tagInterracial LoveBrad and Marsha Ch. 09

Brad and Marsha Ch. 09


That night, for the first time ever, Marsha and DJ slept in the same bed together. DJ was so exhausted from the marathon sex him and Marsha had shared that he fell deep asleep almost as soon as his head hit the pillow, and was pretty much out for the entire night.

Marsha lay in bed thinking about everything for quite some time. Sleep was slow coming for her. As she stared at her son, sleeping soundly next to her, one thought continued to ring clear in her mind. She loved him. She'd do anything for him.

She had tried hard to resist what had happened between them, but there was no turning back now. And, she could certainly sense DJ's resolve. He no longer wanted their relationship to be plutonic. He wanted her as a lover. The mere thought of him having this desire for her sent shivers of desire down her spine as she lay so close to her Greek God, and felt his hard body next to hers.

Marsha knew that this was what DJ wanted. What's more, she knew that in the future, she would be completely powerless to prevent this from happening all over again. She and DJ were now lovers. She might as well face that fact.

After coming to grips with all of this, Marsha snuggled up next to DJ. As he lay there sleeping, she just couldn't resist reaching her hand down and touching his amazing cock again. She might still have some feelings of guilt, but – DAMN. Guilt or not, she was going to like getting fucked by that amazing cock!

This line of thinking made Marsha chuckle a little bit to herself. She knew her son was tired, so rather than getting him worked up again, she reluctantly took her hand from his amazing cock and allowed him to sleep. She knew they had all the time in the future that they could possibly want for sex. Now she would just allow him to rest.

Marsha lay her head on DJ's chest, and for the first time that entire day relaxed. Within moments, she was asleep.


The next morning when the alarm clock went off, both DJ and Marsha were lying, face to face, holding each other on Marsha's bed.

"Good morning, beautiful," smiled DJ, feeling wonderful that the first sight he should wake up to this morning was the vision of his beautiful mother!

"How lucky can a guy possible be?" DJ reflected to himself as he stared, mesmerized at Marsha's beauty.

"Good morning yourself handsome," answered Marsha, as she leaned forward, and they shared an intimate kiss before getting up and getting ready to start their day.

Today was the day! DJ was very excited because tonight was the night of the big track meet! DJ had been training and racing hard in the mile run all year long.

Tonight their school was competing against a key rival in their conference, and DJ would be facing racers that he had never before beaten.

He knew he had been training very hard in preparation for tonight, and DJ knew he had a very good chance of winning, or at least showing everyone what he was capable of, in his event tonight.

"Hey mom, do you think it would be a problem if my friend Jason Brown would spend the night tonight?" asked DJ.

The oddness of the situation was not entirely lost on Marsha. It was weird, having her new lover, who she just got done sharing an intimate kiss with, also asking her if he could have friends spend the night! This whole new life was going to take some getting used to.

Selfishly, Marsha thought for a moment, "Damn, guess I won't be getting any action tonight!" The thought almost made her laugh out loud.

Even though it was a funny thought, at the same time, it was also almost a serious thought of the young blonde's. Brad was out of town, and this was an excellent time for her and DJ to have time alone together. If he had someone over, it would certainly cut into their alone time.

At the same time, Marsha had to remind herself that her son was a young man! Both DJ and his friend Jason had just recently turned '18', so she had to keep this in mind as she considered how to proceed as well.

"Sure DJ. Jason's such a nice kid, I think it would be wonderful if he came and visited and spent the night with you tonight," answered Marsha.

"Tonight's my big race mom. I really wish you could be there to watch," lamented DJ.

"Oh no, here we go again," thought Marsha to herself. The fact that she was going to have to miss this race had actually been a pretty big deal. She HATED the fact that she was missing it almost as much as DJ hated it. And the reason she had to miss was all for Brad's mom. Damn her, anyway!

"Yeah, me too. Unfortunately, I have to pick Brad's mom up from the airport tonight, she's flying back home from Boston, and there's nobody else to get her," answered Marsha sadly, noting the disappointment in her son's eyes.

"Yeah, I know mom. We've been through this a million times. Even though I KNOW you can't be there, it still makes me so sad." Answered DJ.

"Me too baby. You have no idea how bad I feel about it. But I honestly don't see anyway around it. I PROMISE I will definitely make your next track meet though honey. Cross my heart," offered Marsha.

"Well, there's only one way you can make this up to me," said DJ.

Marsha felt a rush of anticipation and smiled at her son. "Oh yeah, and how might that be?"

"If you give me a really awesome good luck kiss right now," flirted DJ.

"Hmmmmm, I think I can handle that request!" said Marsha, as she felt herself melting into DJ's strong embrace. She kissed him like she had never kissed before in her life. Gently at first, lightly kissing all around his thick lips, then gently probing his lips with her tongue.

Then gently fencing with his tongue. Next she gently but firmly sucked his tongue into her mouth, all the while gently rubbing her tongue all over his, pretending it was a cock and she was sucking and licking it at the same time.

By the time their kiss ended, DJ was extremely worked up. He was, in fact, ready to fuck! However, the couple simply had no time. Marsha had to get DJ to school and drive for four hours to pick up Brad's mom.

Her day was pretty much shot before it even began. So, she had to reluctantly put a stop to this little make out session before it even really got started.

DJ would simply have to settle for the good luck kiss for now. The kiss would prove to have more significance than either of them ever could have guessed!


The school hours that day seemed to drag on and on forever. Finally, at long last, it became time for the meet! That evening, DJ ran like he had never run before in his entire life. It was as if he were possessed!

Not only did he EASILY win the race for his school, but he also set a new high school track and field record for the mile, clocking in at an amazing 4:32.

DJ's coach almost fainted when he saw the time the young man had finished in! The entire track team was ecstatic for DJ. Since the track meet was an away match, they had to ride the school bus home afterwards.

The entire trip home on the bus everyone was singing, having a great time, and congratulating DJ on his success.

What a fantastic day for DJ! He was so glad that his best friend was going to be spending the night with him. DJ was not ready to stop celebrating just because they got back to the school!

After they had returned to the school, DJ and his friend Jason Brown showered, got changed, and were sitting around waiting for Marsha to pick them up. All the other kids had already left, leaving DJ and Jason alone at the school, so they finally had a chance to talk for a little bit.

"Wow DJ! What the heck got into you tonight anyway?" asked Jason. "I have never seen you run like that before!"

DJ chuckled a bit.

"What's so funny?"

"I just thought of what very well could have caused it, but I don't think I can tell you," grinned DJ.

Jason reached over and punched his best friend on the arm.

"WHY not? I'm your best friend? We tell each other everything – always have," said Jason, feeling a bit offended that his friend was holding back information.

"Well, you promise not to tell anyone?"

"No one."

"Not a soul, cause everyone would make fun of me."

"Swear to it. Total silence from me."

"And you won't think it's dumb, or make fun of me about it?"

"Come on DJ, I'm your best friend!"

"Well, my mom gave me this really awesome good luck kiss this morning. I think it was really on my mind throughout the whole race, and it may have actually had somethin to do with how well I raced tonight. You don't think that's too weird do you?" asked DJ, worried about how his friend might respond.

Jason got completely serious at this point. He looked his friend directly in the eye and asked, "DJ, can I be honest with you?"


"You have to promise not to get mad though. Promise?"

"I'm not going to get mad at you Jason," answered DJ.

"Now don't take offense to this – but your mom is SMOKIN hot. I don't blame you one bit!"

The boys laughed HARD at Jason's honesty.

"Do you really think she is Jason?" asked DJ.



"I don't just THINK she is HOT DJ. I KNOW she is. Seriously DJ, if my mom looked like her, I'd be jerkin off every night just thinking about her. I mean, she IS just your adopted mom, right? She's not REALLY blood related, right?"

"Yeah, I guess so. But she's always been so close to me, I've just never really thought about that." Confessed DJ.

"Well, every since I've been your friend DJ – which is pretty much all of our lives, since I've known you. I've always had the HOTS for your mom. Every since I can remember."

"You have not," answered DJ, surprised by his friend's candor. He was surprised, but now that it was out in the open, DJ knew it was true. And who could blame Jason.

His mom WAS hot. And nobody really had any idea of that better than DJ himself, though he certainly could not share all these details – not even with his very best friend Jason.

"So she gave you a really hot good luck kiss huh?" asked Jason, suddenly very interested.

"Yeah, you could say that," smiled DJ.

"So did she use any tongue?" asked Jason, obviously becoming more and more interested as the conversation went on.

"Jason, come on!" laughed DJ, enjoying just how much his friend was actually interested in the conversation. DJ could tell his friend was actually getting a bit turned on at the idea that he and his mom had kissed.

"You come on! Don't be holding out good details on me now man! DJ – do you think we could talk your mom into giving ME a good luck kiss for our next track meet? If it worked for me like it did for you, I could definitely go for that!"

DJ had to think about it for a moment. He was still trying to decide if he was jealous of his friend getting this hot over his mom. In that instant, DJ decided he wasn't jealous at all.

There was simply no questioning the fact that Marsha was the hottest, and who could blame Jason for being turned on by her.

Suddenly DJ wondered just how much control he really had over his mom at this point. It seemed to DJ that only recently had Marsha agreed that she would continue to be his lover. What would she do if he came home and tried to get her to kiss his best friend? What would her reaction be? Would she be angry? Would it jeopardize what they had together? Or maybe – just maybe – might it turn her on?

DJ's conversation with Jason, and his own private thoughts were cut short by Marsha pulling up to pick them up.

"So what do you think?" asked Jason just before she quite got there.

"We'll have to see," answered DJ, his heart pounding in his chest.


There was very little quiet in the car during their 20-minute drive home. As soon as Marsha pulled up, the boys jumped into the backseat of the car together and started chattering the moment they got there.

"Hi Jason!" said Marsha, cheerily greeting her son's best friend.

"Hi Mrs. Ditoro!" answered Jason.

"Jason is SUCH a good kid," thought Marsha to herself. He never failed to impress her with his excellent manners and kind personality. Her son really had picked a great kid to be best friends with. And he was a very handsome young man as well.

Jason was about the same height and build as DJ. A lanky, muscular young black man with short hair, well kept, and always looking very well put together. Though not quite as muscular as DJ, Jason was just a bit taller and thinner.

Today Marsha had dressed fairly casually in a blue sundress to be comfortable for the trip picking up and transporting her mother in law. The one thing she hadn't really thought about when she selected this dress was the fact that it did indeed have a fairly low neckline.

The dress definitely revealed a bit more cleavage than she normally would have when having a young man over to the house.

"Guess what Mrs. Ditoro," asked Jason eagerly, interrupting her thoughts of modesty.

"What?" she asked with a smile, trying to somehow match his youthful enthusiasm.

"DJ won tonight!"

Marsha felt overjoyed and sad both at the same time. Overjoyed at her son's success, sad because she had to miss it.

"You did?" she turned her eyes to DJ.

"Yes ma'am! And there's more." Answered her son.

Unable to stop himself, Jason blurted it out.

"DJ also broke the school record for the fastest mile!"

"Oh my GOD DJ!" screamed Marsha! "Well, we've got to celebrate!! What would you boys like to do to celebrate this auspicious occasion?"

The boys couldn't really think of anything special that they wanted to do. They had already planned out their night for the most part.

They wanted to get a few movies, order a pizza, play some video games, listen to some music, and pretty much just hang out for the night.

DJ shared their desires with Marsha, and she thought it sounded like a spectacular evening. Granted, not as fun as LAST night had been, but there would still be plenty of time for that!

Tonight, they would have a low-key evening of the boys hanging out, and Marsha would simply do her best to stay out of their way, and allow them to have some fun. Little did she know exactly what THEY were thinking!


The boys sat on the floor in DJ's room playing one of his Xbox games. The music was blasting, the boys were talking and laughing, and simply having a great time. Marsha decided to go in and see if either of them needed another piece of pizza or anymore soda as they played.

She opened the door, and climbed onto DJ's bed behind the boys to watch them for a moment. She lay on her stomach on the bed behind them, up on both elbows.

"Would you boys like something else to eat or drink?" she asked.

Jason glanced back at her, and had to fight to keep his eyes from being glued to Marsha's cleavage!

Figure 10 – Marsha, just hanging out

"DJ, what we were saying earlier about your mom – it's definitely a fact!" said Jason quietly to DJ. But not quietly enough, Marsha heard what he said.

Figure 11 – Marsha, teasing with the boys

"And what was THAT?" asked Marsha, pretending to be a bit put off.

"Oh nothing," answered Jason, a bit nervous that he had actually been caught.

"Oh NO you don't! You said it, now you have to tell ME what you guys were saying about me behind my back?!?"

"It was nothing bad mom," offered DJ.

"Well I should HOPE not. Good, then what was it?" asked Marsha.

"You have to tell her," said DJ to his friend.

"No way! She's your mom, YOU have to tell her," countered Jason.

"I could," offered DJ, "it really wasn't all that BIG of a deal anyway."

"SPILL it already!" interrupted Marsha.

"Jason said he has always thought you were totally HOT every since the first time he met you." Said DJ.

Jason sat with his back to Marsha, not even beginning to look back. He suddenly wished he could dig a hole in the floor and dissappear into it.

"IS that TRUE Jason?" asked Marsha.

"Well – yeah." Answered Jason.

The room was completely quiet other than the noises of the video game. Two unknown characters were chasing each other through East Berlin in what was obviously some kind of remake of a World War II game centered around Nazi Germany.

"I never meant it disrespectfully though ma'am." Offered Jason.

At this point, Marsha simply couldn't help herself. She busted out into open laughter!

"Well, as long as you're not disrespecting me, I guess it's OK if you think I'm totally HOT," teased Marsha.

The boys looked up at her – again, taking in the copious amount of cleavage, and felt a surge of relief that they had not pissed her off.

"DJ, your mom is totally cool," offered Jason.

"You don't know the half of it," thought DJ.

"And YOU, are a great guy," answered Marsha honestly, as she got up off the bed to leave the boys to their fun as she went back to the kitchen for awhile.


When Marsha got back to the kitchen, she could feel herself blushing. The thought that DJ's young friend thought she was totally HOT was extremely flattering to Marsha. Indeed, Marsha had also always thought that Jason was a very handsome young man himself.

The fact that maybe the boys might talk about her together, amongst themselves, had never really dawned on Marsha before. Suddenly, the idea that DJ had told his friend all about their little sexual adventures of late suddenly terrified Marsha.

"DJ, can you come out here for just a minute?" called Marsha, from the kitchen.

"Looks like you're busted now," winked Jason at his friend, taking over the video game.

"Yeah?" asked DJ as he walked out into the kitchen to find his mother anxiously waiting for him. "What's up mom?"

"DJ, something is bothering me a little bit," confided Marsha.

"What's wrong?"

"You haven't told Jason – or anyone else for that matter, about us have you?"

DJ smiled at his mom, and drew her into his arms. "Don't be silly. Of course, it has been very very tempting at times."

"DJ, you can NEVER tell anyone. It has to remain just OUR secret. If other found out, I fear what we have would have to end very quickly, and your father and I would end up in an awful divorce, and who knows what other awful things might happen," said the worried blonde.

"OK mom. Don't worry, I won't tell. The only thing I told him was that you gave me a good luck kiss for my track meet. That was it."

"Well, I guess that's harmless enough," smiled Marsha.

"Maybe, but he got totally turned on by it mom. He was begging for more details. And that's when he told me that he thought you were totally HOT and that he's had a thing for you every since we were kids."

Marsha felt herself go flush again. Jason was definitely a very attractive young man, and the idea of him finding her so hot was something that definitely spoke to Marsha's ego a bit.

DJ could tell what he was saying had an impact on his mom. Suddenly, he found himself getting turned on again.

His mom looked totally hot in her blue dress to begin with, so this conversation didn't seem to be helping him. He reached around and cupped Marsha's ass with both of his large hands.

"Want to know what he asked me just before you picked us up?" asked DJ as he also bent over and began nibbling on his mother's neck.

"Mmmm....careful DJ, we can't get too carried away here," said Marsha as she felt her temperature begin to rise as a response to DJ's touches.

"What did he say?"

"He asked if I thought you would be willing to give him a good luck kiss for the next track meet?"

"Mmmmm," moaned Marsha. "and what would you think of that little idea?"

"I think it would be totally hot if you made out with Jason a bit," answered DJ honestly.

"I'm not going to MAKE OUT with your friend DJ!" answered Marsha incredulously.

"Now I might consider giving him a good luck kiss – but just a good natured one, not anything that resembled making out."

"OK, I'll go tell him," said DJ.

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