy. I went to work feasting on her pussy lips. My hands grabbed her ass and pressed her against my face. With one hand I could manipulate the butt plug as I penetrated her pussy lips with my tongue and found her clit. Cheryl was squirming like crazy and squealing as I nibbled on her sensitive area. Within five minutes I had her shaking with another orgasm. I didn't let up and plunged two fingers in her pussy as I continued to eat her juicy pussy. I wouldn't let up and she continued to convulse for several minutes before going limp with exhaustion.

As Cheryl gasped for breath I left her momentarily and headed for the master bath to retrieve a small clipper and my razor. I had encouraged her to trim her pubic hair for me for years and she has refused to trim more than a clean bikini line. I grinned as I turned on the clipper and told her I was going to tidy things up a little. As she squirmed again I cautioned her to stand still so I didn't hurt her. Using the clipper first I reduced the triangular patch to a landing strip - all the while telling her she was going to be bald as a baby. I decided an arrow shape pointing down would be fun. The moustache clipper made short work of the task and I had a nicely shaped arrow pointing to her pussy. A little work with the razor and the balance of her pussy was bald and soft. Cheryl could not see my artwork but would soon enough.

With that task completed I retrieved a large soft rubber vibrator from the travel bag. "Big Joe" was my favorite marital aid to fuck Cheryl's pussy with when I was not using my own cock. I went to work first removing the Ben Wa balls then working the large dildo in her pussy. I was not gentle, driving the big vibrating cock in and out of her wet cunt. Ten minutes of deep plunging brought Cheryl back to the edge. Switching the vibrator on high pushed her over the edge to another big screaming climax.

She was exhausted. She had been tied up about 45 minutes and it was time to take her to bed.

It took me several moments to lower the motor hoist arm and undo the duct tape holding Cheryl hands on the hoist arm. I left her hands tied together and the blindfold on.

I escorted Cheryl to the bedroom and sat her on our bed. I went to the kitchen and got her a beer. She was exhausted from two intense orgasms and being tied up for an hour. She downed the beer in a matter of moments. I laid her in the middle of the bed and I stripped and climbed between her legs. I hoisted her legs to my shoulders and I steered my cock in to her hot wet pussy - the pussy hair arrow pointing the way - and thrust in to full depth. God she was hot. Cheryl's body jerked as I began hammering into her. It didn't take me long as I had been rock hard for the past hour. With one hand I fondled her tits and manipulated her nipples. That brought me to the edge. I reached under her ass and wiggled the butt plug as I pushed in for a final time before pumping a huge load of hot cum deep in her pussy as I exploded in my own orgasm.

I rested for about 15 minutes. It was about 7:30pm. Cheryl was showing signs of life again as well. I untied her wrists and gently kissed her then headed to the shower. When I got out and dried off, Cheryl was still lying on the bed. I went to her lingerie drawer and searched for a sexy pair of sheer bra and panties and threw them on the bed. Using my firm controlling tone I told Cheryl to get showered up and put them on and join me in the kitchen for dinner wearing the lingerie.

Fifteen minutes later Cheryl entered the kitchen fresh from the shower and wearing the prescribed lingerie partially covered by one of my large unbuttoned shirts.

Her first comment, "cute job on the landing strip" coupled with her smile let me know she was not mad.

After dinner we retired to the family room and cuddled on the couch and watched some television as we sipped on a glass of wine.

About ten that night I was gently caressing Cheryl's abdomen when her cell phone, sitting on the coffee table, rang. I reached over and hit the speaker button. It was her friend Katie, Joe's wife. She wondered if everything was okay at our house. She seemed to be giggling slightly. Cheryl told her that she had a bad day at work and unfortunately brought her bad mood home but everything was fine now. Katie mentioned that Joe had gone over to see if her dad's engine hoist was helping.

Cheryl said, "Tom seems to really like the hoist, I don't think he will want to return it for a while as he hasn't used it on the engine yet." She giggled under her breath and smiled as she spoke with Katie without letting her know I was listening in.

Katie said. "I was wondering if the guys were working on cars or maybe watching porn?"

Cheryl probed, "What makes you ask that?"

Katie responded, "Joe seemed really horny when he got home."

Cheryl continued, "And what makes you say that?"

Katie paused and then responded, "Well he came into the kitchen while I was at the stove and immediately began fondling me. He was rubbing my ass and boobs from behind me while I was trying to cook. I could feel his erection pressed against my ass. When he slipped his hand under my shirt I turned off the burner as I was too distracted to cook. He hadn't come on to me like that for years. He literally ripped my shirt apart with buttons flying across the room. He was too impatient to unhook my bra and just yanked, breaking the plastic front clip while trying to get his hands on my boobs. My blouse and bra left a trail on the way from the kitchen as he stripped me of the ripped clothes."

As she spoke I began fondling Cheryl. Her nipples were rock hard straining against the sheer fabric of her bra and the moist heat of her pussy was obvious as my fingers danced over her panties.

Katie continued, "I didn't even make it to the bedroom. He went after my shorts next. I finally had to slap his hands away so I could unhook and unzip before he wrecked any more clothes. I saved my shorts but he ripped off my panties in the living room and pinned me against the couch as he started kissing and fondling me. Joe took me from behind over the arm of the couch in the living room. He hadn't fucked me like that in years. We spent the next two hour in bed and he fucked me two more times."

Cheryl giggled and probed for more details. Meanwhile I was hard as a rock from the conversation and groping Cheryl. I pulled her stretch bra up popping her tits out and was feasting on her nipples while my hands worked in her panties. While Cheryl probed for details of Katie and Joe's romp I was doing my own probing. I lifted Cheryl onto my lap impaling her on my rock hard cock. Cheryl struggled to keep from panting or squealing into the phone as I rocked her torso back and forth and thrust into her.

She finally told Katie that she had to go to the garage and give me a hand with a "drive shaft" and they could talk in the morning. With the call disconnected Cheryl squealed and moaned as I drove my shaft deep in her pussy. I flipped her around on the couch and pounded her for about ten minutes before I grunted while unloading deep in her pussy.

Half an hour later we stumbled up to bed, both exhausted from a busy week and hours of hard sex. After I kissed Cheryl good night and turned to go to sleep I commented, "If I catch you with underwear on this weekend you will end up tied up to the engine hoist again. The next time I might encourage Joe to stay and help."

Cheryl responded, "Is that a threat or a promise?"

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