Boy Toy


Mike was happily preparing for the guests to arrive by doing some last minute trimming of the plants and flowers they had around their secluded back deck. He had long ago set up the few decorations they had planned on. He had the bar all stocked and ready to go to make his Mai Tai's as requested. The party was really for his wife, Tara, and her friends. She and three of her closest friends got together several times a year for a girls night. Usually, that meant Mike got to spend a night home alone or he got out of the way if it was Tara's turn to have the party at their house. This time was different, though, because Mike was repaying Tara for performing hostess duties for his poker night with his buddies. She had truly been perfect in Mike's eye. She had been flirty and sexy and got right up to, but didn't cross the line to slutty. She had worn tiny booty shorts and a tank top rolled up and tied in the back so a lot of her sexy, flat stomach was displayed. She looked hot, but in a casual way.

She made sure that the guys got their next beer handed to them as soon as they were finishing one. Any requests for food were taken care of quickly and with a smile. As the evening had continued, and the guys drank more, they got a little friendlier. Tara firmly but gently and in a fun way had established and maintained the limits. An arm around her waist or a little hug was OK. Grabbing her ass wasn't and she smoothly but firmly pushed the offending hands away.

As the evening wore on, the guys got a little braver with their requests. They settled on wanting Tara to allow them to have body shots off of her. Mike liked having his wife as the center of attention and thought that a body shot for the winner of the next poker hand was a good idea. He took Tara aside and talked her in to it, promising several times he would do anything for her if she would do that for him. She agreed, although she really didn't need that much convincing since she had grown fairly fond of the attention and wanted more. The original idea was she would let the winner of the next hand have a body shot off of her but things didn't stop there. She ended up lying on her back on the table with guys taking turns having body shots. They poured the tequila on her navel to use as the shot glass and licked the salt off of her abdomen. The lemon wedges were placed on top of her shorts which put them near her crotch. The guys formed a sort of assembly line where one guy would be licking her abdomen either preparing it to get the salt to stick there or licking the salt off while another guy would be sucking tequila out of her navel three or four times to get the equivalent of a shot, and then he would go down to her crotch to get the lemon wedge with his mouth. With the amount they already had to drink and how quickly they consumed the tequila this way, the party soon came to end with most of them too drunk to do anything but go home and go to bed. Cabs were called and the party soon ended. As soon as the last guest had left, they jumped on each other and had the best sex they'd had in quite a while.

Mike was determined to fulfill his promise to do anything for Tara to repay her, hoping that he could encourage another evening like that one from her sometime in the future. He thought that playing bartender and waiter for Tara and her three friends would be an easy way to repay her and he was determined to do whatever Tara wanted to make it a fun evening for them.

The doorbell brought Mike out of his thoughts. He looked at the clock and saw that it was still a few minutes before the guests were supposed to arrive. He had planned on putting on a shirt and maybe nicer shorts before the girls got there but when he heard Tara call to him to get the door, he did that first. He wasn't surprised to see Mindy at the door. She was Tara's best friend and perpetually early. Mike and Mindy had a hard to define relationship. Mike liked her well enough and worked hard to have a friendship with her since he knew it was important to Tara but there was this slight underlying tension between them at times. Mike almost felt like Mindy was in some way jealous of him for taking her best friend and roommate away from her but always dismissed that idea as silly. He was never sure if the friendly Mindy or the mocking Mindy was going to show up. It appeared to be the friendly Mindy as she smiled at him and gave him a friendly little kiss.

Mike took the bag of snacks from Mindy and led her into the kitchen where they started to unpack it. When Tara soon showed up and took over, Mike excused himself to go put a shirt on. Mindy told him not to bother. She ran her fingers through his chest hairs and said, "We'd like a little beef cake with our boy toy," and looked at Tara with a smile that Tara returned.

Tara then said to Mike, "You look fine, Hon. Why don't you go get the drinks started." Mike got the feeling that those two had some sort of inside joke that he wasn't part of as he went to fill the ice bucket.

The other two girls arrived and Mike was reminded of another reason he didn't mind being the bartender/waiter for the evening. Tara's friends were pretty hot, each in her own way. Mindy had fairly large breasts and loved to show them off with low cut tops. She was wearing a V cut top that went down so low that it exposed most of the sides of her breasts. Lisa was a tiny, petite blonde. She claimed to be 5' 1" but no one really believed it when they saw her barefoot. She compensated for what she thought of as being too short by showing off a lot of her very shapely and surprisingly long legs and wearing high heels. Her outfit today included very short, white shorts with sandals that had to have at least a 4" heel and a halter top. Jazz, as Jasmine preferred to be called, had a very exotic look from the blending of her mother's Japanese genes with her father's Caucasian heritage. She had long, straight, jet black hair; brown, oval eyes; and a slender figure that she loved to show off with tight fitting outfits. Of the four, she was the most meticulous about her make-up and her nails were always well manicured. Tonight she was also wearing shorts for the warm evening with a tight fitting top. Mike, of course, thought that Tara was the best looking of the bunch and he found her outfit the sexiest. She wore a simple flowery sundress and he knew that all she had on underneath was thong panties. The dress complimented her brunette hair and shapely figure perfectly.

Mike made his Mai Tai's fairly strong so he wasn't surprised that the volume of girl's laughter kept rising from the back deck as the evening progressed. He had decided that it was best for him to stay in the house and out of their way so they could have their girls talk but he checked on them frequently to see if they needed anything. He was feeling like he was getting the better end of the deal. Every time he went out to see what he could do for them, the first thing he got was a nice view of Lisa's long, shapely legs. Next to her was his wife, whose legs were also very attractive in her short sundress. Next to her was Mandy's cleavage and across from his wife was Jazz's exotic beauty. Not bad duty, he thought to himself.

The next time he went out to check on them, the conversation and laughter stopped abruptly. The girls looked at each other for a moment, and then burst into laughter again. Once again, Mike felt he was left out of an inside joke but he really didn't care. Another Mai Tai or two and that group would think that a gentle breeze was a good inside joke, he thought.

Mike asked them if they would like anything. Mindy and Tara responded by holding their glasses in the air and shaking the remaining ice cubes in the otherwise empty glasses. When Mike got their glasses Mindy surprised him by asking, "You promised to do anything for Tara, didn't you?" Mike felt a little uneasy about where this was going. Tara had warned him early in their relationship that she shared everything with Mindy so Mike wasn't completely surprised that Mindy knew about the poker night promise, but it still made him a little uneasy.

Mindy gave him her glass. He turned to face his wife and get her glass, too. "Mike," Tara said looking up at her husband, "This is what I want you to do for me." She quickly glanced at Mindy, who was seated behind Mike. Tara reached up, grabbed his shorts by the elastic waistband and nodded at Mindy. Mindy grabbed the back of the waistband and nodded back. In an instant, they pulled his shorts and underwear to his feet, his cock popping out as his only clothing came off. He heard Lisa give a little squeal and clap her hands. Jazz emitted a short gasp. Mindy let out a triumphant, "Yes!"

His wife looked at his cock and then looked up at him with a devilish little grin on her face. He was stunned. His first impulse was to cover himself but the drink glasses in his hands stopped that option. He looked down at his wife as if he was asking for an explanation. She gave one to him.

"It was Mindy's idea but we all liked it," Tara explained.

Mindy gave his bare ass a little pat and said, "Mindy has good ideas, too, don't I?" asking no one in particular.

"Girls are always being asked to serve men in sexy little outfits, like I did for you and your friends," Tara continued with her explanation. "Now it is a man's turn to serve the girls in a sexy outfit and we decided that there is nothing sexier than having you naked. You are going to live up to your promise, aren't you?"

Mike nodded his agreement numbly, still feeling very stunned. An erotic feeling of being out of control, similar to when his wife had been used for the tequila shots, started to flow through him. It was joined by another erotic feeling, this one of the humiliation at being stripped naked in front of four beautiful women. Things seemed to be going in slow motion for him as he tried to get his mind around what had just happened. He saw his wife staring at his cock. Just above her head in his field of vision were Lisa's long, sexy legs. He looked up at her to see her eyes fixed on his cock, too. He could feel it stirring with the two attractive women starring at it.

"It's growing!" Lisa exclaimed.

"Yes it is," replied Tara as she watched her husband's cock get aroused in front of her and her friends.

"Let me see," said Mindy from behind him. She put her hand on his hip to guide him to turn around but he stumbled with his shorts tangled around his feet.

"Oh, you silly little boy, let me help you with that before you fall and hurt yourself," said Mindy in a condescending tone as she reached down to help him get his shorts off his feet. He felt a little degraded by her words and tone but they added to his arousal. "You aren't going to need these any more anyway," she said as she got his shorts away from his feet and tossed them under the center of the table. Mike would have to crawl under the table to get them. He felt that his option for escape was out of his reach, even though all his other clothes were just inside the house.

Mindy stared at his cock when he turned around as if inspecting a new toy or something. "Nice. Very nice," she gave as her approval. It looked to Mike like she was about to touch it, which caused it to grow some more in anticipation.

"Let me see!" Jazz requested, ending Mindy's inspection. Mike turned to face her so she had a full view across the table. She took her turn staring at his cock. He was now in a position where all four women had a clear view of his cock and they were taking full advantage of it. His cock went to a full hard-on in response to the attention. All Mike felt like he was capable of doing was stand there and be ogled by the women. The two glasses in his hands prevented any attempt to cover himself.

"Go make the drinks now, Hon," said Tara as she patted his ass after several moments of ogling.

"No playing with yourself!" Mindy ordered as he walked towards the house.

"And hurry back," added Jazz. "I need another drink, too."

"Me, too," chimed in Lisa.

Mike tried to pull himself together as he made the drinks. There was no denying that the events had turned him on. His hard-on was visible testimony to that. He felt fortunate that his erection eased a little as he thought through his options. He quickly came to the conclusion that if he did anything other than go along, the evening would be ruined. The ruined evening would probably include a low key fight with Tara and Mindy's harsh mocking of him. As he played that option out in his mind, he was sure that he most likely would end up sleeping on the couch with a steamed wife for who knew how long. And there was no way she was going to take care of his hard on for him. On the other hand, if he went along with it, the girls would have their fun, he would fulfill his promise to Tara, and maybe they would have great sex when the girls left. Besides, he thought to himself, he could always stop later if it got too humiliating, not understanding yet that it was the humiliation that had turned him on so much in the first place.

Mike watched all four women turn and stare at him as he walked towards them with the fresh drinks. All their eyes were focused on his cock. Predictably, his cock liked the attention and his hard-on started to return. When Mike brought the fresh drinks to Tara and Mindy, he had this strange feeling that he should keep his knees together when he placed the drinks on the table like a cocktail waitress in a short skirted uniform would. He resisted the urge, knowing that there was no way he was going to prevent anything from being seen anyway. Both the girls thanked him with pats on his bare ass. As quickly as he could, he retrieved Lisa and Jazz's glasses and returned to the house to make them fresh drinks, too.

They all unabashedly stared at him again when he returned with the drinks but he was soon sent back in to prepare the snacks and bring them to the women. Mike was feeling a little relieved that maybe he had gotten some control of the situation back because his cock hadn't gotten completely hard during his last two trips in front of the women.

Silly him.

Mike was pretty well back to normal pre-arousal levels when he left the kitchen. He carried a fairly large heavy tray of food and plates and had to use one hand underneath the tray with the other steadying it. He didn't realize it but the position flexed his muscles in a way that the women found rather sexy. All four pairs of eyes were fixed on his naked body as he approach, roaming from his well-defined chest muscles, to his cock and back up again. He felt as exposed as ever and his cock started to respond to the attention again. He set the tray down and turned to leave, thinking his job was done and that he could return to the sanctuary of the house to continue composing himself.

"Mike," Tara said, stopping him in his tracks, "Why don't you see what each girl would like and prepare a plate for her?"

Mike knew that wasn't really a question so he turned to his wife, smiled, and asked her want she would like. Tara reminded him that he should serve the guests first and suggested that he start with Jazz. He went into his waiter mode, learned while paying some of his bills in college as a waiter at a fairly nice restaurant, and walked around Mindy to ask Jazz what she wanted.

Mike was reminded once again that he was completely naked as Jazz's eyes looked him up and down, stopping to focus on his cock again. A subtle, sexual tension began to rise between them. Like most men, he had found that her exotic beauty and meticulous detail to her hair and makeup made her appear unobtainable. That barrier was shattered by her lustfully ogling his naked body.

Her lust was driven by pent up desires built up since her husband had tragically died over a year ago. She hadn't been with a man since and Mike nude in front of her had rekindled her base desires that she had tried to deny. Her hand started forward for a brief instant, giving Mike the impression that she was reaching for his cock. She stopped herself and pointed to the food selections she wanted.

Mike didn't intend to but when he leaned forward to begin preparing Jazz's plate, he thrust his ass towards Mindy. Mindy couldn't resist and started rubbing his ass with one, then both of her hands. She found herself very much enjoying having a male's ass she could do what she wished with and firmly grabbed and rubbed it, almost to the point of giving it a sort of massage. The sexual tension he felt with Jazz and the attention Mindy gave his ass was more than he could control and his cock went to full hard-on again.

After he finished Jazz's plate, he walked around her to Lisa and asked what she wanted, his rigid cock on full display. Lisa openly stared at his cock and playfully said, "Whatever you think I'd like."

When Mike leaned forward to prepare Lisa's plate, Jazz looked at Tara and asked, "Do I get to play with his ass, too?"

"I don't see why not. Like we talked about, he's the boy toy for all of us. Mindy's hands have been all over it already anyway," Tara answered.

Jazz wasn't as aggressive about rubbing Mike's ass as Mindy had been but when Mike finished plating Lisa's food, she gently ran her long, manicured fingernails down both ass cheeks. Mike moaned slightly at the pleasurable feeling.

Next was Mindy's turn. Mike walked around the table to her, wishing his hard-on would go down with no luck. When he asked her what she wanted, she stared at his cock for a moment and then said, "What I really want is a nice, big sausage," and then she paused before continuing, "But I guess we don't have enough to share," drawing peals of laughter from the other three girls.

When Mike finished plating her food, Mindy looked up at him and said, "Nice job. I think I'll take care of a nice, big tip for you." She reached up, grabbed his cock and pulled him towards her. She guided him to her mouth and licked the tip with her tongue, twirling it completely around his cock head a few times, then she took just the head in her mouth and bobbed up and down on it. She finished by running her tongue around the head again, and then released him. Mike moaned in pleasure several times.

Mike heard Lisa and Jazz's voice saying, "Hey, I didn't get to tip him!" "Me next!" He turned to Tara to see what was expected. She shrugged slightly and said, "A promise is a promise." He wasn't sure if she meant the promise he'd made to her to do anything she wanted or the promise she made to the girls that he was their boy toy, too. He didn't bother to try to figure it out since either way, he was going to get "tipped" two more times. As he walked towards Jazz, he heard his wife say, "You better not cum!" He had no idea what the consequences of him cumming would be but he had a good idea that he didn't want to find out. The comment, of course, had the effect of putting cumming even more at the top of his mind. He hadn't been close to the edge before but he was now.

Jazz started her tip with more of an open lipped kiss of his cock head. She then rubbed his cock head with the insides of her lips followed by her tongue flickering over the tip very quickly. Mike moaned loudly both in pleasure and in attempting to relieve some of the sexual tension quickly building in him. Jazz continued by taking his tip in her mouth and bobbing up and down on him several times. She finished by slowly pulling her mouth off his cock while very gently running her teeth against him. She started on the shaft just before the cock head, then continued to let her teeth gently drag over the edge and across the head until it left her mouth. Pleasure not quite like any he had felt before flooded Mike. He looked down at Jazz, wondering if she was as full of secret Asian erotic pleasures as she seemed to be.

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