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Boy's Weekend


It was the first time Mark had been invited to one of the boys' weekends at Jason's parent's holiday house. They had a fairly ramshackle house a few hundred metres from the beach, right on the edge of bushland. It was a multi-room house, bunks galore, perfect for a weekend of drinking.

He'd been pleased when Glen had invited him along during the week. If he was honest with himself, he'd pretty much had a crush on Glen since they'd first met at uni the previous year. He'd kept his distance though. He hadn't really come to grips with these random guy crushes yet, and certainly wasn't ready for people to know about them.

Mark had to work the Friday, so he and Glen drove down together that evening. The other 6 guys were travelling there during the afternoon. They were a random collection of friends of friends, most knew each other well. There were a couple that Mark had never met before. He felt the familiar, vague discomfort in the pit of his stomach that he recognised as anxiety. New crowds were really not his thing.

Glen pulled his car in next to the others spread across the front yard. The obligatory Ti Trees scattered across a fairly sparse garden, the sandy soil evoking the nearby beach. The house was deserted as they walked through, but they could hear the sounds of raucous celebration out the back. The boys had clearly started early. They stopped in the kitchen, and Glen poured them both a sneaky shot of whiskey. Mark held his gaze as he downed the bitter liquid, barely grimacing as it warmed his throat. They had a second one for luck.

He could feel the warmth slowly seeping through his body as they walked out the back and stood on the deck side by side. The others were all in and around the pool, the balmy evening making for perfect swimming weather. A loud cheer broke out as they were noticed.

"You made it!"


"You're way too sober"

Mark felt vaguely overwhelmed, and barely noticed Jason walk up in his board shorts, and thrust a drink into his hand. He downed it quickly without thinking, beginning to notice the brief delay between his eyes and his brain that signalled the alcohol taking effect.

"Glad you could make it Mark." Jason said warmly. "Should be a good weekend. Just grab any free bed inside and make yourself at home." His hand rested just long enough in the small of his back for Mark to notice, before he walked off back to the party.

He welcomed Glen's suggestion to go and grab their bags and change into swimming gear. Glen chatted amicably as they walked to the car.

"The boys tend to let their hair down when we come here." It seemed like he was apologising. "All the girlfriends, work, study gets left behind and the weekend is just for fun. Hope it's not too much for you."

"Not at all." Mark tried to sound nonchalant. "Should be a fun weekend."

Glen suggested a room that was empty aside from the 2 of them. "Might be quieter in here." Mark tried not to agree too eagerly. As he rummaged in his bag for his swim shorts, he noticed Glen quickly strip down ready to change.

"Can't wait for a swim." Glen said. Taking the excuse to look at him, Mark replied, "Me too. Have been hot and sweaty at work all day. I really need to cool down a bit."

Glen smirked. "You sure?" Mark took in his naked body at a glance, and couldn't help but feel that Glen was posing for his benefit. With good reason too. He had an amazing body; taut muscles across his arms and shoulders, some nice definition to his pecs, and a flat stomach, leading down to a trimmed bush and a weighty, swinging uncut cock.

Mark looked away quickly and got changed himself. Despite his general nervousness, he had always been confident with his body. Knowing that his cock was usually the biggest in the room helped, but he worked out and had some decent tone. He got naked himself and made a show of searching for his trunks, bending over so that Glen had a chance to checkout his arse. He felt his eyes upon him as he stepped into his trunks, and pulled them up slowly. He noticed Mark quickly look away as he turned around.

"Shall we?" he said, walking out the door.

They stepped out onto the deck, downed another quick drink, and dived into the pool. The cool water enveloped Mark instantly, taking his breath momentarily, before he broke the surface. He swam gently around the pool, enjoying the alcohol buzz taking hold of him.

Jason stepped out with a tray of bright blue shots and started passing them around the group.

"About time" his mate David called out as he downed the shot quickly. Jason wandered over to the pool edge holding the tray out to Mark and Glen.

"You don't have to have one." He cautioned Mark. "It's a special recipe. Tends to be a bit...disinhibiting!"

Mark grabbed one, grinning. "I could do with a bit of that." The drink was sweet, and strong, and he could feel it washing through him. He noticed that Jason was right, as he felt his nervousness melt quickly away. He suddenly realised he'd sprung a throbbing erection, the head of his cock poking out the top of his trunks. Thankful he was in the water, he leaned his arms against the side of the pool, and looked around at the other guys.

Amazed, he watched as first one, then another of the drunk, muscular mates slipped out of their swimming trunks and stood naked around the pool. David walked up to the edge of the pool, hands on hips, erection standing proudly out in front of him. Mark watched as he took a couple of deep breaths, before his cock started twitching slightly, then throbbed powerfully, shooting a stream of white cum a metre in front of him into the pool. Rope after rope of glistening cum shot forth from his thick cock, until finally, one last drop of cum hanging precariously in front of him, his knees buckled, and he stepped back. His mates barely even batted an eyelid.

"Wow, works quickly doesn't it." Michael said, resting his hand on David's shoulder as his breathing slowed. He crouched down in front of him, tackle hanging low between his legs, cock pointing straight up at his chin, and grabbed a hold of David's softening cock with one hand. He leaned in and took him in his mouth, sucking the last of his load straight from him, swallowing it eagerly.

Mark couldn't believe what he was seeing. These guys all had girlfriends, played on the uni football team, got raging drunk at the pub every Thursday. And now, he was watching one of them suck someone else's cock, and no one even seemed to think it was unusual. What the hell kind of weekend was this?

He felt Glen rest an arm around his shoulders, and turned to see how he was reacting. Before he realised what was happening, Glen's lips were locked onto his, and his tongue was ravenously exploring the inside of his mouth. He swallowed his shock quickly, and let go his inhibitions, turning to face Glen directly. Glen's hands ran down his sides, and gripped the waist of his trunks, loosening the string and lowering them down. Mark stepped out of them, now naked in the pool, and pressed his body against Glen. He felt both of their erections pressing up against their bellies as they kissed, grinding their pelvises together.

Amazed at his confidence, he pushed himself up and out of the water, turning himself to sit on the edge of the pool. Glen stepped in between his legs, and reached out with his tongue, licking up along the shaft of Mark's cock. As he reached the tip, Mark gasped, a wave of hot fire erupting out of the depths of his pelvis, and an instant, intense orgasm overtook him. He moaned with pleasure as he spewed hot cum, shot after shot, all over Glen's face and into his mouth. Amazed, he watched as Glen licked it eagerly up, swallowing as much as he could, before taking his spent cock back into his mouth again. Mark felt him sucking hard, as he drained the last drops of semen from him.

He rested back on his elbows, panting. Incredibly, he felt his cock harden again, still horny. Glen climbed out of the pool, and lay beside him, naked and erect, the sun glistening on his wet body.

"I can't believe you just swallowed my load, man." Mark was incredulous. "What were you thinking."

"It's the drink." Glen said. "It makes it...fuck it, I'll just show you." He pulled himself up onto his knees, and swung his leg over Mark's chest, straddling him. Mark felt his soft sack rest on his sternum, his wet arse squished against his ribcage. He looked in surprise at Glen's hard cock, one hand wrapped around the shaft, slowly stroking it back and forth. He'd never been so close to an erection before. He watched the skin move back and forth over the distended veins along the shaft; watched as the skin pulled back exposing the purple head of his cock, before sliding back up to cover it. A drop of clear fluid leaked from the tip, and was quickly swallowed up under the loose foreskin.

Mark felt pinned beneath his, his arms squashed against his sides by Glen's muscular legs. "What are you do..." The question was cut off as Mark became entranced by Glen's increasing stroke pace, quickened breathing and slow moan. He saw the head of his cock swell, as Glen moaned, stroking faster and faster. A rush of clear fluid gushed from the eye of his cock and ran down over his tightly gripping fingers, followed closely by a forceful spurt of thick, white, glistening semen, shooting up into the air, as Glen gave a guttural grunt. Mark watched as if in slow motion as the warm cum sploshed down onto his face, laying across his forehead, down his nose and across his cheek. He opened his mouth instinctively as Glen leaned forward, sliding his throbbing cock between his lips, as the second, third, fourth spurts of cum erupted onto his tongue. The taste was like nothing else. At once sweet and salty, with a thick and almost greasy texture. He slurped hungrily at Glen's cock, desperate to get more of the fluid into his mouth before he ran dry. Glen pulled himself out of Mark's mouth, giving himself a few more strokes as his cock faded.

Mark swallowed the mouthful he had, trying to clear the way to speak while Glen remained naked on his chest. Immediately he swallowed the fluid, he felt a jolt, as if he'd been whacked on the back of the head. His vision blurred and doubled. He realised with a start that he could see 2 visions at once. On one hand, he looked up at the silhouette of Glen, panting on his chest, a look of quiet bliss on his face, looking down at him. On the other hand, he suddenly realised that he was looking down on himself as if through Glen's eyes. He could see the look of confusion on his own face, as well as the look of hunger. Amazingly, he could also feel everything as if he were in Glen's body - his hand on his cock, stroking furiously, his arse clenching rhythmically against...well...his own chest. He could feel the orgasm building in the pit of his pelvis, could feel his (Glen's) balls contract and the stream of pre-cum run down over his fingers. He watched the first shot of cum shoot from his (Glen's) cock and land on his own face, and felt the sensation in Glen's cock as his lips slid along the shaft, sucking shot after shot of cum into his mouth.

The orgasm was incredible. Similar to his own orgasms in some ways, and yet different. He could feel every sensation, from the tingling buzz on his skin to the rhythmic clenching of his arsehole. He took in the vision of his own face covered in Glen's cum, as the orgasm and the vision slowly ebbed and faded away.

Back in his own body fully again, he took a few moments to recover. Glen reached down and wiped the cum from his face, before climbing off him and lying back beside him again, one arm draped over his chest.

"That was...what was...what the fuck just happened?" Mark could barely form a sentence.

"It's the drink." Glen replied, smiling. "It does something to you while it's in your system. You swallow someone's cum, and you get to experience their orgasm. Pretty intense, hey?"

"That's..." He faded off again.

"I know." Glen said. "It's a bit of mind fuck, hey? But why else would we all come out here for a weekend without any women? Most of these guys have been back 4 or 5 times now. It gets a bit addictive having other people's orgasms. I mean, look around you. No one's shy to get into it."

Mark suddenly became aware of the other guys around the pool. Michael sat reclining on a pool lounge, while David straddled the end of it, hungrily slurping on his cock. Brendan, Dan and Steve stood beside the pool, arms wrapped around each other, three mouths locked in a passionate kiss. Jason walked out of the house, hard as a rock, carrying a tray of small plastic vials which he put on a table. He sat down on the deck chair facing the orgy in front of him, slowly stroking himself as he watched.

"Any other day of the year, these guys are straight as a fucken ruler." Glen remarked, "But give them a taste of cum and they're as cock hungry as the gayest queen in the world. Of course there is a high incentive to give someone an amazing orgasm when you get to experience it as well I guess."

Mark looked at the diversity of bodies around him. Unsurprisingly, all the guys were quite toned and well built. Jason knew how to curate a collection. Two or three of them had a splash of hair across their chests, making its way across defined abs to a trimmed bush. The others were all smooth skinned and invariably tanned. All had decent sized dicks, although a variety of shapes and girths. He'd watched enough porn to know that not all cocks were straight and smooth, but he couldn't help but stare at Dan's curved monster, which seemed to take a 90 degree turn to the right along the lengthy shaft.

As he watched, Dan dropped down onto his knees in front of his two mates, and grabbed a cock in each hand. He alternated between them, putting first one and then the other into his mouth, swallowing each all the way to the hilt. He'd bury his nose in their pubes before slowly sliding back and freeing the slick cock to bounce skyward again. His attention would then turn to the other cock in front of him. Steve and Brendan stood, arms around each other's shoulders, kissing passionately while they were being blown.

David was going to town sucking and stroking Michael harder and faster, working him towards the inevitable orgasm. He clearly had a goal in mind. Michael seemed supportive of the idea, leaning his head back against the recliner, arms crossed , pinching and stroking both his nipples.

He pulled his cock out of David's mouth, grabbing it with his right hand and started stroking furiously. David eagerly leaned in, licking his balls lightly with his tongue, eyes carefully watching for the coming orgasm. The veins stood out on Michael's neck as he neared the finish, red faced and panting. With a shout, he erupted, cum spouting straight up into the air. David was lightening quick, moving away from his balls, mouth still open and tongue out, to catch the first stream of cum before it fell back down. He followed it back down to Michael's cock, wrapping his mouth around the throbbing head as Michael continued to stroke, shooting stream after stream of cum directly down his throat.

David collapsed forward, cock still in his mouth as he clearly experienced Michael's orgasm. Mark could see his hole on full display, clenching and winking as he writhed in vicarious pleasure. Spent, he collapsed onto the recliner beside Michael, head resting next to his pelvis. A last stream of cum stretched between Michael's softening cock and David's slightly parted lips, linking them together. Cum leaked down the side of both, overflowing pleasure.

Jason grabbed a vial from the tray and walked on over. He opened the lid and collected a small sample of the left over cum inside. He licked the excess from his finger, closing his eyes as he did, the same orgasm now playing out across a third face.

Mark turned his attention back to Dan, Brendan and Steve. He watched entranced as Dan got up from his knees, wiping precum and saliva from his lips and pushed his way between the other two. Brendan stood behind him and wrapped his arms around his chest, sucking on his neck and grinding his hard, wet cock against the cleft of his buttocks. Steve stepped forward and placed a hand on his cheek, kissing him passionately. He stepped back again as Dan bent down and took Steve back into his mouth, pushing his pelvis back towards Brendan. Legs parted and knees slightly bent, he offered himself to him as Brendan grabbed his hips. He ground his cock up and down along his crack, as Dan bobbed up and down on Steve's girthy meat. Brendan knelt down behind him and parted his cheeks, spitting onto his puckered hole. He buried his face between the smooth muscles, tongue out, licking and moistening him in preparation. His cock leaked clear precum in long, languid drops between his legs. Mark had never imagined doing such a thing, but watching him now, he couldn't help but wonder how it would taste, and even more, how it would feel to have someone's tongue exploring there.

Brendan leaned back, as if to examine his progress, and seemingly satisfied, stood again with his glistening cock in his right hand. One hand holding his cheeks parted, he lined his cock up with Dan's lubricated hole and pressed slowly forward. Dan paused from sucking Steve's cock, and turned back towards him, moaning loudly. He stepped his feet further apart, and pushed himself back onto the substantial cock which was slowly impaling him. His huge cock throbbed beneath him, and a gush of clear fluid leaked from him and dropped in long strands towards the ground. He closed his eyes as Brendan pushed all the way in, and held him there, deep inside. His pelvis pushed against the arse in front of him firmly, as he gently rubbed his hands across Dan's lower back and buttocks.

Mark turned to Glen. "This is not his first time, is it?" It wasn't really a question.

"It's not for everyone, but you've definitely got to try it out." Glen replied.

Mark was dumbstruck. "You've let someone fuck you? Doesn't it hurt? How could you look them in the eye again?"

"It hurts a bit at first." Glen smiled, "But once you let yourself relax into it, it can be pretty amazing. To be honest, I don't do it that often, and only ever after Jason's concoctions, but it does feel good to be able to make someone cum like that. And...well...let's just say there are other benefits.

"The good news is, you can try before you buy here."

He stood up, and pulled Mark up by the hand. He led him over to where Dan was being impaled at both ends by Brendan and Steve. Glen got down on the ground below him, and crawled underneath, taking his huge cock in his mouth. Dan moaned again as the new sensation took hold of him. It was more than he could withstand. Within a few seconds, he was moaning and crying out, thrusting himself on and off Brendan's cock madly, fast approaching climax. Brendan didn't slow his pace as he fucked his climaxing mate, thrusting his cock deep inside him as Dan's orgasm built. The first shot was straight down Glen's throat as his whole body spasmed with the orgasm. Mark watched Glen pull back as the vicarious orgasm overtook him as well, further streams of cum erupting out onto his face, neck and chest as the throbbing cock spewed huge amounts of the thick, white liquid.

The orgasm slowly left them both, but Dan stayed hard, 2 cocks still inside him pumping furiously. He reached down and started stroking himself slowly, still more cum leaking from him as he did. Glen climbed from under him, cum dripping from his chin and walked back to Mark. He stood close and put a hand on his waist, lifting his chin towards Mark's mouth.

"Why don't you have a try?" he grinned mischievously.

Mark placed a hand on the back of his head and leaned in, licking the still warm fluid from his chin, following it up to his mouth and started kissing him. He savoured the taste, as they kissed, Glen's tongue mixing the cum around his mouth. Finally he swallowed.

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