tagMatureBoy Scout Mothers Ch. 08

Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 08

bymangrove jack©

As football training finished my mobile rang, it was Darlene, and her voice was slurred.

“Come on over, I am waiting for you to shave my pussy, I have opened a bottle of champagne so we can celebrate, no more hair.”

“Hurry, I can’t wait.”

My prick shot up hard in my tight training shorts.

“I have to drive some girls home first,” I said as a couple of giggling cheerleaders studied my rising lump closely.

I drove the cheerleaders to the corner of their estate, as they were getting out the mobile rang again,

“Where are you” she slurred.

“I’m on my way” I replied quickly and hung up.

One of the girls was clearly listening. She licked her lips and grinned

“It sounds as though someone can’t wait.”

She went on “You don’t remember me do you?”

“No I don’t think so” I replied.

“I work as a waitress at the local coffee shop” she said, as she hopped out with the others.

Bloody hell. It was the girl who waited on Jackie and me when Jackie was making a public display of sucking my cock.

I studied her as she walked away. Her skirt swung bewitchingly into that cock twitching motion that only sexy young bodies seem to acquire.

I was about to follow when I remembered Darlene.

Darlene’s house was busy with people. A young maid gave me a knowing look as she opened the door. Looking me up and down, she led me to the top floor.

Darlene was waiting, she had that I am ready to fuck look. Her gown swung open providing me with tantalising views of her marvellous nipples and her more than adequate tits as she struggled to her feet to welcome me.

I had taken quite a while to get there. One champers bottle was empty and very little was left in the one in her hand.

I was worried “There are too many people around, we can’t do anything here, and I had better not stay.”

She took my hand and led me into her bathroom. “They won’t come in here; my maid really protects me she knows we do not want to be disturbed.”

I started to ask about the maid and what she knew

“Don’t worry; the only one who will get past her is my arsehole of a husband. He won’t come home until he is finished what ever they do every week with those bimbos down at Ron’s office.”

I watched her struggle to open a new bottle of champers and laughed as the cork shot high in the air spewing champagne into the bath.

Darlene’s face was flushed from the exertion of opening the new bottle or from the substantial amount she had obviously consumed

She poured what was left of the champers into a glass and drank it down.

She slipped out of her gown, leaving me gasping at her sheer beauty.

She ran her fingers through her hair and held it up off her neck. With her arms high holding her hair, she slowly turned to show me that all she wore was very high heeled black stiletto shoes.

My mouth went dry.

This was one dam fine woman, whose pose was designed to drive a man crazy.

The pose was working.

I could feel my cock unfold and struggle to expand within the tight confines of my pants. The curve of her back down to her magnificent butt, plus the extremely high heels that displayed the muscles of her legs to perfection all combined to show her at her erotic best.

She had combed the lush hair around her pussy.

“This is special daaarling, I have never even trimmed my box before, now, right now, and I am waiting for you to shave it.”

She giggled like a teenager” No! More hair in your teeth.”

She fell to her knees in front of me.

“Let me satisfy this monster first”.

She took me deep in her mouth, then deeper as I held her hair back and saw my cock disappear. Her hands worked my balls. She withdrew her Mouth until it was licking my head, then quickly pushing forward,

In and out

Deeper and deeper,

She gasped for air. Gagging as she moved her face back and forth.

With both her hands around my balls, and her long hair in my hands I lost control. I fucked that mouth hard like it was a cunt. She took it all, gasping and groaning at every stroke.

She kept pushing me right out. She would gasp for air, and then her mouth would dive back, taking me all the way, swallowing it down until it touched the back of her throat.

Each time it did, she gagged again, gasping for air. I watched in awe at what I now realise was my first deep throat.

Oblivious to my amazement she continued, pulling her head back to start again. She kept it up as my cock grew and grew.

Looking up at me, her eyes rolled each time she took me in to the hilt.

I held her hair away from her face so I could watch.

I started to hold back so the head of my cock just entered her mouth.

I fucked that mouth. Not deep, just running my prick in, then slowly out,

I don’t know what stirred me most, watching my cock go in and out through her dark red lips, or the joy of fucking the mouth of the 40 year old wife of that high flying bullshitting arsehole husband of hers.

She was snorting and struggling breathing through her flared nostrils. My sperm boiled and spewed into her. I shoved forward as hard as I could.

Beads of sweat stood out on her forehead, juice was leaking from the corner of her lips.

She grunted. Hitting me in the stomach pushing me away. My spewing cock broke free, spraying what was left of my cum over her eyes and face.

I was completely mesmerised by her wanton mouth and her fantastic eyes, I drained and dribbled on her tits.

She grabbed me pulling me back into her mouth. She kept sucking until there was nothing left. I wilted and my knees went weak.

We sank to the bathroom floor. I moved to kiss her between the legs “no!” she cried,” shave me then kiss me. Kiss me, and then fuck my freshly shaved cunt”

I slowly recovered my strength. I studied her black hairy opening it was slick with her secretions, I pulled the lips open, running my finger around the folds fingering her clit.

Darlene filled our glasses again; I had never drunk champagne before. The first glass was giving me a glow the second glass was adding to my happiness.

We were still on the bathroom floor .She took me in hand, picked up a set of shaving gear and pulled a magnificent old English chair in front of the mirrored wardrobes.

She sat down with her legs wide open staring at her reflection.

I stared too! She was a magnificent animal, her long black hair magnificent legs and stiletto heels, made my prick jump back to attention. Her cum splattered face drove me to distraction.

She emptied her glass; stroking herself slowly as she watched me drink mine. She was waiting for me to begin.

I took a large pair of scissors and started to trim around the outside of her hairy box. I sprayed copious amounts of shaving foam, using my fingers to spread it.

Holding her skin tight I started to shave. I quickly uncovered the fat black lips of her cunt. I fingered and played with them as I worked.

Time passed quickly, Darlene kept drinking, continually holding her glass up for me to join her .To shave all the hair away, was a lot harder than I imagined. I resorted to putting my fingers inside her warm and inviting cunt.

Darlene relaxed and let me continue.

My fingers acquired a mind of their own, whilst I continued shaving they had found her clit, rubbing the nub softly, round and round, I became hard and excited.

I continued to stroke and probe. Darlene became wetter as I continued to shave an active vibrant cunt. More than one finger was now being used to hold her cunt for shaving. My standing cock was caressing my navel, dribbling cum down my stomach.

Darlene finished off the bottle announcing that she thought I had done a great job. I was enjoying the job and didn’t want to stop.

“I am not finished; the front is ok but what about the back.” I argued.

She stood up, put her hands on the mirror and bent over placing the magnificent twin orbs of her butt before me for inspection. I looked and saw for the first time the two well formed lips of her cunt pouting back between her legs. I grabbed her roughly, and rubbed my leaking cock up and down between those lips.

I pulled her cheeks apart with my hand. Her head fell forward as I reared and pushed my throbbing prick in as deep as I could go. At the same time I grabbed both tits as they hung down swinging and bouncing.

I pulled the nipples and tweaked them hard.

Out of the corner of my eye I caught a movement. I thought I saw a glimpse of her young maid.

I glanced back and saw that Darlene was looking towards the side mirror watching my prick slipping in and out.

I could see in the mirror that she was licking her lips and smiling at our performance. I kept rutting away, grabbing her hips I started to bang her back against me.

In the mirror I watched her mouth open and her tongue roll out, mouthing words that I could not hear.

Then she reacted violently. Moaning out loud, crying my name. Her tits were hanging down, swinging in time with my thrusts. I cradled them stroking her nipples, massaging her tits.

The mirror show was driving me to distraction. I watched my cock shining with cum disappear, my balls slapping against her arse.

Darlene was watching me.

I moaned “can you see us fucking”

“Yes! Oh yes, I can’t believe how hot it makes me, I could scream.”

Watching my cock enter Darlene’s jerking body made my temperature rise, I was devoured by lust, but I still could not come.

I grabbed her by the hair, pulling her head back up until she was standing with her back bent still impaled on my prick.

She turned her head and made to kiss me. We could just reach each other. I pushed my tongue into her mouth. She bit down hard. I came with a rush as the pain of her teeth made me wince and cry out.

Still her teeth hung on. I felt her reach a shuddering climax. I let my weight fall on her and she crumbled to the floor letting my tongue go at last. My mouth was full of blood. She sucked on my mouth. Calling me her “sweetheart.”

We rolled over, her tits and nipples against my chest. I forgot my mouth as I rolled her nipples in my fingers pulling them out as far as I could.

I rubbed my knee between her legs and felt the mess of our juices.

My prick was stirring again, so I pushed her down to her knees and emptied my cock into her mouth. She didn’t take long to suck him dry.

Darlene opened another bottle and we settled in each others arms. I do not know how much time I spent studying the results of my nights work. It was the first fully shaved pussy I had seen. I studied its many facets. I stroked it; I ran my fingers up and down playing in our juices.

I took the bottle of champagne and poured a drop into her belly button and licked it off. She raised her legs .I filled her cunt intent on using it as a cup.

“Bloody hell” she screamed as the champagne bubbles frothed up in her cunt.

I drank it out and poured more in. I tried to do it in her arse but it was to tight spilling out over the cheeks and down her legs.

I wormed my finger in her tight brown arsehole. Then as she started to open up I inserted a second finger. I ran some champagne down the finger into the hole. She freaked as it bubbled in her arse.

I dropped the bottle licking the sticky brew from her cheeks and arse.

I fingered her pussy at the same time fingering her arse. Working both hands, I tried to feel one finger with the other through the thin membranes that separated her cunt and her arse.

My prick grew hard as Darlene bucked and groaned.

I slid into her arse. She convulsed and shuddered as I rode her.

I pumped towards a frantic conclusion. In the mirror I watched my prick pounding her arse and her fingers rubbing her clit. I swang her around, grabbing her by the ankles, pushed her legs wide apart, pulling back I sprayed my cum over the freshly shaven area.

Her anus relieved of my cock, was a wide open hole coated with cum.

I watched it slowly close, before she relaxed in my arms.

She was relaxed and well fucked but I still wanted more.

I traced my fingers down the deep cleft between the cheeks of her butt. I licked under her boobs running my tongue around the dark brown area surrounding her nipples. I rolled her nipples with my tongue nipping and sucking.

“You have the most magnificent tits, your nipples stand out long and straight, and they are perfect” I told her as my prick gradually grew hard.

“They cost my husband enough for cosmetic surgery” Darlene replied with a giggle.

I looked around and spied four or five empty champagne bottles and realised that we were drunk

Kneeling with my knees on each side of her chest, I slipped my hardening prick between her round hard tits. She raised her head and looked down with a grin.

“A titty fuck?” she asked lowering her face until her mouth nearly reached my prick.

I slid him forward to enter her mouth then withdrew to between her tits. We did this for several minutes, until he slowly squirted into her mouth and over her magnificent nipples.

She truly was a wild sexual animal. I had kept telling her this all night and she loved it.

She stood up and proceeded to pose bending over to show me those thick protruding cunt lips, holding her cunt wide open, pulling her nipples erect.

She lay on the floor and wriggled her body into dozens of erotic positions it was pure porn.

I could stand it no more. I pulled her to her feet and started to kiss her.

She wrapped her legs around my hips forcing me to carry her weight as she positioned me to enter her.

I jammed her back against the wall, slamming into her like a man possessed.

But fucking and holding her up was beyond my drunken capabilities and we slid down to the floor in a tangle of legs and arms. Some how we kept on slamming at each other.

She cried “oh fuck I’m finished.” Her fluids flowed as my well used prick dribbled its last.

We rested before I looked for my clothes and started to dress.

As I dressed I told her. “Your fucking poses were fantastic I have never seen anything like it in so called men’s magazines. What you did to your body and how you posed, wriggling into those positions makes me come just thinking of them.”

“They were mind blowing. If we had that on tape it would be the number one seller in all porno stores.”

She looked over at me. “I would never pose for porno for sale but I would like us to have some private tapes.”

“Next time bring a camera”.

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