tagMatureBoy Scout Mothers Ch. 16

Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 16

bymangrove jack©

Early next morning, I sat at the breakfast table trying to work out a programme or time table to cover my extra sexual activities, plus my study, as well as my regular call on the cookie mums as part of my original job.

This job paid for by their husbands was proving a major test for my body...

I was now fucking three mums on a regular basis and having casual but semi regular sex with five more. My stamina was improving but it was becoming apparent that I was too greedy.

In addition a few promises to call for coffee, or drop in and have a chat, had to be kept ……..Mariko with the hard Asian body at the supermarket, Rachel with her job offer, the cheerleader trainer, Darlene Jackie and some of my favourite mums for the photo session. In addition there were some of those who after we had fucked asked for more.

Mum had my prick twitching as she made breakfast, Jackie and Darlene had obviously created a whole new mum complete with a wardrobe of exciting clothes.

This morning she wore a nightie that would create traffic jams if ever worn outside our door. It was so short that I spent most of breakfast admiring the cheeks of a very fine arse.

“My god mum that makeover has revealed some hidden sides of you I never knew,” I murmured aloud.

Mum turned from the fridge to catch me staring at her arse, she frowned saying nothing but her looks gave me the “stop that you dirty young bugger look.”

“You promised to visit Charlotte today.”

“Gee mum, I’m busy can’t I get out of it?”

“No you can’t. She’s one of my very best friends. If I’m not mistaken she would be one of the cities top business women. Charlotte has built up her own business, I think over one hundred women work for her. I told her all about you. I promised you would have lunch, so you have to go.”

Another promise made at the ball came back to haunt me Darlene rang. Five moms wanted to be in the photo shoot.

“Bloody hell,” I complained, “you and I were going to take porno shots of you for our own use. Not invite the mob.”

Darlene quickly turned the tables, “Well you opened your big mouth at the ball and quite a few want to have a photo afternoon.”

A few minutes after Darlene hung up, Jackie rang with an idea for the photo shoot, “remember those sexy calendars produced by some sports women and firemen, well what about a glamour mum’s calendar.”

“What will you call it Mums and Mammaries” I asked.

“Don’t be silly we can have fun and invite them all, think about it.”

The idea quickly developed. Harriet Moore a very pregnant mum had been a professional photographer for a top woman’s magazine .She rang to say she had the photographic equipment; she would be able to take the shots if I was willing to be her helper.

In the mean time mum rang Charlotte, who suggested we meet at the town’s top Chinese restaurant for lunch.

Charlotte took my breath away as she climbed the stairs to meet me. She was a striking redhead with sparkling blue green eyes.

I guessed she was about five foot eleven, more in her high heels.

Her outfit screamed money, especially the perfect cream silk skirt and jacket. The skirt was short but not to short, it was tight over her arse, and her stockings shimmered with a sparkle in their material. A low cut tight blouse under the top displayed a very small, but far from disappointing set of tits.

Lunch was Yum Cha. Charlotte had booked a private room.

Charlotte was direct and in control, you could tell from the way she questioned me, ordered food, and took charge, why she was one of the cities top business women

“Have you had yum cha before she asked?”

I had to admit I hadn’t and that I was not very good with chopsticks.

She ordered plate after plate of hot delicious food from the food trolley; our table filled with dishes, enough dishes for twenty not two.

Your mother tells me “You are becoming quite a young man about town” she said as her chopsticks worked transferring food from the dishes to my plate. I struggled with my chopsticks.

“Sit over her next to me.” She directed. “Lean over.”

Looking directly into my eyes, using her chopsticks she started to feed small tasty morsels of food direct into my mouth.

What a turn on, my prick jumped in my pants as she continued to supply food to her own mouth and then mine. A small amount of liquid ran down my chin, she leant closer, wiped it with her finger and sucked it into her mouth.

She continued to feed us both our face inches a part; we gorged ourselves in a way that reminded me of the food pictured in roman orgies.

The private room the mass of food and the intimacy of being fed succulent exotic foods by a beautiful forty year old was having a dramatic effect on my body under the table

My eyes were continually drawn to her small hard tits. They did not seem much bigger than large nipples.

“I’ve been talking to Angelique about you, she tells me you are just the young man I’m looking for.”

Her hand dropped to my lap and sought my prick. Her hands bold move to my prick took me by surprise.

I jumped; her reaction was to grip it lightly through the cloth.

“Am I hurting you?”

“No” I exclaimed

“I didn’t think I hurt you, it feels excited to me, she said as she continued a light tantalizing stroking.

“I’m married to a sixty year old man.”

“I will never leave him.”

“I’m forty and horny, I need sexual release, I want discrete no strings attached fucking.”

“I want someone who will keep his mouth shut. I will protect him. I will give him wild uninhibited sex.”

“In the bedroom he can do what ever he likes with me.”

She rubbed my now highly excited prick hard through my pants, “I will be his slut, his fuck bunny. As long as he satisfies me I will be a generous lover. but that’s all we will ever be lovers.”

Now she had my fly open and was stroking my rampant prick. “Lets stop beating about the bush, Angelique says you are the one I want,” her last words were more a question than a statement.

She wasn’t going to get no from me .My hands moved to her tits squeezing them through her blouse. She pushed me away, “Wait lets go to my apartment.”

Her apartment was in a major city high rise. “This is a business apartment my husband and I never stay here,” she explained as she opened the door.

Inside we stood facing each other, and then we both moved at once, it was like we were hit with an electric charge.

Our hands were all over each other, our mouths clashed. She moaned out loud as our tongues fought for supremacy...

That moan turned more into an animal like roar, as she broke free and ripped my pants down, stripping off my clothes discarding them by throwing them away.

There was no stopping her, she took my prick in one hand and pushed her mouth down over the head easily taking it in to the hilt.

Loud slurping sounds emanated from her mouth as she vigorously rammed her mouth up and down. Her shoulder length red hair was becoming wet from the sweat around her forehead and neck. I held it away so I could watch the cities top business woman suck cock.

She must have sensed I was about to cum as she pulled her head back looked up at me, to suck lightly around the eye of my prick.

My hips bucked and jolted emptying my sperm into her mouth. She didn’t hesitate just sucking it down, with a mouth action reminiscent of a vacuum cleaner, drying me right out.

I don’t know how long she held my prick studying it. Licking it, biting my balls, but I do know it rose again hard and ready.

I pulled her to her feet, and leant down to suck her tiny tits, she brushed my head away sitting back on a sofa, “I want you to fuck me, fuck me hard, ram it into me.”

She was getting louder and louder, “I never get it hard, it’s always part soft and the fucking`s soft, fuck me hard, come on rape me, make me do what you want.”

“I’ll fuck you hard if that’s what you want” I grabbed her roughly pulling her from the sofa and slamming her down on the floor. “You want it rough, you’ll get it fucking rough,” I swore at her as I ripped away the last of her clothing leaving her in stockings and heels.

She lay there eyes blazing, her red hair splayed out on the floor. The fiery red hair around her box standing out from the white of her body,

This woman didn’t tan, there were small freckles scattered over the pearly white skin.

Her lip puffy from sucking my cock were shiny with the last of my cum. She was moaning and groaning “fuck me, come on bugger you, fuck me”

I pushed her legs wide shoving my fingers roughly into her cunt finding her nub and pinching it hard until she screamed.

Holding her knees wide, I let my body slam down hard knocking the wind out of her, as I inserted my prick straight into her cunt.

I fucked in and out as roughly as I could.

Angelique had taught me to be gentle; being rough wasn’t turning me on.

Trying to be rough I pulled out, slammed her over and pushed her up on her knees. Opening her arse with my thumb I lined up my prick and pushed straight in. “Oh shit that hurts” she screamed.

That fucked me.

I didn’t want to hurt her; it didn’t give me any joy. I pulled out turned her over on to her back and lowered my head between her thighs. Her scent was strong she tasted of cum.

I kissed her cunt making love to it as gently but as raunchy as I could. I kissed down from her cunt to her arsehole and licked and kissed the red area that probably came from my attack.

She went crazy grabbing my head and smothering my mouth with her sodden cunt. Her movements stirred me to more urgent action my tongue pushing deep inside both her cunt and her arsehole.

I swung my body around so my prick was in her face. She took the hint and swallowed him, my prick sinking into the heat of her mouth.

Her fingers massaged my balls, her lips sucking with out letup until I was drained.

Her mouth left my prick and moved to my balls licking them and trying to take them in her mouth.

My prick responded and rose again from the dead.

“Let me put it in you,” I gasped, as I struggled to free it from her hands and tongue.

“Yes, yes, I want you in me.”

“Oh yes fuck me” she moaned.

She pushed me down on the floor and rose over me facing my feet, lowering herself until I slid into her channel.

She moaned loudly as my prick hit home. I reached out and brought my hands up around her thighs until my fingers found her clit.

As she rode my erect prick I moved my fingers in circles around the top of her cunt my fingers joining my prick in the hunt for her nub.

I struggled to find an angle where my prick would rub her clit on every stroke, as we fell into a wild bucking rhythm that brought us to a jolting conclusion.

Much later I pulled her up to lie in my arms. “Charlotte your one hot lady, I love fucking you.”

“I could fuck you every day, but I can’t hurt you, if you want it rough, I don’t think I am the lover you want.”

I kissed her mouth sucking her lip and tongue, “You are so beautiful, so bloody hot, I just want to suck you.”

She sensed I was troubled, and set out to prove that she wanted me, and I could do what ever I wanted with her body.

She threw her legs wide grabbing her knees spreading them to display her cunt, open an unprotected. “Richard darling,” she moaned. “Suck me.”

I could not help myself my fingers moved back between her legs, to her slit.

“My god you’re beautiful” I groaned, as my hand pushed as much as it could into her welcoming cunt. I licked along her inner thigh and tongued the alley between her cunt and arsehole.

After a while she pulled my head up so she could look at me.

Darling, I’ve had a wonderful afternoon.

My husband never goes down on me; I haven’t had any one do that for over twenty years.

The last hour with your head between my legs and your gorgeous prick in my mouth was just marvellous.

“You are what I’m looking for; no strings attached no ties sex.”

Bloody hell I thought as I drove home I’ll have to draw up a fucking roster.

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