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Boy Next Door


This is one of a series of stories that has been posted in erotic couplings. The reason why I'm posting it here will quickly become obvious.

It was an unusually warm October day. I decided to sunbathe in the backyard. Steve came out to work on the Limousine he owned, he was wearing shorts, oddly enough. He usually wore nothing. I was wearing my birthday suit. Mom was gone to the hospital. He exited the limo and grinned at me, "I like the view." He glanced at the fence, "Looks like someone else is admiring as well."

My nose was so far up the book it took me a minute to notice Anthony, our next door neighbor. Anthony was the star basketball player at our high school. I watched as Steve exited the backyard and shook my head. "Like what you see?" I asked. He vaulted over the fence and casually strolled over to me. His own shorts reminded me of a tent pole. "Are you trying to impress me?" He was tall, slender, and black. I'd heard about black men, but I wasn't sure how they'd measure up to Steve. Then I realized that really wasn't fair.

Anthony pulled off his shorts and sat down next to me. His hand went back to his cock. "You don't mind, do you?" he asked.

I reached over and tweaked the head of his manhood before I returned to my book, "No, go right ahead." Soon, the warm air lulled me to sleep, and I dreamt of Anthony, his fat cock up my cunt. The erotic dream woke me with a start to find Anthony asleep on his side facing away from me. I smiled a little as I snuggled up to his back, convincing myself that the day had grown a little cooler. He murmured something that sounded like "Amy" but didn't wake. I leaned back and admired his buttocks, smooth and firm. I ran my hand down them and smiled. I used my fingers to play with has anus. That woke him up.

I reached around and ran my hand up his cock. I was hot and horny, and he was groaning. His hips bucked against my hands. He then reached down and removed my hands from their assault. He rolled over onto his back and looked at me. His own hands reached down between my legs and smiled, "You're wet." His fingers slipped up inside me, his thumb outside and performed his own play on my womanhood. I smiled as he asked, "Have you had anybody who's big?" I nodded my head, he and Steve were about the same size. He grinned, "Good, I've intimidated many a white girl."

He got between my legs and looked up, "Good god, you've been having sex with that?" I looked up and laughed as Steve looked out at us from the sliding glass door. He was standing there in all his glory. I nodded my head, "Good." The head of his cock brushed the entrance to my flower. He picked up my legs and put my legs up his chest, my feet dangling over his shoulders as he thrust deep inside me. My hips went forward to meet his. Our eyes locked as I wiggled my hips, begging him to continue. He did as he thrust into me slowly. We both savored this as much as we could. I closed my eyes as he continued to take me. That's how I thought of it, he was making me his, just as Eli and Steve had done before. I gasped and moaned as he went deeper and deeper, or so it seemed. He had separated my legs further by taking my knees in his hands. I felt myself falling off the edge as he continued his assault on my pussy. I reached my hands up above my head and reveled in the sunshine and the man fucking me. Soon, he stopped and pulled out. My eyes flew open as I whimpered, soon I realized that he was lying down on his back and inviting me to get on for a ride.

I came up on my knees and dragged myself over to him. I rose up far enough to position him at my entrance and then sank down. When he was completely inside I leaned down to kiss him. He lifted his head up enough to meet my lips. His tongue forced its way into my mouth just before his hips moved under me. I sat up far enough to start humping him. I could feel him slipping in and out of me as our movements became more and more frantic. I couldn't stop as he met my every thrust. Finally, he came deep inside me and I followed. I collapsed atop him, and waited for my heartbeat to slow down.

"Get on your hands and knees," he whispered. I couldn't believe it, he was still hard. I pulled myself off him and onto my hands and knees. I felt him behind me as he grasped my hips and thrust his way into me once more. I just gave up and groveled right there. My head on the ground he hit that sweet spot deep inside me. I just let him finish having his way with me. Finish he did, it didn't take very long before he exploded deep inside me once more. I fell forward onto my stomach as he caressed my ass. He rolled me over and looked at me, "Okay, at school, you're my bitch, nobody else's. I understand you have other lovers outside of school, and I'm okay with that. Who are they, Steve and..."

"Eli," I said. "I babysit for him."

"Eli, they won't say anything against me, I'm more your age. You're not a slut or a whore, you're mine and only mine, at school." I nodded my agreement. "Are you on birth control?" I nodded. "Good, tomorrow, at school, we'll make sure everyone knows you're mine." He put his shorts back on and vaulted back over the fence. I sighed, fully satisfied.

The next day Anthony escorted me to my first class, and made a show of giving me his class ring. He kissed me and left. My girlfriends laughed and whispered in my ears. Mixed couples weren't unusual, but they had thought I was with someone else. Anthony walked me home, not hard since he lived next door. He shocked his own Mom by kissing me on the sidewalk and leaving me to enter my house while he went in his. That Saturday, she spied me back in the backyard with nothing on. "Are you two having sex?" she asked bluntly.

I looked at her, "Yes, I am on birth control, though."

She looked at me, "Good, you're at least responsible." She turned around and walked back in as Anthony came out and looked back at her.

"She knows," I told him. Steve sat down next to me. Anthony soon joined us. None of us wore anything. Anthony's mother came back and stared at Steve. Steve looked over and winked at us as he walked over and climbed over the fence. They stood there talking to each other, and Steve charmingly, led her away. "Your Dad's not going to mind, is he?" I asked, casually.

"Mind what?" he asked, absently. I waited, and within minutes, his mother's sighs and moans could be heard over the fence. He chuckled, "Dad's gone. He left when I was three. Mom bought this house all by herself. Raised me and my sister by herself, Jessie attends UCLA, film school. Wants to be a director."

Anthony reached for me and soon we were kissing. He pushed me onto my side facing away from him. He hefted my top leg up and I felt his cock at my entrance and I pushed down. He chuckled at my eagerness as he pushed his way up. He filled me up an inch at a time, and stopped to nibble my earlobe. I groaned before he laughed and continued upward. I finally felt him bottom out and sighed. Our hips started moving together and I moaned. It felt so good. He was longer than Steve and got so deep that he hit things that I didn't know I could find pleasure there. "OH MY GOD! You're having sex!"

I looked up to find my best friend, Carrie, standing in front of me. We didn't stop, she walked in on us. He pulled out and rolled me over onto my back and thrust back into me. Carrie's eyes bugged out as I moaned as he continued to stroke my secret places. Finally, I felt him give the short, sharp thrusts that meant he was almost there. I felt him explode inside me and collapsed. I heard another moan and looked over, Carrie had stripped to her bare skin and was masturbating. Anthony looked up at me and I grinned, "Be careful, I think she's a virgin," I whispered.

He crawled over to her and kissed her. She kissed back, I wasn't sure if she was just into what was happening or what, but she definitely didn't resist. I watched as he kissed his way down her body, stopping at her breasts. His hands went to her pussy, he glanced at me and mouthed, "She's wet." He seemed to just put his cock at her entrance just as a tease. Her eyes flew open and looked at him, looked at me, and didn't tell him to stop. He slowly pushed his way into her as I watched. She gripped the ground, trying to relax. He stopped, and looked down at her, "Do you want me to stop? I will if you want. This will hurt."

Carrie's hands went to touch his chest, then whispered, "Don't stop." He nodded and he flexed his hips, taking her maidenhead in one stroke. She let out a small scream as that stroke also took him all the way to the hilt. He stopped, allowing her to get adjust to him. "I...I'm not on birth control."

Anthony pulled out as I ran into the house, Steve kept condoms. I knew what to do. When I got back, her legs rested on his shoulders as his cock rested atop her pussy. I opened the wrapper and rolled it on Anthony's manhood. Carrie watched this with interest before he returned his cock to her dripping pussy. I held her hand as her grunts of pain continued, she gripped it tightly, but soon I heard her grunts turn to moans and gasps. Soon, her body started to shake with her first sexual orgasm. Anthony didn't stop, I watched as his big black cock moved in and out of her pale body. Soon, he stopped and groaned and closed his eyes as he poured himself into the condom. He pulled himself out and removed the condom. I found some tissue to wrap it up in.

"My Mom's going to kill me!" Carrie mumbled, sitting up.

"Why, didn't you enjoy that?" I asked.

"No, I promised to stay a virgin until I got married!"

"Carrie, you're eighteen years old. You can get birth control without her permission. Don't sweat it!" Carrie nodded her head, tears streamed down her face. She wandered back into our house. I stood up and followed her. I had a date with Eli later, and I didn't want her first experience to be remembered as a horrible one. We sat on my bed and looked at each other. "It's okay, you won't get pregnant, and you can wait if you want til you get married to do it again."

Carrie shook her head and grinned, "Actually, all I can think of is riding that big cock of Anthony's."

"That's pretty nice too," I said with a grin. We both laughed before I headed off to the shower. After I came out to get dressed, Carrie was doing just that. Riding Anthony's big black cock for all that it was worth.

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